Idea – Are Their Higher Number Systems?

My idea is simple.

If you call the sequence of ones and zeros in a binary number choices than why could you not use objects instead of numbers.

Are there higher order number systems?

From what I guess a higher set is recognized as a set that can act like the smaller set.

Objects that could represent numbers like neural networks could perhaps work.

So like decimal numbers to binary numbers you have specializations in the brain. Like the numbers 0 .. 9 and right and left side of the brain. Which would represent zeros and ones. The choice between zero and one or left or right.

One interesting aspect of this I guess is that you can actually evaluate 0/0. It could be stored likeĀ an image but more importantly it could be evaluated as a feeling.

With this you could evaluate each number in the a sequence as a feeling. Maybe that feeling represents a uncertainty value. So here it does not have to be linear uncertainty. Maybe you are more sure of the tenth digit than the seventh.