Idea – Classify An Idea To Get New Inspiration

To get a new idea you might want to try this approach.

I will start with an example.

Video recording   =>  Deterministic Video recording

Here I first added ‘deterministic’ to the invention with the requirement that it does not change it. The more words the better. Just make changes to the added words and get new inspiration.

From this rewrite I could sense that digital recordings are better because of the deterministic results.

The inspiration I get from this is that determinism is just the realization that everything can be recorded after it has happened.

Also what would an almost deterministic video be like? Could it be calculated in some parts and be recordable in others. Recordable here means that if you play it several times. Those parts will remain the same.

Then I wonder if determinism could be splitted into short time recordable parts and need to be calculated parts.

The usual way people respond to this is that all changes can be recorded. Sure but it would be very wasteful if you need to record a million times.

Then I wonder if the part that needs to be quickly calculated is information that is recognized as a new set.

I guess this fast set generation is the freewill system.  It will go towards maximum complexity with the least amount of required information.

The important thing from this post is that you can classify the main word any way you like to get new inspiration.