Great Tip – Run Linux On Your Smartphone (VNC + USB – Tethering + Raspberry Pi)

A safe way to run Linux on your smartphone or tablet is to take advantage of VNC viewer. Then on a raspberry pi computer running Ubuntu MATE you could run vncserver. The reason for the raspberry pi computer is safety. No need to run a vncserver on your main machine.

I wanted to preserve battery so I thought I connect the raspberry pi with the smartphone by the USB cable. This can actually be done using USB-tethering. The whole setup is mobile with a powerbank for the Pi.

Its not hard to do the setup but it requires too many steps I think. Maybe we need some easy way to do this on the Raspberry pi?

Actually it was much more fun running Linux fully portable using Wifi.

Great Tip – Run Linux On Your Smartphone (VNC + Raspberry Pi)


Updated with a video

Audacious Battery Idea – Energy Chip With Nano Fusion

The idea is simple.

(sudo apt install energy breakthrough)

Since fusion has the potential for large amount of energy from a small amount of fuel. Why make a large unit?

If nano fusion exist. Then my assumption is that it will be easier to find a working unit in this scale. Because of the less degree of freedom. Or the number of combinations of atoms are much less for nano scale inventions than for larger sizes.

Adding together these smaller units would then be easier than to create a single large unit.

I wonder if “nano” teleportation could be another mechanism for fusion. Built into a chip for ultra high accuracy. Superpositioning might not be such a problem.

This is not quantum teleportation (state teleportation) but particle teleportation.

Energy is then harvested like solar energy with an adapted solar cell.

Audacious Battery Idea – Energy Chip With Nano Fusion

Idea – Unit Test For The Insurance?

The idea is simple.

I wish there was a possibility to verify the paid insurance agreement. I mean why should I have blind faith in the good will of the insurance company.

The idea is for a unit test of the insurance. For a little bit money for the administration cost. I thought there should be a possibility to present a test case to the company. Or select among test cases.

So if you wonder what would happen if you have an accident while on vacation. Going to a private hospital.

You should be able to present that test case to the insurance company and pay for and get a personal detailed legally binding document from that company.

The document should be detailed with dates and amounts.

So the idea is to have something that can verify the insurance agreement.

Speculation – Could Big Solar Be Physically Recognized As A Black Hole?

Everything has its downside. For solar I wonder even if it sounds a little bit crazy. But since no light can escape a black hole. Would not a big solar field mimic that effect a little bit.

It could be that there is something as too much solar pv because it begins to look like geo engineering or space engineering.

Still I think we can manage. Thermal energy storage with molten silicon sound promising. With that we could store wind energy and perhaps another big non renewable energy source.

Speculation – Does A Permanent Magnet Also Emit Some Kind Of Light?

My idea is simple.

There was this article about how scientist have found a new kind of light. As a guess I wonder if light is then always a component. If so then light should be emitted from a permanent magnet also. I think.

Further when thinking about light. Could there exist something like distance chemistry? For starting life on planets. I mean there could be more to light and the stars than just providing energy.

Idea – Forum With Video Screencasts Of Programming Bugs, Ideas and Problems?

The idea is simple.

We have already forums in which you can present images with text. To get help with programming problems. So I thought why not include video in this mix. An image tells a thousand words. Audio + video makes it even more simple to include stuff that are important that you might have otherwise missed.

A simple screencast recording makes the procedure very fast and efficient. No need for a lot of screenshots. Just add some text to the video.

I think this could work for bugs, problems and sharing of ideas.

Using Youtube for programmers you get a quick and efficient way to communicate.

Employment Idea – Could Machine Learning Predict The Next Business?

The idea is simple.

If you make a time line of all established business in a country or globally. What type of business their in, locality and map information, their level of success, the time they got started and so on. Would it not be possible to use machine learning take input from that to predict the next coming business. At least the next area of interest.

I thought this would be useful information for startups. Here they could align their passion with a chance of success.

With this you don’t miss important opportunities and if you include recorded business failures in the prediction. This could perhaps make the success rate even better.

Climate Resilience Idea – Cheap Air Conditioner With A Turbo Air Compressor – Expander?

Every year the heat record gets broken somewhere on the planet. Therefore we need preventive innovations to make life livable in these places.

Long term we need to get to zero emissions. But in the short term we need effective and massively affordable solutions.

Extra large diameter battery fans chargeable by solar could very well be sufficient for some time.

I wonder though. I saw a company make a refrigeration solution with a turbo air compressor – expander.

Inspired by this. Could a company not make a dirt cheap air conditioning unit?

Super Idea – Music Production MOOC With Online DAW Software!?

I think this will be a very good idea.

Everyone likes music. So what comes after consuming music. I for one also want to create a little music. At least in my mind this works.

What I need is training. A proper DAW or digital audio workstation costs a lot of money. But I noticed some online versions has popped up. Just search for ”online music creation daw” or something like that.

So the idea is to push for an online MOOC course in music production. Which uses online tools for the learning. Like a DAW. Here people can learn to create music. A creative course could be so much fun.

Then when the students get good there will be a lot more demand for more professional software. Hey this is an opportunity for everyone to benefit.

Super Idea – Music Production MOOC With Online DAW Software!?

Guess – Does The Emdrive Form A Network With Empty Space And Its Metal Boundary?

I made a simple animation of particles bouncing inside an emdrive. Although wrong. I got me thinking. Getting energy from one place to another. This looks like a network of some kind. Therefore I wonder. Could there exist physical laws for particle networks?

So my idea is then. Since the energy bounces randomly inside the emdrive. Would that not create a network of some kind. With the empty space and the surrounding boundary?

I therefore wonder if there exist particle network formation laws that could give rise to the push of the emdrive.


Idea – Screencast Your Website or PDF Magazine

You might want to promote some important posts or products on your website. Then why not create a screencast video of you talking a little about them. For PDF magazines which I don’t read on the computer could also be screencasted. Then maybe they will be little bit more interesting.

The same for technical or scientific article. Why not screencast your pdf and talk a little about your find.

Refugee Resilience Idea – Solar Micro Grids With Containers (Energy+Jobs)

When creating a solar micro grid for refugee camps. I wonder. Since you have to protect the solar panels from theft. I think the SolarTurtle secure container based system might be on to something.

Inspired by the solar kiosk. Why not build something similar in refugee camps to protect solar panels against theft.

The solar panels would provide energy access and the containers spaces more job creation.

So the idea is to have solar micro grids which doubles as container factories.

Linux Laptop For Everyone – A Cheap Tablet Without An OS?

I have tried Linux on a cheap 8 inch tablet. Since it worked for some important software like Libreoffice. I thought. Hey. Linux distros have a great potential on tablets. Sure the screen is smaller than my monitor but it works and thats is probably enough.

So inspired by the Raspberry Pi which have a very smart price tag. Then why not instead waiting for a Linux Laptop. Consider releasing a tablet without an OS. A tablet in the price range of sub 1000 SEK.

Then with a full size keyboard and mouse people who can’t afford either a laptop or a PC can have ICT training or engage in computer enhanced education. Libreoffice Writer, Calc, Web programming, Octave (Matlab), Python and more.

Another advantage of running a Linux Distro on a tablet is the low power. People without electricity from the grid can charge the tablet using solar charged battery bank.

I think this represents a possible path for Linux on the desktop.

Linux Laptop For Everyone – A Cheap Tablet Without An OS?

Idea – Dual Language Book

The idea is simple.

Why not create fiction stories that stores two languages for learning.

I thought we could have one page in English or Swedish. The language you want to learn and the other page will be the translation of that page in Arabic. So if you don’t understand what that sentence meant you just look at the translated page.

I think this could be a fun way to learn a new language.

Why not create fiction stories that stores two languages for learning.