Machine Learning Physics Guess – Does Random Spin Help Classification By Sequence Sampling Probability Classifications

I was thinking. What if you rotate an object randomly during training in machine learning. Then the recognition of a rotated object would pose less of a problem.

Then if you rotate some other similar object randomly you will have many predictions to go by. Improving the accuracy then becomes discarding the probable miss classifications. Since they are not in the majority of the cases. Some median of the predictions. Or maybe its better to check the sequence of probability. That is. If you get the same result for the first ?10 predictions.

So from this I guess that the random spin properties of atom objects. Could perhaps in the machine learning sense be sequence sampling probability classifications. That is. If the atom objects are classified to be part of the same atom.

Homeless Idea – Some Words For Social Innovation

Tossing around some words for an idea to improve homelessness. I didnt get a closure on it.

* Small Houses – Friggebodar, Attefallshus

* Food subscription

* Clothing subscription

The way I see it. Getting houses for the homeless is a sustainable peace idea. Its about respecting human life.

Another idea

What About Battery Backup For Power Outages In Construction? More affordable housing? With extra electricity maybe more machines can do work at the same time bringing down the cost.


Tutorials Needed – Tutorial On Creating An Invention From Scratch?

We have lots of programming tutorials. But what if we treated innovation and the creative process of making inventions in a programming way.

I wonder. If there were tutorials on ?old inventions from scratch then perhaps it would be possible to learn how to come with new inventions much easier. See common things among inventions.

So the idea is to write an invention from scratch in a jupyter notebook.

Genius Idea Electricity From Heat – Use Movement To Slide Along A Heated Surface For Concentrated Heat

The idea is simple.

What if you used a hardened surface of a Peltier Element and slided that along some solar heated surface? Then I think you get a much more warmer hot side. At the same time you cool the upper side with a fan. This should generate more electricity than just placing the peltier still on surface.

So the idea is to sum up small patches of heat. With movement and low friction contact the added energy for motion is ?small. Like for a sliding bearing. At least solar energy could move the heat collector also.


Climate Idea – Is It Possible To Create A Rain And Tree Corridors If All That Is Needed Is To Following A Green Growth Function Perhaps Entering Saudi Arabia From The Arabian Sea?

From machine learning. Where you update the model from an error function. The update is done so that the next time there is a check the error function is closer to zero.

Then I wonder. If everything that can be decisions also are machine learned decisions. Then there exist a rain network. Since it is an easier way to create the smart conditions needed life.

If so. Then there is a error or update function that needs to be followed. Since every network needs to optimized for life then the goal of the update ?could be to check if there is some green ?growth.

Like watering the plant. You don’t want to water too much or too little.

So maybe all that is needed is a tree corridor with ground vegetation. From the Arabian Sea To Mediterranean Sea.

The idea is that the rain network will adapt since there is some purpose to it. That is. Sustaining vegetation.

This looks like reinforcement learning. Only lacking a bit ?vegetation up north to connect the rain?

Super Climate And Energy Idea – Heat And Cold Storage Driven Process From Free Heat From Roads. Cool The City. Improve Rain Conditions?

The idea is simple.

Cities need to cool down. One way is to take advantage of the problem we have with overheated pavement and roads.

If you draw the heat (air suction?) from these surfaces and combine that with a chilled mass. In a ?underground heat storage. Then chill another storage to minus degrees. Using solar energy? By the way. Does the cold storage need to be as big as the heat storage?

I wonder if you then can create electricity from a temperature difference driven process.

Perhaps something like this can take reduce the need for air conditioners. Improve conditions for rain (no overheated surfaces) and more.

Long-Term Tiredness Idea – Try The White Raw Part Of Mild Point Cabbage

I think I found somewhat of a cure for my long-term tiredness. Since its the brain that is tired. I tried to remember different foods that would cause another feeling in the brain.

From this remembered that white cabbage was pretty strong. Then I tried the milder point cabbage. The taste I got from this was a milky sweet. This from eating only the white inner parts. Not all point cabbage works. Some organic ones don’t. It all depends on the taste. It should taste sweet not green.

After eating the water rinsed small portion my brain feelt clearer. Not so tired any more.

Engineering Guess – Do The Numerical Iteration Process Have Some Real World Meaning. Efficiency?

The process of finding Pi is ?Iterative. So when I was trying to come up with a differential equation for Pi. I wondered. Is there an equation that looked like, dp/dn = g(p,n). Where g(p,n)->0 when n is large. That is. When the iteration has processed a couple of times the update to p is zero. Like a constant.

From this I guessed that since differential equations can be solved iteratively. The iteration part has some physical meaning. Not just some numerical problem.

So I wondered. Could the problem be related to efficiency. I guess is that machine learning could connect error curves in FEA software with real world ?efficiency results.

Linux Maker Project Idea – Raspberry Pi Stereo With Audio Calf Type Plugins?

It takes some effort if you want quality sound in Linux. Setting up JACK, pulse audio sink and Calf type plugins. Then routing the audio through the plugins alll the way to the soundcard.

Therefor I wonder if this can be made into a product using the Raspberry Pi. If the processing power is not enough on the Pi. Than a laptop could perhaps act as an audio streamer. That is. You have a dsp ?server program on the laptop and remotely control it with the raspberry pi over wifi to the amplifier.

If there exists JACK routing over a wifi network? Then all you need is a VNC connection to the PI to solve this project.

Fusion Idea – Iterate A Perfect Start For Fusion To Take Place? Similar To Machine Learning Iteration Perfect Start

Using small fusion devices only. I wonder if its like in machine learning. Where you can get a much better score when iterating the first batch many times. This before continuing to the rest of of training set.

So for fusion this would mean setting up init(). Then hopefully the continued iteration through time will have less errors.

I think this is an axiom. Its hard to fix a bad start. I guess its impossible in most cases.

Machine Learning Idea – Decision Function Choice Of Activation Function?

A quick idea.

Why not see if there exist some probability function or if you can go back in iteration to select a new activation function that achieved a much higher loss reduction.

That is. You have many activation functions in model to select from. Not everyone at once. So you have to select one. I guess that you could test among some candidates in som small iteration. After the ?biggest loss reduction is made. Go one big iteration further and repeat the process.

Peace Idea – Empower Locals, Companies Focused On Empowering People?

With the experience of empowering refugees. I believe I stumpled on a ?new concept.

Why not empower locals. I think you can accelerate country wealth by doing this.

Since companies is a method of getting things done efficiently I wonder. Could we have companies that focuses on empowering people.

Speculation. How can we get massive amount of companies? Is there an online MOOC-school/mentoring site where self employed people can get the support they need?

Could AI be used to help disabled run their own business?


Machine Learning Battery Guess – Generated Surfaces? Water Ice Cubes And Energy

How does machine learning make sense to a battery? With machine learning we can make decision in an automatic way. So I wondered if there should exist batteries with multiple outputs.

Maybe tests should be made with machine learning on a simple galvanic cell first.

The idea with the ice in the water photo is that ice act like a energy absorber. Using naive connection logic this would be connected to the electrodes. So should the electrode surfaces also generated in real battery?

If you withdraw energy from different places in a divided electrode. Would that not change its overall surface look.

With multiple outputs from the electrodes it ?should be possible to use a machine learning decision models for those output options. Like adapted watt per connection usage as function many data.

Machine Learning Idea – My Simple Free Image Compression Idea – Learned Discriminator() As Error Check

Here is a free and open source idea for image compression. Using machine learning.

So the idea is to store a discriminator model that can Classify every sub image of the total image. That is. For every random looking input it can through iteration. Help improve the target image simply by calculating a class label number that the subimage belongs to the right class. The classes are numbers corresponding to each subimage. If the class number is 1 for some subimage then the calculated number could be at 0.6 and iterate all the way to 1.0. That is. For a small change in subimage calculation there is a corresponding change in the output score or label number.

That is. The target uncompressed image starts as complete random. It is iterated with random as input with another model_generator until all the classes in the right place is achieved. The generator model is then discarded. The previously learned model_discriminator is the compressed version.