Physical Network Desalination – Could You Take Advantage Of Freeze Filtering Salt Water Around Freshwater Ice?

My speculation is that the universe is optimized for life since living organisms could die otherwise.

From this I guess that saltwater can be ?desalinated to some extent through freezing around fresh water ice.

I guess its possible to have a temperature difference between the fresh water ice kept at around -0° C and the salty water above ? -1.8° C.

The idea is to have a digitally temperature filter for freshwater ice generation. Maybe you can have a structure of the ice so that the generation speeds up. Like a iceberg have large understructure.

The network part is that I believe that the freezer needs to be transparent to make physical network convergence faster. The process of filtering the salt.

I wonder if this why a snowflake looks like it does. It forms a ?light-network to make itself more ?withstanding? Could be an idea for a freezer. Use light snow networks.

I think there is more to phases than its classifications. The phase network transformation function is perhaps the answer?

What if you can make freshwater with a controlled solar powered transparent freezer? One which then sheds of freshwater ice like a harvesting function.

Physics Network Speculation – Is Fusion Easier With A Cold Outer Space And Hot Plasma And A Window?

Following my physics network theory. A change of matter configuration. Would be similar to convergence in machine learning. My speculation is that the atom network updates depends on light as the parameter, w(i) values in the layers. So because you have something like entanglement. I speculate that entangled light are involved in update changes that lead to fusion. Since it would make the update ?algorithm possible.

So I guess that fusion in the sun is aware of the cold space around it. Since some light leaves the big network and you have spooky action at a distance revealing instances of ?surrounding potential differences.

So its the light that adapts the atom network for fusion.

This would mean that the fusion reactor needs a transparent window to a colder outer surroundings.

Machine Learning Philosophy Idea – All Data Has A Direction Like A[Concentrated, Pointing, Diffuse, Good, Better, …

Just wanted to share some philosophy.

Inspired by my network theory. Water refractive index is data that can be directed.

From this I gather that. All data can be split into ”word direction vectors”. Be it data = [dataX, dataY , dataZ, dataGood, dataBetter, dataBest, dataDiffuse,dataConcentrated,dataPointing, … ] or something more.

So in machine learning I guess that it could be an idea to split data in more than the obvious groups.

?One way to split data I think is to have one network for each word direction. That is. Let the networks corresponding to each word compete or compare the usage they make of the data samples.

Thinking about this further. Maybe if I have input as output my weights in my ?dynamically expanding network function can be my cluster groups. Here the shape of the network is important. At least they could be related to clusters. Similar to my physical network theory.

I will have to test if this method is something.

Machine Learning Idea – Resample And Zoom

A quick idea.

For time series prediction. I wonder if its possible to use resampling and inverse zooming.

That is. Resample a window of the series to a lower number of samples. Then predict using those. Then as a second type of prediction use the resampled data as input and non resampled data window as the target.

Then it ?should be possible to predict the outline of the function and then predict the details of the outline. A bit like sketching. You just predict the zoomed detail for the second process.

Machine Learning Idea – Calculate With More Truth

I will start with a power sentence. ”Shit in shit out”. In the machine learning context this means that we are doing things a little bit ?wrong. We start with shit from the inside. From randomly initialized weights. Then by a lot of noise cancellations and filters we get something that looks like the target. But it is often shit out.

I suspect there exist improvements. For instance. I think you can calculate with the truth. That is. Exact solutions to linear systems of equations or single equations. Then you have used truth values.

I don’t know what the start value for the weights should be. That is. The arguments A,b to np.linalg.solve(A,b). But from eliminations of options I think it should come from the target and input values. As they are truth values.

So the idea is to combine exact solution equations like Ax = b in the weights as objects. Then puzzle those truths into a bigger picture.

testing …

Network Math Idea – Does Network Math Follow The Path Of Old Mathematics?

Machine learning as it is today is pretty simple. You have input, a and output b with a function net(a) in between.

Doesn’t this resemble old math. You have one object a that is proportional to an object b.

When does this not hold. If net(a) is singular for some a = a(k). But how could net(a(k)) get singular. One feature of 1/x is perhaps the closeness to a possible singularity at x = 0.

So I thought. If you have two networks. A rational object if you will. That is. net(a) = net0(a)/net1(a). This might get me new possibilities. Here I will train net0 and net1 as if they were separate neural networks. That is. Some hidden layer networks.

So the idea was to include a feature of math. The closeness to a singularity.

Testing …

Maybe you need to use network objects obj1, obj2, obj3,… as in ordinary math and just train them. Could there exist like a reduced taylor series for network objects?

So here you can create a built in gain function in the model.

gain 0..1 to -inf..inf
gain >0..1 gives -big..big

Battery Idea – Flying Electron And Ion Battery?

Just for inspiration. A quick battery idea just as a philosophical possibility.

So my idea is to capture the energy from electrons while they are flying at high speeds.

I think its possible to create such a battery with electrons in vacuum with high voltages. However vacuum might not be so ideal since it does not provide an adaptable function. So maybe the battery would use a neon tube with ?coils.

Maybe the battery today is a heavy bottle neck and you need an electron ?multiplier that does not take so much weight.

If nothing else I had fun making the rendered image.Maybe an extreme battery should have extreme properties like high electron ?speed. The big C battery.

battery inspiration idea

Homeless Innovation Idea – Donated Wood Planks, Timber For Housing First Homeless Organisation

I wonder. Why don’t we have a City Mission For Homeless which collects donated wood planks and timber. To be used for building tiny house villages for the homeless.

For Sweden who has yet to pick up this housing first strategy. I wonder if one idea could be to trade wood planks for helping build these small houses.

I mean. Wood is an expensive product and labor costs could also be an obstacle. So when a home carpenter builds a porch. He or she could perhaps help build a tiny house. For some amount of wood.

Philosophy Speculation – Network Reality Object x,y,z,t?

The assumption is that the universe has calculated ?everything. Then there should exist a relation between x,y,z position and time for any small object.

So for the smallest object I assume there is some kind of a network with x,y,z,time as input data. Just because the calculation exists as a possibility.

Then I guess there is network answer that is fulfilled for x,y,z,t in the network. If the network just have one node in the end the answer is single number then maybe its a constant for every such object.

A test I made. Aiming for something constant. Be it a constant vector or number. I really got to many candidates for constants.

constant calc

Physics Guess – Is Ultra Determinism Required For Fusion?

The idea is simple.

I wonder. For fusion. Could ultra determinism help. By this I mean. There could exist a wise relationship for fusion technology. Since it might be dangerous. That is. You need 100% knowledge when and where fusion takes place.

By this relationship. A large hot volume for fusion like the tokamak is not the start of this technology. I guess a smaller device which is optimized for answering the two questions. Where and when exactly fusion takes place. Is the way to go.

Machine Learning Idea – Error Recognition In Classification?

I made a test of an error recognition with the irids dataset. The idea was to add an additional column to the target examples. The column was just a 1 for true examples and 0 for random generated examples.

So what I did first was to train the model network on the just the true examples.

Then I added double the amount of randomly generated data in the input data. With that random data I run it through the model. Predicting which class the random data would belong to. This falsie predicted data I could then use as false examples. That is. I added a 0 column to that target data.

This data together with the old data got me new data to train my second model. One which could tell if the input was ?wrong and still predict the correct output.

Although it took longer to converge.

So with this test I could tell if the sample looked like it came from a random generator giving close to 0.0 at the first column. Similar it could tell a value of .99 for data coming from true examples.

Otherwise the network would just use the method of elimination which is not so good.


Code is just for me to remember the idea. Not anything to copy. Maybe to correct though : )

just testing

Idea – School-Peace Fund And Innovation Against Bullying?

For students to feel secure in school. Should there not exist a school-peace fund who comes up with anti bullying projects and ideas.

Somehow you need a broader approach to reduce tragedies like school shootings. A peaceful school where everyone can feel safe and happy. I don’t think its that hard. From my point of view there needs to be different projects running all the time. This way school children know their well being matters.

Zero Stop Train – Independent Train Commuter Railway Lines

For important train commuters lines I believe something has to be done. A failure should not affect the peoples whole day. Trying to find a bus, taxi or getting stuck at the Central City Station.

Its not enough to build additional tracks for higher traffic volume. The tracks are dependent on the same failures. If built like usual.

The idea is to build an additional independent train commuter line. Such that if one line gets an error people can go to the other line.

So for example. A two independent line system should have independent power supplies and maybe a big and a little Central Station.

With this idea. People get a much needed backup and for a carbon emission free future public transport must have an excellent uptime with zero stops.

One idea is that to create extra stations along the extra way. Since stations are gold to the neighborhood. The number of housings will ?increase overall. If you don’t make the train system error resilient then the problem with going by train will persist.

dual lines train commuter

Peace Idea – Build An Identical Copy Of Jerusalem For Palestine As Their Capital

A quick idea

Inspired by the digital age. Why not build an identical copy of Jerusalem. Let the Palestinians decide if it will be their capital.

The reason for this is pretty simple. If you build so that you have two or three Jerusalem there should be less probability for arguing. There is a Jerusalem for Israel and for one Palestine and possibly one left as a symbol for peace.

Peace Idea – Peace Oriented Food?

Could we improve the chances of peace with food? Or rather. It could be that perhaps the wrong type of sugar or too much sugar for longer periods of time influences us in a bad way.

I would argue that certain spices in food could have a positive effect on the brain. I base this assumption on the feeling I get when eating curry chicken. Thats my guess anyway.

Peace Idea – Second Chances For Jerusalem

It would be better for Israel if they respectfully declined the American decision for Jerusalem. For the time being at least. Considering that it could potentially cause too much harm.

Its not necessary. Nothing says you cant get a second chance at this even after a retraction. I believe peace and trust can be built this way.

Maybe we could have three cities and Jerusalem being culture protected by two countries law.

TWo Country Culture Monument SignTWo Country Culture Monument Sign