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Idea – Code Using A Chatbot

I was wondering how to improve programming on the smartphone. Then I got the idea that maybe its possible to code using a chatbot.

The idea is that by having a conversation with the chatbot. The bot could generate code, answer questions or provide guidance. For instance on error messages the bot could provide additional information given questions from a novice programmer.

I believe this idea opens up many possibilities.

Idea – MovieGame Experience

My idea is simple.

Would it not be fun to make a MovieGame. With todays advanced consols. It would be possible to cut in games in a movie. So with an action adventure film and at selected times in the movie your prompted if you want to play a related scene in a game.
Here you could continue the movie only if the player is successful.
So this could be a way to enhance older movies or new. That is with the movie running on the game console.

Idea – Could Machine Learning Benefit Stroke Victims

The idea is simple.

I wonder if stroke victims who have trouble with speech could benefit from machine learning.

The idea I had was that the software would help with the understanding. I mean we have software that can translate between different spoken languages.

Here the machine learning software would learn from the person. Perhaps even better than a human could.

Maybe the person would not need to adapt so much since the software doesn’t care what it sounds like.
It could use variations of words the person can produce.

Idea – Sort The Matrix Before Doing Calculations?

I wonder. Should there not be a reward or any kind of mathematical gain for doing transformations. Lossless transformations in particular. I think this could be true. 
One kind of transformation I think of is sorting to a index and value matrix of a matrix.

I did this for a random matrix of some size. The idea is that this transformation into a real valued matrix and two sorted matrixes of integers will better, faster or something when doing some calculation.



Speculation – Some Thoughts About Singularities

If you think of a singularity as a problem. Then because its a problem you have different possible methods for handling it. In general the most frequent way to solve a problem is to solve it by replacing it with a solution. But what if a solution does not exist. Then one way would be to mitigate the problem. To avoid it.

Then the mitigating method would be the solution.

Idea – T.rex A Beach Runner?

Im sitting here drinking coffee at a cafe. Was reading our local science magazine. It said that T.rex danced during mating. The problem though when you way so much is the pressure on the feet.

Thats why I believe such a predator hunted on soft grounds. Maybe it seeked those almost dried up lakes with soft sand. Because the ground is difficult to move in the T.rex got the upper hand on the pray. Who could not move that fast in the mud or soft sand.

Idea – 3D Printer Service In Retail Shops

The idea is simple. Why could not our retail stores like Clas O offer a 3d printing service. I think it makes sense. People who come there probably have problems a 3d printer could be perfect for.

Also with a printer the store could manufacter parts no longer availible. I believe this is a much easier solution than that everyone has a 3d printer.

Come to think of it. I don’t think 3D printing of repair parts will be the recomended way. Mainly because of safety issues.

For decorations for a wedding maybe a paper 3D printer could work wonders. Just imagine what can be done.