Peace Innovation Idea – Many Parallel Peace Discussions?

With a single peace discussion or negotiation the pressure is ?always at the maximum.

Therefor I wonder if you can have many parallel peace discussions. With different people and maybe different topics. With this approach you can see which discussion got the best results. I also believe this approach will take less time.

Then when the parallel discussions are over. You can more easily achieve success in a single negotiation.

So the idea is to innovate the peace process by making it many peace processes with different people involved.

Idea – Could Empty Space Be Smart?

If matter is something that separates itself from empty space. Then I think this can be written as a dependent object vs an independent object.

One way to make this independent object larger is to take advantage of random. Then you can almost make the independent object as large as possible.

This is where I think you need a smart network. It would be irresponsible for any network to leave such a big object without a proper algorithm for adjusting itself.

Idea – Weight Loss By Sensing Your Stomach?

To reduce weight I presume that you have make an assessment based on the feelings that the stomach is communicating to you.

The idea is simple. I will try this approach. If I sense my stomach is feeling a little full and I want to eat something besides regular meals. I will just eat tiny amounts of cereal. Nothing else. Just a little cereal with out nothing but water to drink afterwards.

The idea is to achieve the opposite of feeling full. That is to feel a little tension in the stomach. Here the guess is that its not energy only that the body needs fat for.

However if it does not feel good or right it simply does not work for you.

Physics Guess – Decision Vector For A Smog Filter?

I think there needs to be much more innovation in the field of smog processing.

This is my guess.

I wonder if its possible to classify a filter into the following decision vector. Pass without action, ?reflect, store, convert, … That is. If you could divide the problem of an air filter into small more manageable parts, air filter cells. Then dependent on the air units ?unique dirtiness the filter could make smart decisions. Pass, store, convert , … I also wonder if the filter needs to manage different chemical conversions. Probably not for fuel generation but conversions to grab hold of more particles. The idea is to create a particle “heat” pump. Where you can increase the efficiency of the filter.

Just my thoughts.

Battery Physics Idea – Energy Insulation Battery?

This is another of those simple thinking idea. That hopefully lets you set generate new concepts.

The rationale goes as follows. Since a thermal insulator is associated with energy and I assume a much better insulator would allow you to store much more energy. Then why not apply this to a battery. Here you want to store chemical energy.

So the idea is to use a ?chemical insulator to store much more energy.

As light can shine through chemicals. Could light enhance chemical energy storage?

This makes me wonder. What if you can create a evolutionary process for energy storage. That is. You apply forces that acts with the principle of natural selection which then acts on the quality aspects of every part of the system. To get a strong healthy battery. I mean. Could light as a force be used to the batterys advantage?

Environmental Idea – Smart Plastic Collection?

The idea is simple.

Make plastic collection or recycling of bottles and more smart. Meaning you can register the amount you have collected through out the year.

After getting to certain levels of collected amounts the idea is that you will receive additional benefits, citizenship awards etc.

This way large amounts of plastics will be removed from the beaches and the environment.

Philosophical Idea – Are Guessing A Repairment Of Thoughts?

If guessing is the repairment of thoughts. A patch of some kind. Then does repairment exist in math or physics. Could you connect theories by a guess connection. Here I assume a guess connection is a deterministic procedure to connect different solutions without there being a simple rule for it.

Here I assume the theory of everything resembles machine learning networks with lots of weights or parameters. This way you can get complex behaviour in every circumstance. It would therefor not be so hard to bridge recognized theories.

Startup Idea – Changeable Graphics Screen As The Stereo Amplifier

My idea is simple.

With high resolution touch screens. Like those found in your smartphones. It would be possible to change the graphics of your stereo to what ever you want. Be it an advanced interface, or simplified clean display.

All is possible. Its just graphics. The changeable graphics amplifier screen.

Creative commons zero model taken from blendswap. Why not use this for inspiration for your own stereo gfx.

Idea – Rental Apartment Construction Bank?

I was thinking.

Should there exist a dedicated bank for financing the construction of rental apartments?

I mean. People want to invest in the well being of their children and the younger generation. Rental apartments is an important part of that. Without them life starts later.

So the idea is to make sane investments with a bank that is an expert in that field.

Physics Guess – Theory Of Everything

My guess is simple.

The physical laws probably don’t come from nothing. I wonder if a clue to the truth could come from us simulating a bouncing ball in a computer. I don’t mean the universe is simulated. Just that we could experience distributed computing units calculating their next move.

What I guess is that the physical laws we have recognized are the result of evolved network weights. Like in machine learning.

I don’t know but maybe the weights are hard coded into the atom somehow. So it could be that to express the physical laws the ?atom needs millions of different weight values. Like a brain that can handle different physics but here in the most compressed form.

Anyway. To fit it all together I think you have to figure out the physics network.

I think it could be the beginning of smart physics. I guess thinking of the subatomic particles as a smart network.

Physics Guess – Magnetic Algorithm Compression Battery?

As an imagination exercise.

Because electrons can be controlled by magnetism. Would it be possible to take advantage of a magnetic field when charging a battery? To get higher energy compression I mean. Here I don’t think super-conduction is necessary.

So my guess is that a future battery will take advantage of magnetic fields.

Further, would it be possible to use machine learning or a genetic algorithm to increase energy storage. Like an Algorithmic Battery perhaps. I wonder if you could alter many simultaneous physical parameters to increase performance. I mean in the sun as an energy storage device you have varying magnetic fields. Maybe that is not random but works like an optimation algorithm.

Idea – Parent To Child Teaching Mobile Site/App For Refugees?

My idea is simple.

With so many refugees and children then out of school. I wonder if home schooling could be one way of reaching these kids.

Even if the child is of young age. An app on the phone or a internet mobile site could perhaps work if its directed towards parent teaching.

So the idea is to enhance home schooling with a site accessed from a phone or an offline app. In the app you then have instructions and material for the parent.