Electric Car Battery – Imaginative Algorithm That Generates 3D Printable Plastic Acid Battery?

You can use power guesses to put meaning on things. For example. There exist plastic that withstands acid and acid batteries are probable inventions. So simulating AI thinking in your mind. You make the guess that plastics belong to acid and then batteries.

Another observation is that new manufacturing techniques could improve or make possible new inventions of old inventions.

So looking at the square car acid battery. Old tech. I assume it can be improved by plastic 3D printing and machine learning algorithms. That is. You generate an imaginative (?GAN) battery that has much better performance and capacity.

I don’t know what it would look like but perhaps something like those 3D printed thread thin plastic fantasy models. The idea is that acid ?generally wants to dissolve and if the plastic looks like is about to dissolve then that dissolve shape is probably an important structure.

I think this could lead to much better efficiency since you adapt the battery to the materials natural whishes or flow.

So inspired by this I hope there is enough imagination to get the next generation algorithmic batteries.

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