Cancer – survival cell division function without regards for other life? A guess of the mechanism behind it.

If this is the case, if you vaccinate the entire population, there will be no vaccine that works in the future. Old diseases like polio comes back?

I wonder. If you do not realize the danger and use Ai to develop new medicine for already hardened bacteria, they could become carcinogenic infections?

One must understand the basics of machine learning. A model can take different paths to reach the end goal. Some convergence is infinitely convergent, which means that bacterial evolution always finds a way of life that works, for instance the cancer form of life.

Then what is infinitely convergent?

If you run the model with the same input all the time, a while loop with the same batch of data. It will fail to generalize. It does not see enough approximations and becomes specialized in ONE thing, it becomes a cancer. Thus, it becomes a “dangerous survival cell division function” without regards for other life. I suspect the problem belongs to the halting Touring problem. The bacteria during its data process needs to shut down itself to succeed in Internal evolution. This is compromised. It can’t shut down.

So what to do. Eat and measure food. Lemon water. Take care of crops. Make sure you only eat natural products.