Idea – Chair Heat Blanket To Help You Study And Concentrate

Originally I was aiming for an idea to minimize the extra heating in the apartment. But I noticed a much more important feature of the heat blanket.

To me a heat blanket squeezed behind my back has a soothing affect. Feeling comfortable lets me concentrate much easier. Thats why I think people who have a hard time to concentrate might be helped by such a simple device.

So the idea is simple. Make yourself a StudyChair. Just squeeze an electric heat blanket behind your back and the backrest.

The image is my manual solution to a 1000 points traveling salesman problem. The conclusion I made is that. Its ridiculus to try to concentrate yourself trough such a hard problem. You really have to divide the big problem into smaller parts. Find similar strategies to this and you solve anything.

tsp 1000 points manual solution
Concentration Is Not Always To Concentrate It Could Be Finding A Strategy // Per Lindholm