Rain Idea – Creating The Environment Optimized For Rain – No Pollution? Salt?

Freshwater rain is ?meant I guess for life to exist. Following this guess I wonder if a decision network for rain does not want to waste freshwater if conditions are not right. If too salty or too polluted on the ground or lake.

That is. If conditions are so bad it absolutely does make sense to rain freshwater there. It probably wont either.

But there is a way. If people would help the condition. For example some alternative to covering the ground with 100% pavement?

If the physical network ?calculates by heat radiation or something else. That conditions are getting better. That the derivative is on a good path. Plants are growing. Then I think this would increase the chances of rain.

For instance. I think we need to instate simulated rainforests in urban areas with manual irregation. The humidity of many such places would be such a positive change.

Empower the planet. Optimize it for life.