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Desalination Idea – Does There Exist Something Like Pressure Dots For Reverse Osmosis?

If evolution had to adapt a living organism to high pressures my guess is that it would be easier if it could separate a higher fitness from small errors.

Then I guess small errors could perhaps mean something like dots. So I wonder if there is a possibility to evolve the pressure tubes?

Does there exist something like pressure dots for reverse osmosis?

Desalination Idea – Water Pressure Aid With The Help Of A Spear Barb?

There has been some ancient usage of spears. Its constructed around pressure. So I wonder. What is its modern usage? Would it be possible to use moving spear heads like the image below to drive water and create a pressure in a reverse osmosis cylinder?

At least it could serve as inspiration. The idea here is that every civilization probable invention has some further usage.

Job Idea – Café With Smartphone And Tablet Support Person?

This is my job idea for today.

There are a lot of older people in need of support for the new computer, the smartphone. So I thought. Why not hire and share a person who can go to different cafés. There he and she could help those in need.

So the idea is for an extra service to the customers in the form of a computer support person.

I don’t know if sharing the cost of an employee from two different companies is possible. If not this could perhaps be another idea.

Green Machine Learning Idea – Image Recognition To Generate The Best Growing Environment? Greening The Desert And More

Where ever we use our senses. Eyes, smell or ?taste. An algorithm could perform ?better. So with the help of machine learned networks and python libraries or modules. I wonder if the you can feed the network start images of the target area and generate a time sequence of images. These then become the ”what to do” images.

The end image is then the finished greened environment.

So the idea is to build up and train weights for a Green Machine Learning Network. Like there exist other large networks.

Water Desalination Guess – Hot And Cold Water Side Of The Filter?

I believe water ?likes temperatures to be even. Therefor I had the idea that maybe desalination could be aided by a temperature difference.

I don’t know but maybe its possible to ?heat the saltwater side and chill the freshwater side of the filter. The idea is to see if desalination. The removal of salt from the water could be aided by this temperature difference.

Programming Assistant Community – Idea For Developing An Internet Experience For The Blind

What is a good Internet experience for the blind?

Since I cant do much on my own to change that. I thought. Why not a blind programming community. Blind people could with the help of assistants via Internet ?voice or text chat create code with knowledge of what works and not. To improve the experience that is.

The code is written mostly by the assistant I guess. It could serve as a model for voice programming with a chatbot. So it would benefit everyone.

Other than that. Programming is a fun experience. Especially if you can take part of the creative process.

Peace Idea For Israel – Tunnel Agriculture For Food Security In Times Of Climate Change? Indiana Jones Tunnel Railway Carts With Crops?

A quick peace idea.

I was looking at some pictures of an Israeli farmer walking in the field. I believe we need to help each other. No matter what. I wonder. Is it possible to grow food in tunnels. I guess its just a technical problem to get enough sunlight to light into the tunnel. Then perhaps some ventilation and a simple air condition device could give just the right air temperature.

Maybe we could have a railway in the tunnel model Indiana Jones with crops growing in carts.

Physical Movement Denoiser – Movement Restoration?

A quick machine learning guess.

Like there exist image restoration or denoising. There should exist physical movement denoising.

I imagine it would work with 3D models. The pixels are the 3D vertices of the objects. So when you apply a denoising function to the 3D animation it would ?correct the movement a little.

I hope it could work for physical simulations.

Another simpler idea is to implement a denoising function in Blender for 3D objects vertices. Not just a smoothing function that would remove too much detail.

Water Desalination Tower Idea – Efficient High Pressure Desalination?

A quick salt water desalination idea.

We have water towers for that high pressure. Why could we not use similar idea for high pressure desalination.

Pump seawater to an elevated level using solar power and then combine the water to a high pressure through the membrane. Perhaps its better to see if elevated freshwater can aid the pressure process instead.

So the idea is for a Large Water Desalination Tower. However the question is how to make it safe. You don’t want any risk of contamination.

Desalination Tower

Idea – Use A Lightweight Cheap Cooling Bag For Shopping Meat, Milk, Butter, Eggs And More

I had just the best idea.

What if we take the camping cooling bag. The one with reflective foil inside. As a shopping bag. Just place the delicate meat, milk, butter, eggs, fish together with a frozen soda bottle.

I think this works for countries in Asia, Africa or where the climate is hot.

For Sweden I’m going to try this for hot half a chicken meals now in winter. Here I don’t need anything hot in the bag. Just the hot chicken.

A product Idea would be to create these kind of bags for take home pizza. Just let the customer buy the reusable pizza bag and place the the pizza in the regular paper container inside the Thermos Pizza Bag.

cooling bag

Regular camping cooling bag for shopping

Music World a Multi Player Game Creation Idea – Peer Scored Music Creation Game

Why not create a multi player creation game. One that is essentially a 3D music world with different daws and characters.

You play by creating music and getting scored initially from tutorials and then to automatic algorithms and peer review.

This way many popular songs get started and knowledge is transfered to the younger generation.

So my idea is to create Music World. A peer review music game on Linux.

Water Preservation – Shower Suit For Men and Woman?

A quick idea.

The reason for a dedicated shower clothes is to preserve water. I believe its the heat from the water that prolongs its use.

So the idea is to have a special bading suit. To preserve heat and then also water.

So here is a product opportunity. A shower suits for men and women that preserves heat, dries up quickly and easy to wash in.

Or come think of it. Looking like a Borat swim suit might not be so popular. So maybe a ?larger shower towel or some like that works.

#dayzero Using Camping Products For Indoor Water Preservation – Camper Toilet And Shower?

First I was thinking. Add A Composting Toilet To The Bathroom. Then I got the idea to ?temporary replace indoor infrastructure with smarter inventions.

When we think water preservation we just see outdoor DIY inventions for the poor.

What if we use inventions like these for big houses or apartments. For instance. Is there a composting toilet we can install? Like a camper toilet? Another is to use a water reusing camping shower.

To defeat #dayzero are there more camping products we can use for indoors? Like a camping washing machine for clothes. Camping dish washing equipment and fosit replacement perhaps.

Distributed Water Desalination – Portable Boat Desalination Products?

Important idea

Could a distributed desalination system work. Portable marine desalination units. Looking at first unit I could find with google. The Rainman Portable Desalination. It does not look so big.

Since portable solar panels made a bigger difference to people lives than big solar farms. I wonder if the same could be true for water.

So the idea is for central water and distributed water to work together.

Everyone needs to have a portable desalination device and the needed solar panels.

Linux Hardware Idea – Hardware Accelarated Python Script?

As a strategy improvement for Linux.

Make code accessible and understandable to everyone. Most importantly to the younger generation. That is. To pass on knowledge and make genius improvements possible.

To achieve this I think we could have such a thing as hardware accelerated python.

Further I think we should have simulated hardware in accelerated python script. Different kind of CPU’s and GPU’s. This so knowledge is not left only to machine learning robots.

Water Usage Reduction Idea – Constructed Sun Shades For Cattle? To Prevent Food And Water Shortage

A quick idea.

I was wondering. After watching livestock images on wikipedia it struck me. What if we made ?movable sun shade constructions.

It seems obvious that if the animal is too hot it needs more water. So when water is scarce. They can still manage if more sun shade is available? Also could big low power fans work? 12 volt solar powered cattle fans?

Peace Idea – Dual Innovation Pledge Or Agreement Among Big Companies?

I’m wondering. Is there an open strategy that can be thought of to prevent the world from tearing itself apart in endless civil wars around the world?

A focus on refugee innovation. Food, water, jobs, electricity, …

What about a dual innovation pledge or agreement among big companies. Alongside your regular products or services. As there are emergency shelters, could there also exist emergency factories for jobs and needed products. Solar powered and ready to be deployed.

Why not innovate for refugee situations, innovate for a peaceful world.