List Of All 1950+ Ideas


  1. Super Important Farming Idea – Bitcoin Donation Farming Idea. Plant good crops. Food that we need. Provide meadows for insects. Get donated bitcoin money.
  2. GEneralization – A bit like human training. You train on simple samples in a way so that when viewing hard samples. It does not make you wonder. Train the theory of math or mnist and not the examples. I think my math teacher told me.
  3. Invention Idea – Magnetic Field Iteration 3D Printer. What if there is a way to iterate a magnet field to put together atoms? Control the direction positions of two magnetic field models. There ?must exist a path of least resistance for attaching atoms to a target object. // Per
  4. Battery Dendrite Guess – Are dendrites created with an iterated magnetic field. Leverage free will of electrons? Create another oposing loss function. No splitwill electrons exists?
  5. Solar PV Innovation Idea – Air mattress as a construction to keep panel of the dirt. Cheap. Maybe a football material and air stop mechanism. // Per
  6. Peace Idea – Desalination is giving life. Innovation Guess – See if many freshwater baloons inside a pressure vessel could reduce needed pressure or energy consumption. Even if I dont know if it will work. Its in the set of possibilities. #Israel #Peace
  7. Invention – Iron fillings in a wire as a means to transport energy. The idea is to let the iron fillings iterate and adapt by melting a little. towards Superconductive?
  8. Billion Dollar Market – Refugee jewellers creating world of warcraft inspired necklaces, rings. Major idea. Earn millions?
  9. Machine Learning Physics Guess – By Associative Intelligence. Accelerating a cold body in a heat field would not be detrimental to gravity. Like the sun and the planets. So a heat field from fusion could be sun gravity. Maybe there is gravity equation for new fusions. // Per
  10. ?Billion Dollar Idea – Build manufactoring machines in metal LEGO. Does not matter if they does not look 100% optimized. Refugee machines for woman pads, agriculture produce to products for higher value. Less waste products. That takes fruit and make juice etc.
  11. Machine Learning Wifi Guess – If y is at a constant value. There is a 50% chanse that if you meassure y the value will be 50% above and 50% under the constant value. Machine Learning could turn this into zeros and ones for an internet signal? All dependent on how sensitive it is.
  12. Fire Prevention Idea – Since oil, diesel and petrol can burn. I wonder if some amount of Dishwashing Liquid in the water could help. If it works it could help a stop a lot of fires. Everyone has some dishwashing liquid. Just mix a little with water and spray. // Per
  13. Machine Learning Fusion Guess – Is The Sun really 100% gas. From machine learning there must be residual material flowing around. If the fusion process is residual dependent then it calculates the end result from previous processes. That is. Their residual materials. // Per
  14. Machine Learning Battery Idea – ?Ultra fast charging by letting a simulated battery stay ahead in the charging race using some communication of causality by common loss function. Machine Learning example shows a model held back gets to 97% immediately after 100 iterations. // Per
  15. Refugee Livelihood Kit Idea Africa – Solar Powered Music? Laptop + midiKeyboard + Sequencer Studio Software. ?Generator for battery. Upload to Youtube For Instant Fame and ?money.
  16. Could every dimension x,y or z have a function unique to that dimension? If so. Those dimensions have to share properties with each other. That is. Universe dimensions are dependent.
  17. Trillion Dollar Idea – Hydro Power on Wheels – Sell big trucks that carry water from the river upstreams to down to a place lower down streams. Charge batteries from generative breaking during this time. Discharge the battery to mini grid for a ?smaller city. #Africa // Per
  18. Forest Fire Fighting – Use railway for major forests around the planet. For water and continued fire fighting capability. Heavy loads on railway. Water and machines. Image wikipedia Just clear the railway. Not a problem.
  19. Potential Mega Class Battery? – Humidifier Inspired Battery. Airborn ions in a container? // Per
  20. Machine Learning Engineering – Supervised machine components. Small Equivalents parts that are machine learned adapted to show by meassured data what the main component will experience in the future. // Per Lindholm
  21. Invention – DIY Wooden Mobile Phone Screen – Super Easy Screen Replacement. Wooden plank with a ledge for the phone. For use with a bluetooth keyboard. Excellent! Refugee Livelihood woodshop product. // Per Lindholm
  22. Device an experiment. Mix in median_filtered2D(random_image) in the train set. Then add target values for causality as 0 for random and 1 for train image. Then run the model() without random images and check causality as a value between 0..1 Wow. Maximum causality was maximum strangeness. A type of outlier. // Per
  23. Water Shortage Idea – Swedish Dishwashing cloth for washing hands and showers. Minimal amounts of water. Small cut out dishwashing cloth. // Per
  24. Machine Learning Physics – There should exist an event conservation law. All the time something in the universe must happen. // Per
  25. A Per Lindholm Invention – Rotating Cylinder Heat To Electricity Generator. The new thing is a cylinder that rotates aided by an electric motor. In a heat to electricity generator. // Per Lindholm
  26. Battery Revolution Guess – Could Wood Material work as the anode ion holder. I mean its pourus and can store wast amount of water or wet wood is heavy. // Per
  27. Stone Layer Desalination – Using a stone adapting layer. Could pressure be cheaper maintained or increased for desalination? It exists as a possibility. Something like Nature-mimicry // Per
  28. Organic Flooding Mitigation – Is there a organic way to deal with flooding? Are there plants, trees we could put in during floods? When there is risk of flood? Whats the cost of flooding vs one billion trees?
  29. Machine Learning Math – Impossibly Linear. Combine a machine learning model() that adapts to a problem a ordinary math function is experiencing. Like log(0). I call it impossibly-linear. // Per
  30. Machine Learning Physics – So the metal first calculates which machine learning layers to use and what atomplanes in the metal they are. So this could be the reason the universe can handle objects of many atoms. It only needs to calculate with a limited number of layers. Skips the rest of the atoms. Wow
  31. India Machine Learning Battery Innovation Guess – Everything must be classifyable. So even batteries. Could a cone shaped battery make self classification easier. The last layer must be easy to classifiy. It could be a general problem. Compare deep learning models. // Per
  32. CAncer guess – Since everything must be classifiable. The heart pressure rythm is involved in finding errors. The cancer, if to survive must fool this system. Therefor you get a pattern of cancer clusters. Basically you turn everything into a classification problem. Could BREAST CANCER MIMIC Ugly looking kidneys after heart pressure classification?
  33. Emergency Rain Innovation – Could air born solar air conditioners on high altitude drones work. To cool clouds so they condensate. Maybe could a weather baloon and a cooling device be of use?
  34. Forest Fire Prevention Idea – A what the .. moment. Air DROP A Small To Large Inflatable Fire Stopping Baloon. Can this idea work? // Per
  35. Deslination Guess – Could there exist more classes ions? Could water have Empty ions? Providing other functionality being the same size but with different less salty properties. My idea is that empty ions can turn back properties when needed. Moving more freely in water. // Per
  36. Electric Boat Innovation – Living Class Type Boat with a water to water pressure membrane on the boat hull. Water knows ocean water pressure so using machine learning to control the membrane pressure you get a living class type boat. Like the body water pressure from the heart.
  37. Machine Learning Physics Idea – At least one piece of data for each atom is variable. Gives it can form a Natural Metal 2D or 3D Matrix from the solid metal structure. I speculate that this matrix has to do with FunCTIONs of the Metal
  38. Arrow of time – Why does time have a direction? : If everything must be classified in the machine learning sense. Then you don’t have Arrow Of time you have “Classification Of Time”. That is. Globally towards higher complexity in the classification to be able to capture it all.
  39. Forest Fire Innovation – What if you can air lift parts of a Fire Fighting Tank and assemble them onsite. In rough terrain. // Per
  40. Forest Fire Innovation #Russia – Could Liquid Concrete work. House Building material. I think it can work to stop the fire. Shot from a distance? #forest #fire
  41. Alexa for dumb phones as a voice call. Adapted Facebook for Alexa to caller interface.
  42. Water Shortage Innovation – Small h elevation vertical tree farming. Many small pyramids to get water at different elevations with the help of trees. Natural water towers. Makes me wonder. Could the people of the pyramids have survived the drought if they grew trees on the stones
  43. Desalination Idea – Put two peltier devices in a cylinder-piston as the working hot and cold side. Could perhaps work as a heat piston engine for desalinating seawater. Using multiple peltiers and a water cooling block separator could maybe bring down energy usage for plants.
  44. Solar Battery Stove Innovation Guess – Could a ?small carbon dioxide layer in the stove provide iterative heating. Where individual CO2 molecules knows what to do to pass heat through. // Per
  45. Backteleportation Of Water Guess – Could backteleportation be the situation where you get back two or more molecules for every short range teleportation process. If you teleport salt ions do they come back with water. Since they can arrive at any place. Not contaminating. // Per
  46. Solar Electric Car – Could a selling point of a solar panel fitted electric car be solar air conditioner? Can you even make the air conditioner run on fitted car solar panels?
  47. Energy Description Of The System – Using machine learning would it be possible to extract the energy information about a machine. A low voltage electric arc of some kind.
  48. Machine Learning Philosophy Fusion Guess – Since fusion is small. The set of probable things to do would be to view the fusion process with a magnifying glass. No light into the fusion process. Just viewing. Then could magnifying glass determine where fusion starts?
  49. Cooling Device Idea – Inspired by asteroids. Se if a magnetic core inside vacuum can hold a cold temperature. Asteroids would not exist if they got material heat fatigue. // Per
  50. Associative Testing Idea – Metal can be magnetic. What invention has magnetic treatment of hot liquid metal? Using an electomagnet to a magnetic chain dipped in hot metal?
  51. SuperBattery Guess – Based on mass ratio. What if a single ion could be responsible for millions of electrons. Make it into a classfication problem. Which electron to which ion. Could simple steel manufactoring process by rapid cooling provide a better battery?
  52. Machine Learning Invention – Derive Inventions based on classification problems. Example. Dual cold side machine. See if alternating cold side can increase efficiency. Let one cold side rest in some frequency of use. // Per
  53. Electric Plane Innovation – Could you simulate a double wing? Enclosed in a big wing? If you simulate the inner environment with enter and exist forced air flow holes?
  54. Machine Learning Math – Does there exist closed or circular line fourier series. So that energies can fit every atom structure?
  55. Important Idea – City Cooling Inspired by ?ancient times. Pumped horizontal plane pool water slides in the city. With flowing water. A half open water flowing tube cooles the City from heat waves. Excellent simple idea.
  56. Agriculture Innovation – Circular Pumped Water Streams. What if water must flow ultraviolet light and cancer? Better water effiency for crops? Could it be like a horizontal Pool Water Slide? Keep the water going with a pump. Pumped from outlet to the inlet and flow there between
  57. Agriculture Heat And Water Mitigation Guess – Could water cooled soil work? Circulate water in a type of CPU water block cooler for removing a lot of water wasting heat from the soil. Bag of water in the soil and a water pump and a fan blowing over a cooling sink. // Per
  58. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Can laws be divided into serie and parallel laws? Serie being Sum(f) = m * a. But what about parallel laws. a+b = c or 1/r1 + 1/r2 = 1/rt. So what could a parallel mass acceleration law be? Could it be like gravity?
  59. Water Backteleportation Guess – Could the Aurora on Jupiter help steel Earth’s water? Is the aurora manipulating Jupiters gravity? Could we balance this on Earth? What is the purpose of cyclones if not to protect water. Artificial cyclones with spiral accelerator?
  60. Global Market Place Shipment Idea – Business that helps people ship used stuff and their own products worldwide for bitcoin. Could be as huge as the big players. Multi billion dollar idea. // Per
  61. Africa Innovation Idea – Battery Home Kits With Lamps and raspberry pi size 7 inch TV/LCD built into the battery box. For use with Raspberry Pi’s and Jetson Nano for ?offline type webgl 3D games. Because it only requires a raspberry usb adapter. Maybe the screen on the backside?
  62. Water Teleportation Guess – Earth rotates. Rotation then enhances system properties. Together properties for teleportation? Could Salt, water, heat, cold and rotation be part of it? Would it be possible to generate waves of heat. That are damped by teleportation of water. // Per
  63. Should we have a public library of code online. Goverment funding. Public infrastructure. No one has the advantage its equal to all.
  64. If the outer shell of the sun would accelerate around the plasma it would get ?fusion energy mass by teleportation that would slow it down. Maybe you could acc. something around plasma?
  65. ?Safest Fusion – Teleport already existing fusion energy from the sun to the earth. Reduce the problem to that of backteleportation. // Per
  66. Electric Car Innovation – Gearbox with multi copies of gears. So they don’t wear out. Keep the long range of an EV.
  67. Machine Learning System Innovation – What are the possibilities with a network of connected electric motors? If enough electric motors are connected. Can you achieve 100% motor causality/effect predictions during its lifetime. Gives better cars? // Per
  68. Water Guess – Could sea salt be key to backteleportation of water?
  69. How Innovation Thoughts – Bathe your brain chemistry in smart sentences during thinking. // Per
  70. Battery Innovation Guess – Could there exist a hybrid battery? Including a Solid State Battery Component And a Regular Battery? Series?
  71. Desalination Guess – Water can go in sine wave paths. There must be a reason. Could there exist Super River inventions inspired by this capability? // Per
  72. Could CO2 or Air Through Sand in a container be used in a thermal electric generator?
  73. Food Security Innovation Idea – Machine Learning Indoor Grow Lamps. For this you probably need light sensors that meassure of an area. Like many sensors in a matrix. The same for temperature. A Temperature Area Sensor. // Per
  74. Machine Learning Gravity Guess – A Simple gravity version would be if tiny subsets of electrons were teleported to the target atom and they interfered with the atom fields. A machine learning model then turns the obstructions to a perfectly accurate gravity force. // Per
  75. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Is the photon really two particles? Subsets of the core and electron? Also a model() with two variables operating on the same loss function can oscillate easily. Key question. What is the loss function of a photon model()? // Per
  76. Invention – Big Cheap Cold Thermos On Wheels. Like a trolly freezer. For food orientated businesses. // Per
  77. Second hand market for tiny shops on wheels? Solar panel shop. Get help with a solar panel setup for your home. Which is complicated.
  78. Elevating the poor – Tiny Shop Startup Kit. Like a rent to own tiny house but a prebuilt shop / Cafe / Restaurant // Per
  79. Machine Learning Physics Fusion Guess – Cheat Fusion by backteleportation of fusion energy from the sun. Simulate the sun surface on earth point a window to the sun? // Per Mega Idea
  80. Math Guess – After solvning Ax = b comes understanding of tolerances. Ax = b +- c. They are not residuals but the second generation thought to make things work. // Per
  81. Electric Car Innovation – Gearbox with multi copies of gears. So they don’t wear out. Keep the long range of an EV.
  82. Maybe the pattern randomly pressurize at the surface so that random looking desalination per molecule can happen. Iteration in machine learning via modulated random input
  83. Machine Learning Physics – Since there exist free electrons. Could there also exist Free Molecules? Free variables that handles errors to make the universe work. Not just a number of equations equal the number of unknowns but an error handling variables or free variables. So its an extension of A Gauss equation solver // Per
  84. Machine Learning Physics – Could there inspired by efficient use of machine learning weight matrices could there exist steam volume moving fillers for Thermal Power Plants? CO2 Balls that go with the flow? Better efficiency? // Per
  85. Machine Learning Physics – If the electron can exist at many places at once. Could the reason be to simulate a current? Internal Atom Current // Per
  86. Water Science Guess – Could you overcome effience problems with stacked multiple peltiers elements if you use liquid separators? // Per
  87. Peace Idea – What if you can build train railway on asphalt road. This could be part of a peace agreement where its needed the most at the moment. Cheaper running cost? Machine learning for solarcurves etc. #Peace #Idea
  88. Linux Innovation – Is it possible to run Google Colab Linux Desktop using VNC from your phone?
  89. Universe Processing Speculation Guess – What if a CPU can exist at many locations at the same time. Then you have central processing properties aswell as parallel and you know what happens at each node. Maybe the creation process is as easy as getting energy there? // Per
  90. Desalination Innovation Guess – Two together Pressure Properties? What are the range of possibilities if you mix seawater and freshwater of different pressures. Separated by a membrane. The idea is that molecules per atom knows what to do so why not use them. // Per
  91. Emergency Personal Cooling – Two wet dishwashing cloths on the chest, stomach area and a fan blowing on it laying down. Works great. Tested at 28C indoor temperature.
  92. Water Science Guess – Mountain Glaciers And Heatwaves. Is there a relationship? Water Ice and Rock and pressure should have together properties. Water heat teleportation? Put artificial snow on mountain tops?Enables heat teleportation to other planets in the solar system. Every planet body has a function?
  93. From my Physical Law – The sum of known positions in an atom must be constant. Could this hold for larger sets? So for example water can control by many forces. It just flips on and off certain forces since the sum must no exceed a certain number. Water memory controls? // Per
  94. Water Guess – Could the Reason For Earth Creation of Cyclones be Back Teleportation of Water? It should then be possible to create an artificial cyclones and point them?
  95. Mega Trillions Of Watt Idea – Guess. With an underwater air conditioner. Make use of excess ocean temperature. Create a temperature difference for electricity. Or use a underwater heatpump? Moving underwater ballon with cold air or hot air?
  96. Heat Wave Mitigation Guess – One Million Of Watered Soil grow dirt Buckets. The idea is to temporarly change weather patterns. Place on near window at ?smart location. Balcony?
  97. Machine Learning Invention – Air Conditioner Based On Reinforcement Learning? What would be the reward. Paradoxial cooling. Waste a little cooling on the outer unit from a learned algorithm as a little reward. Use much less total energy?
  98. Desalination Idea – Inspired by biomimicry. Could there exist organic pressure balls for use in desalination? A life optimized desalination. // Per
  99. My Universe Law Guess – Could the sum of known positions in an atom be constant. // Per
  100. Machine Learning – Since F.relu is like an if-statement. Using F.relu in a model() is telling the model. See if you can make use of if – statements. // Per
  101. Water Science Guess – Can salt pose ?abstract problems to water so it becomes super efficient at what it does? One such problem could be to find the positions of all salt in the ocean. Solving that and it becomes much smarter. // Per
  102. Battery Speculation Guess – Introduce an error ?molecule at random locations into the electrolyte. Given its position. Then train a model(…) which handels a laser to ?neutralize or find that molecule. Remove the random error insertions and check if the model discovers any new similar errors in the electrolyte. Train with every input and the location as label target. // Per
  103. Fire Prevention Innovation Guess – I thought. What are the uses of a towel size dishwashing cloth soaked with water? So what if you could have an adapted WaterFireBlanket. Soaked with water and water preserving at fires. Life saving?
  104. Water Desalination Guess – Since everything must be classifiable. Initial filters should store classification energy in the water. Then it might be easier to get rid of the salt in the main process. So lose a little salt in the initial filters to store this type of energy. // Per
  105. Battery Invention – Alternating Loss function with two different materials alternating for anode resp cathode. Alternating loss function properties. // Per
  106. Battery Anode/Cathode Innovation Guess – Create a coating while an electric circuit is attached. Mimicing heavy loads. So that the coating gets adapted while it had the chance. // Per
  107. Battery Idea – I wonder if you can soften up the glass electrolyte in a solid state battery with a laser. If the power of the laser is such that it can not cause a fire.
  108. Battery Innovation Guess – Train or charge the battery with obstacles like a ?three layer semi permable membrane or model(separator). My guess is that some extra energy must be stored because of the extra process. Energy could be problem solver object. More problems more energy.
  109. Peace Idea – When people on opposide sides have an agreement. Make a business deal of it. Dont wait. This way you store positive agreement energy in the system which will be beneficiary to other issues. Repeat the process and you got sustainable peace and security. // Per
  110. Multi Billion dollar idea? – A Nintendo Singleboard computer ! For nintendo arcade wooden maker game boxes. Fantasy cases with all the stuff.
  111. Industry Innovation Idea – With machine learning. Insert random changes to the product and see if a machine learning model can classify where the changes was made. Causality Sensitivity. Then remove the changes and rerun the model(…)
  112. Battery Innovation – Sand Salt Glass Water Battery. Salt moves through the sand to reach the natural target water. Would be cheap anyway. // Per
  113. Machine Learning Innovation – Got a material science from an iterated mask applied to a middle weight layer, 100×100. Wow. You can see mask alignment. Either vertical or horizontal. Implies new ?angle matrix calculations found in metals? // Per
  114. Iterated Peace Deal Idea using Machine Learning – In a 10 000 page long peace deal. Insert an error, something both or one part can’t agree with. Train the model(…) where the error is, page number. Then remove the error. Run the model again to locate similar errors. // Per
  115. *Machine Learning Fusion Guess – That what can classify something is also needed. Then you ?need a window facing space for this universe kind of fusion. I imagine a model() that gets information by backpropagation like in machine learning. // Per
  116. Electric motor innovation – Phase change cooling? // Per
  117. Raspberry Pi – SenseHat Temperature Meassurement using a usb fan to get a better reading. Image so I can remember howto do realtime plotting in matplotlib jupyter.
  118. Sand Innovation -Climate Change mitigation – Outdoor Sand containers – Take advantage of Sand. Build many 100000 sand containers. For rainwater retention. Provides ?humidity for insects. Sand heat pumps could also work for cooling or heating I dont know which But its good? // Per
  119. Black Hole Guess – Could black holes have some additional but ?different atoms? A set larger than the periodic table? Black Hole Atoms could be harder than coal in diamond. // Maybe Per Super Carbon
  120. Car Safety Idea – Airbags built into overpasses and other stationary things. For trucks who run into them. A no brainer idea? // Per
  121. Solar Piston Energy Invention – Stenvaggan – // Per
  122. Idea – For Bitcoin startups. Could an open source startup simulator work. For machine learning services and more. Bitcoin Startups paid in crypto currency? // Per
  123. Machine Learning Guess – Half unsupervised learning. Insert working outputs from the model into the target vector. More like unsupervised learning. 0.8154174 for F.max(yt[yt<1]) should be 0.999 something?
  124. Air conditioner Guess – What if you blow cold air onto 10+ water soaked dish washing cloths. Could this improve temperature without using so much energy?
  125. Peace Idea – Every country should build some tiny houses. Let the young generation do it. Its simple. You learn how to build a house, no you learn How to build a Country. Start with helping the homeless and veterans. A clear reason that will lead to a prospering future. // Per
  126. Health Food Innovation – Spice Bread – Hot milk with curry and dip piece of toast in it. Bread reaches the bottom of the cup where there is a higher concentration of spices. So I guess bread should be used. Spice Bread invention. // Per
  127. Earth Saving Idea – Moving Air Conditioner for businesses. Cover a much larger area with much less energy. Perhaps on rails in the ceiling. Wow // Per Lindholm
  128. Cheap Near Field Air Cooler – Soked 10+ dish washing Cloths on a metal plate. Perhaps use a food aluminium folie? and a usb fan to keep it cool. // Per
  129. Saturday Humor – Atom Math – What atoms classify a circle the best?
  130. Super Air Conditioner – A what the f* moment – Use light as adversial noise to simulate a heatpump that is used as an air conditioner. Light noise to find air matrix functions like passing heat from container A and B. // Per 2019-june-29
  131. Fast Parallel EV Car 3D Printing Invention? – Steelwire to form a mesh and many steel 3d printer on the canvas. // Per Lindholm Is something like this possible? Blender demo car as example image.
  132. So I guess you get elevated CO2 level by creating wind ?fans over pine trees. They have bar that withstand wind. We in the north dont have fast growing rainforest but are as much affected by CO2. Hurricanes is an indication that wind affects CO2 level uptake. Mx in a little water
  133. Battery Idea – Causality From MAny In directions of light. Just use machine learning to figure out the indirect causalities. What affects here affects there…
  134. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Could gravity on earth be Earth-Core-Gravity and nothing else. Since otherwise we have an all too simple equation. Looking for a complex gravity model including the core. WowTheory including the earth core not just mass values. Much more complex I think. // Per
  135. Heat Guess – Could heat chimneys help in the short run. When there is a heat wave. Collect heat from town air conditioners. Protect people from heat Something like this. Some emergency meassure during heatwaves. //Per
  136. EV Acknowledgement – Tesla Supercharger was probably the best brain medicin we got. Everything can be built in classes be it super, affordable or intelligent.
  137. Machine Learning Fusion – Does the fusion model() need a seperation variable for residuals? Got this after googling some interesting electric cars. Does lavastone have some extra phases one can take advantage of for ?lavastone induced fusion?
  138. Should Linux have a Operating System Kit for companies wanting to innovate? Like Huawei who might I hope take don’t be evil to the heart and work for good. This is your show. Your future.
  139. Invention – Plant Simulator For Schools. The plastic plant can take 100+ users and simulate like a tomaguchi their life progress. Meassure room temp and humidity and weigh the amount of water it is needed. To get points and a grade. // Per
  140. Physics Guess – Could a Black Hole use a constant a little different from pi. Large Pi // Per
  141. LIFE IMPORTANT – Could the soil under the plant be emitting oxygen. It sure smells like that after water has been added. Water contains oxygen so the soil together with the roots perhaps do some magic. Oh I forgot the soil needs carbon so ?reduce carbon. Increase oxygen levels by watering soil with our without plants. Hopefully with plants. // Per
  142. Wind Turbine Innovation Guess – What if you made transparent hollow ?lighter than air or hot air filled blades. Could this improve performance? // Per
  143. Machine Learning Speculation – What could action at a distance be used for? Maybe as a supervised target. Start at particle 1 and sum over a subset of the pi belong to the universe to reach particle 2 as target. Check conservation of mass. // Per Lindholm 2019-june-24
  144. Machine Learning Fusion Guess – Iterate The General Problems With A Series of Experiment Or Theory Images Of The Fusion Process. Then use a model() with the images as target. Check what images the model have trouble with. These are problems. Adapt accordingly the solution. // Per
  145. Infinite Paper and Pen Idea – With a ?bluetooth-battery pen tablet and a smartphone and a drawing app we could solve a big educational problem. Fun way to learn math. Keep everything. On the road. Small ?bluetooth tablet + phone // Per
  146. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Interpolated weight matrices has perhaps some resemblence with mass density. Putting working units so close is probably a waste of resources so inflate the matrix with some interpolation. So forces, gravity is weight matrix information replacement
  147. Machine Learning ?Breakthrough – Iterating a weigh matrix using .data assignments is as easy as two iteration variables t1,t0 with an equal loss( t1 = t0 ). Pretty good hack. With t1 being assigned to model.l1.W // Per
  148. Machine Learning Innovation Guess – What models would survive in a closed system. Closed system models(). Testing…
  149. Children Training Program – Simple Fun Bar Length Guesser in 1..10. // Per
  150. To get ideas. Do some fishing selecting among all the possibilities. Not all will work but the good ones are in the same set.
  151. Battery Idea – Since connected batteries balance themselves. This will consume energy. Why not keep battery cells separated and only when work is done they come connected?
  152. Linux Idea – Computer Engineering Nobel price to honor to get innovation going in Linux. MAny different catagories?// Per
  153. Super Idea – View youtube videos in a python3 jupyter notebook. Make collections for projects etc. Create a portfolio. Embed low resolution videos as a included data. Wonderful idea. // Per
  154. Battery Idea – Since connected batteries balance themselves. This will consume energy. Why not keep battery cells separated and only when work is done they come connected?
  155. Major Solar Panel Oil + Water Innovation – What a boost. The sun seems to want to evaporate away the water from the solar panel with a thin oil film on it. Doubled the performance. For a small foldable solar panel. Oil itself decreased the performace. So a add a little water. // Per
  156. Machine Learning Test For Randomness – A guess could be to adapt the equation until the randomness residual is evenly distributed?
  157. Regular Housing On Wheels – Also for tourist places where the buyers are more unsure. Just move the house somewhere else. Much more and safer investments. In summer time the house in the foreign country is placed in a fenced area. Safe from burglary. // Per Lindholm
  158. Water Science Guess – Does there exist materials that must keep a constant temperature as concept? Maybe since water need to exchange heat all over its body. Materials that don’t mix with water cold be a heat obstructing material. Maybe oil. organic?
  159. Cancer Innovation Guess – Cancer is a ?classification problem. I made an earlier unrelated discovery. What can you do with loss = MSE( b + c , b). If b is blod and c is cancer then c should be zero. But if everything must be classfied. // Per
  160. Machine Learning Test – My trick worked better than expected converged L.Convolution2D(10,10,3) x 4 to 99.17% MNIST // Per
  161. Machine Learning – Interesting result. Some sort of classification separator. Adapt x,y so that they can be classified and the same time be part of a circle /// Per Lindholm
  162. Machine Learning Newtons Law Is an ?Existens Law. Keep( 1 / inf ) existing and Keep( 1 / 0 ) existing. For 1/0 -> inf. Here you need to shed a lot of extra material. For this mass generates forces to move both away from each other. So the mass can keep existing in a number sense. // Per Lindholm 2019-jun-12
  163. achine Learning Adapt Math – How to classify if value is an x-cord or y-cord. Add a model_x_zero() resp. model_y_zero() to x and y. They will shape so they can solve the problem and at the same time be close to zero. // Per
  164. Machine Learning Innovation Guess – Extra Functional Classes. Recalculate with some random extra input. Break calculation if at some point. // Per
  165. MAchine Learning Math adapts – Solvning Singular? How? I guess by adapting the solution with singular_relu(x). It outputs 0 when undef else x. // Per
  166. Peace Idea – The simplest thing you can do is to work for peace. This way you don’t have to think so much.
  167. Regreening The Desert With Bitcoin Money For People, Seedlings and Water? What if buying a coffey is as easy as regreening the desert. Simple choice in my opinion why we need crypto currency. Instant climate change mitigation // Per
  168. Machine Learning Speculation – Why wave-forms? Since the problem of fitting a matrix is like a play-springboard. One things goes right and another goes wrong. It could be why wave forms exist. Adjust the springboard for zero total error // Per Lindholm
  169. Machine Learning Thought – Is square matrices inefficient? Inspired by DNA a 2xN matrix is the best? How do you adapt machine learning calculations to this? Going backwards and forwards transformations f(g(x))
  170. Machine Learning – How do you prevent dice throwing in Machine Learning. Data sees no differences I think between random dice and updates that seem looking random. Adjust the update vector so it looks less random. // Per stuck at 97%
  171. Machine Learning – Magnetic field inspired model(). The idea to let mass model layers transform input X to output y under the common loss with the outer field lines. Through another model with a differential equation or mask as extra loss. // Per
  172. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Should not the magnetic field be turned off some time before fusion starts? Otherwise you missconfigure the mass? // Per
  173. Amazing Machine Learning Math – Where there is smoke there is fire. Meaning that normal probability function should not be so clean in the long tail. It should smoke out. // Per Lindholm
  174. Machine Learning Test – If f = modelF( x ) and x = modelG( f ) as its inverse then I could adapt everything so that y = modelG(X) where X is the MNIST number and y its classfication. testing
  175. Machine Learning Physics – Since Energy Can Solve Calculation Problems Maybe There Are Energy Who Can Only Cause Calculation Problems. Different Ion Energies perhaps. Energy classified comming from interaction with ions of different kind.
  176. Machine Learning ML/AI – Could the set of low hanging fruit ideas be classified? No-brainerIdea( X ) = 1 or 0. If so you could work out important inventions and innovations. // Per
  177. Food Waste – In Store Sorting Machine. Keeping fruits, vegatbles and potatoes fresh // Per
  178. Machine Learning Physics – If everything can and is classifiable then water can decide the truth in Schrödingers cat thought experiment. This means water can teleport energy. Maybe all matter in general can teleport if something needs to be classfied. // Per
  179. Machine Learning Water Science Guess – Since water is related to life. I wonder if it can generate and teleport different energies so that all problems concerning life can be solved. Here you could tap water calculations ?by analyzing heat perhaps.
  180. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Since energy can produce intelligent thought. IQ as a function does not exist. It is merely different energies that can solve many problems.o energy packets can be classified into what problems they can solve?
  181. Machine Learning Math – Errors are very frequent as is the ok results. So why cant a function change value depending on if there was an error. F = (F1,F2) where F2 is the function @ error values. // Per
  182. Made a fermat number. 3^3+4^3+5^3 = 6^3 // Per
  183. Machine Learning Math – Detachable math – If the target equation is x**2+y**2 = z**2 then I guess there is no reason to use it more than necessary. So there should exist intermediate equations like x**2 – y**2 = z**2 so you can control the path more exactly // Per
  184. Invention – Could you make a generator from battery type plates. Iterated one side of aluminum with boiling water to get discoloration. Moving the pin over the side generated voltages so here I guess you can convert moving energy.
  185. Made a water heated battery – Aluminum foil covering boiling water so it catches a yellow stain color. Checked the voltage to be 0.6V between booth the sides when plus was emerged in the hot water on the yellow side and above on the other. Solar heat?
  186. Machine Learning General Truth – There should exist a truth structure common to all problems. Just because it will simplify a large universe. So when iterating a problem the ending result is a function like a*b+b*c = ans.The reason for the structure would be to get fast solutions
  187. Machine Learning Physics Guess – If pi is the truth in a simple rotation. What is the truth loss function for a 3 body systems? Could there exist teleportation of energy since the planet system can not be disturbed. // Per 1 reply 0 retweets 1 like
  188. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Physical Energy is the X_train data to y_train labels. Meaning there is a one to one connection between energy and the energy target labels. So for low intensity heat energy the universe chooses only heating as the target. // Per Lindholm
  189. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Could E = mc**2 be the accessible energy to rectify the ?maximum error. // Per Lindholm 2019-05-28
  190. Machine Learning Water Science Guess – Inspired by Schrödingers Cat. Our Solar System could have a mechanism to gain water. It did not come here by random. So you need a multibody system to teleport water to the system. Maybe the multi bodies does not be so large as planets. Per
  191. Very Important – Climate Change Heat Mitigation With Railway transport of heat drawn from cities using heat pumps. // Per
  192. Climate Change Innovation – Second Chance On Life – Run Wind Turbines Like A Slower Fan. Air that has stopped its motion heats up very quickly. Help the earth with a machine learned system of active Wind Turbines. Reduce temperature those very hot days without wind. // Per
  193. Generate new ideas by finding something positive with your first or second guess. Its the first guesses that sets the direction. But the direction could be any that leads to a new idea. // Per Lindholm
  194. Machine Learning Physics Air Conditioner Guess – Activate ?the water gravitation adaptation. Use a usb fan for indirect cooling. Mimics nature. Where animals need to sense where the ocean is? Extra cooling in that direction is my guess. Pretty good comfort feeling.Wipe with cloth
  195. Machine Learning Insight – Why F.relu(x)? relu is like an if statement and if statements are found in programming code. This makes math similar in fashion to code. Code ?can do anything so you can make a crude self adapting model. // Per
  196. Machine Learning Math – Whats the function that changes sign and still is its derivative? y = y’ and y = -y’. Gives me y = model() = adapt_choice( y’ , -y’)
  197. Intelligence Idea – Throw out some words with some vauge understanding attached to it and make it into a game with others and use it as inspiration for some intelligent meaning.
  198. Machine Learning Math – The Problem Number Line the number line rewritten as valleys and peaks. The valleys representing towards zero solutions for problems. // Per Lindholm
  199. Machine Learning Guess – Probability based models learns to take decisions based on probability. For ?certainty models there is a need for a non general infinite probability model. Continous probability values? model = function = taylor series approximation. // Per
  200. Machine Learning 2019G Internet Idea – Measure the entropy breakdown ?pattern for light or ?radio waves. Use machine learning to classify the information associated with the transmission at the reciever end. // Per
  201. Machine Learning Water Science Guess – What the best calculator for the job? One that flows where its suppose to. water = the moving calculator move(add(a,b)). // Per Lindholm 2019-05-23
  202. Maybe this bird like set is a Memory Structure Variant Like a Normal Distribution?. Since the weight matrix needs to retain memory a perticular shape might help with that. // Per
  203. Machine Learning Theory of Everything – Compression Decompression model with our compressed atom universe in middle. Noise free and under enourmous compression like venn diagram control. // Per Lindholm 2019-05-21
  204. Food innovation – Try the set of possibilities. Fast Noodles + boiled water and later after 6 min add milk to cool it off and give it more flavor. // Per
  205. Machine Learning – Hot encoding is not statistically ?friendly. I think you need the target to be a double normal distribution. Around 0 and around 1. For this you can add yt = yt +m ; m = model2(X) and then with subtract m from the model(X_test) – m.
  206. Important Machine Learning Human Thinking – Move the body while your thinking. Move your arms, talk loud etc. Why? Since every mass unit in the body wants to improve the loss value set by the brain. There for everything adapts to find the answer. // Per
  207. Machine Learning Guess – Could letting a layer act as incriment at the index i,j and multiply/add? with value for the next layer?
  208. Guess – In machine learning math there is a connection between complex numbers and variation. So in F.sum(X) numbers. They to have variation in X. So there is a possibility for more variation in matrix multiplication other than F.sum() // Per
  209. Machine Learning Battery Idea – Treat ions as if they were ML models(). Could things be added to make the ion models make better predictions. Is there battery music for better predictions within. // Per
  210. If machine learning physics is something then antimatter is just a possibility. 0*number = 0 but what if you invent “Event numbers”. If anti number + number = anti number event. // Per
  211. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Not a single thing can be taken for granted. Light as different frequencies ?can classify the objects position taking something like the venn diagram of freq. answer since otherwise you get an illusion objects if the are apart. // Per
  212. Machine Learning Innovation – Since frequencies don’t change. They can then be used as universal layer loss function values. So each layer is not allowed to change the frequency. You use that as a limiter for each layer. Everything in the universe is enabling larger models // Per
  213. Twitter idea – Use a machine learning model() to allow spell corrections and missing words. allowed = 0 or 1 = model(tweet). Just an indicator not if statements // Per
  214. Machine Learning Battery Innovation Food-Mimicry – Does there exist something like food-mimicry for getting inspiration for batteries. Are there general problems that would be the same. Both are heated. Do spices have other functions in batteries. // Per
  215. Raspberry Pi Innovation – I got the idea for a multi screen monitor. Like 8 inch tablet or one that fits below the screen. Could be solved with a screen holder for mobile or tablet screens. A no brainer idea. // Per
  216. Machine Learning Electric Plane Innovation – Use machine learning model() to mitigate beam bending of the wings. To know when to use power that is. Every reltative position and event in the plane body must coincide with the motors. // Per
  217. Important nature medicin Innovation – Curry spice mixed with milk and boiled water. The yellow color I guess has to do with cleaning your body of harmul stress.
  218. Food Innovation – White Point Cabbage and doritos chips. Wow what a feeling. Don’t eat much though. Pure gold. // Per
  219. Machine Learning Battery Guess – I wonder. If you ?decrease the pressure for a volume with a surfplus of electrons. Will the universe teleport extra electrons to that place to attract ions and restore? Some similar problem could exist where the universe need to compensate. //Per
  220. Machine Learning – Could mass rotations be thought of as classifications of machines. Since vectors in a field give solutions to diff. equations and triangles in a field give rise to mesh objects. So rotational circles should give something. Gears predict a certain machine. Vibrations predict new machines? //Per
  221. Machine Learning Innovation on the Rasberry Pi – Trace the hidden weight matrix with plt.scatter( [:,0], [0,:]) . Could lead to generalization if you compare the direction and stop the points takes. // Per
  222. Raspberry Pi 3 as my only computer. Just since its possible. // Per
  223. Browser Innovation – What about firefox and chromium with built in python interpreter. So you can code other languages than javascript in the browser. No change to web html but since you can solve problems with python. Why not. // Per
  224. Machine Learning Innovation – What if .Adam or .SGD has a 97%efficiency rate. How do we model a soft update optimizer?
  225. Math Innovation Guess – Could the continuum be augmented with free fall limited functions. Functions similar to chains. Limited freefall functions. // Per
  226. Novice Programming Innovation – Python Pyzo mark lines and run selection. Can debug inside for loops and functions. Way good.
  227. aspberry Pi Innovation – Pyzo interactive python IDE. Really very good. Running on Pi3 berryboot MATE16. Install with $sudo pip3 install pyzo // Per
  228. Raspberry Pi – Running machine learning on the Pi with pyzo a light weight python ide. Chromium was a little bit slow for google colab. They really should have a lightweight client for the terminal and desktop for the rpi.
  229. Machine Learning Fusion Sun Guess – Could you take advantage of a classification flow. Flow from indata to reductions classifications. Just meassure where the reduction points are and make something ?similar. // Per
  230. Machine Learning Tests – Since anything can be input to function. There is much important to predicted. An image can produce a histogram. What about the inverse. Learn histrogram data sample to corresponding image. // Per
  231. Machine Learning Innovation – Could you ask a model if it forgot or lost its sample value. Like 0/1 question. So another model_memory(X) tells if model_brain remembers a sample. It predicts a number between 0..1
  232. Machine Learning Innovation – What if you need to use a radio multiplexer -demultiplexer setup for machine learning models(). Looks like a solution for similar problem. // Per
  233. Machine Learning Math Guess – Top Number object I guess would be similar to a black hole. You cant hole+1 since it sucks in everyting.
  234. Machine Learning Math – Classification Thought – Why discard errors if you could move them. They carry information so otherwise you risk another error appearing. // Per
  235. Peace Medicine For a Tiger – A little Curry, Milk and Boiled Water in cup and sip a little. Perfect
  236. Machine Learning Battery Idea – Since you need energy left in the battery to be ion-move-ready there should exist concentrated heat battery. Where the mass model adapts its move paths to a energy source. Like laser heated dots? // Per Lindholm
  237. Machine Learning Math Adapts – You get Not-Linear from F.relu(x) where x could be a neg. number but the result is positive. The same way you could do for complex number plane. 4 sets in each quadrant is filtered so you have 4 not-quadratic solutions. F.relu4(x+1j*y,quadrant=0) // Per
  238. Guess – A reason why bananas make themselves vulnerable to disease is attracting insects. The fruit A.I system is intelligent. From this the conclusion is that we need more insects that eat fruit. Or otherwise they will become super fragile. // Per
  239. Machine Learning Infinite Equal – Adapt the model after an inf. number of equal signs. Could this be done? If the number of equal signs are random then the model can jump over a lot of tests or adapt to that enviroment. Equal signs are loss functions // Per
  240. Machine Learning Math – Invent new math by naming functions with property names. For example the logarithm() is an adaptation function. b^y = x with the structure guess f1(b)*f2(y)=f3(x) and using ML to derive the different functions ln(b)*y = ln(x) // Per
  241. Machine Learning – Light Activation heightfield light emmision lamp. I think light can activate parts of the weight related matrices. Showing a blender anim of height field of a matrix. Remember ML math adapts so you don’t have to. // Per
  242. Machine Learning Guess – Could the truth be the border intersection of a median filtered matrix. Its looks like two curves hit each other so it has something to do with equation solving. // Per Lindholm 2019-may-11
  243. Machine Learning Inspiration – Using engineering for model inspiration. Blocks of atoms or larger weight clusters in to parallelogram. Or seeing if graphite has some interesting ML properties using beam bending. Hmm should break. // Per
  244. Machine Learning continuous function Guess – Does a continous curve with incriment dx also perhaps have a point inbetween since it solves some problem of classification. An type of imaginary number and point on the curve not belonging to the processed argument but help data.
  245. Machine Learning Math Guess – Could symmetry be solution-parts encoded in ?geometry and mass. Supervised geometry could be two halves with some truth that a function of each half belongs together. Thats my guess. So an infinite universe must have much symmetry to solve problems.
  246. Machine Learning Math – Sort math formulas after their information properties. Like information storage, sensitivity, accuracy … Math adapts not the way around // Per
  247. Innovate Bangladesh Agriculture – Free Solar Panels For DIY projects. The feeling of free energy enables people to think creatively. Therefor distribute a set of solar panels the locals can expirment with. Solar water pump, different machines.
  248. Machine Learning 10 independent variables instead of a vector of size 10. Works much better and you don’t get the model to guess for lack of choice. Variables produce y0..y9 a value of 0..1 depending on signaling for a perticular number. // Per
  249. Machine Learning Math – Sort math formulas after their information properties. Like information storage, sensitivity, accuracy … Math adapts not the way around // Per
  250. Machine Learning Water Science Guess – If you put water on the arm after training. You will feel tension. That ?could be water to muscle communication. So water knows how to fix things. So water could set the update derivative on all other products. Improve with water data // Per
  251. Machine Learning Math – Vibration limiting model(). “m1«m2«m3«m4«m5” a boxed in model where m1 is free lower but limited upper at a variable but hard to change value. // Per Lindholm
  252. Machine Learning philiosophy – Why should why reasons be independent. Similar to problems different why’s might really belong the same group. A clustering of why reasons.
  253. Machine Learning Math – Breaking the rules in Machine Learning y = model() with assigning different values to from if statements. Essentially making math errors. Math errors as a concept using = …
  254. Machine Learning – I wonder if the internal process in the model() can be made into a series of classifications. So its calculates exact or wrong.
  255. Machine Learning Innovation Guess – If the solution under plt.hist(y) looks like a normal distribution. There should exist something like normal solution together with the exact perticual and homogenous solutions. Solution make it easy for the model to make a normal solution.
  256. Machine Learning Battery Innovation – Laser Activate The Acid In A Iteration Battery. Laser activation from a machine learning model(). So it can learn the optimal patterns? // Per
  257. A large matrix evolutionary would not have existed if it had not learned to share values. Sharing numbers between units is somewhat contradictory to a narrow loss distribution. // Per
  258. Machine Learning Battery Idea – Looking at manufacturing machinery. Could they be used as input to a ML model() for predicting which battery performance you get. Then change the machinery CAD data and get a prediction of a new and better battery. // Per
  259. Maybe there exist rice tasting potatoes? Would solve hunger and ?water problems. Climate change Food Survival Innovation Guess – What if you could innovate plants to grow some parts otherwise above ground under ground. Like sweet potatoes taste like butternutt pumpkins. // Per
  260. Machine Learning Math – Simulate Calculations or Fake Calculations – Like an artist would paint a painting. Machine learning could perhaps fake calculations.
  261. Do it yourself Accupoint Heat Treatment – Dip paper tishue in hot water and find the points on the body where water can do its work. Works better than expected. Only a light touch until the heat and body works together and the feeling gets better than before.
  262. Machine Learning Food Innovation – Reduce Food Waste with a % rebate model(). The idea is to use a ML model to suggest food and offer a discount on the all of the products together. // Per Lindholm 2019-may-08
  263. Machine Learning Math – Similar to origo. There should exist an endpoint corresponding to the goal solution. Origo where you can start your vector (not the solution) and the enpoint where the process vectors finally point all to. If you have a single solution // Per Lindholm
  264. Machine Learning Math – Measure sampled data from a problem equation. This way ?more equations could be solved. You just use the data in a combined loss // Per Lindholm
  265. Machine Learning – Exponential to Imaginative Calculation – Imagine cell division and fit calculations to it. The idea is that each calcualtion will adapt to this problem. Accuracy might be reached only when certain amunt of cells has been reached. Non linear calculations. // Per
  266. Machine Learning Innovation – Construct *any tensor from GAN question model and a vector which you combine in a factorial way. The model then just selects which values belong to the tensor. // Per Lindholm
  267. For India Personal Cooling Invention – 2 Wet Wash cloths sewed together around the arm personal cooler. // Per Lindholm 2019-may-07
  268. Machine Learning Math – So the will of a circle would be to find Pi and Pi to satisfy the circle. // Per
  269. Computer Security – Could spell check be part of a verification checksum? A sort of higher intelligence checksum. “Spell check Complete”
  270. Machine Learning Insight – Why use sums in machine learning models. A sum can give the same result for different input. 0+1=1, 2-1=1, 3-2=1. Much like a model. So sums has something to do with machine learning. // Per
  271. Machine Learning Insight – How do machine learning work? My guess is adaption. Make up anything some mathematical. A matrix formula and see if it learns by adaptation. Its as simple as that. // Per Linholm
  272. Venezuela Peace – Massive Amount Of Business Deals Idea – Any one with an internet connection and some bitcoin could make business deals with Venezuela. No matter how small or big. That would get the economy going for the long run.
  273. Machine Learning Water science guess – Can water be used in data science. Maybe water can noise reduce?
  274. Machine Learning Backteleportation of water Guess – If teleportation of life is possible. Then its has to mimic cell division. This opens up a ?possibility for half-cell division or missing molecule teleportation.
  275. Machine Learning Fusion Guess – Hydrogen that needs to iterate or burn with oxygen could perhaps get extra energy from the suns fusion in a kind of energy teleportation. Question is. When would this energy transfer need to take place?
  276. Machine Learning Battery Invention – Battery where you can move small material defects. Beneficial to the performance and capacity of the battery. To iterate their positions with machine learning. I guess you can move the defects with electricity and then when its in position you heat a little and it get stuck there. // Per Lindholm 2019-05-03
  277. Hurricane Innovation – Evolution suggests yetengines survive rough winds. Could it be because the air need to recalculate its paths. Basically what happens to natural wind when exposed to yet engine wind. A yet engine could be a hurricane supression device? // Per
  278. Machine Learning DNA as Iteration Chemistry Guess – You can construct a cube with two planes and connecting them with lines. The connection is the universe ML iteration model() @ work. So DNA as two lines with complex connections. Iterating a ?2D weight matrix. // Per Lindholm
  279. Machine Learning Fusion – Could a quadratic surface area work (tokamak replacement). Easier and an EXACT matrix solution is possible. // Per @perrabyte
  280. Peace Idea using Bitcoin – Cyclone Ready TinyHouses. Get innovation funding from the international community? Could bitcoin be used for this innovation?Could tiny houses on wheels built for cyclones be air lifted out/in place with big drones?
  281. Fusion Solved? Machine Learning Atoms model() – During fusion. Atoms ?can not adapt to its surroundings since internal change is going on. So a venn diagram of control volumes would help. Fixating the surroundings? Making it easier for atoms to focus on its inner change. // Per
  282. Machine Learning Math – In ML math rules does not matter. Its about possibilities. Two rule matrix multiplication with a row and col vector for each matrix A. Why does not matter. The important thing is that ML adapts. // Per
  283. Machine Learning Water Science Guess – Create a gitter matrix of water. Meassure the real time temperature. The assumption is that heat is needed for water iteration. Follow the energy is like a GAN question in the water matrix. For solving ?any question. // Per Lindholm
  284. Machine Learning Physics ?Relativity Guess. I wonder if light traveling at lightspeed can affect time. Looking at a patch of a light emitting object. I would be very difficult to get a weightmatrix update if not synced. So updates in the patch need to wait for each other. // Per Lindholm
  285. Machine Learning Air conditioner – Could There Exist Cooling Electrolyte? Anode, Chathode ?
  286. Machine Learning EV/Train? innovation – In car racing speedway you need to have ?hot tires. So why not invent an inboard hair dryer or hot air car tire dryer. Could this work for car road handling?
  287. Machine Learning Electric Vehicle Innovation – If water does not like vibrations. Why not use water or some other fluid and measure an onboard container using accelerometers or electric resistance and use the data as input for vehicle settings on the motor and ?suspension. // Per
  288. Machine Learning Battery – How do you construct a battery with an internal ion sorting algorithm. ?Since nothing is random. Different imperfections could perhaps choose among ion ?variations.Could entropy generation be used by the network to create a remember pattern for function.
  289. The Most Important Peace Idea – Water Desalination Education Q and A Live Shows On Youtube? Innovation Needed In Desalination. Problem space for desalination are not unique to desalination it can borrow from other fields?
  290. Machine Learning Physics – I wonder if the electron path in an atom creates a machine learning weight matrix mask. To change the functionality of the atom at the given instant required. // Per Lindholm 2019-04-24
  291. Machine Learning Battery – Could the ion use its model of the world to meassure the ?speed of light in different directions to find its place in the battery? Or how does it find its place since nothing is random. // Per
  292. Machine Learning Physics Guess – What use have electrons of loss functions? I wonder if it uses energy to finish in light speed time. The number of venn diagram fits is then proportional to the heat generation. To get the level of universe accuracy // Per
  293. Water Desalination – Since salt and water go together for a long time. Water have time to adapt. Thinking in life optimation terms. A fast sort mechanism for water would be water that sticks to stones and rocks. This water is aimed for evaporation and therefor fastsorted.
  294. Machine Learning Beyond Quantum Computers – Universe Computer via Electric Computings Effect (problem space) generating feelings ( answer space ) Get Electric effects by stacking CPU in 3D. Calculations per volume cubes? // Per Lindholm.
  295. Machine Learning Intelligent Physics – Classify acceleration and velocity from entropi as a function of time and space positions. I got the idea from the possibiliy of a venn diagram of a,v,pos but they need to be independent. So how to meassure directly? Entropy_pattern(t,x,y,z) // Per Lindholm
  296. Agriculture Innovation – Water falls downwards so could there exist merge watering of crop land. Using highspeed rotational effects or gravitational effects could there exist flying cropfields. To be used in a merge watering scheme. Recreate the motion of the dance spinning thing on earth generate zero-g?
  297. Machine Learning Water Science Guess – What if water has stored in each molcule or set of molecules the entire set of earth related loss functions? Then you calculate advanced things without knowing the true target data examples. // Per Lindholm
  298. Machine Learning Guess – By Association Water has to do with life so detecting infections or ?cancer should have something to do with water. So I think we need a machine learning water model() and water scientists. // Per
  299. Machine Learning Physics – Padding Input X with another model2([1,0]) could be similar to empty physical space. Its not really empty but a faint iteration of mass to make calculations better // Per Lindholm
  300. Machine Learning Innovation – Super Easy Bandwitdh increase – Two! loss functions. loss = F.mean_squared_error(y,yt) ; loss += F.mean_squared_error(y,1000*yt) // Per 98.3 vanilla 100 unit 3 layer model. Just go from 2 and higher to 1000.
  301. Machine Learning Phyics Fusion Guess – Is the active weight function overfit? Showing streaks compared with a simple MNIST problem suggests this could be a general problem. Overfitting in Physical Plasma Fusion // Per
  302. Machine Learning Invention – Moving Wheel Axle – ?Less Friction if the wheel can find its sweetspot position. // Per Lindholm
  303. Machine Learning – Black holes are Super Dense Weight matrix in regular matrix. Looking at space I wonder if black holes are like a circular masks in machine learning. Just because masks serve a ?function they have to also exist in space. A more dense weight matrix is the answer? More complex problem solver! // Per Lindholm
  304. Machine Learning Generalization Guess – Could a way towards generalization for a model() be to apply multiple problems. X1 = mnist, X2 = line lenghts, X3 = number of point circles. To be solved at the same time. 3 different kinds of input 3 different targets // Per
  305. Business Idea – Sell Pair Phones. Two equal phones for all kinds of possibilities. Always have one phone fully charged or lend one of your phones to your husband who lost his phone on the vacation. // Per
  306. Refugee Livelihood – Sell Vegan sandwich toppings. Vegetables or little meat toppings. Billion dollar idea?
  307. Machine Learning Physics – Everything Can Be a GAN Question Of Yes and No. For instance. Did I the mass recieve energy from right universe or some other universe Yes or No. An alternative to the conservation law. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. // Per Lindholm
  308. Machine Learning Physics – Supervised movement. With dual coordinates. The universe can compare the next position in a possible sphere and select one that is physics photo realistic. GAN generated movement.
  309. Battery Idea – Tested Saltwater in an air inflated balloon. The saltwater burned a hole in the balloon quickly. Tested saltwater on the outside of a balloon and no hole was created. Could this be used for a battery. Have an air membrane container with a surrounding electrolyte? // Per
  310. Using the ion weight-matrix. A matrix function of whatever the ions need to do in the event it needs to change.
  311. Machine Learning Battery MASK! – What if you made the surface more efficient. Like a weight matrix in machine learning models(). I had success with the diagonal lines. So why not a mask with diagonal lines. Masked areas are not used by ions // Per Lindholm 9 april 2019
  312. Machine Learning Gravitation Battery Guess – If ions behave in a battery as if they were in gravition less space. They would require heat to self correct their movement. Lots of rotational effects. If so what could be done to take advantage or prevent this?
  313. Machine Learning Battery Guess – Does there exist an iterating electrolyte. One that adapts to the current settings?
  314. Machine Learning Physics – Zinc copper wire could have ?better properties if put in series like a battery but working as a conducting electric wire.
  315. Machine Learning Material Science Guess – Could water as a add-on membrane classify the material? Looking in the microscope for the computer CD effect of shifting colors. The image of different colors then classify the material? Color pattern may vary but classification stay the same from the model()
  316. Machine Learning Energy Invention Aid – Using electric AI trucks to deliver mass like pumped hydro. For energy storage and battery electric power // Per Lindholm
  317. Machine Learning Water Weight Matrix ? – When wiping the screen with water cloth I realized that water and light form a network. The color pattern resembles machine learning weight matrices. The matrix acts like a function of what water should do? // Per
  318. Super Idea – Life Optimized Cooling – Air filled balloon simulating a head and a wet cloth to cool it. Air and wet cloth iterating the perfect temperature. Idea could inspire new kinds of energy efficient air coolers // Per
  319. I think maybe water can teleport heat. Could work wonders for car batteries in the winter? // Per Lindholm
  320. Peace Idea – Save 90% of the Water By Building Tiny House Toilets on wheels. For security Phone unlocks the surrounding gate and door by logging in with an app. Make it a business. Take a small fee and earn money.
  321. Wind Power Innovation – Maybe a pendelum ballon heated with an efficient heatpump?
  322. Machine Learning Turing & Halting Problem – The model() answered no but meant yes. Or can a model() lie to solve a problem? Both yes and no is an answer // Per
  323. Peace Idea – Potential Energy Breakthrough Wind Power – Lighter than air balloon. Using the wind for power to rotate a horizontal electric generator. // Per
  324. Peace Idea – Why diversity – Venn diagram in intelligence required to pass a statement as true. Is much better strategy I think. It makes things understandable from the heart. Its like a vector going the right direction
  325. Hair Cutting Innovation – Dual chair system for hair dresser and customer? To reduce bullying. I think hair cutting needs innovation.
  326. Machine Learning Math Innovation – Not all is set at the beginning. f(x) = x + time_wait(cond) : x**2 as an imagination example // Per
  327. Machine Learning Super Fermat 10 variables^3 – Solved the eq. a0**3+a1**3+a2**3+a3**3+a4**3+a5**3+a6**3+a7**3+a8**3 = a9**3 using a machine learning model() // Per Lindholm 29-mars-2019
  328. Peace Idea – After peace does not come war. It comes sustainable peace.
  329. Peace Idea – Always Wifi + bitcoin – Service Provider And Customer Middleman Splits the a small fee in bitcoin. For letting ?limited bandwitdh wifi signal to the surroundings. Help pay for fuel generator / solar panels during black out. Vital.
  330. Super Machine Learning Physics – The view from which a particle travels ?should be life optimized. That is. Not to give dizziness.That is. Dizziness is a loss function.
  331. Insect Awareness Innovation – Stop the use of biofuels and let the insect, bee population recover. We cant afford another man made catastrophy. Research is needed on allergens for insects?
  332. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Everything can be classified. Even water molecules should then be different. To tell them apart. Indirect classification by paths taken can probably be one way // Per Lindholm
  333. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Could gravity be mass in a Wave Form? If teleportation is to exist then mass has to travel through other masses. So what better way than in gravity ?wave form. A wave is not so rigid as mass so this is ?why its gets through // Per
  334. Peace Idea – Pumped Hydro and little rock. What if you could save on water. At the same time clean and process water using natural processes. Im wondering if water could be suplemented with little rocks, sand and such for the energy storing weight but also cleaning the water. Could cleaning water pay for itself in selling stored energy? /Per
  335. Peace Idea – Venezuela Crypto Aid – Recive a lump sum then payouts of the crypto currency as time goes by. In case of power or SMS or Internet Failure. Time unlocks the payments. Crypto Currency Backup without communication
  336. 1000x Better Company Innovation – Guess Experts. Remake everything innovative into smart guesses. Retropectively. Then the guess experts can come up with new innovation much easier. Ideas are an art form and not easy
  337. Battery Innovation – I missread active material for Archive material. Storing stuff in a cool dry place? Then should the ?two different parts of a battery have different environments? One for storing ions one for ?
  338. Electric Bus Taxi – Since Electricity is ?way cheaper than diesel. Taxi drivers could perhaps run entire bus fleets when necessary. Different size EV for different times and events in the suburb city area.
  339. Machine Learning Innovation – If you create a view on an invention. Then turn one the parts into a square box but in the right place. Machine Learning could use this as supervised learning. Predict the decriptive name of the part from only viewing the box and its surrounded parts
  340. Innovation Idea – Creating a number of inventors could be a global 2020 goal
  341. Innovation Idea – There are Data Scientists so why could we not convert some of them into Product Scientist. Machine Learning could be gold knowledge for generating new products essential to human survival. Low power Air conditioners, water, … .
  342. Machine Learning Desalination Idea – Is rain a compressible fluid? Special membrane. More pressure options.
  343. Machine Learning Air Conditioner p()*V = nRT Guess? – From the ideal gas law I guess that if you iterate p = model() so that T could go to a certain temperture. The loss = F.mean_square_error(p*v,nrt) and loss += F.mean_square_error(T,18).Let pressure, p() iterate between 0 and 1 around 1atm ? and take away the heat.
  344. Machine Learning Invention ?Principle – With a combined loss = loss1 + loss2 then second model2 could adapt for a win win. So every component in the invention could iterate to adapt to the overal function or overal zero loss target.
  345. Machine Learning Invention Inspiration – Predictive Cooling and Venn Diagram Of different models() to get the Most likely parameters. @CoolingPrize! // Per
  346. Life Changing Peace Idea – Solar Panel Manufactoring In Every Country More or Less – Energy Security Is Sustainable Peace. For when things happen and imports are affected. You need internal self going production with energy from the sun for those solar panel factories. Its an easy win.
  347. Machine Learning GAN model() Desalination – Since everything ?can be predicted to a class. One way to improve desalination would be if you could predict a secondary model on which membrane device the water comes from. Add this loss to the total loss and get a better overal system. To know what to improve I think. Competing membranes. Other learning methods?
  348. Black Hole Soap Bubble – Since a black hole is ?large it could cause a lot of problems if it did not have information about the universe. Then I suspect it gets its data from gravity being so dense. So information goes into the black hole model() for a reason. Nothing is random.So everything that is caused by black hole needs careful consideration. Then I it could be that the black hole with all its information in its models() teaches earth about differential equations. Circular diff. equation being the soap bubble life metric target. // Per Lindholm
  349. Machine Learning Math Innovation – Functions As Limits – Everything can be a iteration towards another function or value. Could perhaps solve singularities in math equations where the equations adapt with function limits.
  350. Ikea Solarville microgrid – Very good. Solar panels on each building could be ?complicated. Why not go for a inner energy market with 2 Cooperatives. Iterating progress. As starter. Sewed on thin solar panels on a carpet which you bring in during the night for theft protection. // Per
  351. Machine Learning Math – The frequency of ?some ?loss function should increase as you near an event. Since models need to iterate to change to get perfect results. The model() thinks before it outputs. So then what is the loss function for the weather temperature prediction?
  352. Machine Learning Atom Like Model() Guess – I wonder you can alter the small model around the bigger model. And create a Venn Diagram for incomming information. So the smaller electron model really is many models depending on its position and time.
  353. Venezuela Power Cut Crises Idea – Light And Thin Solar Panels Sewed On To A Carpet – Idea – Build Your Own EV Charging Kit earn money and secure energy // Per
  354. Light Theory Of Continuity Classification Guess – If Something Leaves An Atoms Force Field It Is Classified As A Force Within That Time Period. Since The Classfiication Volume Is So Small. Therefor Light Is A Force At The Beginning For a Short Period // Per
  355. Machine Learning – Reset Model – Keep Succesful Params – For loss iteration to be smooth. You can just simply copy params between two steps and do an if statement. Keep to proceed with new params for each batch of 1000 samples. Dont forget to reset the model for new params.
  356. Very Important Climate Change Idea – Use a ?laser to control ?CO2 molecules to direct % of sunlight far up in the sky on to a small concentrated solar panel. Could save crop fields, water and produce lots of energy. // Per
  357. Tiny House Solar Village? Internal energy market for car charging?
  358. Machine Learning Battery – Overlapping Diff equations – I wonder if you can use multiple overlapping diff. equation paths for ions. Where you alter the path of the individual ions at the ?right time it becomes another ion according to the diff.eq classficiation. // Per
  359. Machine Learning – Engineering – What if you do stress testing of constructions with water simulations? Like in Blender 3D fluid sim?
  360. Machine Learning Fusion – If matter are small model() networks. Then since the sun is large. You need a large network to solve fusion. Or you can use a repeating circular layer network for ?sorting. Since the bulk of fusion ?is information and heat. Like a machine with laser precision sorts out apples or tomatoes in production.
  361. Mega Battery – Light Cavity Generating Battery – Inspired by solar panels I wonder if its possible to use light generation to create cavities to filled by ions?
  362. Light Invention – The one does not preclude the other – As a backup to striplight or any other kind of ligth. LED light is small enough to be fitted as a backup. In case of primary source failure. Cheaper for apartments and maintaince.
  363. My Idea generating sentences // Per * What ever it is it has to make sense to a network(). * When in doubt assume a model() exist for this function. ,…
  364. Livelihood Idea – Youtube or Blogger Shop – Tiny house youtuber and blogger shop where people can sell their content and products. Increase economy by empowering the youth // Per
  365. Bitcoin Generation Investment Idea – Fast Pop Up Infrastructure. How many smaller specialized infrastructure buildings could there exist. How many variations of libraries are there. So that the right infrastructure could be found quickly and that the whole country can benefit.
  366. Peace Idea – One idea is that every generation have a crypto coin currency of their own. Its there future. So investments will get better and better // Per Lindholm
  367. Peace idea – Should There Not Exist A Peace Price For A Country Like Money for and award a Summer Olympics event. Then I bet peace has some major chance.
  368. Analytic Peace as a Concept Peace Is Easy To Achieve. Easy to iterate. If you have options. So you wont get into a local minima to get a sustainable solution. Find all extra functions for peace. // Per
  369. Machine Learning Invention Speaker Piston Cylinder – Where Every There Is Pressure To Convert Heat Into Work. I wonder if you can have a speaker with anti sound for ?higher efficiency. So you have a piston and a metal speaker in the cylinder. With iterated sounds for more work.So you ?can run a passenger plane with a small number of fuel piston-sound engines to electric motors
  370. Machine Learning – Select Reasons – A reason could be select elements in A that is equal to B. Closer to the truth. A=B. Another reason could be select elements which are close to a regression line of two or more model_i() outputs. So a reason could be an equation Ax=b.
  371. Machine Learning Physics Fusion Innovation Strategy – Are there co-inventions we can develop to get to fusion faster? Like getting over local minimas like with the car batteries and overhead wires?
  372. Machine Learning Test – Gray To Color. Cheat method. Probability more closer to the truth for small steps.
  373. Machine Learning Innovation – Cheat a little – You can learn by y = model(X) and update or you can occasionly cheat by y = np.random.rand() + yt.
  374. Machine Learning Math – Two ore more equal signs – x + y = x + y = x + y is True then there is a possibility for two or more equal signs. I think its just a cut off which x and y are possible // Per
  375. Machine Learning Math – The difference between A and B if A == B is that the history is different. A might come from sum(vec) = A. Different future? Pi and probability belongs a little since the decimals of pi show random distribution parameters // Per
  376. Machine Learning Agriculture – Allow the plants to iterate?. Energy efficiency, (Th-Tc)/Th = n related to plant problems. Guess. If looks like the plant is enjoying themself maybe they are. Leaf shelter if too much sun == drapes?
  377. Machine Learning Guess – Over Problemsolvning – Label simulations that are related to the specific problem. Instead of direct transformation learning. Then ?fit the parameters of the simulation so it becomes more relevant to the problem.
  378. Machine Learning Math Guess – Invent any imaginary Problem and solve them and you get a more complete Mathematical Framework. For example. Math Forces are ?objects that move problems out of deep layer models()?
  379. Machine Learning Physics – Black Hole Network. When in doubt assume a network. Gives a black hole is a network that stops harmful things coming out. Black holes ?are not new physics but new intelligence due a lot of added problems.
  380. Machine Learning Math – Thought Math – Draw a bubble around a number or variable in an equation and imagine what this could mean. Then try to program solve a problem like this in machine learning.
  381. Machine Learning Paradigm Thought – If You Cant Split The Problem In Part Truths You Can ?Always Split It Into Many Guesses // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-27 Guess Mathematics
  382. Idea – Could a cause of a vulcano eruption be that not wanted material got under into the lava? CO2? So a the eruption has some meaning and is not just a physical effect.
  383. Machine Learning Idea – Using GAN asking to solve an equation. Showing x,y,z as the iterate towards the answer // Per
  384. Machine Learning Guess – As a possibility you can wait for some of equations in the system. Why solve all at the same time. Could produce more complex paths otherwise. Here I waited for y1-y2 -> 0
  385. Machine Learning Innovation Idea – Generalisation by same language model0(). y1 = model1(model0(X1)), y2 = model2(model0(X2)),y3 = model3(model0(X3)),… Where X1 = MNIST sample and X2 = Cifar10 sample And X3 = something else in image format. Image showing most linear recognition //Per
  386. Towards a Machine Learning Super Battery – Are different laser printed hole patterns different in their ion properties like capacity and transport? Laser aided CD printed like battery// Per
  387. Machine Learning Innovation – Air Condition Device – If There is a need of a compressor. I wonder if you can alter the surface function with a cylinder. Or better yet use a peltier element connected to the front end of the piston. So it cools the hot gas. //Per
  388. Blender 3D Innovation Idea – What if you take three render models() and iterate until you have enough intersecting pixel color values. Could this set be the inital value basis of a differential equation that solves the overall image with super high resolution? Venn Diagram Usage
  389. Towards A Super Battery – Inspired by ?saltpaper. Could sandpaper or paper with crystals be a no brainer thing of a super battery?
  390. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Predicting simulated turbulence with a w = model(rnge()).
  391. Machine Learning Math Idea – choice_division(a,b). Where you get a rest that moves between the even parts. Dynamic object?
  392. Machine Learning Physics – My most important tweet ever. Small fusion so that we have time and money to get the data samples. Million+?
  393. Machine Learning Complex Math – Doing some complex root finding with machine learning model() and chainer framework. y**2 = 1+1j gives y = 1.0986842+0.45508987j wow
  394. Machine Learning Physics – Force Or Acceleration Which Comes First. ( ? ) * F = m * a * ( ? ). My answer is that both are something else at the very start and that ( ? ) iterates fast to 1. // Per Lindholm 2019
  395. Ultra Intelligent Way To Learn – First Read a little Bit Then Innovate By Guessing a Next Little Step. Read the next little Bit and guessinnovate the next. Keep doing so and you will be able to innovate forever.
  396. Machine Learning 0..1 Math – Finding new functions? Math Universe needs to Split the first largest areas of Sum(every function the x = 0..1 window). Indication of a new function. Fill in the holes in the 0..1 window and you get something like a fractal. Conjectory – All functions applied to the window x = 0..1 makes up a fractal.
  397. Machine Learning Insight Idea – Internally model() Initiated For Loops? For when there is no iteration-path and you have to use a little brute force.
  398. Machine Learning Insight – Super Duper Calculations – y , sane = Classification(Regression(X)) , sane(y)
  399. My Machine Learning Math Limit Idea – List Limits – Defined as lim(a,a->np.any(list)) where list = [n0,n1,n2,…n] // Per Lindholm 2019-feb-09 morning
  400. Important Machine Learning Innovation – Stacked Venndiagram. # 9716 of 10000 samples presented with 99% accuracy with a simple model(). Only show the result your sure about.
  401. Peace Idea – Internet on Wheels – Does There exist a solution with something like electric poles on wheels but for many redundant internet fibers. 100-1000Mbit per household sounds like something people want
  402. Peace Idea – Could we have Electricity Poles on Wheels? This way world electrification would not be impossible
  403. Peace Innovation Idea India- Why not take after Elon and create tunneling robots for all country electrification
  404. Machine Learning Idea – If functions with adaptable limits. The idea is to have a high rise function without it having a difficult derivative. Let k = model() and y = kx+m for that section.
  405. Innovation Idea – Could Ultracapacitators Improve Efficiency For Air Conditioners? Help Solar Appliencies. To Reduce Bills From ?Effect Tariffs.
  406. Machine Learning Math Guess – From AI Wordbook Associations. Stress Engineering And Singularities belong together as a singularity is a break of structure or break of computation. Interesting image
  407. Machine Learning Guess – One way x**3+y**3=z**3 could fail would be if information from x could not move to y since they are interchangeable??
  408. Machine Learning Physics Invention – Guess An Invention Including Heat,Cold,Velocity? Dynamic Peltier?
  409. Machine Learning Physics – Water Weather Accuracy – As the number of snowflakes are unique. I wonder if this can be used to test the accuracy. Predicting which ?two snowflakes will hit each other at the ground first. This so accuracy will be improved to water each plant on earth.
  410. Refrigerator Idea – I think you could gain open/close effiency of a refrigerator by filling it up with party baloons.
  411. Machine Learning Idea – A sort of generalization is putting a line between points in a curve. Linear Part Of a Maclaurin Series f(x) ~= f(0)+f'(0)*x+… This Suggest you ?can transform the multidimensional input to a single parameter.Compare the linear approximation with y = model(x) between points. Should give a more stable model().
  412. Machine Learning Idea – Unsupervised Clustering With supervised models() via loss functions. What can a classification of f(x) = x look like. Smooth transitions?
  413. Machine Learning Physics – Why should the atom have a spherical coordinate system when it ?could self-organize to meet any problem. I Wonder If It Just Dynamically Alternates Between different coordinate systems spherical, polar, cartesian?, … // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-31
  414. AI Wordbook – What if a black hole as a dense object takes advantage of all other ?dense objects like prime numbers. Prime numbers I guess are dense after the definition of primes.
  415. Math Guess – Does There Exist Variables That Are Not Allowed To Solve The Equation Alone? Me
  416. My Math Fermat Guess – Taking the derivate dx~dy in the equation x^n+y^n = z^n I guess the ratio dz/dx ~= (x^(n-1)+y^(n-1)) / z^(n-1) must be able to have a prime number for z which holds true for n = 2 not 3,4,5,… for 3x,4x,5x the ratio is 7/5
  417. Traveling Salesman Problem A Step Closer? – Looking at the reflection in the sphere you ?could optimize the path i a circular map to plane fashion? At least the light going straight paths has to find the minimal path to go straight.
  418. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Every state of matter must be evolutionary defendable. So space nebula gas as an entropy example would pick up energy fast. Iterate over vast distances fast. Thats my guess. A fast heat equation.
  419. A.I To Support billions of people and their livelihood. That’s is Big. Saving The World Many Time Over Idea – Make machines Like This Only Cheap and Big Enough To Fit A Small Livelihood. New Catagory Products Household To Livelihold
  420. Fire Protection Innovation Guess – Active Firewall With Circulating Water. Cooled ?Under Ground. Like a water cooling CPU block. // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-26
  421. Machine Learning Math – Key Finding? – Every Equation can be modulated with the 1.0*term replaced by Limit constants. So c0,c1,c2,… = model() and F.mean_squared_error(c0,1.0). As the solution progresses. c0 in the equation approaches 1.0 which corrects the equation // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-26
  422. Machine Learning Physics My Thoughts – Battery Rewritten Becomes Threshold Battery. Innovating Different Thresholds And You Get Different Batteries. Could A Circuit Provide a Threshold In That The Electron Problem Changes. Until Discharging When The Threshold Becomes A Catalyst.
  423. Energy Innovation – Should There Exist Metal Fuel Cells? Run on hot or cold metal?Since the by product ?will contain a little CO2 and steel holds a little carbon. Im wondering if there is a high carbon iron mix. A fuelcell metal. And since high carbon iron is brittle. Could this be a similar problem to dry old wood. It to works as a fuel // Per Lindholm 2019
  424. Agriculture Innovation Guess – Should There Exist Something Like Soil Design. Similar to material design. Layers With Different Abilities Stacked Or Otherwise Working Together
  425. Machine Learning Physics – A machine learning network Is Similar To Electrons In A Wire In That It ?Is Push To Push Mathematics. Then everything you can do with electrons should exist for networks. Coil Networks. Network To Network Induction,…
  426. Machine Learning Physic Ultra Battery? – Why Guess – One Reason For Electricy Could Be To Heat Mass Quickly At Different Places At The Same Time? Then The Idea Is To Learn A Mass?Mesh Network That Also Transports Heat By Electricity? Then Tap That Electricity For Power. I think you need pressure // Per L
  427. Machine Learning Math Guess – Could Singularity Free Math ?Be Dependent On Freewill. Some kind of elbow room or anti freeze. What if there is an associated normal distribution to every value iterated in a model(). This so it can iterate itself out again if in trouble // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-24
  428. Machine learning – AI working as a clue giver. Just because its probably easier to do this than let AI design a theory by itself.
  429. 2D Recognition Art – Aided by Noise3D Blender. Creating fantasy characters is not easy but as a start you can create a random object to use your own recognition or why not develop a machine learning recognition algorithm to select one good start. Below a winged ant animal : )
  430. Google Colab Idea – Please Extend Google Colab With A Linux ?VNC Instance To Be Run From The Phone,Tablet or PC from any operating system. A Personal Linux Cloud Computer Free For All. All the needed software already installed. With this poor people can have a computer like everyone else. To make a living, to get money for food That would be a major wow.
  431. Livelihood India, Bangladesh, Rohingya Idea – Android App Tutorials Screencasted From The Phone Uploaded To Youtube,… . Billions of apps, billions of opportunities.
  432. Find Land For The Rohingya – Make them self supportive. Jobs, education, agriculture. Then it does not cost much. So we need brokers to find land for these refugees.
  433. Machine Learning Physics Fusion Guess – Assumption. Everything In The Sun Is Important To Fusion. Machine Learning GAN Networks Depend On Noise. Mean The Sun GAN Solves Its Problems Using Turbulence Which Looks Like Noise. This insight is important since 1 question GAN’s produce badly recognizable images. To my experience. Is a 100 questions GAN enough? // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-21
  434. Machine Learning Physics – Is Dark Matter Another Universe Making A Dynamic Intersection With Our Universe? It should give a gravity effect? // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-20
  435. Machine Learning MNIST Innovation – What if you learn 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3 etc. Complexity Learning? That is. Presented with Two Samples. ?Not Using A Algorithm. Just A model Transform Add Two Samples As If It Is A Recognition Problem. Funny pic..
  436. Correct my Machine Learning Code – colab shareable link below – com/drive/1WveE1F8ljykyR_2S9MQvXVC7hI_IpY_s
  437. Refugee Paper In Hand Innovation – Ideas Are Bigger Than Words – Write Down An Idea. Big Or Small. Higher Education On Wheels Was one of those ideas I saw.
  438. Machine Learning Biology Guess – If The Body System Uses Machine Learning. Then Protein Folding could be a Controlled Molder/degradation Process. Basically everything gets old so why not take advantage of that process? // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-19
  439. Machine Learning Civil Engineering – Could Residual Networks Be Used For Basic Engineering? I Wondering Since The Beam Should Use The Energy Efficiently. Transform a little and then pass it on or just pass it on. X+F(X) Where F(X) could be zero.
  440. Machine Learning Math Guess – If Blender Animation freeze due to some ?near singular matrix. Could a solution be to develop anti-freeze. I mean there could be problem similarity from physics. As a kind of mathematical tool.
  441. Agriculture and Insect Innovation – Solar Powered Fans ?Can also repell insects. For agriculture to protect plants (many solar powered fans) and people. Malaria prevention
  442. Machine Learning Physics – Is There Such A Thing As A Universe Time Accuracy. Consider all things that can happen and you still get a different result every time. A kind of a freewill problem. Do the universe do things different every time. Even if its just a little
  443. Machine Learning Physics Guess – What if you get a better universe by letting models() compete with differential physics equations. ?GAN type setup. Diff eq. provide stability and models() provide flexibility // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-17
  444. My Recipe – Warm Milk + Boiled Rice + Minced Meat (Taco Spice Flavoured) // Per Lindholm Basically try adding some warm milk to the dish
  445. Machine Learning Physics Battery Guess – Could there exist a residual battery model(). Could dynamically skips or partly add to the energy output? I imagine the model() thinking. Should I add a little voltage, pass it through, oscillate it a little, noisify or denoise it. Basically any function.
  446. Peace Idea – Machine Learning Agriculture – Growing Without The Sun. What If You Can Create A Machine Learned Feed Back Loop Between ?Different Light Sources (high midday afternoon,…) And The Health Of The Plant? // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-16
  447. Solar Panel Innovation – Thought Experiment. What would happen if you spray painted solar panel paint on a inflated ballon and then let it shrink. Better efficiency? // Per Lindholm
  448. Desalination Innovation – Could There Exist COP Desalination? Coefficient of performance gained by many low hanging fruit transformations and collection of fresh water in salt water // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-15
  449. Bendable Motherboard Idea – For Flexible Raspberry Pi Project Ideas – I enjoyed the mp3-players a lot. So why not a MP3 Formfactor Gaming Device. Bend around the arm it could be a fun arm-computer // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-15
  450. Super Idea – Food Crises Innovation – Community ?Grow-bag Places. Supporting people. Would you lend out part of your garden area to a family in need?
  451. Machine Learning Physics – With machine learning. Could you detect a strategy from stars against the effect of black holes? Maybe this could be the reason stars form such patterns?
  452. Machine Learning Physics Guess – If Conservation Makes The Universe Better. Then you could have conservation in, computational stability, similarity, atom classification, reflected color, meaning..
  453. Machine Learning Physics – Since there exist supervised learning. Could machine learning also benefit from history logs? What objects have a common history together?
  454. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Electric Batch Work? Is there a way to do batch “training” on an electric motor? To increase the efficency. Efficency might be a type of work prediction. Possible breakthrough. COP motor?
  455. Random Art – Hare – Blender Script Per Lindholm 2019-jan-12
  456. Climate Cange Physics Guess – You must not block sun rays. The solar energy is needed to draw CO2 from the air to plants. Basically irradicate hunger Now full throttle with food crops.
  457. Homeless Innovation – Shop Unit Delivery Service. The idea is to transport pop up shop units back and forth to homeless. So they can operate a little shop. Earn a little money. It could be flowers, bread, … Safe and secure?
  458. What if there exist a light machine learning model() that let photons simulate the Luminiferous aether or ether. That is. The ether does not exist other than in a physical model. // Per Lindholm
  459. I wonder if there exist a version of gravity in the sense that the function needs to improve with ever increasing universe complexity. My idea is that gravity is mass programming at a distance? // Per Lindholm
  460. Machine Learning Physics Guess – If nothing is random. Then a lot of objects moving randomly takes more energy than a rotating planet even though their sum of kinetic energy is the same? Some sort of Order-Energy concept. I guess its a way to get down the harm that an asteroid impact will have on a planet
  461. Venezuela Innovation Food Crises – In Addition To Food Aid Could It Be An Idea To Transport Living Plants. This Way You Only need Water And Sunshine To Let Them Give Food Over And Over Again // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-10
  462. Machine Learning Physics – Gravity is telling empty space. Here is a volume you can expand in?
  463. Cold Weather Food Innovation – Thermos Cup Filled With Warm Milk And Boiled Rice
  464. Smart Minigrid. Light and TV from solar and gas to electric powergenerator for shared cooking energy. That is. The gas electric generator is shared for the minigrid.
  465. Survival Food Innovation – Bread With Cooked Potatoes
  466. Cooling Innovation Idea – Dual Fan USB Powered Evaporative Cooler
  467. Fire Prevention Innovation Guess – What are the possibilities with a dual nozzle fire extinguisher? Different substances that needs to be mixed at the fire and not before. Some sort of chemical ?gas reaction at the fire?
  468. Rural Solar Innovation India, Bangladesh, Countries In Africa – Solar Powered Switch Electric Bus Stations. At the end bus station you change bus to a newly charged one. Its as simple as that. // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-07
  469. Chemical Battery CPU – Why? Perhaps to control the diff. equations. Since ?everything need to make sense to a network. Networks ?should be part of every invention
  470. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Battery As A Chemical CPU. Could there exist a battey with many cells for anodes, cathods. With wired electrodes to the cells? It could perhaps make the battery more efficient if worked like a energy brain battery
  471. Machine Learning Innovation – I think we need a Math Dataset? Imagine new functions, equations. Predict needed equations from associations. To improve the human toolbox, math
  472. Peace Idea + Desalination Idea – Since There Exist Sonic Washer Devices. Could Some Sort Of ?Sound Device Reverse The Process And Create Salt Stains For Later Separation Of Salt And Water?
  473. Kickstarter Idea – Build An Affordable Hospital? No wasted money.
  474. Machine Learning Physics – What If The Conservation Law Or Any Other Physical Laws Are ?Predictive In The Machine Learning Sense. What New Understanding Would This Give? It would know the data it gets before hand?
  475. Machine Learning Physics – Artificial Gravity From A Hole Effect. Rotate An Object Fast Enough. It Will Approach The Case Where It ?Exists At Several Places At Once. But The Mass Is The Same. Conservation Law. Resulting In A Gravity Hole Effect. Just like the positions for electrons in an atom. // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-06
  476. Roma Innovation Startup Idea – Funding For Soup Kitchen Startup Business With Roma Women Making Food For Homeless
  477. Homeless Innovation – Youtube Tutorials For Building Winter Ready Shelters for homeless? #Sweden #Homeless
  478. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Electric Cargo Plane – If We Were Able To Create A Little Gravitational Effect Then Improving An Existing Wing For Pressure Difference Might Work? So The Idea Is To Search For Small Effects To Improve Existing Inventions.
  479. Peltier Device Idea – Instead of giving enough energy to the electron to ?vibrate over to the next metal. I wonder if the ?wires in the device could move in a magnetic field. Taking advantage of the generated forces. I guess that this could be made more efficient.
  480. Machine Learning Physics – Question – Does There Exist Kinetic Energy With Zero Direction? Could Potential Energy be Kinetic Energy with part of it in a Higher Dimension?
  481. Electric Engine Possibility – Just as a possibility. Dual motor engine. One that drives a magnetic momentum like a flywheel to give force to the other disc // Per Lindholm
  482. Since photons are light particles should there not exist charged light? So the idea is to use charged photons to accelerate space vehicles to the speed of light, or maybe magnetized photons could do // Per Lindholm
  483. Machine Learning Physics Guess – For the atom to determine the position of the electron it needs lots of data from a new bouncing field?
  484. Machine Learning Physics – 3D Probability – ?Everything Should Be Represented Within An Atom. Then Thresholds And Probability Belongs. The Ratio Is An Atom // Per Lindholm 2018-jan-02
  485. Good Morning Machine Learning Physics – Supervised Learning Would Suggest That Gravity Acts In An Arc. The target position is the same as the starting position? Its optimized for life. Less options for harmful one shot radiation. More time to adapt // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-02
  486. Machine Learning Physics Guess – What if electrons are different in the machine learning sense. They have not experienced the same samples. Better inventions might require finding the right sample mix for machine learned electrons?
  487. Machine Learning Innovation Idea – Build A rough 3D model of a fantasy instrument and let a model() predicts its sound? Impressive if it would work
  488. Machine Learning Physics – Should There Exist Something Like Path-Physics. The Science of Paths. Could Machine Learning Classify atom, electron, physical objects paths? // Per Lindholm 2019-jan-01
  489. Refugee Livelihood In India And Bangladesh – With Internet Access They Could Setup Shop With Realtime Chat For Programming Problems, Machine Learning Problems or simple HTML?. Using google colab for reference // Per Lindholm
  490. Refugee Education/Livelihood – With Internet Access They Could Become Fluent In Machine Learning With Services Like Google Colab. Run From Any Device With A Browser And Internet Connection. Upgrade To The Raspberry Pi From Slow Scratch Visual Code To Python GPU 11GB Accelerated
  491. Guess – If something is very ?unsure in nature like the position of the electron around the atom. Then it could be a sign that the position can be changed back in time. Since it would not matter to much to determinism. Adapting model() vs algorithm()
  492. Machine Learning idea – That take any object. The atoms that its made of are what the model() needs to generate. No more no less. To give the exact target answer. Like the smell, taste or shape. So the focusing should be on models that can generate the right lego objects?
  493. Energy Innovation – Fixed Price/Month From Livelihood Businesses – ?Let Small Entrprenours Sell Electricity From Their Own Wind and Solar Energy For A Fixed Price per month to electrify the rural country. The Business approach.
  494. Enable Climate Change Innovations Idea – Git-CAD 3D Models With Version control? So You can records changes to a file or set of files over time and recall specific versions later // Per Lindholm 2018-dec-29
  495. Idea – If Jupyter notebook Python had matplotlib, numpy and some better vesion of pip built in it would make things much easier. pip fails all to often. Otherwise we will become too much dependent on cloud infrastructure like colab with everything built in
  496. Linux Idea – Make Your Own “terminal” command in jupyter notebook. Like storing maximum iowait for each process. To see what slows the computer the most
  497. Rohingya And Bangladesh Innovation – Internal Job board. List of things that needs to be done or could benefit the refugee economy. Volunteer or otherwise compensated work?
  498. Rohingya Refugee Idea – Could an elected group of Rohingya men and woman be sponsored ambasadors for their people. Gathering support globally for peace, livelihoods, trade, business, education?
  499. Deep Dark Energy – Machine Learning Physics – Do the universe produce more energy for every calculation than necessary? Like my MNIST model(). y,res = F.separate(model(X).reshape(-1,2,10),axis=1). Where y is goes to the target and res are just some unused values
  500. Python Innovation – sensehat_doodles. As a start of learning a first language. Just do any kind of creative loop plot on the sensehat. Perhaps sensehat_doodles could exist as a standalone app on the mobile to import. Sensehat mobile?
  501. Battery Idea – Could the natural path experience of materials be used in a battery. Lithium found in the ocean should indicate that a high concentration to a very small concentration like in the ocean is useful information
  502. Solar Innovation – Set Of possibilities would suggest that there is a invention to be made from compressed CO2 surrounding a solar panel. Higher Efficiency? More solar since the sun wants a target CO2 concentration. Meaning dispersion of the CO2. The Sun is life optimized.
  503. Russia Innovation ? – Tiny Home Backup – What if you have system where people who wants to invest in risky? apartments get a Tiny Home On Wheels in addition. After the apartments are finished they can be returned to the housing company or serve as summer vacation houses.
  504. My Machine Learning Physics – ?Infinite reach gravity and an infinite number of stars means an infinite number of possibilities for universe objects. From that gravity could be a machine learning model(). Models() can do amazing stuff // Per Lindholm
  505. Migrant Innovation – How Many Dual Country Entrepreneurs Would It Take To Rebuild Venezuela. The idea is to Live abroad and Rebuild the Home Country. The faster the rebuild gets going the better for all.
  506. Machine Learning Physics – A Perfect Start Gives A Better Total Result – Longer Initial Iteration With The Same Input. Then Should Before Every Minimal Movement Of Mass Be Initial Iterations. Non or Minimal Moving Iterations. Perhaps Heat Should Adjust Its Information Pattern
  507. Any Mobile Phone Case Innovation Idea – Clip On Screen + Raspberry Pi Zero (Linux). For when termux is not enough.
  508. Machine Learning Gravity Guess – What If The Potential Energy Of An Object Is Encoded In The Earth Like A Weight Matrix. So When The Object Goes Higher. The Matrix Changes. This means the matrix weight path is not the same when an object goes down again. Its Not Reverting
  509. Refugee Digital Livelihood Idea – Turn Text To Speech Synthesis To Improve English For Non English Speaking People. That is. Real time perfection of the voice. English To Better Sounding English. This way people can take on more jobs
  510. Teeth Innovation – Just dip the toothbrush in mouthwash and brush. Its much safer and ?effective
  511. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Problem With Classification Of Dark Matter. What if you have both well Ordered mass and Noisy mass. This would be equal to the noisy weight matrices in machine learning and some denoised weight matrix. The universe could adapt to using both types // Per Lindholm 2018-dec-21
  512. Homeless Innovation Idea – Buy Winter Homeless kits online to give to homeless this winter.
  513. Website Business or Product Investment Idea – Bitcoin Investments In Local Businesses To Rebuild Countries Affected By Climate Change And Migration
  514. Machine Learning Physics Guess – If Light Is A model(). Is speed the same as iteration through space? Meaning it needs n number of iterations per meter traveled?
  515. Machine Learning Biomimicry Innovation – Could The Facet Eyes Of A Fly Keep Its Heat Because Of The Facets. Meaning Light Have More Efficiency Loss Calculating Reflections Than On A Smoth Surface? Hard To Determine Derivative In Between The Facets?
  516. Investment Sales Tax On Products – Instead of duty on foreign products. Could it be an idea to have a ?small home country business investment tax. The idea is to rebuild and make the home country better by investments, many small rivers make … // Per
  517. Machine Learning Innovation – It would be like if a machine learning iteration is similar in method to calculating a differential equation. Sometime you take very small steps. Like A Stiff Machine Learning Problem? Interpolation of iterations?
  518. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Why Mass Has Its Structure – …. Iteration Like Solutions Found In Convolution models(). Feature Generations Of Mass. Points, Lines, crystals, …
  519. The Chicken And Egg Problem And Moment 22 Is Solved Every Day By Programmers Who Just Assigns A Random Start And Let The Iteration Iterate A Solution. Both Comes First By The Egg Is In Not As Ordered As The Chicken
  520. Correct My Machine Learning Code – a**2+b**2=c**2
  521. Raspberry Pi Experience Enhancements – External USB HDD, zram, Xephyr
  522. Crime Mitigation – Ex Criminal Social Service. For When There Is A Choice For Food Money. People Do The Right Thing. ?Will Reduce Crime Like No Other Measure. That’s Super Smart Idea
  523. Create An Energy Invention Idea – Magnetic Fields Is About Order. Then It ?Can Extract Energy From Noise Or Turbulence?
  524. Teeth Innovation – I used a Soft (cedar Tree?) IKEA wooden plug to fix my teeth. Just bite or chew with a little pressure on the wooden plug and your teeth will thank you. Fixed teeth right away.
  525. Machine Learning Idea – The Most Prominent Recognizable Object In A Small Patch Is A Line. Small Kernels Then Becomes Line Classifiers?
  526. Machine Learning Innovation – Edit And Run Machine Learning Code From Your Phone, RaspberryPi Or PC From Colaboratory – Google
  527. Winter Peace Innovation – Country Exchange Gift. A Gift To The Homeless Of The Other Country. It Could Be A Gift Of Tiny Houses. Sometimes Peace Is Easy
  528. Cone Machine Learning Recognition Idea
  529. Machine Learning Innovation – Adapt the Iteration With A Machine Learning model() So It Can Take Big Transformation Steps (Equation Solving) When Ever Possible // Per Lindholm
  530. Teeth Innovation Guess – Milk is probably good for the teeth for its ?ability to dissolve calcium. Its a fluid. The body first need to dissolve calcium a little to repair the teeth. That’s my guess
  531. Heating Innovation – My Idea Is To Move CO2 Concentrations In One Direction And Heat The Other Like Some Kind Of ?Future Heatpump // Per Lindholm 2018-dec-08
  532. Machine Learning Future Physics – In The Machine Learning Sense. In F = m*a You ?Have To Take Account For The Pattern In m. That’s The Guess.
  533. California Forest Fires Innovation Guess – The Fire Wall – What If You Had 3 Walls After Each Other That Could Be Raised Up Anywhere. To Block Further Fire Propagation?
  534. Yemen Peace Innovation – Middle East Peace + Business Talks could include more countries. You Have Both Peace And Business Talks. Since both are about surviving
  535. Syrian Peace Talks Innovation Guess – Anything For Peace – Similar To A Machine Learning Idea ?Include Business Talks With Peace Talks. Then Peace And Business Information Could Mix And Find Common Grounds. // Per Lindholm 2018-dec-06
  536. Aviation Innovation – The Aircraft Engine Could ?Probably Be Greatly Improved If Placed a Multiple In Series After Each Other. With The Right Materials. So A First And Second Engine In Series Not Parallell
  537. Machine Learning Innovation -You calculate two or more things with the same model(), at the same time. One target function and several other functions as a way to get intermediate data for the target
  538. Correct My Machine Learning Code 2018-dec-5 The idea is to use Fourier series in ML
  539. Kickstarter Innovation Guess – Predictive Investments. What If People Placed Bets On Products Performance In The Market. That Would Make Products Better And Developers Would Know Which Products To Go For. Climate Change Products For Instance, Food,Water,…
  540. We could provide innovation in education by simple book- readings of astronomy, math, physics,…. With music in the background ; ) Youtube books. Interesting
  541. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Slit Experiment – Waves Are Meaningful Data That Is Recognizable From Noise And Everything Is Some Sort Of Supervised Learning. Therefor My Guess Is That Light Particles Have Transformation Of Waves As The Supervised Data // Per Lindholm 2018-4-12
  542. I wonder if the ?only way to keep track of the number of atoms in the universe would be if they solved lots of equation losses. That is. They all perform many functions in the universe. Evaluating the losses would give a number of the atoms and what they together are doing?
  543. Machine Learning Math Innovation – An Integer Solution Run On a**3+b**3=c**3+d**3 Gave Me A Solution For A Different Equation, a**3+b**3=c**3+d**2 // Per Lindholm 2018-dec-03
  544. Smart Phone Innovation – Added CO2 Sensor Would Probable Be A Good Idea. An Air Quality Sensor
  545. Agriculture Innovation Guess – To Develop Crops That Will Sustain Climate Change. I Guess You Need To Provide Another De-facto Energy Source
  546. Machine Learning Innovation – Similar To Word Changes In Language To Language Translation. Could This Inspire Better a model(). Where You ?Force Layers To Invent Again
  547. Slum Innovation – Creating a housing company for the slum
  548. Per Lindholm’s Water Engine – Use Water As An Energy Aggregator In A Container. Excite The Water From Any Energy Source That Moves Or Vibrates. Then From The Differently Summed Up Waves You Can Extract Energy Via Any Wave Energy Device // Per Lindholm 2018-nov-30
  549. Migrant Innovation – If There Is No War But The Country Is Lacking Food, Water And Jobs. Why Not Employ People With Foreign Money To Build Up The Country Again. To Build New Companies That Generates Money, Food, Water And Jobs #Venezuela
  550. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Before The Start Of The Universe. The Universe Existed As An Unknown model()
  551. 3D Printer Innovation – To create a fast 3D printer. Use a particle accelerator? Melting fast particles?
  552. Velocities Can Create Random. From model(Random) You Can Create Everything. Gives Me That A Futuristic 3D Printer Could Be Built Like A Particle Accelerator. The 3D Object Is Then Built From 2D Sections Of That Circular Tube As The Particles Hit The Surface // Per Lindholm 2018
  553. Food And Drink Innovation – Are there ?natural cup structures that can enhance flavors of coffee or tea? Like an orange has an optimized outer skin
  554. Solid State Battery Search – If A Solid-Battery Would Melt A Little Would It Be Easier To Discover It? // Per
  555. Psychology Innovation – To Prevent Psychosis. Use A Personal Heat Fan Close To The Chest And Put On A Soothing Music. The Heat Fan Is The Most Important Tool For Your Survival
  556. Machine Learning – I wonder if every problem is cache continous? Like differential equations
  557. Machine Learning Physics Guess ?water experiences natural gravity all day long. ?Are There Then Important Desalination Vectors?
  558. Machine Learning Physics Guess – When Time Does Not Know The Answer, add 1. Gives Me When No model() Knows The Answer Use An Algorithm Or A Set Of Equations
  559. Desalination Innovation Guess – I Wonder If Compression In Desalination Should Be Spring Supported Since Water As Many models() Will ?Always Oscillate When Iterating. Changing Salt Concentrations? #Israel #Desalination #Water
  560. Refugee Innovation Idea – Solar Power + ?15 min Small Flywheel To Cook Rice?
  561. Blender Innovation – Why Not Innovate Blender Physics Simulations With Machine Learning. Hunch. Calculate The Path Of A Single Water Molecule With A Diff. Equation And Use A Supervised Transform A Machine Learning x,y,z = model(Single molecules) For The Rest
  562. Machine Learning Physics – I mean. Does not a differential equation depend on ?existing differences. That the differences are not vanishingly small.
  563. Invest In Refugee And Rural Businesses – India and Bangladesh Idea – Could An Extra Visible Small Livelihood Businesses Account Work? Which Shows Total Money Invested In Each On A Website. It Would Make It Easier To Choose. Popular, Smart and Social
  564. Perhaps the same goes for an air conditioner or heat pump. Perhaps you can split the air packets into two models of the air conditioner. Could different turbulence of air be used in different models. Its ?cheap to produce and the word turbulence A.I-belongs to heat.
  565. Machine Learning Innovation – Could Learning For a model() Be The Same As Charging A Battery. After 90% Near Maximum Capacity It Gets Slow To Charge And Very Much Loss. Similar To Unlearning In Machine Learning. Learn only up to 90%? For Each model()
  566. Machine Learning – Towards Generalizing ?Simple Way. Use a low unit model and a high unit model. Add The Loss. Dual Same Time Updating.
  567. Power Of Machine Learning Innovation – Since Electrons Have Mass. Adapt A CPU model() network So It Takes Advantage Of The Forces In Rotation // Per Lindholm
  568. Machine Learning – Could a model() simulate many more layers than it can calculate due to technical problems or numerical difficulties? Also would it be possible to simulate a different kind of network with an ordinary fast network? A Simulating Kind Of Neural Network?
  569. Could some Rohingya work as programming instructors? Get money for food/water in some currency from facebook or youtube? It would be a value add.
  570. That is. I guess you input data from an equation into different models(). model_red(), model_green(), model_blue(),… It will be more accurate this way? This is why red is red. Problems where red is red is easier to solve that way.
  571. Rebuild Venezuela Innovation – Money Well Spent Strategy – Venezuelan Kickstarter For Rebuild Projects Investments?… Public With Less Wasted Money The Best Entrepreneurs. Local And City Investments? #Venezuela #Rebuild #Smart #investing
  572. ?Could Machine Learning Recognize Elevated Water. The Potential Energy in elevated water.Mud Energy Water Desalination Innovation
  573. What About Mud Energy. Megawatts? I mean Its Heavy enough.
  574. Blender 3D Physics Guess – Gravity As Relative-Scaling-Conservation of Mass . You just scale the space around the objects. The mass objects need to follow conservation of mass so they move together.
  575. Machine Learning Math – Everything Need To Be Recognizable. Gives 1^2 = 1 But Can 0.99999…^2 Be Recognized As A Square of one?
  576. Machine Learning Idea – Artificial Explanations As A Tool?
  577. Agriculture Innovation – Can Some Sort Of Cotton Be Used For Plants In Agriculture? Wet Cotton Could Be Useful I Think? Inspired by cotton plants. Its Possible To Develop A Drip Down System With Cotton.
  578. Machine Learning Guess – Decision Boundary Tests
  579. idea – How does plant chemistry take advantage of clouds or differences in sunlight. It could be healthy_crop = model(sunlight_data, pressure,water,…). Also. How do you improve air quality? as an input for plant chemistry. It could be that the plant need oxygen to get rid of ?sulfur, creating some Sulfur dioxide.
  580. Machine Learning 3D Blender Math – Lightfunctions – set of values that belong together under light reflection on a surface. The illuminated numbers by light reflection on a spherical dice
  581. Machine Learning Physics – Gravity As A Problem Which Is Applied Onto Two Objects In A Supervised Learning Mode. So Its A Resonance Network Problem. Gravity Affects The Relative Distance Between Two Objects. This Error In Supervised Mode Is Minimized As A distance_model()
  582. Machine Learning Innovation Guess – What If The Derivative Can Answer Every Question? Viewed As A Amplified Difference. I Get The Idea Using Machine Learning To Generate SuperResolution-Derivatives.
  583. Blender 3D Math – simulating turbulence with a would be model using two spheres with noise displacement using different colors and rotating them differently.
  584. Machine Learning Internet package_models() – As A Possibility What If Each Package Are Models. Then The model_package() Could Adapt To Parallell Compression Or Anything Really and Later Self Restore. So The Idea Is For Smart Package Adaption ?Compression.
  585. Machine Learning Truth Colorizing – Inspired By Deep Learning GitHub – jantic/DeOldify .Why Not Train On Physical Measurement Images. Then You Have A model() For Colorizing The ?Truth For Other Single Color Shade Images Like Voltages? Or maybe just use colorization for space Nebulas
  586. Business Idea – Netflix Type Service + Android Projector As A Subscription Model
  587. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Another Universe ?Is Defined By A Network Boundary That Permits Only A Little ?Mass Transfer. This Means There Exist A Total Universe And Network Defined Part Universes
  588. Why not a municipality Kickstarter where teams can start up projects that prevent for example Gängkriminalitet. As an example, tiny houses ‘ project for homeless
  589. Machine Learning Math – Could Complex Numbers Be A Geometric Solution To Something Which Oscillates along a one dimensional line. ?A One Dimensional While loop Along A Projection on The Line
  590. Bussiness Innovation Idea – Same Company Different Teams. Pledge Money On Your Favorite Team Product. Like A Company Version Of An Internal Kickstarter. Every Generation Wants Their Own Products.
  591. In machine learning math I guess you can make your own dataset from functions, n=np.arange(100),data=[n,np.cumsum(n),n**2] then do a transformation data[:,1] = model(data[:,0],data[:,2]). Then a limited math model() of some sort should show the equation?
  592. Machine Learning Electric Circuit – I Wonder If You Can Controle Electrons With Ions And A Machine Learned Mesh Network Ciruit Of Some Kind
  593. Machine Learning Physics Higher Propulsion – There Should Exist Other Versions Of Newtons Second Law. An Other Version Of Blocking Is Interfering. Disruption might also work when creating a machine learning Force Bee Hive Like Network
  594. Machine Learning Idea – Do Some Colors Work Together. Like A Space Nebula. Does There Exist A Light Integral?
  595. Migrant Crises Innovation Guess – What About A Temporary Income From Other Countries To Migrants. To Rebuild Their Country. Need For Foreign Money In Migrant Home Countries.
  596. Migrant Caravan Innovation – Is A Promising Migrant Deal Of Jobs/Food/Water. The things people understand possibly worked on?
  597. Machine Learning Math – Annealing Of Functions – Pre-Treatment Of Functions Before Taking The Integral? To Find Solutions Not Possible Otherwise. Like out stretching a lace before measuring its length
  598. Machine Learning Desalination Guess – Towards Super Fast Desalination. As A Possibility. How Do You Transfer Water In Small Tubes Super Fast. Does Water Have A Special Spread model() Like Light Fast Photons Through A Double Slit? #Israel #water #desalination
  599. Machine Learning Math – Solve Integer Solutions To a**2+b**2=c**2 with two or more loss functions. One For Integer Number Versions And One For Floating Point Lossy Versions.
  600. What if π could be the output of a machine learning network. An integer network even. Would this mean all irrational numbers can be transformed into integer networks?
  601. Heal Faster With Outside Energy From A Heating Fan. Chemistry Needs Energy. Heat Being The Easiest Interface To Your Internal Organs.
  602. Machine Learning Physics Fusion – If The Stars In The Universe Form A Network. Then everything that works are networks. Could This Mean That Fusion Is not only about heat but networks. Meaning that hydrogen fusion has different types of networks depending on the metal used?
  603. All Souls’ Day – Remembering My Grandmother On My Mothers Side Who Past Away Not Long Time A Go.
  604. Machine Learning Physics – Chicken And Egg Can Just Be A machine learning model()
  605. Machine Learning Philosophy – Would It Be Possible To Create An Adapting model() Without The Use Of Zero In The Number System or Replace The Zero With A model(). Then Could This Avoid Singularities?
  606. In Climate Change Times – Would it be possible to change the education towards refugee business? Take advantage of MBA’s the right way.
  607. Machine Learning Physics And Chemistry Merger Idea – Just Do A data_chemistry = model(data_physics) Transform. Like Converting A Image To A Number. One Is The Chemistry Dimension The Other Is The Physics Dimension // Per Lindholm 2018-oct-30
  608. Venezuela Innovation – Could A Farming Organization Help Venezuelan Agriculture?
  609. Blender Math Education Innovation – Why Not Use Blender And Annotation pen For Making Math Videos Khan Academy Style. Use 3D Models. Zoom in Out Rotate, Split Screen With A Down scaled Version …
  610. South And Central America Business Innovation – Scattered Small Cheap Railway Stretches Between Cities And ?Countries. Join The Stretches Later When Business And Jobs Are Booming
  611. Machine Learning Physics Guess- Could Water do lossy calculations with models() of surface waves looking like graphs
  612. Climate Change – Carbon Capture In The Form Of The Heavy Cabbage, Cauliflower, … ?
  613. Psychology Innovation – A Better Approach Than Simple Conversations. Do What A Brain Does Best. Train Your Intelligence. REbuild The Brain With Python Coding Skills For Instance. Intelligence Is A Layer Of Protection That Is Acquired Not Given
  614. Earth History Speculation – Could A Massive Coal Asteroid Have Wiped Out The Dinosaurs With Carbon Dioxide?
  615. Machine Learning Physics, Forces – Since Velocities Exist. The Forward Position In The Velocity Equation Could Just Be A Prediction. Any Difference From This Prediction Is Then Met With Force From Determinism
  616. Machine Learning Innovation – Recognizing Integers Among Real Numbers. Solve More Kinds Of Problems With Labels Indicating The Number Digits Used. Adapting The model() For Decimal Trimming? As An Intermidate Step?
  617. Idea – Pick Up Ocean And Beach Trash With An Industrial Robot
  618. Possibility Existens Math – Tensile Stress Of Math Functions? As A Way To Find New Interesting Points. Other Than Center Of Mass
  619. Machine Learning Experimenting – I Wondering If Near Singular models() Are Needed To For Sharp Rises. Division Could Perhaps Do.
  620. Blender Experiment Math – Finding Integer Solutions To a**2+b**2 = c**2. What Has The Center Of Mass To With It?
  621. Blog Post – Halloween
  622. Mobile Raspberry Pi – A Linux Phone Is Easy. Connect A ?Mobile Raspberry Pi With The Smartphone. Via VNC or Nomachine. Code All You Want
  623. Machine Learning Astronomy Distance Measurement – Could The Distance To An Object Be Related To The Possible Number Of Good Data Points? For That Class Of Object // Per Lindholm 2018-oct-26
  624. Machine Learning Math – Could There Exist Something Like Retrospective Supervised Learning. Where The model() Selects Good Succesful Calculations For A Second Good-Continous Run
  625. Machine Learning Math – Could Infinitesimals Be Replaced By An Adapting Machine Learning model() ?
  626. Machine Learning Physics – Past Fusion. Using Small Deviations From Determinism. Time Energy. Like ?Hydroelectric Power Flow Of Time // Per Lindholm 2018-oct-25
  627. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Since Heat Goes From Warm To Cold. A Cold Matrix Gets Fully Used. How To Fill A Matrix In A Network Is Then Govern By A Differential Heat Equation? For Filling Big Matrix Problems. Where The Update Algorithm Otherwise Would Be Lost. If It Tried To Change Everything At Once
  628. Machine Learning Idea – Run The model() Against Virtual Problems. There Should Exist A Motion Type Similar To Brownian Motion For Every Problem. Continuous Updates To The Weight Matrices Similar To Living – The Start Of A Problem Solution As Supervised Learning
  629. Machine Learning Innovation Idea – Run The model() Against Imaginary And Real problems. Like Time Degradation. The Information That Survives Will Be Important To The model()
  630. Universe Idea – Time went probably faster when the universe was young and there was no life. Now There Is Optimization For Life
  631. Machine Learning Remember Idea – When Doing Iteration, a = model([1,0]). What Happens When You Store Latest 10 Calculations. Could It Make The Model More Self Aware?
  632. Hurricane Innovation – Farmacy, ?Food Shops On Boats
  633. Physics Engineering Guess – If Space Is Bendable By Mass Then Could The Universe Use That To Measure Mass. Like a Smartphone With Accelerometers, Pressure Givers, ….
  634. Machine Learning – Set Of Probable Units?
  635. Machine Learning Physics – Lights As A Machine Learning model() Could Have Been Optimized To Shine On Everything. Minimize Black Spots?
  636. Machine Learning Intelligence – Inverse Relationships. There Should Exist A Relationship Between How Far You Can See And How Hard And Complex It Was To Achieve This Result. Since Noise Is Heat. Then Is Near ?Absolute Zero A Sample Target?
  637. Super Mass Idea – Why Do We Have Mass? Could It Be To Mitigate Problems Associated With Information? So Are There Super Mass That Mitigates The Problem Of Mass?
  638. Ultra Intelligent Housing Innovation Idea – Removable Housing Company. Upgradeable Houses From The Tiny To Large. Adapt Your House To Your Income. Change House Type On The Same Place If Salary This Year Was Low
  639. Machine Learning Math Idea – Could Something Like This Exist. M(x) Goes To model_infinite() when x Goes To infinite. A model() of the infinity
  640. Business Innovation – Double The Shop With An Extra Tiny House Shop On Wheels? Place It Together With Other Tiny Shops In Beneficial Relationships
  641. Machine Learning Physics Guess – The Particle Networks. Does The Ions And Electrons Update Their Decision ?Networks To Figure Out Its Surrounding Or 4D Melody Based On Vibrations,…
  642. Climate Change Flying Cities Guess – What about a surface specific memory of the gravity. So when you flip the surface it stands still in mid air for a while.
  643. Using algebraic methods? And Using .eval() With A Lot More digits. Then Using That Result As A Target For An Enhancing model()
  644. Machine Learning – Chainer Is Easy For The Beginners. Small Example MNIST
  645. My 80’s Glowing Border Retro Phone
  646. Universe Guess – Could A Black Hole Be Fractal Like As In A Repeating Circular Shape Only ?Infinitly Super Imposed?
  647. Politics Innovation – Dual Projects With United Parts. That Is At Heart For All Parties. Like Tiny Homes For Both Veterans And Homeless. Are There More Of Those?
  648. Machine Learning – When Iterating A Solution. Is There An Egg Strategy Where The Shell Needs To Rebuild Fast But The Inner Is More Complicated And Takes Much More Time
  649. Machine Learning Physics – Like A Differential Equation Another Type Of Motion Equation Could Perhaps Minimize The Unreasonableness In The Motion As A Loss Function?
  650. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Gravitational Lensing Is A Network Interaction Between Light And Light. So light can bend light. If light can change intensity mid flight will it then change direction?
  651. Tinnitus Innovation Guess – Could A Little Water From A Cotton Tops In The Ear Help With Tinnitus. High Frequencies Don’t Go Well Under Water
  652. Emergency Jobs Innovation – Come Up With An Emergency Job Title Then Imagine What They Would Do. Emergency_Director, Emergency_…
  653. Venezuela Innovation Help – Rebuild Venezuelan Economy By Supporting Shops With Donated Food?
  654. Cool. Like an old hard drive reading the information in a rotation manner. Black Hole and magnetic fields
  655. Shopping Center Innovation- Every Shopping Category Should Have Public Education In The Center And ?Youtube
  656. Ultra Battery Theory Guess – Number Of Iterations/s == Heat. Means You Can Store Energy By Storing Information-Energy. ?Some Internal Digital Chemistry. Guess: Number Of Chemistry Unfolding Changes per cm3?
  657. Farming Innovation – Should We Not Have The Technology To Do All Year Farming Everywhere On The Planet? Super Heatpump?
  658. Towards Peace – With Education In Peace Could We Innovate Peace Plans. The Idea Is To Innovate Many Choices To Choose From. Get Public Acceptance Even Before Any Deal Is Made
  659. Violence Prevention – Food And Water For Peace In Venezuela
  660. Super Electric Car Buyer Innovation – Let Private Citizens Invest In Battery Technology For a Later Electric Car Discount?
  661. To Cure Unreasonable Brain Tiredness For The Day – Dip And Eat Raw White Point Cabbage In Light Creme Fraiche With Curry (with the important ingredients turmeric)
  662. Female Livelihood Innovation – Could There Exist Female Fast Foods? Sustainable Little Meat Finger Foods?
  663. Machine Learning Physics – Why Spooky Action At A Distance. It Could Change Network Chemistry? A Way To Change Things With Only a Few Bits
  664. Semi Permeable Magnetic Material Layer For A Net Force?When in doubt use your audacious imagination
  665. There Must Of Course Be Added Vegetation To The Freshwater Ponds. So the Idea is to envision the future for a life filled place for the rain network.
  666. Predict New Physics With Machine Learning – Every Piece Of Data Translates To Physical Discoveries. Start With Predicting The Number Of Words In A Given Category. Missing A Word == New Discovery?
  667. Towards Machine Learning Physics – Since Machine Learning Transformations Are Really Fast. Could Electron Positions Be Transforms Rather Than Ordinary Motion. Therefor you get probability in positions since the universe use transformations. // Per Lindholm
  668. Refugee Innovation – What About Refugee Business Forum? Is it only fancy or could it have an impact on the economics
  669. Education Innovation Idea? – What If Classes In School Took Courses. Some Small Education Company That Came Into The Classroom And Brought A Fresh Look At The Subject. Like A Clown Company For Preschool
  670. Machine Learning Physics – Higher Gravity – A model() That Seeks Energy For Its Calculations
  671. Idea – What If The Digital Keyboard Could Simulate Different Tuning Settings. The Brain Could Perhaps Need To Tune a non Tuned Instrument In The Beginning itself. Like some sorts of supervised human learning
  672. School Type Invention – Kite-TiltRocker-Generator // Per Lindholm
  673. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Electromagnetic Induction As A Supervised Learning Problem? Electro-Sounds Would Travel Faster Than Electricity
  674. Having Fun With Blender
  675. Product Idea? – Smart And Robust Protection Against Camper And Tiny House Theft. Mobile Internet Tracker?
  676. Set Of Imaginary Problems – Could A model() learn relative motion? Then Could Light Be Smart As Water As It Hits Every Kind Of Surface?
  677. Job Opportunities? – Tiny House Repair
  678. Higher Machine Learning Physics – What if a analogue signal is like a model(). Then it could perhaps have self imagination. A loss function that gives a more photo realistic result. It could perhaps solve the analogue copy to copy problem mentioned in the questions /Per Lindholm
  679. Innovate Philippines Idea – ?Lotto With Tiny Houses As Area Prices. For Homeless And Built By Carpentry Schools. Multi Billion Dollar Idea. Social TV. Channel With Feel Good Social Projects. Help Farmers At Drought
  680. Machine Learning – Thoughts About Fusion
  681. If the probabilities changes a lot then there is a problem of predictability of those probabilities. Then the truth is closer to a model() of all those problems and results
  682. Machine Learning Physics – Could “Capillary Action” Be Smart Or Algorithmic Motion. Forces Acting From Decisions Based On Algorithms?
  683. Farming ?Innovation Idea – Crops And Plants Are Not Warmblooded. Then Is It An Idea To Have Waterborne Temperature Regulated Heat In ?Pipes For Those Cold Days. So The Plants Don’t Catch A ?Cold Or Other Diseases
  684. Machine Learning Physics ?Law – Atoms Constantly Calculate How To Sustain A Universe
  685. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Mass-Information Theory. In machine learning you can imagine that information needs mass. For momentum and protection of information. Otherwise you risk messing up the information on a big scale.
  686. Physics Speculation – From The Big Bang. Should There Exist Speed-Fusion. The Creation Of New Stuff From Higher Than Light-Speed Velocities. To Create The Start Of The Universe Or Whats Next To Come?
  687. Inspired by this. What If You Can Integrate With Decisions. Simply. Could The Increment dx Be Added (Yes or No) To The Value For The Whole Integration Length?
  688. Maybe This Could Have Worked Back In The Time. Even If The Amiga Did Not Have 16bit Sound. You Could Make And Listen To The Song in 8bit And Have The Samples Rendered To the Hard Drive in 16 bit
  689. Machine Learning Physics Innovation – Water Can Provide The Loss Function For Everything That Is Life Related. Adapt The model() By The Feeling The Water Gives
  690. Machine Learning Physics – The One Smart Force == Machine Learning Label. Example. Center Label Or Find The Center With The Help Of Other Particles // Per Lindholm 2018-10-03
  691. Rohingya Farming Idea – What About Bamboo Farming? For Better Livelihoods With Materials Improving Conditions For People
  692. Please Give Sweden A Chance. Its A Temporary Thing That Is All. Sweden Needs Help With Job Creation So Humanity Values Will Prevail. I Think We Need To New Trade Deals. To Get The Brains Working Again
  693. Tiny House Idea – Web Site For Joint Carpenter Services. More Competitive Prices?
  694. Machine Learning Fusion Guess – Einsteins Time Function Could Be The Way The Universe Controls Fusion Decisions Using An ?External A.I Observer
  695. Innovate Venezuela – Could Solar Energy For Food Processing Help? Energy Efficient Machinery. Due To Lack Of Electricity
  696. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Loop Or Subject a set of particles through a possible choice scenario many times and the chance of an actual choice being made increases. Could Particles Have Built In Algorithmic Choice
  697. Cool. I Think Heisenberg got it. What If The Universe Is Made Of Tiny A.I Objects. It Means It Can Handle Many Problems In Delivering A Safe Environment For Life
  698. Plant Innovation Idea – Does There Exist Indoor or Outdoor Per Plant Small Plastic Greenhouses? Like This Semi Open Plastic Wrapper. A Bit Chilly Inside
  699. Machine Learning Battery Guess – Does There Exist A Buffer-Battery. To Get Higher Efficiency And Smoother Not So Much Heat Discharge And Charging Operation?
  700. Equalizer – Raspberry Pi Project Part 1 of ?n
  701. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Is Our Water Organic And Optimized For Life?
  702. Machine Learning Idea – Could There Exist Machine Learning Anti-Weights Together With Ordinary Weight Or Units. A ?Collision Of Some Sorts Would Then Cause The Weights To Diverge Or Unlearn? By Collision I mean It Could Be The Same Positions In Another Array
  703. My Physics Guess – Black Holes Are Used To Get Energy For An Expanding Universe. To Make It Work. So The Number Of Black Holes Corresponds To The Expansion Rate // Per Lindholm 2018-09-25
  704. Machine Learning Physics – Could Fusion Need An External A.I Solver During The Process?? Compare The Dual Slit Experiment With Photons
  705. Earth Friendly Dog Idea – Special Paper Cardboard Boxes For Dog POO?
  706. Music Tech Innovation – Is there a market for raspberry pi’s with touch screens that you spread around the room that act like different interfaces to softsynths? I could be a cooler and cheaper version of augmented reality for music
  707. Refugee Idea – If Refugee Organisations Would Take In Long Term Unemployed And Homeless Country Born People They Would Fight For You. Create A Win Win. Homeless-, Longterm Unemployed Organisation
  708. Philosophy Idea – Why Red Green Blue. Maybe The Answer Could Be Something About ?ColorVerbs. I mean. What The Color Red Green and Blue Would Do If It Were Treated As Intelligent Objects
  709. Dependency On Electric Pathways – Does There Exist Smart Or ?Confident Short Circuit Technology?
  710. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Engineering From Nothing
  711. Refugee Livelihood Idea – Similar To F-Droid. Refugee Android App Repository? For Supporting Apps Made By Refugees.
  712. Electric Car/Rickshaw Idea – Home Delivery For Food/Goods As An Uber “Be Your Own Boss” Service For Businesses Without Their Own Electric Cars Or Service
  713. Imaginary Physics Experiment – The Dual Slit Experiment Where One Opening Goes To Past And One The Other The Present. Since The Outcome Depends On Both It Would Be Possible To Change The Past
  714. Product Imagination – Do It Yourself Narrow Rectangular Opening Trash Can
  715. Livelihood Idea – Tiny Houses Made Into Dog Hotels – Outdoor Time Smelling And Peeing
  716. My Machine Learning Guess – Double Slit Experiment – The Outcome Is a model() Of Two Possible Decisions In The Photon Language?
  717. Physics Guess +- Double Slit – Charged-Two-Slit Experiment Ordinary Photons
  718. Machine Learning Idea – Do Cells Solve Problems By Splitting?
  719. Super Earth Idea – Qualify For An ECO Discount On Food From Driving Electric? When There Is No Other Choice
  720. Machine Learning Physics Fusion Guess? – Light Emission Should Be Important In Fusion? Process Confinements And Information. The Fusion Process Has To Inform Its Surroundings That Fusion Is Taking Place? Dependent Processes As A Concept?
  721. My Machine Learning Idea – You Can Use A Parity Method To Check Classification Errors. Possibly Correcting Single Errors Given Three Or So Parity Bits. Testing On MNIST
  722. The Universe Size Power Guess – If There Is a Choice Between A And B Then Whatever Is True Is What Enables A Larger Life Supporting Universe
  723. Machine Learning Math Idea – Two Random Variables That Are Dependent On Each Other Are ?Entangled. Like a mathematical concept?
  724. Fusion Guess – Could Ideas For Fusion Be Extracted From Planet Formation? Should the hydrogen in fusion be cold stored at -space temperatures. What is the temperature preparation for fusion?
  725. Business Ideas For Peace – Since Money Makes The World Go Around. Peace Can Benefit From Business Ideas. A Concept
  726. Idea – Jupyter Cell Featured Programming In The Terminal – Used browsh but only to get a screenshot
  727. Hurricane Innovation – Can Houses Be Optimized In Wind Tests. What If We Educate Syrian, Rohingya Refugees In Advanced Engineering. Tough Challenges Ahead Requires A Whole Other Commitment
  728. Important Food – A Mix Of Fast Noodles + Soup + Rice. Rice as an add on to cheap noodles
  729. My Pythagorean triple // Per Lindholm a**2+b**2 = c**2 Where c = b + 1 (2*m**2+2*m)**2+(2*m+1)**2,(2*m**2+2*m+1)**2
  730. Super Battery – Does There Exist A Salt Water Resp. Fresh Water Physics Law. So That Water Could Find Its Use In A Super Battery?
  731. Entropy Math – What If Variables Had A Little Vibration, Some Randomness Attached To It. Could Machine Learning Adapt To This? If So. Does This Mean Machine Learning Is Closer To The Way The Universe Works Than Ordinary Math?
  732. Super Battery – Computational Battery. Could A Physical Battery Have Cache Layers?
  733. Circuit Math Idea – Connect Math Like In An Electric Circuit? What rules can you define?
  734. Machine Learning Math Idea – Non Generalized Functions. Method That Generates A Function That Is ?Only Valid Within The Loss Range. Outside It Breaks Up And Looks Like Random
  735. Machine Learning Innovation – Could The model() Update Be Adapted To A Multiple Of Cheap Arm CPU’s. Using Shared Weight Matrix Crossover Updating? Better Performance For The Raspberry Pi
  736. Machine Learning Idea – Crossover Variant For Mixing Weights From[::2] =[::2] Where model2 Just Iterates With [1,0] As The Argument
  737. All forms of integrate possible variants of integrate(exp(-x**2)) is extracted from the differentiation of diff(exp(-x**2)) // Per Lindholm 2018
  738. Environmental Test Idea? Zero Emission Online Shopping. Transport By Train To A Place Near The Buyers Nearest Train Station? Alt. Electric Vehicle
  739. Machine Learning Idea – Would It Be Possible To Adapt The Machine Learning Model() With Additional Losses Of Label Laws Or Equations With Labels?…
  740. Different Viewpoint Painting Method Idea – Painting(blender3Dmodeler(sketch(imagination))) ?
  741. Why Does The Universe Work Despite Simple Laws? – Adaptation Of Machine Learning Like Networks Of All Sizes. ?Atom Size Networks To Much Larger
  742. Math Idea – Internally Dependent Functions – Use Python Programming And Sympy
  743. Video Blog Product Idea – Camera With Dual Matched Detachable Lenses For Capturing Two Different Angels With The Same Quality.
  744. Peace Idea – Web Site Which Can Estimate The Income Increase When Peace Is Achieved. After peace projects
  745. Business Idea Projector Toy – Hardware Driven Kids Education + ?Cartoons. Update/Upgrade The Projector From Wifi Or USB With New Material.Youtube Live with real teachers ? Educational kids wifi led projector
  746. Idea – Enable Business With Raspberry Pi Computers In A Box. Pay As You Go Solar Kit For The Pi? Making it more easy to start a business for people all over the world
  747. Machine Learning New Math Guess – Trip() and Banana-peel()
  748. Machine Learning Math Experiments – a(n+1)/a(n) = 2 Where a = model( np.random.rand() )
  749. Machine Learning Math – Math Imagination – Is It Possible To Split A Function In Two Imagination Functions Using Machine Learning Networks?
  750. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Potential, Kinetic And Function Energy? Function Energy is energy that the network could use to solve problems from incoming particles
  751. Machine Learning Ideas – Solve Impossible Math With Models()?
  752. Machine Learning Battery Idea – Battery Components Adapting To Their Surroundings With ?secondary voltage = model(random). For shared energy in a faster iteration
  753. Machine Learning Math Idea – Calculating With Probability?
  754. Machine Learning Physics Guess – In An Atom > Hydrogen Do The Individual Electrons Have Their Own Function. Why Waste Electron Network Models() Even If They Are Small?
  755. Machine Learning – Is It Possible To Use A GAN Network To Generate Smart Sentences. To Imagine What Other People Would Have Said?
  756. Machine Learning Math – 2D Image Numbers. If Numbers Were 2D Images Then A Function Could Produce Two Recognizable Numbers Within One Image. Could Perhaps Be Useful Instead Of Get A Mean Value Or Something
  757. Machine Learning Math Guess – Is The Lagrange Remainder A Machine Learning model()?
  758. To get investments you could perhaps ?need two ?mobile solar panel stations. To Create A Link Between Point A and B. That is. Each A and B have a charging station. To Create A Route Anywhere. Within charging range.
  759. Machine Learning Idea – What About A N-Splitted F.relu?
  760. Machine Learning Physics – Would It Be Possible To Calculate The Loss Equations From Newtons Gravity Model(), G()m1()m2()/r()**2
  761. Machine Learning Errors – Are Stalling Losses Bugs In The Machine Learning Code. Model, Equations and losses?
  762. Machine Learning Physics – Sequential Layer Update Device. Like A Battery?
  763. Machine Learning Super Desalination Guess? Could A Fast Short Processing Path Work. Not Enough Time For Model(H2O + Salt) Iteration. Make Water Let Go Of The Salt As The Easiest Solution. Impulse Desalination?? Smart Networks
  764. Machine Learning Math Invention – Does There Exist Multiple Fonts In Math. Differences Between 1 and I and 0 O. Are there solutions numbers that are not recognized by the equation?
  765. Super Environment Idea!! – Buy And Drive An Electric Car. Get A Paid For Drivers License For Your Child Or Grand Children
  766. Machine Learning Physics – Maximizing The Probability Of Getting The Highest Speed? Light As A Wave Sampling Unit Algorithm?
  767. Super Simple Image Compression Idea – Using Machine Learning Adaptation Of The Weight Matrix
  768. Machine Learning Idea – Choose Deterministic Algorithm Before model() ?
  769. Physics Idea – Does The Universe Split Problems Into Space And Time. Since There Are Many Such Problems. What Was The First One? Like A Differential Equation With An Initial Problem.
  770. Set Of Probable Experiments Guess – Newtons Electric Cradle. Impulse In The Wrong Direction Of Electrons. The Idea Is To Figure Out More About Electricity In Networks
  771. Peace Project Idea – Get Homeless In Russia Into Farming. Since Vegetables Cost As Much As Meat.Why not have a veggi food contract with previously homeless or poverty stricken people growing vegetables?
  772. Machine Learning Idea – Make Use Of Random Coincidences?
  773. Idea – How Can Technical Machine Learning Techniques Translate Into Manufacturing Of Batteries, Fusion. How To Converge Fast, And Super Accurate. Problems Are The Same Everywhere.
  774. Machine Learning Physics Speculation – M ( 2H+0 ) = M ( H20 ) ? If Model, M() Starts With An Error. Is The Water Life Optimized? Has Life Optimized Water Evolved For A Long Time?
  775. A.I Thesaurus – Gravity And Big Number Theory Go Together?
  776. For Math Books – For Every Piece Of Theory And Example. Also Show A python numpy, sympy version To Join The Separation Of Understanding.
  777. Physics Guess – Should The Thermo Electric Peltier Plate Be Bend To Near Bending Stress Limit. To Force Electrons To Move To Even Out Heat Stresses?
  778. A.I Theasaurus Idea – Planets Move In A Still Fashion. One Way To Keep A Body Still Is Antiresance. Therefor I Wonder. Do Black Holes Keep The Planets Movment Still By Absorbing Energy By Gravity? Blackhole Interior Oscilating Wildy To Keep The System In Check
  779. Matlab Idea – Matlab With A Python Interpreter? Use Matlab’s Toolboxes With Python Code?
  780. Machine Learning Breakthrough – Use The Weight Vector As Input To A Secondary Layer. Using Its Own Weights To Improve Its Weights? Can Then Create Any Weights
  781. Physics Fusion Guess – Should Fusion Look White. Having Three Layer Colors. BGR?
  782. Physics Fusion Guess – Could The Same Ion Exist At Different Locations In The Plasma At The Same Time?
  783. Physics Guess – Would It Be Possible For The Same Photon To Exist at ?many Different Positions At The Same Time? Similar Function To That Of An Electron?
  784. Physics Guess – Analogue Signal = model(?any signal)
  785. Business Innovation – Build Tiny House Cafés On Wheels For Rental Service? Cheap Tiny Shop For Sport Shoes?
  786. Machine Learning Physics Idea – One Liner Theory Of Everything | model_0(F) + model_1(V) + … = model_0(m*a) + model_1(R*I) + … // Per Lindholm
  787. Living Environment Idea – Education About Garbage? Perhaps Its The Most Important Idea On How To Clean Up The Planet
  788. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Could A Smart Equation Find And Store New Interesting Solutions Like Superposition. Self Updating Equation
  789. Why F.relu()? – I Think Its Since You Want To Adapt The Solution To A Non Linear Solution Or Get Away From The Trivial Linear Solution
  790. Trying To Solve The A.I Physics Angle – What If The Universe Sometimes Need To Choose. Model() For Which Equations To Use. I mean you get more possibilities if you can choose.
  791. Super Image Compression – Adapt The model(rnge()) With np.sort(Weight Matrices). This Way You Can Compress The Sorted Weight Matrices Using Another Algorithm
  792. Math Idea – A Self Stopping Algorithm Uses log of a number which can get negative. Ex log(-1) would self break without imaginary numbers
  793. Farming Idea? – Mitigate Food Shortages With Winter Farming And Evaporative Hot Water Warming Device in Green Houses. Arctic Air But For Hot Water.
  794. Python Idea – Simple Exercises From Images
  795. Machine Learning – Key Idea – Iteration With model(rnge()) Where rnge() Is A Sorted List Of Numbers
  796. Ultra Battery Innovation Speculation – Would It Be Possible To Suck Ions From One Side To The Other With A Vacuum Pressure?
  797. Idea – Prevent Solar Panel Theft With A Built In Power To Owner Check Chip. Enables Tilted Mobil Solar Panels On Bicycle Wheels For Use Everywhere. Refugee camps?
  798. Efficient Water Boiling Idea – Suck Water Through A Number Of Boiling Straws? Output Is Boiling Water
  799. Idea – Could This Pythagoras experiment ?only hold under some low complexity. For very large a,b,c the walls should deform?
  800. Machine Element Innovation – Spinning Vibration Elongation(x,y,z,t) Absorbing Rock Layer
  801. Physical Unknowns Have A Loss Function? – Why Is The Color Red, Red?
  802. Refugee Business Idea – Should There Exist A Refugee Stock Market? Invest In Refugee Business
  803. Machine Learning Physics – ?Interesting Comment About Fusion And Turbulence
  804. Machine Learning Physics Speculation – Newtons Law Of Gravity Is ?Never Singular Using F*r**2 = G*m1*m2. Here F = modelF() and G = modelG(). Both Iterates Like A Loss Function // Per Lindholm
  805. Environment Idea – Food Or The Car, Plant Trees Or No Water
  806. Winter Innovation – Hot Water Evaporator?
  807. Machine Learning Math – Solution To A Stiff Differential Equation
  808. Stove Idea – Rotating Cylinders To Press The Heat Along The Plate?
  809. Machine Learning Idea – Failure Prediction Of Deep Learning Models(). The Practical Halting Problem?
  810. Air Cooler Innovation Guess – Could Metal Bands Enhance The Function Of Evaporation Coolers In The Filter? In Some Cooling Optimizing Configuration – Blood Vessels ?
  811. Farming Innovation – Adjustable Window Blinds For Greenhouses?
  812. Product Innovation – Refrigerator Decorations – Why Only Food Items?
  813. Peace Idea – Offer Companies Contracts For Greening Dried Out Areas?
  814. Peace Idea – Peace Games – There Are Many FPS Games But Should There Not Exist Peace Games. Get People Focused On Peace?
  815. Super Spline – Machine Learning Spline Replacement model() For Specific Types Of Curves
  816. Summer Heat Idea – Air Cooler On A Powerbank Battery
  817. Solar Energy For Sweden Idea – Large Foldable Solar Park On Wheels. Switch Place To Place. Follow The Sun On Electric Trucks
  818. Physics Speculation – Inverse Reasoning. Singularities As A Energy Storages. High Amplitude
  819. Coping With Heat Idea – Cold (Swedish Water Lake Temperature) Water Bucket For A Foot Bath
  820. Reduce Plastic Bags Idea – Scan Your Washable Fabric Shopping Bag And Get Access To A Lower Price For Selected Items?
  821. Machine Learning Innovation? – Sort Data Into Multiple Model Groups From The Model With The Best Confidence. Triangle Model System.
  822. Physics Innovation – Kinetic-, Potential-, ?Information-energy
  823. Mobile Gaming Innovation – LAN Gaming With The Mobile Phone Over A Raspberry Pi Server. Is It Possible?
  824. Solar Enabled Refugee Livelihood Idea – Solar Panel Charged Battery Powered Pottery?
  825. Impressive Feature – Using Machine Learning Super Resolution ( Down Scaled Images ) To Fix Blurry Images ( a little )
  826. Video Or Image Compression Idea – Example. Optional JPEG Algorithm + Machine Learning Blockiness Layer Removal
  827. Electric Car Idea – City Bonuses For Becoming An Electric Car City?
  828. Air Cooling Idea – If Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold. Do Pretreated Air Also Cool Faster?
  829. Inventions Idea – Online Volunteer Engineering – Then Order A Prototype Online
  830. Machine Learning Idea – Server Heat Dependent On The Type Of Layer Used? LSTM
  831. Idea – Global Humanitarian Innovation Fair? Spread The Construction Of Tiny House Villages
  832. Physics Guess – 3 Body Problem – Non Deterministic Drive?
  833. Invention Idea – Water Network Antenna?
  834. Earth Idea – Individual Investments In Local Electric Taxis And Their Drivers?
  835. Bad Idea – Water Desalination Tower
  836. Towards Understanding Fundamental Forces – Fastmem vs Slowmem or Different Decision Making Time
  837. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Water Desert Evaporation?
  838. Machine Learning For Education Idea – Generator Discriminator Network For Sentences?
  839. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Mass Gravity Of Networks – Controlled Attraction And Separation
  840. Machine Learning Water Network – Tree Roots – Many Functions – Assume A Network
  841. Pavement Innovation Needed – Look ma I created a bird bath!
  842. Physics Guess – Light Propagation By Random Cluster And Near Impact Decision Making For Function
  843. Machine Learning Idea – Normal Random Points Around Each First Random Point As A Philosophical Possibility. Smarter Random?
  844. Cough And Snot Remedy Idea – Plain Swedish Crispbread And Water For The Nose
  845. Fusion Guess – Does There Exist A Self-Stop Problem?
  846. Water Investment Idea – To Ensure Future Harvests. I Think Food Producers Need To Invest In Desalination And Water Technology
  847. Electric Vehicle Innovation – Large All Light Weight Motor?
  848. Innovation – Feeling Sick Kit
  849. Physics Guess – model() Selection For Resistance In A Wire
  850. Machine Learning Speculation – Electric Circuit – If F.relu() is a Diode then what is the electric circuit equivalent of F.sigmoid() – Probability And Classification In An Electric Circuit?
  851. ?Advanced Machine Learning Speculation – 3D Object Inspiration To Yet Discovered Problems
  852. Shoe Innovation – What about Tech For Shoes. A Million Dollar Idea. Weight Loss Sensor?
  853. Vehicle Invention Idea – Solar Vehicle Garbage Collector? For Slum Areas. Self Build Self Made Self Success.
  854. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Should There Exist An Energy Recognition Function?
  855. Refrigeration Idea – There Are Oil Filled Heat Radiators – Then Could There Be Oil Filled Refrigerators and Freezers?
  856. Refrigeration Idea – Could A Solar Freezer Supply A Man Made Cheapest of Them All Big Refrigerator With Ice-Clubs For Cold Storage?
  857. Fusion Guess – Standing Still – 100% Predictive Process?
  858. Future Of Single Board Computers – Why not make many different physical fantasy computer cases for raspberry pi. Let Coders Imagine What Games, Apps Would Run On Them
  859. Peace Idea – Any Type Of Probability Can Move Us Forward. Peace Will Do It 100%
  860. Farming Idea – Is It Possible To Create Grazing Land From Rows Of ?Grass Grown In Many ?Smaller Sacks. For Areas Without Good Soil
  861. Pre Refugee Status Idea – Empower People In Countries In Need. Web Based Service. Access On The Phone. Measures To efficiently save money
  862. Easy Slum Innovation – Bus Routes To Be Able To Go To Work From Poor Areas. Increase Chances For Better Livelihood. Its Cheaper To Bring Home Food By Bus? Better For The Environment. Light-Weight Bus Wheels?
  863. Physics Idea – Should there exist Algorithmic Physics?
  864. Battery Guess – Deterministic Battery? Reaction Queue? Programmable Battery?
  865. Python Gaming Idea – Python Access To Linux Games. Create Python Exercises. Courses In Machine Learning With Linux Games As The Platform?
  866. Fractal Machine Learning Idea – Geometric Seed Shape Values From Layer Weight Matrix Outputs?
  867. Job Idea – Build Your Own Tiny Business-Home In A Startup Village? Get Your Team Build-Experience And The Confidence To Build A Company?
  868. Math Idea – Map A Calculation On A 3D Object?
  869. Plant Question – Do Plants Pee?
  870. Desert Farming Innovation – Agriculture On Elevated Pillars On The Desert. Avoid Heat Radiation From The Desert Surface
  871. Compress Uncompress Universe Model()
  872. Sustaining the Gradient Of Vegetation Growth In Any Desert Is Important. Grab The Chance. Sustain by manual watering?
  873. A Very Important Idea – Let People Invest In Farming And Get Cheaper Food?
  874. Higher Abstract Version Of Potential Differences – Network Of Voltage Maps?
  875. Higher Math Idea – Calculate With Raytraced Render Objects Instead Of Simple Boarder Defined Objects?
  876. Machine Learning – Should There Not Exist An Internal Prediction Function For Missing Values? Like GIMP Heal Transparency
  877. Physics Guess – Energy And Information Black Hole Energy Bundle?
  878. Machine Learning Material Idea – Loss function Criterion(steel, predicted plastic)
  879. Homeless Innovation – Could Glasses Reduce The Risk Of Personal Robbery – Improve Chances In Other Ways?
  880. Wonderful Idea – Linear System Model Of Machine Learning – A,b = model(…) Where Ax = b
  881. Are The Future Resistors Essentially Computational Chips Which Can Simulate Different Loads?
  882. Machine Learning Physics – Could The Physics Solver In Blender Be Improved With Machine Learning And Denoising?
  883. Battery Innovation – Glass Fiber For Batteries?
  884. More Efficient Electric Car Idea – Sun Inspired Electron Process Program? What Does The Electron Need To Do In The Sun. And What Is The Algorithm?
  885. Idea – Simulated Rainforests Manually Initiated
  886. Higher Math – Beneficial Truth Function Around 0.999… Repeating Decimal – Network Model Of Truth
  887. Battery Idea – Could An Elastic Membrane Find Some Use In A Battery?
  888. Physic Idea – Physical Mass Process Laws? Programs Of Code For Atom Forces, Gravity, Magnetism,..
  889. Little Meat Product Idea – VeggiLite Hamburgers or Meatballs With Lots Of Veggi And Just A Little Meat In The Mix
  890. Rain Idea – Creating The Environment Optimized For Rain – No Pollution? Salt?
  891. Machine Learning Physics Speculation – Control The Speed Vector Of Probability
  892. Machine Learning Engineering – Decision Tree Of Motors In Electric Vehicles
  893. Machine Learning Idea – The Model Predictions Must Be Exact For A True Low Poly Version Of The Signal. Found Out That You ?Must Invert One Of Two -F.relu()
  894. Computational Evolution Idea – Could Birds Have Turbulence Feather Memory For Prediction? Finding Food
  895. Wild Guess – Does There Exist Smart Text Between Objects Like a Inspirational Transform In Machine Learning?
  896. Empower Unemployed People Idea – Work For A Time Limited ?Project To Get A Rebate On A Car Or Driver License
  897. Mathematical Idea – Using Simulated Noise To Stay Independent?
  898. Nasal Spray Alternative – Just Use Plain Water In The Nose When You Got Nothing Else
  899. Battery Idea – Could A Ion Sprinkler Or an Ion Spreader Be Used In A Battery?
  900. Win Win Homeless And Dog Idea – Could Homeless Be Empowered With A Tiny Home So They Could Perhaps Take Care Of A Homeless Dog?
  901. Speaker Idea – Speaker Inspired By The TV
  902. Don’t Drink And Blender Idea – Automatic Save Of Render State During Long Image Renders. Resilient Against Computer Failures
  903. Machine Learning Guess – Using x, y Coordinates For Classification Points On A Common Canvas
  904. Machine Learning Math – N-Dimensional Data ?Complex Numbers? Separate Harder And Harder To Understand Data Into Columns. Could Make Sense to Machine Learning
  905. Happiness Idea For Russia – How Do We Empower People So They Can Buy/Afford An Electric Car? Work For Extra Car Money Incentives?
  906. Water Desalination Invention Idea – Tube That Sweats Out Brine Instead Of Water? Freshwater Separation
  907. Battery Innovation Speculation – Could Sand Be Used As A Playing Field Volume For Classification Of The Best Material For A Battery?
  908. Why Molecular Folding – Continous Update Of Structual Fittness? Engineering Strength? Ability To Stay Non broken
  909. Water For The Desert? – Can You Filter Water That Adapts To The Desert?
  910. Manufacturing Idea – Could Machine Learning Super Resolution Help Manufacturing?
  911. Wild Math Guess – 2x Derivative – Imaginative Derivative Does Not Need To Be Zero For Constant Middle Values?
  912. Driving Inventions Idea – Youtube Live Show Where You Vote By Phone On Inventions
  913. Idea For African Inventors – Solar Rechargeable Swivel Cordless Electric Cleaner?
  914. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Does Random Spin Help Classification By Sequence Sampling Probability Classifications
  915. Homeless Idea – Some Words For Social Innovation
  916. STEM Book Idea – Small Bible Format And Size STEM School Book
  917. Tutorials Needed – Tutorial On Creating An Invention From Scratch?
  918. Genius Idea Electricity From Heat – Use Movement To Slide Along A Heated Surface For Concentrated Heat
  919. Climate Idea – Is It Possible To Create A Rain And Tree Corridors If All That Is Needed Is To Following A Green Growth Function Perhaps Entering Saudi Arabia From The Arabian Sea?
  920. Super Climate And Energy Idea – Heat And Cold Storage Driven Process From Free Heat From Roads. Cool The City. Improve Rain Conditions?
  921. Fusion Idea – Could You With Lasers Move Heat With Network Precision? Not Heat With Lasers Just Move Heat
  922. Machine Learning – Getting .8985 Or MNIST With Only 1000 Train vs 69000 Test Samples Using Denoise
  923. Long-Term Tiredness Idea – Try The White Raw Part Of Mild Point Cabbage
  924. Engineering Guess – Do The Numerical Iteration Process Have Some Real World Meaning. Efficiency?
  925. Linux Maker Project Idea – Raspberry Pi Stereo With Audio Calf Type Plugins?
  926. Fusion Idea – Iterate A Perfect Start For Fusion To Take Place? Similar To Machine Learning Iteration Perfect Start
  927. Education Idea – No Big Deal Note Pads With Theory And Exercise Pages
  928. Tired And Heavy Feet Idea – Light Touch With A Wet Cloth And Let Evaporate
  929. Machine Learning Idea – Decision Function Choice Of Activation Function?
  930. Math Book Idea – What About Calculus For Python Machine Learning Programmers?
  931. Peace Idea – A Globally Pledged Peace Budget For The Israel Palestine Conflict?
  932. Machine Learning Activation Function Idea – Switch Between x And x^2 For Each Iteration
  933. Peace Idea – Empower Locals, Companies Focused On Empowering People?
  934. Machine Learning Battery Guess – Generated Surfaces? Water Ice Cubes And Energy
  935. Machine Learning Idea – My Simple Free Image Compression Idea – Learned Discriminator() As Error Check
  936. Math Idea – Integral(exp(-x^2)) ?Almost Equal Integral(Smooth(_/\_)) ?
  937. Numerical Methods Idea – A*denoise(x)=b
  938. Math Idea – Decision Numbers?
  939. Blender Idea – Lossy Compressed 3D Object Via Ogg 16 bit Signal Compression?
  940. Differential Equations Insight – Is A Differential Equation Almost An Implicit Value Replacement Function For Missing Target Values?
  941. Idea – Combine Many Small Electric Motors. Efficiency Should Be Highest At Low Dimensions? Because Life Can Not Exist Otherwise?
  942. My Machine Learning Idea – A Perfect Start
  943. Learning Idea – Learning By Switching From A Generator Mode To A Detector Mode And Back
  944. Sustainible Peace Idea – Peace With Iran Through A Joint Build Project? Greening The Desert?
  945. Math idea – How Complicated Is The Data. My Time Complexity Measurement
  946. Mathematical Guess – Iterate From Random A Diff Equation, Slope Field Generation?
  947. Mathematical Idea – Distributions Optimized For Life, The Water Network
  948. The Only Terraforming Allowed – Grow Large Green Areas Of Different Plants, Trees etc.
  949. Refugee Livelihood – ?Mobile Shoe Industry – Peace Shoes
  950. Physical Well Being Idea – Heat Fan Activation Of Brain Calming
  951. Food – Ecological Meat
  952. Better Earth Restoration? – What Are The Rain Networks?
  953. Math Idea – Normal distribution object. Scaled 3D Object As A Random Generator Object. The Elongated Ellipsoid?
  954. Peace Idea – Restaurants For Peace?
  955. Battery Idea – Does There Exist Plastic Networks Together With Metal That Could Be Used In Batteries?
  956. Anti Hate Or Anti Bullying Food – Banana?
  957. Homeless Innovation Idea – Civil Servant Carpenters In Charge Of Building Tiny Homes For Homeless?
  958. Idea – Big Model Output As Input To Many Tiny Models. Similar To Spline Fitting But For Big To Small Machine Learning Models
  959. With Peace You Get Exponential Scaling Against Evil. Good Ideas Never Die. Then Why Not Win The Peace Empowering Homeless With Housing. Are There Other Easy Wins?
  960. Wild Physics Guess – Nothing Is Really Constant. The Earth Need To Work To Make Gravity Somewhat Predictable For Life
  961. Food Innovation – Food Presents
  962. Cosmology Speculation – 3D Blender Model As Shaped Noise For Machine Learning Models
  963. Why Sustainable Peace Is So Important
  964. Machine Learning Idea – Real World Suspension As 3D Additions To Machine learning
  965. Machine Learning Idea – Add And Remove Noise Points By Different Distribution Functions
  966. Machine Learning Idea – Model To Generate Programming Code From Story Text As A Way To Check Understanding?
  967. Machine Learning Idea – 3D Spherical Boundary Map As Decision Basis?
  968. Philosophy idea – Infinite Object Story
  969. Ultra Genius Idea – Light As GAN Miss-Classification For Electron Decisions
  970. Machine Learning Idea – Non Linear Probability Curve? With Respect To The Number Of Training Samples
  971. Psychological Healing Idea – Always Keep The Blood Flow To The Brain Warm – If Cold Hands – Warm The Back, Your Spine With A Light Heat Fan
  972. Gravity Physics Speculation – Network Precision Is Key – Gravity Energy To Choose Between Two Positions
  973. Computing Idea – Salt CPU – Intelligent Dissolving And Solving Water Led Computing
  974. Machine Learning Speculation – Network Compression Ratio?? Water parameters?
  975. Calculate Gravity From Star Twinkle?
  976. Subtle Intelligence Idea – Perfect Representation vs Revealing Representation
  977. Since Peace Is The Most Import Thing – What is A Peace Country Network?
  978. Gravity – Network Within A Network As Unsupervised Clustering?
  979. Battery Speculation – If The Electric Battery Is A Network. Is It Computing Unsupervised Classification?
  980. Philosophy Idea – the (Problem, Question, Answer) triplet + Probability?
  981. Switch GAN network – Switch Places For Model Generator And Discriminator
  982. Future Technology
  983. Mathematics Singularity Idea – Problem_Dependent_Division – All Possible Problems Are Not The Same
  984. Peace Idea – You Get The ?Most Good Results For The Money From Empowering Poor People In Russia and America. Help Them Build Affordable Houses And Let Them Help Build Up Their Country Again
  985. My Mathematical Idea – Complex Noise Number, a+i*model(noise), inital guess
  986. Philosophical Possibility Idea – Line Shaped Noise – Classification Of Line Direction And Length
  987. Linux Idea – Make Your Own Plugin In A Plugin
  988. Machine Learning Math – What Is A Constant?
  989. Math Innovation Guess – Set of Probably Inventions. The Faulty Calculator Number
  990. Machine Learning Idea – Other Ways To Solve A Problem. First Do A Cleaner Looking Compete Version?
  991. Israel Palestine Peace Deal Innovation – A Deal For Young People To Get Jobs Building Their Houses? Maybe #peace is simple
  992. Amiga Soundenhancer Idea – Enhance Youtube Audio Realtime Using Linux calf-plugins
  993. Towards Train Station Innovation – How Do You Create A Great Train Station Experience. Museum Experience Or Maybe Swedish Nature Films By Regular People
  994. Machine Learning Idea – Using A GAN For SuperResolution
  995. Machine Learning Physics – Balls Of Steel As A Machine Learning Network?
  996. Internet Innovation – Make Use Of Subdomains. Attract More Companies To Your City.
  997. Physics Speculation, Time – Everything Is Just Classifier And A Generator Of Noise
  998. Super Important Battery Guess – Generate Battery Inspiration Data In A CPU environment? Smart Surface Area?
  999. Machine Learning Physics Guess – Light + Matter Form A Network Fast
  1000. Battery Innovation – Using GIMP Heal Section For Battery Inspiration
  1001. GAN Miss Of Classification – Could The Model Taste Or Feel Rather Than See? – Starfish Inspiration
  1002. Innovating The CPU Fan – Using GIMP Gmic-Solidy Plugin And Blender Combo
  1003. Machine Learning Math – Its Faster To Reformulate A Problem Than To Solve It??
  1004. Machine Learning Speculation – Do Machine Learning Layers Experience Internal Oscillations?
  1005. 3D idea – Generate Inspiration For 3D Object Details – Blender And GIMP Heal Section
  1006. Physics Machine Learning Idea – Should There Exist A Damping Constant Associated With The Speed Of Light?
  1007. Machine Learning Idea – Denoise(im, weights=xy_map). XY Strength Denoising
  1008. Innovate India – Reusable Walls And Floors In Building Architecture To Create Tiny Houses For The Homeless? Trillion dollar industry? Non Destructive Demolishing
  1009. Smart Mathematics Idea – A Random Constant As A Type Of A Higher Constant Object
  1010. Blind Innovation – Internet Experience For The Blind – On Demand Stops For A Scene TTS Describer Voice?
  1011. Physics Philosophy – Real Object Distance = Generator(Noise Distance)
  1012. Mathematics Idea – Using A GAN To Challenge The Central Limit Theorem – Towards A Normal Distribution Because Of A Non Updating Generator?
  1013. Raspberry Pi Idea – Course That Teaches Grandparents Raspberry Pi And Scratch For Teaching Their Grandchildren?
  1014. Linux Idea – Use A Jupyter Notebook For Hard To Remember Terminal Commands?
  1015. Machine Learning Idea – Could You Use Machine Learning To Calculate Bad Vaccine Response On An Individual Basis For The Benefit Of The Child
  1016. Philosophy – What Is A Power Sentence And Why Is It Important?
  1017. CPU Cooling Idea – Air Suction As A Way To Remove The Heat From The CPU
  1018. Homeless Prevention – Pensioner Backup Housing?
  1019. Invention – Layer That Acts Like A Valve. Distributed Valve Function
  1020. Machine Learning Math – Example Mathematics Train Models On Graphs And Labels
  1021. Battery Idea – Should There Exist A Gas Layer Battery?
  1022. Battery Idea – Should There Exist A Near Field Battery?
  1023. Math Idea – Should There Exist Intensity Equations Complementing Differential Equations?
  1024. Machine Learning Innovation – How Would Non-Linear Connections Work?
  1025. Innovate Bangladesh – Using Machine Learning To Create An Open Vectorized Video Codec For Low Bandwidth Youtube?
  1026. Improve Healthcare Research Idea – Could Machine Learning Help Earn You More Money? Store Layouts etc.
  1027. Innovate Bangladesh – Carpenters For Borrow? Public Funded Public Service
  1028. Linux Idea – Imagine Your Linux Desktop With Blender In 3D
  1029. Machine Learning Idea – Should There Exist An Index Generator Or An Intelligent Sampler?
  1030. Dyslexia Idea – Inspiration From Machine Learning. Three Shifted Rows With The Same Sentence. Large In Data Matrix.
  1031. Environmental Idea – Keeping The Coral Reef Fresh As ?Easy As Keeping The Water In The Aquarium Clean. Optimize The Water For Aquarifish?
  1032. Machine Learning Idea – Imaginative Problem Probability Training Using GAN’s?
  1033. Physics Speculation – Does There Exist Confusion Matrix Fields? Responsible For Randomizing Universe Object Properties Like Spin?
  1034. Education And Job Idea – What Jobs Can You Do To Save Us? That Will Be The Jobs People Are Willing To Pay A Salary For
  1035. Super Idea – How Much Food and CO2 uptake Do We Get With A Solar Powered Desalination Plant For The African Sahara Desert?
  1036. Super Critical Idea – Save As Much Farmland From Salty Hurricanes As Possible With Mobile Water Desalination In A Reuse Process?
  1037. Refugee Job Idea – Simplified Livelihood Consulting Firm? Successful way to deliver services?
  1038. Physics Philosophy – What Is Constant Is Also Classes In Machine Learning Classification Sense? Speed Of Light
  1039. Peace Idea – Empower Countries With Or Without Minorities. Enhance and Build Houses For Smart Asset Generation
  1040. Physics Philosophy Speculation – Gravity Relation To A Machine Learning GAN . Gravity As The Generator. Mass As The Discriminator
  1041. Idea Create As Many Online Courses As There Are Books – Value Added Tax Reduction For Online School Courses? Could you borrow an online course?
  1042. Machine Learning Physics Idea – Small Scale Matrix Fusion? Every object can be placed in a matrix
  1043. Energy Idea – Water As Complex Network Energy Problem?
  1044. Some Thoughts – A GAN Network To Color A BW Photo?
  1045. Peace Idea – Could Smartphone VR Headset Visualization Be Used To Share And Vote For Palestine Cities Of Peace?
  1046. Super Battery Idea – Magnetic Field Lines With Iron Filings And Using Ai-Thesaurus As Inspiration For A Layered Battery?
  1047. Food Recipe – Pre Boiled Rice In The Pancake
  1048. Refugee Energy Access – Portable Wind Power?
  1049. Refugee Resilience – Refugee Field Health Care Training – Train Local Refugee Nurses And Doctors
  1050. Speculation Machine Learning Physics – Reverse Entropy Change
  1051. Refrigeration Idea – Parameter Cooling XYZ Matrix Point Refrigerator Invention
  1052. Idé – Enklare Tiny House Som En Studerabostad – Få Hemlösa Ungdomar I Utbildning Samt Jobb
  1053. Creative Math Inspiration – How many Matches Does It Take To Create 30 Squares?
  1054. Warm Blooded Battery Idea – Hollow Battery Cylinder For Cooling And Heating?
  1055. Idea – Gaming Centers Turned Into Headphone Music Playgrounds?
  1056. Battery Guess – What If You Made A Plastic With Salty Taste. Could This Lead To A Long Lasting Battery?
  1057. Electric Car Battery – Imaginative Algorithm That Generates 3D Printable Plastic Acid Battery?
  1058. Homeless Innovation – Empower Homeless With Shelter Kits?
  1059. Homeless Innovation Idea – A Cooling Or Heating Bag For The Homeless?
  1060. Peace Idea – What If The World Would Hold Appreciation Festivals For The Young Jewish And Arabs?
  1061. Water Preserving Question – Does A Healthy Living Lake Preserve Its Freshwater?
  1062. Public Support Idea – Pay What You Want Monthly Amount To Get As Many Researches And Engineers Trained While Working On Batteries, Small Desalination, Electric Cars ?
  1063. Thoughts Of Singularity – So When Facing A Singularity You ?Assume A New Object
  1064. Homeless Innovation – Preemptive Investments For People Within Risk Groups Of Becoming Homeless?
  1065. Homeless Innovation Russia – Place And Energy Access For A Sewing Machines? Simplified Mobile Visible Tax
  1066. Humanitarian Desalination Challenge
  1067. Innovate For The Homeless In Russia – Do Good To Everyone And Their Is A Higher Chance You Receive Goodness
  1068. Energy In The Machine Learning Sense – Directed Imagination
  1069. Battery Idea – Set Of Probable Inventions
  1070. Why Hurricanes Speculation – What Is Nature Purpose For Hurricanes? How Can We Lower The Frequency?
  1071. Rain Downfall Guess – Do Diesel Or Gas Powered Cars Affect The Airs Rain Function Ability?
  1072. Idea – Better The Opportunity For 2+ Billion People On Facebook With Video Education
  1073. Math Guess – Equations Like Physical Objects -> Shadow Equations?
  1074. Algorithmic? Desalination – Saltwater +- Freshwater
  1075. New Battery Strategy Guess – Low Lithium Battery – Replace Volume With Low Weight Materials Like Lithium Enhancing Plastic?
  1076. Electric Car Speculation – Should The Wheel Have A Magnetic Field?
  1077. Idea – Water Preparedness Cape Town
  1078. African School Innovation – Food Producing School?
  1079. Physics Philosophy – Reverse Theory Classification?
  1080. Cleaning Idea – Public Toilet Public Mopping – Option To Clean The Floor?
  1081. Homeless Innovation – Could A Tiny House On The Property Help Homeless Survive The Winter And Pensioners With Money For Food?
  1082. Homeless Innovation Idea – Buss As A Temporary Mobile Shelter
  1083. Desalination Idea – China Inspired Fast Construction Methods For Water Desalination Plants?
  1084. Social Innovation – Could Investing In Mothers Help Prevent Alienation, Crime and Improve The Happiness Of Young People?
  1085. Innovation Philosophy – Two Iteration Speeds Thoughts On The Reason For The Magnetic Iron Core?
  1086. Super Battery – Does There Exist A Smart Efficiency Strategy?
  1087. Peace Idea – Commuter Train For The Palestinians?
  1088. Idea – Smog Filter Guess
  1089. Offer A Change – Accredited Free Online High School Courses For Those Who Missed Out On School – Could Limit Criminality On A Massive Scale
  1090. Innovation Philosophy – Should Everything Have Multiple Layers?
  1091. Desalination Idea – Does There Exist Something Like Pressure Dots For Reverse Osmosis?
  1092. Job Idea – Café With Smartphone And Tablet Support Person?
  1093. Water Idea – Local Rural And City Water Safety Courses?
  1094. ?Wanted Youth Project Idea – Tutorial To Create Your Own ?Emulated Single board Computer?
  1095. Green Machine Learning Idea – Image Recognition To Generate The Best Growing Environment? Greening The Desert And More
  1096. Ideas – Needing 100+ ideas To Stop School Shootings
  1097. Could A Fingerprint Sensor For Regular Combination Locks Work As Some Kind Of Gun Safety?
  1098. Water Desalination Guess – Hot And Cold Water Side Of The Filter?
  1099. Idea – Flying Field Particle Machine Inspired By Birds Year 2000+ Edition
  1100. Programming Assistant Community – Idea For Developing An Internet Experience For The Blind
  1101. Peace Idea For Israel – Tunnel Agriculture For Food Security In Times Of Climate Change? Indiana Jones Tunnel Railway Carts With Crops?
  1102. Physical Movement Denoiser – Movement Restoration?
  1103. Water Preservation – Clean Water Spray Bottle For Dish Washing?
  1104. Idea – Use A Lightweight Cheap Cooling Bag For Shopping Meat, Milk, Butter, Eggs And More
  1105. Music World a Multi Player Game Creation Idea – Peer Scored Music Creation Game
  1106. Super Battery Idea – Could There Exist Different Battery Medicine Like Anticoagulants?
  1107. Water Preservation – Shower Suit For Men and Woman?
  1108. #dayzero Using Camping Products For Indoor Water Preservation – Camper Toilet And Shower?
  1109. Distributed Water Desalination – Portable Boat Desalination Products?
  1110. Linux Hardware Idea – Hardware Accelarated Python Script?
  1111. Product Idea – The L Keyboard. The Keyboard Where Any Key Can Be Lit
  1112. Water Usage Reduction Idea – Constructed Sun Shades For Cattle? To Prevent Food And Water Shortage
  1113. Peace Idea – Dual Innovation Pledge Or Agreement Among Big Companies?
  1114. Super Battery Idea Proportionally Different – Large And Small Battery Electrodes?
  1115. Machine Learning Idea – Per Layer Error Correction L1 = Denoise(L1), L2 = Denoise(L2), … Criterion(output,target)
  1116. Python Idea – Search Images For Near Or Exact Duplicates Using Python
  1117. Food ?Preservation Guess – Can A Mix Between Living Plants And Harvested Fruits Or Veggies Keep Them Fresh For Longer?
  1118. Important Idea – Could Solar Panels Reduce Deforestation As Fuel wood?
  1119. Idea – Enough Information For Computer Imagination
  1120. Super Battery Idea – Spray On Electrodes?
  1121. Speculation – Crystal Structure And Unsupervised Energy Algorithms?
  1122. Invention Example – 3D Printed Metal Blasted Or Coated Rock Material?
  1123. Video – Simulated HDD Sounds For The SSD Python Midi Test
  1124. Idea – Could The Ion Drive Be Improved From Network Theory?
  1125. Reason To Investigate Things We Take For Granted – How Can Water Drops Be Used In Inventions?
  1126. Water Boiling Idea – Heating Network For Boiling Water With A Machine Learned Algorithm?
  1127. Refugee Idea – Could Solar Panel Rice Cookers 12V/24V Work For The Rohingya Refugees?
  1128. Linux Idea – Per Process Memory Compression Command
  1129. Linux Idea – Futuristic or Retro Harddrive Sounds For The SSD
  1130. Product Idea – Could A Foldable TV Powered By A Solar Rechargeable Battery Be Useful As Portables For Refugees?
  1131. Linux Idea – Gamification Of The Linux Distro Install
  1132. Internet Service Provider Idea – Education Package Bundles?
  1133. Small Tutorial Video – Installing Torch7 Lua On An Android Phone via Termux Arch
  1134. Food Resilience Idea – What Does A Modern Wooden Oven Look Like?
  1135. Battery Idea – Could Water Or Liquid Filtering Techniques Be Used In A Super Battery?
  1136. Refugee Heating In Winter Time Idea – Winter Gloves Holding Heated Water In A Pot
  1137. Mobile Coding – Running Torch7 (Machine Learning with lua) Under Termux-Arch (Android Phone)
  1138. Livelihood Idea – Make Your Own IT Programming Courses On Facebook As Part Of A Livelihood
  1139. Study And Learn Idea – Study By Imagination
  1140. Physics Speculation – Is Gravity Recurrent Information In The Machine Learning Sense?
  1141. Machine Learning Idea – Take Advantage Of The Reverse Relationship Between Verification And To Get A Prediction?
  1142. Machine Learning Idea – Draw Functions?
  1143. Apartment Innovation – Rented Apartment With Included Summer Or Winter Vacation Places?
  1144. Math Insight – What Are Complex Numbers In The Machine Learning Sense?
  1145. Machine Learning Insight – Every Parameter Is A Network Including The Bias
  1146. Product Idea – Turning The Screen 180 Degrees For A Drawing Tablet Setup
  1147. Math Idea – Mandelbrot Fractal With Recursive c
  1148. Machine Learning – Is Image Raytracing Using Machine Learning Possible?
  1149. Machine Learning Idea – The Light Sigmoid Or Dual Linearity Function
  1150. Machine Learning Idea – Calculating With Complex Roots
  1151. Machine Learning Idea – Implicit Error Function
  1152. Newspaper And Magazine Innovation – Include Python Coding Courses In Machine Learning?
  1153. Idea – Python Plots As Good As A Christmas Card !?
  1154. Homeless Innovation – I Just Read A Wonderful Idea
  1155. Physical Network Desalination – Could You Take Advantage Of Freeze Filtering Salt Water Around Freshwater Ice?
  1156. Physics Network Speculation – Is Fusion Easier With A Cold Outer Space And Hot Plasma And A Window?
  1157. Machine Learning Philosophy – Does There Exist A Two Check Model?
  1158. Smart (Machine Learning) Math Idea – Rational Numbers As Input Data or Target
  1159. Machine Learning Philosophy Idea – All Data Has A Direction Like A[Concentrated, Pointing, Diffuse, Good, Better, …
  1160. Machine Learning Idea – Resample And Zoom
  1161. Machine Learning Idea – Calculate With More Truth
  1162. Dynamic Weight Matrices – What If You Use Some Dynamic Weights, W(i) = B(i) +a(i)*random()?
  1163. Merry Christmas Wishes
  1164. Network Math Idea – Does Network Math Follow The Path Of Old Mathematics?
  1165. Battery Idea – Flying Electron And Ion Battery?
  1166. Large Refugee Camp School Innovation – Plastic Lead Pencil Manufacturing Machines?
  1167. Homeless Innovation Idea – Donated Wood Planks, Timber For Housing First Homeless Organisation
  1168. Clothes Store Shopping Idea – Woman Blouse Plus A Man Shirt 2 For 1 Deal
  1169. Philosophy Speculation – Network Reality Object x,y,z,t?
  1170. Peace Idea – Trust Seeking Declaration On Jerusalem From European Countries To Israel Is Needed
  1171. Physics Guess – Is Ultra Determinism Required For Fusion?
  1172. Machine Learning Idea – Error Recognition In Classification?
  1173. Idea – School-Peace Fund And Innovation Against Bullying?
  1174. Zero Stop Train – Independent Train Commuter Railway Lines
  1175. Peace Idea – Build An Identical Copy Of Jerusalem For Palestine As Their Capital
  1176. TV Idea – Digital Christmas Theme Border On The TV
  1177. Peace Idea – Peace Oriented Food?
  1178. Peace Idea – Second Chances For Jerusalem
  1179. Idea – Minister Of Peace And Peace Departments And Peace Influenced Bureaucracy?
  1180. Peace Idea – Global Peace Tax Or Fee?
  1181. Innovate Palestine – The Building Of Two New Cities To Be Country Capital Candidates?
  1182. Probability Theory – Use Machine Learning Network Objects Instead Of Initial Value Probabilities?
  1183. The Peace Idea – Lets Build The Best New Palestinian Capital There Ever Was
  1184. Language Learning Idea – Manage A Phone/Tablet/Computer In Another Language
  1185. Idea Generation – Network Creativity
  1186. My Grand Physics Idea – The Atomic ”Neural” Network Of Connected Weights
  1187. Machine Learning Math idea – Number With Properties – The Emulated Number System
  1188. Machine Learning Math Idea – Outer And Inner Numbers To The Number Line?
  1189. Question – How Much Has The Shed Meant For Country Development?
  1190. Music Idea – Adjusting The Music EQ According To Object Separation Recognition
  1191. Innovation Idea – Super Battery Through Machine Learning?
  1192. Idea Jobs – Value Increasing Preparation Work In Before Selling Houses
  1193. Just so glad
  1194. Physics Speculation – Why Do Leaves Have A Little Transparency?
  1195. Math Speculation – Is There A ?Nano World For Functions Using Machine Learning Super Resolution?
  1196. Math Idea – Stochastic Integration?
  1197. Peace Idea – Commercial Peace Labels On Products
  1198. Idea – Company Workplace Sharing?
  1199. Music DAW Innovation – Using Machine Learning For Fine Tuning Everything Using ?Error Functions
  1200. Rural Educational – Why Not Put Raspberry Pi’s In Stationary Computers As An Upgrade In Rugged Environments?
  1201. Idea – Parallel Text – n Dimensional Input For People
  1202. Machine Learning Idea – Complexity Recognition From Smoothed Weight Matrices – Is The Problem Easy Or Hard?
  1203. Social Innovation – Housing Company Optimized For The Homeless?
  1204. Workaround Pytorch Old CPU No SSE4 – Use Intel Software Development Emulator And A CUDA GPU
  1205. Physics Guess – Should There Exist A Solid Silicon Fuel cell?
  1206. Speculation – Origin Of Life And The Universe
  1207. Physics Question – Excited State Electron With Out An Atom?
  1208. Gravity Idea – Is Gravity A Type Of Light That Generates A ?temporary Electron Resulting In A Force?
  1209. Physics Guess – Does There Exist A Probabilistic Drive?
  1210. Innovative Job Idea for Homeless – Tiny Houses As Hair Cutting Salons
  1211. Machine Learning Idea – History Of Gradient Descent As Learning Data For A Deep Update?
  1212. Education Resilience – How Do We Educate If There Is No Central Education?
  1213. Social Innovation – Could Entrepreneurship Training For EU-Migrants Be A Sustainable Way Forward?
  1214. Fusion Speculation – Does The Sun Transform The Problem To An Easier One With Complex Pre Heat Treatment?
  1215. Machine Learning Idea – Transform A Problem To An Easier Problem?
  1216. Philosophical Idea – A Network Problem As The Connection Between Physics And Chemistry
  1217. Programming Help Idea – Chat bot writing some hilarious jokes while I’m coding and getting errors
  1218. The universe is optimized for life not to harm life. Be good to each other.
  1219. Machine Learning Idea – Weight Values On Demand
  1220. Jobs And Housing – Its Not One Group Vs The Other
  1221. Innovate Retail? – Low Rent 10+ Tiny Houses Village Shops And Recreational Activities?
  1222. Continuum Machine Learning Idea? – Small Changes
  1223. Product Guess – Using 1000+ Small Fuel Cell Units For Charging The Electric Car Battery?
  1224. Idea – Innovate As A Strategy For Lasting Peace
  1225. Thought Idea – Applying Feelings To Mathematics
  1226. Data Scaling Alternative? – Separate Columns For m,n from The Scientific Notation
  1227. Idea – Innovate For Better School Environment?
  1228. Linux Software Idea – Libre Office Calc With Machine Learning Algorithms?
  1229. Physics Idea – Word Association To Inspire Science? Electron Bounce?
  1230. Transportation Innovation – Electric Roads Working Together With Drones?
  1231. What If The People Of A Country Could Get The Nobel Peace Prize
  1232. Thinking Like A Genius – The Feeling Search Space Gives Me A Warm Velvet/Silk Like Keyboard Invention
  1233. Physics Speculation – Water Freezing
  1234. Internet Access And Electric Car Idea – Electric Roads With Built In High Speed Internet Fibre
  1235. Physics Speculation – Physical Constants As Some Sort Of Labels In A Supervised Learning Universe
  1236. Income Generation For Artists – An Artists Own WordPress Page In Spotify?
  1237. Physics DNA – Do The Universe Send Quantum Information By Teleportation For Parameters In Construction Blueprints Algorithms?
  1238. Philosophy Speculation – Planet Dimensions Instead Of A Multiverse
  1239. Invention Idea – Cross Woven Plywood?
  1240. Physics Idea – Does Water To Rock Compression Inspire Some Invention?
  1241. Idea – Innovate For Homeless
  1242. Idea – Wifi And Smartphone Collections For The Homeless
  1243. Invention Idea – Hacker Keyboard
  1244. Invention Idea – Rotating Cylinder In A Cold/Hot Fluid For Heat Transfer
  1245. Programming Idea – Try Split View And Zoom For The Kate Code Editor
  1246. Job Idea – On Location Printing For On Demand Magazines?
  1247. Idea – Fire Fighting Multi Purpose Taxis?
  1248. Battery Socket Idea For Electric Cars – Two Generations Upgradeable Battery?
  1249. Job Idea – Homeless As Tiny House Hotel Keepers?
  1250. Smart Physics Thought Idea – ”God does not play dice with the universe”
  1251. Product Idea – Heatpump For Tiny Houses?
  1252. Idea – Tiny Houses For Public Housing Companies To Be Rented Out?
  1253. Idea – Video To Drawing Animation
  1254. Livelihood Product Idea – Energy Rating A+ For Sewing And Other Livelihood Machines
  1255. Physics Math Question – Is there shortcuts into dealing with infinite number of equations?
  1256. Physics Guess – Could Electrons Have Different Sizes Dependent On The Distance From The Center Of The Atom?
  1257. Machine Learning Idea – Word Cloud Labels?
  1258. Smart Physics – Mass == Construction
  1259. Single Board Computer Innovation – Graphics Card Without Ports – Small Form Factor?
  1260. Some Thoughts – Does Observation Mean Correcting For The Universe?
  1261. Guess – Could Piston Initiated Pulsating Pressure Increase Effectiveness In Coal Fired Stations?
  1262. Reading Idea – Guess Learning For Dyslexics
  1263. Product Idea – Could Steel Wire Enable Moldable Shoes?
  1264. Idea – Using Water Soaked Wood Pieces To Combat Desertification?
  1265. Idea – Big Tech Company Engagement For The Long Term Unemployed?
  1266. Machine Learning Speculation – Product Rating
  1267. Idea – Could Jupyter Notebook Teach HTML?
  1268. Refugee Self-Reliance Idea – Driving License Training Using Electric Cars?
  1269. Physical Game Idea – Horizontal LCD Screen With Smart Plastic Figures On Top
  1270. Idea – Retro Display For Fantasy Computers Like The TIC-80, …
  1271. Product Idea – Wheel Spade
  1272. Safety Product Idea – Tent-Fence For Caravans, Tiny Houses and Tents
  1273. Handicap Innovation – Pedestrian Crossing With A Handicap Button? Double The Time
  1274. Guess – Could Women With A Little Breast Milk In Their Breasts Be More Protected Against Breast Cancer?
  1275. Innovation Idea – Philosophical Machine Elements?
  1276. Product Idea – Story Telling Toys
  1277. Product Idea – Mechanical Math Game
  1278. Startup TV Innovation Idea – Home Omni Projector
  1279. Global Education Solution – Educate Game Developers In Education And Teaching
  1280. Education Idea – Wireless USB Pen Mouse To Make The Projector Interactive
  1281. Idea – Using Machine Learning As Recognition Checksum For Texts?
  1282. Idea – Uncertainty Principle
  1283. Education Idea – Learning To Read Inspired By Quire Karaoke ?
  1284. Idea – Can Optimizing For Insects Be The Second Level Of Fixing Desertification?
  1285. Machine Learning Idea – Train On Markov Chains Based On The Target Time Series?
  1286. Idea – Could Tiny Houses Help Students With Shortage Of Apartments And Rent
  1287. Physics Speculation – Two Object Gravity?
  1288. Testing a little VR Side By Side 3D
  1289. Feature Request – Python Jupyter Notebook In Blender 3D?
  1290. Peace Idea – Outsourcing Jobs To North Korea?
  1291. Physics Speculation – Einstein Time And Networks
  1292. Machine Learning Time Series Idea – From Points To Histograms To Network Object Predictions?
  1293. Speculation – If Nothing Is Random To The Universe Then Every Curve Should Make Sense?
  1294. Speculation – Machine Learning Information Experiment
  1295. Machine Learning Idea – Visualize Time Series Loss Where Loss = Loss ( time, iteration )
  1296. Startup Site Idea – Python Today
  1297. Machine Learning Idea – Flying Histogram?
  1298. Entertainment Idea – Possibilities With Creative Commons Licensed Satellite Channels?
  1299. Aid Idea – NGO’s And Volounteers Helping People Get Employed
  1300. Startup Idea – Raspberry Pi Sense HAT For The Phone?
  1301. Mathematical Speculation – Image Based Markov Chains?
  1302. Simple Benchmark Test – Internal Memory vs External SD card On A Huawei
  1303. Product Idea – Using A Solar Air Conditioner For Extracting Water From Air?
  1304. Machine Learning Generalization – Apply Super Resolution To Noise Filtered Weight Matrices ?
  1305. Idea – Could You Construct From Sound Predictions?
  1306. Product Idea – Dyslexia Reading Tablet?
  1307. Idea – Polar Cardinal Directions?
  1308. Test – MP3 vs OGG Machine Learning
  1309. Startup Idea – Global Online Education Platform?
  1310. High Risk High Reward – Machine Learning Models With Division?
  1311. Math Idea – Space Time Vector Transformation
  1312. Education Idea – Higher Education Inspired By
  1313. Idea – Encode Images As ?Video For Machine Learning Datasets
  1314. Biology Idea – Kinship Mimicry
  1315. Phone Idea – Build Your Own Wifi Compute Stick
  1316. Phone Coding Idea – Python Machine Learning via Android App Termux and pip (sklearn, keras)
  1317. Peace Idea – Peace Generating Fishing Trips?
  1318. Youth Employment Idea – Sell Online Courses For Games?
  1319. Machine Learning Guess – Could Weight Matrices Equal Materials Science And Engineering?
  1320. Startup Idea – FundMySchool ?
  1321. Idea – Linux Distribution For Projectors?
  1322. Physics Guess – Turbulence Is Not A Side Effect
  1323. Machine Learning Idea – Should There Exist Super Recognition?
  1324. TV Program Idea – Tools For Livelihoods?
  1325. Mathematical Guess – Make Use Of Different Random Distributions At The Same Time?
  1326. Software Idea – Turn Krita Or Gimp To A 3D Drawing Software
  1327. Startup Idea – Promote Linux And Education With Second-hand Single Board Computers
  1328. Physics Guess – Could Much Heat Effect Gravity?
  1329. Super Smart Startup Idea? – Pay As You Go Solar Kit With Ad Supported Music Service
  1330. Mathematical Question – Could You Use Machine Learning To Find The Shape Of A Number?
  1331. Plastic Water Bottle Reduction Idea – Sell Ice Cold Water In The Coffee automat
  1332. Opinion – An African Spring Disaster Is In No Ones Interest
  1333. Idea – Site For Global Fire And Accident Prevention?
  1334. Example – AI Assisted Search For Innovation
  1335. Startup Product Idea – Drawing Tablet Pen For The Smartphone
  1336. Engineering Idea – Should There Exist An Acceleration Fuse Plug For Consumer Products?
  1337. Job Idea – Africa Could Need Online Course Makers
  1338. Physics Philosophy Guess – Smart Light Emission?
  1339. Battery Idea – Should There Exist Solid Material Clouds?
  1340. Startup Idea – Family Newspaper?
  1341. Agriculture Guess – Could Adapted LED Street Lights For Farm Land Improve Growth On Cloudy Days Or In Cold Climates?
  1342. Idea – The Importance Of Art And Science In Machine Learning
  1343. Swedish Battery Factory – Could This Lead The Way To A Super Battery?
  1344. Physics Guess – Could There Exist Two Energy Systems?
  1345. Battery Guess – Machine Learned Chemistry?
  1346. Resilience Idea – Refugee Camp Trainee And Internships?
  1347. Engineering Idea – Gas Bearing With The Help From A Chemical Reaction
  1348. Software Idea – OpenGL Inspired 2D Drawing
  1349. Physics Guess – Could A Different Material Electric Resistance Indicate A New Function?
  1350. Electric Car Battery – Top Five Tech Company Strategy?
  1351. Quick Battery Guess – Should The Electron Receiving Electrode Also Emit Light?
  1352. Peace Project – World Countries Appreciation Days?
  1353. Physics Guess – Sonoluminesence As The Near Singular Point Where Nothing Should Exist?
  1354. Peace And Happiness Idea – Universal Mini Vacation Trips?
  1355. Employment Idea – Sharp Dressed Refugee
  1356. Deleted Idea – Enhancing Ion Diffusion With Some Pressure?
  1357. Infrastructure Idea – Two Independent Train Commuter Lines That Act As Backup To Each Other
  1358. Engineering Idea – Nano Machine Elements? Like the stiffness of DNA
  1359. Smog Reducing Idea – Private Car Owners Trade Carbon Limits?
  1360. Two Person Product Category Idea – Stress Ball For Massage
  1361. Mathematical Idea – Should There Exist Smart Statistics?
  1362. Physics Guess – Argument For Set Generated Heat And Where To Find It
  1363. Idea – IT Medical Advice Cubicles In Care Centers?
  1364. Battery Guess – Could Electrons Place Of ”Birth” Be Important? (Smart Conservation Law)
  1365. More Secure Traffic Idea – Voluntary Fellow Passenger Course?
  1366. Battery Speculation – Noise Reduction?
  1367. Small Business Idea – 3D Renderings For Restoration Projects For Customer Presentation?
  1368. Idea – Associated Peace Processes Love, Hope, Faith, Joy?
  1369. Physics Guess – Why Are There Physical Effects Phenomenon At All
  1370. Mathematical Guess – Understood Coordinate System?
  1371. Physics Idea – The Universe Takes Advantage Of Everything?
  1372. Mathematical Idea – Could There Exist Smart Geometry?
  1373. Idea – What if heating can be optimized from following an optimal pattern?
  1374. Idea – Bypassed Inventor Support (Fidget Spinner)
  1375. Physics Speculation – A Moving Part To A Non Moving Part Device?
  1376. HowTo – Groundbreaking Inventions Is Not A Natural Evolutionary Process
  1377. Physics Guess – Could A Field Be A ?Light Network System?
  1378. Idea – More Battery Machine Inspiration
  1379. Physics Guess – Is A Singularity A Point Where Nothing Can Exist?
  1380. Battery Ideas – Set Generating Names For Batteries
  1381. Tape Battery Machine – Increasing Ion Transport Speed?
  1382. Physics Philosophy – If You Know The Answer To The Question Why Can You Calculate The How?
  1383. Product Idea – The Spinner Compressor
  1384. Product Idea – Smart Rotating Axle?
  1385. Physics Idea – Gravity As A Network Generation Of A Force And Its Direction
  1386. Startup Idea – Physical Workout Startup
  1387. Physics Idea – Could An Atom(Network) Also Take Input From Empty Space From Within?
  1388. Physics Network Idea – Smart Gravity?
  1389. Abundant Material Idea – Rock Galvanization?
  1390. Philosophical idea – What Is A Smart Coordinate system?
  1391. Idea – Steam Turbine Inspired By Fidget Spinners?
  1392. Physics Guess – Controlled Fusion Simplification?
  1393. Philiosophical Guess – Does There Exist ”Number of Free Functions” Similar To ”Degrees Of Freedom”?
  1394. Battery Physics Guess – Mass And Velocity Of Ion Objects?
  1395. Education – Personal Video Speaking Tests
  1396. Physics Question – Could Light Traveling In Deep Space Make Sense To The Empty Space Network?
  1397. Startup Idea – Feeling Optimized Products
  1398. Physics Idea – The Universe Problem Is Solved By Physics Networks Not Only Simple Physics Rules
  1399. Fusion – To Big To Function
  1400. Idea – Simplified Text Comments With No Hateful Words
  1401. Battery Guess – Association Battery And Ion Thruster
  1402. Ideas? – How To Make America Great
  1403. General Philosophical Idea – Physics Answer To The Question Why
  1404. Philosophical Idea – Enclosed Determinism
  1405. Philosophical Guess – Does The Atom Have Its Own Internal Entropy System?
  1406. Peace Innovation Idea – Many Parallel Peace Discussions?
  1407. Idea – Could Empty Space Be Smart?
  1408. Idea – Weight Loss By Sensing Your Stomach?
  1409. Idea – Should A Battery Require More Activation Energy?
  1410. Could Some New Type Of Hardening Of Selected Battery Surfaces Help Performance?
  1411. Idea – Why could not both sides in a civil war hold a general election for peace?
  1412. Simply Peace Not War
  1413. Invention Idea – Sand Wood Material
  1414. Physics Guess – Decision Vector For A Smog Filter?
  1415. Battery Physics Idea – Energy Insulation Battery?
  1416. Risk Reduction Idea – Online Backup Of Employability Documents
  1417. Physics Idea – Should There Exist A Sponge Compressor?
  1418. Battery Idea – Should There Exist A Ion Centrifuge Battery?
  1419. Environmental Idea – Smart Plastic Collection?
  1420. Philosophical Idea – Are Guessing A Repairment Of Thoughts?
  1421. Love Idea – Victim Of Terrorism Fund – Support in this hardest of times
  1422. Idea – Transform The Slums With Livelihood Workspaces?
  1423. Idea – Lab Grown Tree Mass For Construction And Paper?
  1424. Startup Idea – Changeable Graphics Screen As The Stereo Amplifier
  1425. Physics Guess – A Battery With A Ion ”Heat Pump”?
  1426. Idea – Rental Apartment Construction Bank?
  1427. Physics Guess – Theory Of Everything
  1428. Physics Guess – Magnetic Algorithm Compression Battery?
  1429. Idea – Parent To Child Teaching Mobile Site/App For Refugees?
  1430. Idea – Substitute Agency For Farmers?
  1431. Future Battery Speculation – Energy Units As Information Packages In A Future Battery
  1432. Physics Guess – Could You Enhance Length Contraction?
  1433. Cooperation Project Idea – An American and Mexican City?
  1434. Physics Guess – Does There Exist An Empty Space Law?
  1435. Startup Idea – Pop-Up Shop On The Train Platform?
  1436. Idea – Business Investors For Refugee Livelihood?
  1437. Physics Guess – Is Teleportation Energy Its Own Type Of Energy Like Kinetic or Potential?
  1438. Refugee Startup Idea – Tech Delivery Guys?
  1439. Smart Livelihood Idea – Apps For Livelihood?
  1440. HowTo – Simplest Wallpaper Background Blue Stone
  1441. Idea – The Fruit Sandwich
  1442. Linux TIP – For those who miss the soundcard equalizer settings in windows
  1443. Improving Livelihood idea – Sell Handmade Products With The Help Of Professional Packaging
  1444. Idea – Could Audio/Image/Video Machine Learning Recognition Be Used For Contents Rights Management?
  1445. Idea – The Scripted Educational Bot?
  1446. Battery Inspiration – Lossy Compressed Energy?
  1447. Machine Learning Guess – Object aware compression algorithms?
  1448. Idea – Interactive Consumer
  1449. Idea – Access To Your Fixed Telephone Line Via Your Smartphone From An App?
  1450. Product Idea – Fish Aquarium With Cameras?
  1451. Linux – Fixed A Linux Booting Problem With Fedora 25 2017-04-29 + simpleLinux As An AppImage?
  1452. Idea – Mobile Payment Offline App Store?
  1453. Startup Idea – Mobile SMS Password System For Charging For Content, M-KOPA?
  1454. Idea – Whistling Android Music Game App?
  1455. Super Idea? – Ad Supported Linux (Cloud) Internet Computer
  1456. Tip – Octave Notebook On The Phone
  1457. Idea – Learn A Subject By Creating HTML With Audio And Images (Phone + Keyboard)
  1458. Idea – European Online Education?
  1459. Idea – Simple Method To Train Mathematics Rewrite With The Math Words
  1460. Idea – Machine Learning Classifiers With The Help Of Image Filters?
  1461. Security – Could Smartgun Technology Stop Trucks Being Used As Weapons?
  1462. Fun Idea – Running iPython On The Phone (offline)
  1463. Idea – Add A Bluetooth Keyboard To Your Smartphone And Discover Programming And Linux
  1464. Project Idea – Genetic Feature Generation For Machine Learning ?
  1465. Smartphone Tip – Put The Phone Infront Of The Keyboard
  1466. Speculation – The Battery As An Energy Information Device
  1467. Idea – Enhance Linux Sites And Blogs With Crowd Sourced Course Tutorials?
  1468. Super Idea – Human Supervised Generative Learning
  1469. Guess – Could Modeling The Atom As A Continuously Updating Classifier Lead To Fusion?
  1470. Physics Guess – What If Fusion Could Take Place Everywhere In The Sun?
  1471. Machine Learning – Should Decision Based Systems Generate Readable Thought Strings?
  1472. Part Of A Livelihood Kit – Computer With Offline/Online Courses
  1473. Idea – The Universe Fractal
  1474. Math Idea – Derivative similarity
  1475. Machine Learning Idea – Could The Weight Matrices That Corresponds To The Mean Filtered Training Samples Be Good Starting Values?
  1476. Project Idea Machine Learning – Differentiated Noise Level Learning
  1477. Idea – Internal Fitness In A ?Deep Genetic Algorithm.
  1478. Idea – Music Enhanced Knowledge Delivery With A Feeling Dimension
  1479. Guess – Could The Future Internet Involve Teleportation Of Radio Waves?
  1480. Project – Generate A 3D Object (Evolution And Machine Learning)
  1481. Reminder – Why Not Use A Genetic Algorithm For Machine Learning Generation
  1482. Super Idea – Increase Your Machine Learning Weight Matrices “Infinitely”
  1483. Market Idea – Easy Repairable Smartphone (Pop Replace Screens)?
  1484. Idea – The Genetic Perceptron (Machine Learning)
  1485. Idea – Video Wallpaper For Linux Apps
  1486. Idea – Make Smartphones More Personal With Custom Linux Style Themes/Interfaces
  1487. Remaining Project – Solve A PDE Or A Stiff ODE With A Genetic Algorithm
  1488. Idea – Could A Noise Filter Improve Genetic Algorithms?
  1489. Finance Inventions – Could A Rented Share System Work?
  1490. Physics Guess – Heat Noise And Fusion
  1491. Speculation – Does There Exist A Heat Assisted Battery Type?
  1492. Speculation – Recognition And Generation Of Freewill Realistic Actions And Timings
  1493. Idea – How Image Filters Could Help With The Traveling Salesman Problem
  1494. Idea – Split-Window Screenshots For Rich Code Documentation
  1495. Speculation – Predict Time Sequence Of Type Of Processes
  1496. Idea – Could Machine Learning Enhance The Solution To Differential Equations By Image Post Processing?
  1497. Physics Guess – Action At A Distance By Super Triangulation?
  1498. Idea – Easy Modifying A Color Theme In Linux With GIMP Filters
  1499. Idea – Practice Technical Drawing Using A Toy Draw Projector?
  1500. Physics Guess – Could A Force Have A Memory Associated With It?
  1501. Invention – Pressure Taking Object In A Piston Cylinder // Per Lindholm
  1502. Idea – Could A Black Hole Extend Itself In Time?
  1503. Physics Guess – Does The Atom Have A Decision Mechanism For Fusion?
  1504. Math Guess – Should There Exist Snap To Value Functions?
  1505. Project Idea – Using Machine Learning For Differential Equations
  1506. Startup Product Idea – Gaming Keyboard With Pressure Sensitive Keys
  1507. Philosophy – Representation As A Function Of Machine Learning?
  1508. Idea – Are Their Higher Number Systems?
  1509. Business Idea – Ice Cream Machine For The Pizza Restaurants?
  1510. Physics Guess – Should There Exist Different Types Of Electric Energy?
  1511. Math Idea – Smart Functions
  1512. Idea – Chair Heat Blanket To Help You Study And Concentrate
  1513. Startup Game Idea – Education Games That The Users Can Make Mods From
  1514. Idea – Could Home Fuel Cells Replace Gas Cooking Stoves?
  1515. Idea – Audio Record Your Ideas And More
  1516. Idea – Could Education With Digital Projectors Be Improved With Rear Projector Screens?
  1517. Having a nice time
  1518. Idea – USB Portable Led Lightbulb
  1519. Question – What Possible Advantage Could The Universe Have From Its Expansion?
  1520. Idea – Could A Blurry Version Of The Image Be Used As Additional Inspiration Data For Noise Reduction?
  1521. Super Idea – Use A Fan On A Hot Window In Winter Time To Heat The Apartment
  1522. Job Generating Idea – Inspiration Data For Your Brand Or Product
  1523. Idea – Does The Brain Take Advantage Of Specialized Areas Being Distant From Each Other?
  1524. A Little Celebration – The 500:th Idea!
  1525. Speculation – Could An Aging Memory Be A Feature Of Machine Learning?
  1526. Ads Idea – Two Sites Where One Has Limited Content But No Or Limited Amounts Of Ads?
  1527. Anim – Little Book Steps
  1528. Startup Idea – Modern Billboard Advertising – A Touch Screen In The Store?
  1529. Statistics peroglyfer jan 2017
  1530. Speculation – Could Stacking With Noise Reduction From Many Inexact CPU Cores Manage Higher Frequencies?
  1531. Super Intelligence – Thought Repair From ?3% Knowledge
  1532. Speculation – Physics_Currency Fitting?
  1533. Idea – Solar Ready USB 18cm In Diameter Fan Setup For Emergency Situations
  1534. Project Idea – Philosophy Generating Machine Learning
  1535. World Saving Idea – Could You Cooperate With Machine Learning To Drive A Prototype Development Process?
  1536. Idea – Robot Music Presenter For Streaming Music Services?
  1537. Speculation – Does There Exist Physics Imagination ?
  1538. Idea – Could There Exist Lossy Error Correcting Code With A Quality Variable
  1539. Idea – Take Advantage Of Machine Learning In Error Detection And Correction?
  1540. Idea – Could Recognition Improve Image Stacking Processing To Reduce Noise From Non Aligned Images?
  1541. Space Idea – Evolve An Artificial Universe Sensory Organ
  1542. Idea – Ordinary Words As Math Inspiration
  1543. Idea – Livelihood Improvement In Afghanistan
  1544. Idea – Does There Exist Brain Inspired Cooling?
  1545. Idea – Job Training Idea For The Long Term Unemployed
  1546. Battery Idea – Inspiration Data From ”Gravitational Slingshot”
  1547. Idea – Text As Input For Graphics Generation In GIMP
  1548. Idea – Could There Exist A Dual Alternating Semi-Conductor Peltier Element?
  1549. Startup Idea? – Making Caravans For Poverty Stricken Areas With Local Workers
  1550. Idea – Could USB Fans 18cm Diameter Be Used In Emergency Situations?
  1551. Livelihood Idea – Growing Flowers And Selling Offline Video Instructions
  1552. Politics – Gambia The First African Country I’ve Been To
  1553. Raspberry Pi Project – Evolution Of The Solar Powered Calculator
  1554. Business Idea – Cinnamon Bun + Coffee + Magazine
  1555. Linux Promotion Idea – Why Not The Linux Logo As An Emoticon Serie?
  1556. Speculation – Database Search By Computer Enhanced Feelings
  1557. Idea – Could There Exist A Battery With Stationary And Moving Ions?
  1558. Idea – Could There Exist A Possibility To Separate A Summation Of Forces Or Momentums
  1559. Gravity Idea – Is A Planet Or Planet System Able To Adjust Its Gravity To Support Life?
  1560. Idea – Could Getting Thrust From The EMdrive Be A Balancing Act?
  1561. Idea – Sound Buttons That Don’t Require Batteries For Raspberry Pi Projects?
  1562. Idea – Could There Exist A Linear Acceleration Air Conditioner ?
  1563. Refugee Job Idea – Sponsor Small Online Coding Jobs For Refugees ?
  1564. My Game Idea – ikPixel (Pixelized International Karate)
  1565. Idea – Woho Got The M-audio Midi Keyboard To Work With My Raspberry Pi 2
  1566. 20 Minus Idea – Warm Milk And Cereal
  1567. Idea – Food Delivery Subscription For Pregnant Women?
  1568. Important Language Learning Idea – Dual Language Subtitles For TextTV And Youtube
  1569. Project Idea – Solar Ready Linux PC (Raspberry Pi + Smartphone + USB-Keyboard + Powerbank)
  1570. Idea – Code Using A Chatbot
  1571. Idea – Futuristic Spark Energy Generator
  1572. Idea – A New Text Based Programming Language Adapted For Writing On The Phone ?
  1573. Idea – Could You Improve Your Reading Skills By Learning How To Guess Words?
  1574. Livelihood Idea – Basic Online Course For Using A Sewing Machine ?
  1575. Idea – Fonts With Multiple Variations For Each Letter
  1576. Idea – Visible Light Emitting CPU To Get That Higher Frequency Without The Heat
  1577. Idea – Improve Back Blood Circulation After Long Flights
  1578. Design Idea – The Linux Led Matrix Laptop
  1579. Idea – Does Physical Bodies Emit Invisible Light Dependent On The Velocity?
  1580. Idea – Dedicated Hand Held Device For Scratch Powered By The Raspberry Pi ?
  1581. Idea – Smart Path Recognition
  1582. Idea – Vertical Crops?
  1583. Idea – Link To The Job Seekers CV From The Mobile Phone Stored QR Code ?
  1584. Idea – Record Your Exercises For Your Motivation
  1585. Idea – MovieGame Experience
  1586. Political – Sharing Economical Cost By Switching To More Beneficial Government Loans ?
  1587. Disability Help Idea – Simulate The Apartment In 3D ?
  1588. Idea – Stone Age Inspired Energy Extraction ??
  1589. Idea For Free And Open Source Software – Generating Realistic Objects/World From 3D Block Objects Using Machine Learning
  1590. Idea – Does The Universe Use Distributed Error Information ?
  1591. Climate Change – Rice
  1592. Math Idea – Dependent Noise
  1593. Math Idea – Does There A Exist Similar Fourier Series ?
  1594. Energy Idea – Using Thermo Photo Voltaic To Simplify Any Energy Extraction Process ?
  1595. Startup Idea – Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
  1596. Shared Idea – The Reinforced Wolly
  1597. Speculation – Should There Exist A Low Frequency To High Frequency Theory
  1598. Math – Make Use Of False Positives In Optimation ? Fill-function
  1599. Math Idea – Similarity Series ?
  1600. Math Idea – Noise Detection As An Error Function In Machine Learning
  1601. Math Idea – My Take On The Simple Perceptron In Machine Learning
  1602. Idea – Physical Cause An Effect As Deciding What Is Input And Output To A Machine Learning Network
  1603. Speculation – Creativity As Set Generation Within A New Group
  1604. Idea – Verification Hash String In The .CSV Data Files?
  1605. Idea – Momentum As A Slim Fit Force Field?
  1606. Idea – Love Story With People Who Really Struggle
  1607. Philosophical Speculation – Space Drive [N/m^3] ?
  1608. Speculation – Decision Making
  1609. Politics – In hindsight
  1610. Math Idea – Root Problem Description By Similarity Of Problems
  1611. Math Idea – Could You Use Vector Input For Integrals, Limits or System Of Equations?
  1612. Idea – Should There Exist 3D Clustering ?
  1613. Math Idea – What Is Inspiration?
  1614. Facebook page
  1615. Speculation – Machine Learning Ideas
  1616. Game Console Idea – User Generated Games On Physical Storage Casettes (Nintendo)
  1617. Idea – A Job Creating Strategy Will Benefit Everyone
  1618. Speculation – Could A CPU Help The Cells Heal The Body More Accurate?
  1619. Idea – The Smart Cost Function ?
  1620. Idea – Sample Generator
  1621. Idea – Could Machine Learning Benefit Stroke Victims
  1622. Idea – Speed Up For Blender 3D?
  1623. Math Idea – Histogram Of Functions
  1624. Math Idea – Inverse As The Single Value Find
  1625. Livelihood Idea – Wiki Tutorials
  1626. Startup Idea – Subscription Based Clothes And Shoe Purchase Model For Families
  1627. Idea – Write Protect Parts Of A Document
  1628. Idea – How To Get Smarter
  1629. Great Tip – Run Linux On Your Smartphone (VNC + USB – Tethering + Raspberry Pi)
  1630. Audacious Battery Idea – Energy Chip With Nano Fusion
  1631. Idea – Unit Test For The Insurance?
  1632. Speculation – Could Big Solar Be Physically Recognized As A Black Hole?
  1633. Speculation – Does A Permanent Magnet Also Emit Some Kind Of Light?
  1634. Idea – Forum With Video Screencasts Of Programming Bugs, Ideas and Problems?
  1635. Employment Idea – Could Machine Learning Predict The Next Business?
  1636. Climate Resilience Idea – Cheap Air Conditioner With A Turbo Air Compressor – Expander?
  1637. Swedish – Sommarjobbspeng ?
  1638. Super Idea – Music Production MOOC With Online DAW Software!?
  1639. Guess – Does The Emdrive Form A Network With Empty Space And Its Metal Boundary?
  1640. Idea – Screencast Your Website or PDF Magazine
  1641. Refugee Resilience Idea – Solar Micro Grids With Containers (Energy+Jobs)
  1642. Linux Laptop For Everyone – A Cheap Tablet Without An OS?
  1643. Idea – Dual Language Book
  1644. Climate Resilience Idea – Bread With A Long Expiration Date?
  1645. Idea – Should The 5 Volt USB Standard Be Adapted To Battery Voltages?
  1646. Speculation – Does There Exist Point To Point Radio Transmission?
  1647. Idea – Coding Your Own Chatbot Like Remember List For Education
  1648. Speculation – Light And Gravity > Deep Forces?
  1649. Super Idea – Program A Script To Improve Video With Darktable?
  1650. Idea – In Space Satellite Assembly?
  1651. Idea – Cheapest Digital Education I Could Think Of
  1652. Linux – Add Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
  1653. Idea – Python Script Enhanced Text Editor?
  1654. Idea – Advertising Intermediary Site For Bloggers?
  1655. Idea – Feeling based mathematics
  1656. Tip – Quick And Dirty Capturing Of Ideas (Just Take A Screenshot Or Screencast)
  1657. Idea – Smart Manual Or Coding Information Window
  1658. Linux Idea – Use The Phone As A Wifi Middle Server For File Transfers Between Two Computers
  1659. Linux Idea – Software Boutique With List Of Importable/Exportable Bookmarks
  1660. Tip – Found An Interesting Programming Site – Shadertoy
  1661. Idea – External Dedicated Site For Helping People To Compile Various Open Source Software?
  1662. Speculation – Memory And Movement
  1663. Idea – Classify An Idea To Get New Inspiration
  1664. Speculation – Should There Exist Color Clustering?
  1665. Idea – Chatbots That Can Answer Questions About Programming Packages?
  1666. Idea – More On Word Objects
  1667. Idea – Sort The Matrix Before Doing Calculations?
  1668. Idea – What Is A Word Object?
  1669. Speculation – Using Resynthesize For Differential Equations?
  1670. Speculation – If Cancer Evolves Then Fool The Machine Learning Algorithm?
  1671. My Super Idea – Use A Game Engine For Powerpoint Presentations
  1672. Tip – Use A Read Text Plugin In Libreoffice To Get More Readable Text
  1673. Idea – Machine Learning And Smart Biomimicry?
  1674. Idea – Lossy Calculations?
  1675. Show – The Traveling Salesman Problem A Blender 3D Animation
  1676. Idea – Keeping Multiple Values For Signals
  1677. Question – Should There Exist A Machine Learning Method For Material Fatigue Prevention In Constructions?
  1678. Idea – Evaporating Mirror
  1679. Idea – Double Resolutions For The Smartphone Camera App
  1680. Speculation – How One Kind Of Set Generation Could Work
  1681. Idea – Storing Images In A Video ( high compression ratio )
  1682. Idea – Determinism And An Evolutionary Path Of Information
  1683. Idea – Digital Cameras And Powerbanks?
  1684. Speculation – The All Coinciding Freewill
  1685. Idea – Smart Determinism And Freewill
  1686. Startup Idea – Accelerated 3D Graphics Version Of LibreOffice Impress (Alternative To Powerpoint)
  1687. Speculation – Quantum Entanglement As High Frequency Teleportation Swapping?
  1688. Idea – Digital Offline Education ( Student Created Videos )
  1689. Speculation – Some Thoughts About Singularities
  1690. Idea – Would It Be Possible To Stream Games From An Internet Server To The Mobile And Lastly To The TV?
  1691. Idea – Student Created Video Screencasts In MOOC’s
  1692. Idea – Should There Not Exist Dumb Phones With Voice Calls Over Wifi?
  1693. Software Idea – Machine Learning App To Adapt And Render PDF’s On Mobiles?
  1694. Idea – How Do You Compress Random Pixels In An Image?
  1695. What is Belief?
  1696. Idea – Dual Screen Mode Youtube – Separated Static Images + Video
  1697. Idea – Could WhatsApp Be Used For Education In Refugee Situations?
  1698. Why Linux – Innovative Installation
  1699. Speculation – Is There A Second Law Of Conservation Of Energy Due To Teleportation?
  1700. My Idea For Personal Cooling
  1701. Idea – Take Advantage Of The Smartphone In School
  1702. Idea – Black Hole As An Energy Filter?
  1703. Idea – Walking Your Dog With A Larger Water Bottle And A Bowl
  1704. Idea – Is Fish Involved In Sea Floor Recovery?
  1705. Poem For Germany
  1706. Idea – T.rex A Beach Runner?
  1707. Idea – Take Advantage Of Two (Wifi Cast Dongle?) Projectors For Your Presentation
  1708. Idea – Could Friction Be Classified Into Groups?
  1709. Idea – Climate Resilience Measures And Possible Income For Municipalities?
  1710. Idea – The Smart Educational Flower Pot
  1711. What Can Be Done To Prevent People From Cooking While Drunk??
  1712. Guess – Enhance Athmospheric Water Harvesting In A Volume Of Higher Air Pressure?
  1713. Idea – Engine Stove?
  1714. Idea – #hashtag With Price Information For Product Images Found In Search Engines?
  1715. Idea – Basic Supermarket Brand Of Bed And Sofa
  1716. Important Idea – Water Preserving Showering Using A Drilled PET Bottle
  1717. Smart Refrigerator Idea – the Static Refrigerator Photo
  1718. Idea – Food Strategy For Refugee Situations?
  1719. Idea – Heat Reduction Blanket For Sleeping
  1720. Desertification Idea – Cold Water Plant Storage For Atmospheric Watering
  1721. Idea – Differentiated Cooling Per Product A Smart Refrigerator
  1722. Idea – Should There Exist A Climate Change Experience Simulator Using VR?
  1723. Idea – Deductable Innovation Services?
  1724. Idea – Combining Forces To Get That First Generation Product?
  1725. Idea – Fan Refrigeration
  1726. Idea – Dual WiFi On The Smartphone?
  1727. Idea – Solar Powered Food Market Container?
  1728. Idea – Assault Weapons Ban Foundation?
  1729. Idea – 3D Printer Service In Retail Shops
  1730. Key Education Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Khan Academy Style Videos
  1731. Idea – Part Work Part Education For Those In Need?
  1732. Speculation – Intelligence As Biological AI + Mind
  1733. Idea – Dual TV Experience Laugh With Others
  1734. Blender Product Idea – Cloc2k
  1735. Idea – How To Invoke Your Genius Potential
  1736. Speculation – Is Gravity An Environmentally Friendly Force?
  1737. Idea – Why Show A Single Product When Pixels Are Free
  1738. Idea – Live Math Show On Youtube?
  1739. Question – Could Flint Give An Insight Into Electricity Generation?
  1740. Idea – How Does Wood Make Itself Useful In Saltwater?
  1741. Idea – Employment Service For The Long-Term Unemployed
  1742. Speculating – Space Methods For Breaking Rocks Or Asteroids
  1743. Idea – Glass Marble Phone
  1744. Idea – Space Drive By Holding On To The Magnetic Component Of Light?
  1745. Idea – Are Natural Size Fruits, Vegetables And Other Crops Important For Climate Sustainability?
  1746. Idea – Replace Our Libraries With E-Labs
  1747. Idea – Enhance Coal As Fuel By 3D Printing
  1748. Physics Guess – Clustering Magnetic Fields Into Groups?
  1749. Idea – Refrigerator + Air Conditioner In One Product?
  1750. Idea – Internet of jobs
  1751. Idea – Price Site For Electric Cars?
  1752. Job Idea – Home Paper Organizing Business?
  1753. Idea – Allotropes Of Carbon As A Higher Energy Storage Battery?
  1754. Idea – Adapt Public Transport To Current Battery Technology
  1755. Idea – Site For Technical Explaining Of Public Domain Patents?
  1756. Idea – Does There Exist Sub Atomic Molecules?
  1757. Idea – Camping Site For Startups?
  1758. Speculation – Environmently Friendly Space Drive?
  1759. Idea – Anticipating A Good Feeling Is Half The Movie Or 3D Game
  1760. Test – Using A Drawing Tablet On The Raspberry Pi 2
  1761. Job Idea – Connect Restaurants With TV Food Shows
  1762. Idea – Farming With Trees And Outdoor Insect Friendly LED Lights?
  1763. Idea – Should There Exist A Divide And Combine Air Conditioner?
  1764. Idea – Solar Potential For Job Creation In Rural Areas
  1765. Idea – A Good Raspberry Pi Idea That Failed Testing
  1766. Idea – Solar Parking Installation From Cars With Built In Solar Panels?
  1767. Speculation – Does There Exist A Time Force?
  1768. Job Idea – Should There Exist The Concept Of A Generating Merger?
  1769. Idea – Purpose Built Monitors, Keyboards And More For Programmers?
  1770. Job Idea – Improve The Mobile Kitchen With An Indoor Eating Cart Service?
  1771. Peroglyfer2016-april-28.pdf
  1772. Idea – Remote Support Over The Phone To The Client Machines AI Assistant
  1773. Idea – Online Civil Engineering Education From Car Brands?
  1774. Idea – Should There Exist Additive Neural Networks?
  1775. Faster Web Idea – Sending Web Page + Cache Weights
  1776. Idea – The One And Only Artificial Intelligence Book Idea
  1777. Idea – Physics Chatbot?
  1778. [Lost] – Stand Alone Smart Backup Memory
  1779. [Lost]- Dual Persona On The PC?
  1780. Idea – Generating Operating Systems?
  1781. Idea – How Machine Intelligence Could Pass The Turing Test
  1782. Idea – Optimized Accents For Computer Teaching Voices In Electronic Books
  1783. Idea – Hardware Hopping And Why Its A Good Thing
  1784. My Manual Solution To A 1000 points Traveling Salesman Problem
  1785. Idea – Split Components For Electric Engines
  1786. Idea – Computer System Or A Single CPU Fitted On A Spinning Fan?
  1787. Idea – Traveling Salesman Problem Game Computer Vs Human
  1788. Crazy Idea – Is It Possible To Grab Time To Change Velocity?
  1789. Idea – An IT-Strategy Should Not Be About Technology But About People
  1790. Video – Manual Good Enough Solution To The Traveling Salesman Problem
  1791. Idea – Does There Exist A Multiple Value Method For Differential Equations?
  1792. Idea – Hind-sighted Monte Carlo Simulation
  1793. Idea – Video Compression Using Machine Learning
  1794. Speculation – Should There Exist A Method Similar To A Heat Pump But For Desalination?
  1795. Idea – My Simple Pythagoras Exercise
  1796. Idea – Router To Router Communication Replaced By Neural Nets?
  1797. Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation
  1798. Idea – Blog Text To Video Message
  1799. Refugee Job Idea – Solar Panel Installations?
  1800. Idea – LED Inspired Power Cables?
  1801. Guessing – Cooperative Description And Weird Physics?
  1802. Idea – Learn Math/Physics/Programming By Learning To Code Games
  1803. Speculation – Could We Get New Physics By Asking The Wrong Questions?
  1804. Idea – Flexible Multi Size Shoes
  1805. Idea – Could Animal Free Will Save Us From Collapse?
  1806. Idea – Job Site For The Long Time Unemployed And People With A Diagnose
  1807. Idea – Should There Exist Thermoelectric Paint?
  1808. Idea – Office + School ?
  1809. Idea – On demand Physical Exercise In School?
  1810. Idea – Is There A TV Gaming Potential For The Raspberry Pi 3 Under Kodi?
  1811. Idea – Smart College Education
  1812. Random Guess – Is The Central Limit Theorem A Factor In The Explanation Of The EmDrive?
  1813. Idea – Phone Cylinder v1.0
  1814. Poverty Fighting Idea – Job Café
  1815. Innovative Idea – Script Language Support For Salary Systems And Other Software Systems
  1816. Idea – Flowers On A Winter Balcony?
  1817. Idea – A Past, Present And Future Method For Learning?
  1818. Idea – Desert Greening Getting Some Kind Of Blueprint
  1819. Idea – Moisture Pump?
  1820. Idea – Man Made Molten Rock (Lava) As An Energy Storage?
  1821. Idea – Self Paced School Courses For Out Of School Children In The Slum?
  1822. Idea – Desert Reversal?
  1823. Idea – Natural Aid For Cooling Of Buildings?
  1824. Idea – An Additional Parallel School Online?
  1825. Guessing – Virtual Cell Towers?
  1826. Idea – Using A Intermediate Vector Representation For E-learning
  1827. Idea – A Natural Strategy To Cope With Oppression
  1828. Idea – Animated Visual Tracer For LibreOffice Calc?
  1829. Tip – Use A Cooling Bag On Wheels
  1830. Idea – Render To A Vector Image In Blender 3D
  1831. Idea – Better Than Reality Or Photo Realistic
  1832. Idea – Easy Upgradable Speakers With Snap-in Speaker Elements?
  1833. Idea – Evolve The Battery By Developing For Extreme Environments?
  1834. Idea – Helping People Living In Slums To Create Their Own Startup
  1835. Idea – Evolution Is Just Another Type Of Set Generation
  1836. Speculation – Parallel Guesses A Method To Accelerate Serial Computing?
  1837. Speculation – Should Not Bees Have A Balanced Diet?
  1838. Idea – Extracting Instructions From Data?
  1839. Idea – Create With A Two Product Approach
  1840. Idea – Why Not Aid Music Software With Programmable Scripts?
  1841. Idea – Smart Wifi-Dongle (using USB-tethering)
  1842. Idea – Refugee Restaurant Flipped Cooking Classes
  1843. Idea – Emergency Battery For Linux PC’s
  1844. Added A Splash Screen For My Modular Game
  1845. Idea – Code Completion For Linux Configuration Files And The Terminal?
  1846. Idea – Bring Your Car On The Train?
  1847. Idea – Reducing Parameter Set For Music Software?
  1848. Idea – New Retro Gaming
  1849. Idea – How To Accelerate Learning
  1850. Idea – Active User Input During The Render Time In Blender 3D
  1851. Idea – Is There A Smart Way To Combine LTS And The Latest Linux Distribution?
  1852. Income Idea For Linux Software – Interactive Information
  1853. Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?
  1854. Idea – Using Energy To Enhance Patient Recovery?
  1855. Idea – Innovating The Simple Calculator, Undo Button
  1856. Idea – Computer Chip Aided Tree Farming?
  1857. Idea – An Online Math Academy Website A Solution To Computer Based Math
  1858. Idea – Icons To Remember The Basic Programming Functions
  1859. Idea – A Competition For Useful UI’s For Search Engines?
  1860. Idea – Web Academy Career Path Inventor
  1861. Idea – The Many Cell Mobile Phone Battery System
  1862. Idea – Simple Way To Make Books Easier To Read
  1863. Idea – User Translations For Educational Websites
  1864. Idea – Instead Of Wires, Wireless Power And Communication For Electronic Components?
  1865. Idea – Photo Frames For Computer Monitors?
  1866. Idea – Solar Carpentry Shop And Service Station In A Box?
  1867. Job Idea – Internet Jobs In A Knowledge Economy
  1868. Idea – Phone Calls Even If There Is No Network Or You Lost Your Phone
  1869. Idea – Emergency Employment For Refugees
  1870. Idea – Everything Is A Battery
  1871. Idea – Program An Almost Finished Game As An Educational Entertainment Project
  1872. Idea – CPU Web Cores For An Hardware Accelerated Web
  1873. Idea – Monthly Fee Based Music Software Repository
  1874. Idea – Should There Exist Multi Junction Peltier Elements?
  1875. Idea – Controlled Alloy Distribution In Metal 3D Printing?
  1876. Idea – A Different Way To Find The Answer To A Question
  1877. Idea – Match Value
  1878. Idea – How To Prove An Axiom
  1879. Imagination – Concept Of Not Common Sense Ideas
  1880. Idea – Drawing For Beginners
  1881. Idea – Modify Our Formats To Save The Undo History (GIMP, LibreOffice,Audacity,…)
  1882. Idea – Variable Super Slow Frame Rate Video
  1883. Idea To Fight Poverty – Prefabricated Home With A Built In Shop Or Small Restaurant
  1884. Idea – Should There Exist A Memory Compression Option In The Compiler?
  1885. Idea – Prefabricated Houses For EU-migrant Business
  1886. Idea – The Online Linux Terminal Environment
  1887. Idea – Prefabricated Houses For Startup Businesses?
  1888. Idea – A Smart Linux Home Screen?
  1889. Idea – Companies Establishing Businesses In Refugee Situations?
  1890. Idea – Social Book Generation
  1891. Speculation – Some Abstract Thoughts About Problems
  1892. Startup Idea – Tea Inspired Box Of Many Dry Coffee Flavors
  1893. Idea – Stationary SIM Card Telephone For The Elderly
  1894. Idea – Refugee Startups?
  1895. Speculation – Problems And Ideas In Simulations
  1896. Speculation – Big Ideas
  1897. Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Math Problems
  1898. Speculation – Does There Exist Feeling Based Optimization?
  1899. Idea – Healthy Cookie Singles As Candy Replacements
  1900. Idea – Make Your Own Language Training Program On The Smartphone
  1901. Idea – Basic English Training From Running Linux
  1902. Idea – Rotated Piano Roll For Linux Music Software?
  1903. Idea – Webpage eSport?
  1904. Idea – Solar Powered Thermo Electric Cooling For Drinking Water In Emergencies?
  1905. Idea – Product Exchange To Enable Stores With New Products Every Week
  1906. Opinion – Should Robots In The Future Be Allowed To Work For No Pay?
  1907. Idea – Bug Fixing Exercises For All School Subjects?
  1908. Idea – Phone Feature
  1909. Idea – Smart Tools For The Benefit Of Vulnerable EU-Migrants?
  1910. Idea – Memory Game
  1911. Philosophical – Freewill
  1912. Idea – Smart Random Numbers
  1913. Idea – Engage Parents With Own Pace Free Online Courses
  1914. Found A Good Idea – Borrow Home Internet From The Library
  1915. Idea – Handmade 3D Effect Paintings?
  1916. Idea – How Can We Empower The People Sitting In The Street?
  1917. Guessing – A Cool Idea?
  1918. Idea – Empower Refugees With Smart Markets
  1919. Philosophical – Thinking In Terms Of Believability
  1920. Idea – Spoken Questions In Schoolbooks
  1921. Idea – Should There Exist Two Person Team Employments?
  1922. Great TIP – Try zRam In Ubuntu MATE For The Raspberry Pi2
  1923. Idea – Bundle Useful Articles With Email Or Paper Ads
  1924. TIP – Ubuntu MATE Turns The Raspberry Pi2 Into A Desktop Computer
  1925. Idea – Free Internet Part Of A Dual Part Movie
  1926. Idea – Machine Learning Based Cache?
  1927. Idea – Dual/Multi Keyword Search In Text Editors?
  1928. Idea – Rounded Corners For Paper Or Other Products
  1929. Idea – A Wireless Replacement For The TV-Cable?
  1930. Letar efter ett jobb
  1931. Idea – Screencast Yourself To Improve Your Programming skills
  1932. Idea – Show Popularity Ranking For Available Jobs On The Job Seeking Site?
  1933. Idea – Online Chat Support At The Tax Agency Website?
  1934. Swedish – Det borde finnas familjekort för en månad hos SL
  1935. Idea – An Example Of Guessing The Name Of An Invention
  1936. Idea – Open Source Small Project Collaboration?
  1937. Idea – Database Of Creative Commons Licensed Math/Physics/… School Exercises?
  1938. Idea – Online Stores With Multi-Design
  1939. TIP – Print Your Contacts/Phone Number List From A PDF
  1940. Idea – Two Problem Search Strategy
  1941. Idea – Private/Paid Chat Support For Linux?
  1942. Idea – Show Popularity Ranking And Price For Items Inside Physical Stores
  1943. Idea – Solar Powered Sewing Machine And Other Tools
  1944. Idea – Software Failure Prevention From Output Recognition?
  1945. Idea – Timed Sound Effects In Children Stories
  1946. Idea – The Smart Answering Machine A Personal Secretary In The Phone
  1947. Idea – Prepare The Brain By Guessing In Advance
  1948. Idea – The Educational Magazine
  1949. Idea – Card Terminal That Also Speaks The Amount
  1950. Idea – Maybe There Should Exist Something Like An Engine Cell
  1951. Idea – Build Yourself a Linux Laptop?
  1952. Idea – Online Backup Jobs And Education In Emergency Settings
  1953. Idea – Fire Prevention For Poor Areas?
  1954. Job Idea – Online Web Sales or Info Person
  1955. Idea – Reinforced And Water Resistant Cardboard Box For Shipping
  1956. Idea – Tablet Preloaded With An Adapted Curriculum As A Teaching Aid In Emergency Education
  1957. Idea – The Digital Alternating Battery
  1958. Idea – A Cooking MOOC Teaching You How To Make Delicious Climate Sustainable Foods?
  1959. Idea – Climate Change Adapted Foods?
  1960. Idea – Smarter Advertising Email
  1961. Idea – Simple Statistics Of Python Code For Learners
  1962. An Easy Sound Project You Can Do With Your Old Raspberry Pi
  1963. TIP – Get Very Good Audio Quality From The Raspberry Pi 2 With A USB Sound Card
  1964. Idea – Linux Employment Service
  1965. Idea – Taking Advantage Of Massive Harddrives For Rural Education
  1966. Remake Libraries Into An Idea And Startup Generating Place For The Public
  1967. Idea – There Should Exist Blueprints That Require Intelligence To Complete
  1968. Free idea for the creators of low price tablets for education
  1969. TIP – Using Inkscape For Making Small Changes To a PDF
  1970. Idea – 3D Model Cliparts For LibreOffice
  1971. Idea – Online Game Time Lock For Parents
  1972. Idea – International Employment Service For Refugees?
  1973. Idea – Photo Podcasts and Blogs For Internet Retailers
  1974. Idea – Material Access For The Ingenuity Of The Refugees?
  1975. Idea – Innovating From Breaking Assumptions
  1976. Idea – Collaborative Writing For Blog Articles With A Credit List
  1977. Idea – Generating Startups?
  1978. Idea – Technology For Practicing Reading Books
  1979. Idea – Sell Your Products By Renting A Space In A Shop
  1980. Idea – Learn From A Crowd Sourced FAQ In A Digital Theory Book
  1981. Idea – Easy Stress Reduction During The Cold Winter Months
  1982. Idea – Free International Curriculum For Tablets
  1983. 3D assisted drawing
  1984. Idea – Turn On Marked Words Or Sentences In Texts
  1985. Idea – Solar And Internet Powered Distance Work Facilities
  1986. Idea – Simple Feedback For Articles
  1987. Guessing Innovation
  1988. Idea – Cheap Solar Powered Plastic Fridge?
  1989. Innovation From A Google Search String
  1990. Idea – Future Evolution of the Solar Lantern
  1991. Idea – Supported Distance Work Facilities
  1992. Idea – Added Special Back Light For Reading On Tablet, Computer Or Phone
  1993. Idea To Simplify Access To Education
  1994. Idea – Inspiring Text Editor
  1995. Distance Grading
  1996. Tool For Read Comprehension Idea
  1997. Document Your Linux Terminal Knowledge
  1998. Simple Version Of The Command Manual Pages
  1999. Installation and UserGuide Podcasts
  2000. Open Source Textbook Podcast
  2001. Different Quality Backup Idea
  2002. Wi-Fi not working on your LiveUSB?
  2003. Photo Podcast
  2004. Tech Against Stress
  2005. Enhancement possibilities in a digital curriculum
  2006. MOOC Station
  2007. A Non Changing Experience In A Changing Environment
  2008. Idea on 3D generation and its possible implication for evolution
  2009. Language Learning
  2010. Preloaded microSD with Small Business Videos
  2011. Voice Overs for Blogs and Articles
  2012. Video Book Reading
  2013. Refugee Education
  2014. Improving Email
  2015. Solar Energy Potential For Water Depollution
  2016. Communities around Open Source Textbooks