Future Battery Speculation – Energy Units As Information Packages In A Future Battery

My take on a future battery.

In a future battery energy is probably treated like information. With so much energy compressed into the battery. I wonder if you have to have crc checksums for every energy unit transformed in the battery.

Maybe you can check the total battery checksum by having a little discharge at same time your charging. This way faulty units gets resent.

Physics Guess – Could You Enhance Length Contraction?

My guess is simple. Everything has some usefulness attached to it.

So whats the point of length contraction?

L = Lo*sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)

I don’t know but..

Since we cant get the velocity v as high as light speed then why not lower c.

Would it be possible to get a higher contracted length ratio using materials with a high refraction index?

I wonder. Could you lower the speed of light in the material enough and have some high speed particle for v traveling through it.

What could happen. Whats the use of length contraction?


Cooperation Project Idea – An American and Mexican City?

In difficult times. People go towards cities for a reason. There are jobs, food and a future for their children. Education and more.

Therefor the idea is to build cities. A future city. Why not an American and Mexican City where people will find work and a future for themselves.

I wonder if you could have half the workers building the city come from America and half from Mexico.

I think this could lessen the pressure on immigration. Just an idea.

Idea – Business Investors For Refugee Livelihood?

Could refugee livelihood financing get inspired by the wave of startups? I mean. Is it possible to define a new type of investor. The small business or livelihood investor.

Investing in livelihood I believe is very important. It is base of any climate change resilience.

How could investment in livelihood be enhanced or made more effective? How could investors and refugees and others connect?

Could we have courses in Smartphone ICT. To take advantage of simple mobile computing and cloud services like Google Drive.

Refugee Startup Idea – Tech Delivery Guys?

My idea is simple.

As a livelihood idea. Maybe for Internally Displaced Persons in the cities. Should there not exist a Tech Delivery Service. Like those bike delivery services for food.

So if the customer need some computer equipment fast. They just look it up on a price comparison site and select a reseller that has got the product within some delivery time limit.

Smart Livelihood Idea – Apps For Livelihood?

A quick idea.

To improve the situation for refugees and internally displaced persons or those who depend on their livelihood. I think there should exist apps that enables more efficient livelihood.

So what mobile apps could then be created? Is backup in the cloud a good idea?

We have google spreadsheets. For this to be effective maybe we should have something like Mobile ICT in which you learn to use the phone for business.

Improving Livelihood idea – Sell Handmade Products With The Help Of Professional Packaging

My idea is simple.

We eat with our eyes they say. So my guess is that in order to make handmade product sell more. You need the professional looking plastic wrappings, tags and boxes.

So the idea is. If you make a fabric phone case, kitchen towel or butter knife.You also buy a plastic  product wrapping box to place it in. This way it looks professional and I guess more likely to be sold.

Example of a handmade key-chain in a nice plastic wrapping

So this idea will open up business to livelihood. The idea is if business can improve the handmade product sales. Then maybe they can create professional looking packaging for this market.

Idea – Could Audio/Image/Video Machine Learning Recognition Be Used For Contents Rights Management?

Image recognition is pretty old. We have had OCR of digits and letters a while now. Therefor I wonder if content such as music or movies can be protected by machine learning.

The idea is that display and audio devices could connect to a database with learned parameters for recognizing the particular media file. The parameters are learned to give a positive answer for a given video.

Knowing what media is played the device can then decide to play or not.

From this we possibly need a new legal video service. Like some popular ad supported music services. Maybe a Global TV station could work. Global TV but with local ads.

Since advertising on the Internet can be personal. It is not necessary to model ads after television.

One idea is to let small business, bloggers, private citizens promote their things on such a network. I mean the ad can be controlled to how many they reach. Then how much the ad costs for the seller is variable. Could be a small amount.

So it will be a way to grow smaller sized business or livelihoods.

Idea – The Scripted Educational Bot?

I realize that it might be difficult to create a virtual all answering teacher bot. Even so. I think educational bots are important.

So to get started. I wonder if the conversation to the virtual teacher could be scripted. Like a movie you get a manuscript of a number of questions to write.

This makes it a lot easier for the programmer and everything about the subject will be asked. Many important questions would otherwise not be asked or answered.

With a database of a lot of question. The student could kinda make the process more personal anyway.

Say you have a number of important must write questions and a lot of optional questions.

Then the student could choose among the additional optional questions.

Why not just press a number in front a question instead of typing the question again as it is shown.

I believe if you retype the question. You will think about the question at least during the time you write it. This will make it easier to remember the question and learn the answer.

So the idea is to study by writing and choosing from a manuscript to a educational bot.

Battery Inspiration – Lossy Compressed Energy?

As a way to inspire new kind of thinking around energy storage. Why not make a ?silly comparison between data compression and energy storage.

My guess is that there should exist something called energy compression. Maybe even lossy energy compression where some energy is lost, but where you get the maximum compression ratio.

You find lossy data compression in .jpg images.

Machine Learning Guess – Object aware compression algorithms?

I got the idea from a machine learning lesson on the brain and neural networks.

I was wondering how a different part of the brain could process data from different sources when the path was altered.

One way would be to do image recognition on the the data and see if anything looks different from random.

Another way I guess is to compress the data with different compression algorithms.

This makes me wonder if you could set generate new compression algorithms by specializing the compression for the types of objects in the data.

So for music we would have a classical compression algorithm, a house or trance music compression algorithm.

Similarly for images one might have face image compression and nature photo compression and so on.

So my idea is simple.

Should there exist object aware compression algorithms?

Idea – Interactive Consumer

I wonder. Does there exist a interactive stores?

If you want to sell clothes. Maybe then an idea would be to provide fashion courses.

Similarly for gaming stores. Why not provide game creation courses. Let the winning participants promote their game at the store. I think that could be huge.

Idea – Access To Your Fixed Telephone Line Via Your Smartphone From An App?

We got a fixed telephone line but we never use it. I wonder what can be done to make this service more attractive.

Since the analog telephone today now runs from the Internet router. It would be possible for the ISP to connect the phone line with an android app.

This way you don’t need to keep old type phones around to call using numbers? There are of other advantages also.

The possibility to call withing the local country phone system when traveling abroad.

Use the incoming call blocking feature of the smartphone.

Possibility for better security. Two factor authorization for services that cost money over the phone line.