Workaround Pytorch Old CPU No SSE4 – Use Intel Software Development Emulator And A CUDA GPU

I was wondering why pytorch did not work on my AMD x4 computer. It seems it is too old. Does not support SSE4.

So I tested with success the Intel Software Development Emulator with pytorch and cuda enabled.

Yes it worked. Using only the CPU took more time than I would like to wait. But boy using the gpu. The GPU went up to 100% and the calculation took just a second. Way fast.

So with a CUDA enabled graphics card you can run pytorch on an old cpu.

Idea – Only emulate whats missing

This gave an idea. Is it possible to make a similar emulator only for sse4 and future functions? So the emulator does not emulate everything. Just what is missing. Otherwise I think its slower than it have to be. Then we could have that running by default running in Linux.

Has anyone tested to improve audio samples with machine learning? Like there exist super resolution example in pytorch. High quality samples for LMMS maybe.