Idea – USB Portable Led Lightbulb

The idea is simple.

I wonder. To make it very cheap for those without electricity. Why not separate the battery and the light source.

Making the light run on usb power would mean that they could run it with any powerbank they can afford.

Maybe this can work as emergency lights also. Here you only need a powerbank for the lights and your phone.

So the idea is that there should probably exist usb powered lightbulbs, lanterns and flashlights.

USB LED light Arc

Idea – Could A Blurry Version Of The Image Be Used As Additional Inspiration Data For Noise Reduction?

A little quick idea. I wonder if you could use a blurred version of a photo as additional data to a noise reduction algorithm.

Since all kinds of data can act as inspiration. I thought a blurred version would make it easier for a machine learning algorithm to smooth out an image.

I got the idea after wondering if the brain takes advantage of one eye that doesnt see as perfect as the other.

Super Idea – Use A Fan On A Hot Window In Winter Time To Heat The Apartment

My idea is simple.

Since one side of the apartment is much hotter when the sun is shining. Especially in winter time. I thought I could even out the temperature distribution a bit by blowing air on the hot window from the inside of the apartment.

With a USB fan this is done with very little electric energy. Just 2.5 watts. It could be run on solar battery charger panel.

Be sure to turn it of when the temperature of the window is cooler than room temperature.

My hot window was at the glass balcony. For larger buildings I think something could be built inspired by this idea. Fan aided natural heating.

Hot side. This is where you can use a USB fan on the window.

Cold side. The idea is to distribute some heat from the warm side to the cold side using fans.

Job Generating Idea – Inspiration Data For Your Brand Or Product

Since the brain can use anything as inspiration. Why could not a car company for instance hire artists to create different car friendly songs and music.

I mean should not an online electric car of the future have its own music. Kinda interesting idea I think.

Maybe a collaboration with a music service for a radio like station. A single click or press music service with a human touch.

Speculation – Could An Aging Memory Be A Feature Of Machine Learning?

I speculate that there exists something like ”recognition improvement”. Similar to noise reduction but with a wider usage.

Bad handwriting. Like mine for instance. Is something I don’t want. Sometimes if I don’t publish within a certain time period I forget a little what the idea was that I had written down.

Then I wonder. Is there a relation between complexity and recognition ability? Like bad handwriting becomes hard to read after some time.

Is there then a purpose to an aging memory?

Could you simulate an aging memory and see how well it can be used to recognize the object. The idea is to make changes to the object to withstand an aging memory.

Like the traveling salesman problem. You don’t want the thought to travel a long distance between memories.

This gives me the idea that a aging memory is feature of machine learning.

To make use of the resources we have.

Startup Idea – Modern Billboard Advertising – A Touch Screen In The Store?

I wonder if you can’t just put up touch screen in the store and let local dealers and residents advertise on it.

Since we have touch screens you can make the ads interactive with different sections or sub categories. That is. If you want to look at apartments, the local tailor or second hand stuff. You just touch different categories.

With a common central web site for approved ads. I think this could work. That is the startup idea.

A modern billboard for the locals with central approved ads.

Speculation – Could Stacking With Noise Reduction From Many Inexact CPU Cores Manage Higher Frequencies?

My idea is simple.

Inspired from image stacking. Where you got 4 or more noisy images of the same object. Taken at different times or different equipment. Meaning. The noise looks a bit different in each image.

I wonder if the same could be done with multicore computer CPU’s. The idea is to crank up the frequency and at same time limit energy consumption.

The assumption I make is that this will induce random errors. But with many cores there would be a possibility to error correct these with noise reduction methods. Inspired by image stacking.

So the idea is that the price for very high frequencies is a lot of cooperating cores.

Noise Reduction With Inexact CPU core stacking

Super Intelligence – Thought Repair From ?3% Knowledge

I got a kinda wonderful idea. Inspired by Gmic -Solidify filter found in GIMP image software. With that one can repair an image from very few pixels scattered randomly over the image.

Apply that to machine learning or AI. What if you call the pixels knowledge. It could then be possible to fill in the gaps in the knowledge with only a few percent of knowledge that you know.

My lightbulb moment.

I speculate further that knowledge can inspire knowledge. Then you can use any historic information there is. That is. Even if you are looking for physics information. Other seemingly non related knowledge from other fields could generate good inspiration data for generation.

Just some little information that is known

Calculate what the rest might sound or look like. The Gmic Solidify filter.

Original image for comparison

Speculation – Physics_Currency Fitting?

If action at a distance is cheap in energy then the action should cost in some other ”physics currency”. That is the assumption I make.

From this I speculate that maybe its possibly to do some physics currency fitting. Maybe this guess could deliver some inspiration.

I’m sorry if this speculation was a little weak. I’m thinking it will lead to better ideas.