Idea – Advertising Intermediary Site For Bloggers?

Why not take more advantage of bloggers for advertising. I mean. Everyone can blog. Even from a simple smartphone.

For this idea to work. A lot of stuff has to be automated. I am sure there are solutions for this. So I’m just describing the idea.

So the idea is. From a site where you have lots of different adverts. You could let bloggers choose which links to embedded on their blog posts. Like youtube links in wordpress.

This way everything fits. There is some logical to why this particular movie trailer or music video trailer is shown on his or hers blog.

The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to create a blog post about the particular advertising item you link to. Why not just add a headline Advertising to the embedded video link at the bottom of the post.

These videos should not autorun. Use the wisdom of the blogger for selecting videos that his readers are likely to watch anyway.

I’m particularity interested if people in rural areas could receive a little money from displaying selected advertisement on their blog from their smartphone.
Create a win win situation somehow.