Idea – Differentiated Cooling Per Product A Smart Refrigerator

My idea is simple. Every product essentially have different optimal storing temperatures. So why do we cool everything in a box that treats everything the same. A smart refrigerator should only cool products as much as needed. Therefore my idea is to invent a differentiated cooling refrigerator.

So the idea is that you cool milk at the milk storing temperature. Ketchup at the ketchup storing temperature and so on. The purpose of this not to waste energy on unnecessary cooling.


Idea – Should There Exist A Climate Change Experience Simulator Using VR?

Numbers are numbers. We cant really relate without any experience. Its very much like trying to tell someone the temperate in Celsius to someone who grew up with the Fahrenheit scale.

Therefore I wonder if we could create an advanced climate change simulator.

I imagine virtual reality glasses could be used. Like those VR ads where you are a gamer in a mix between virtual reality addons and a physical room.

Then in a museum we could create environments where you are virtually transported in time.

Idea – Deductable Innovation Services?

The idea is simple. I think maybe small companies could sometimes use consultants to find new innovative ideas for their catagory of products.

Like there are many smartphone brands. Maybe there should exist equally many TV brands. Maybe we in Sweden could invent an Open Source TV for instance.

I don’t know if this is needed but to get stuff like this going maybe the companies need to be sponsored. Be able to deduct some of the cost.

Idea – Combining Forces To Get That First Generation Product?

As something to think about. For some urgent products. Perhaps some climate related products. Is there a way to accelerate the innovation process and getting it production ready much faster than we currently do?

My idea is to test if a collaborative first generation and good enough product could be made. The idea is that several companies join forces to get that start product. From out of this first generation companies could then start to evolve it as their own product.

The important thing is that we get that first good enough generation of products.

Maybe something like this could be tested for some needed product.

A test if this idea works could be for a much more advanced peltier device. Not for electricity generation but for cooling. Or why not a new type of air conditioner.

Idea – Combining Forces To Get That First Generation Product?

Idea – Dual WiFi On The Smartphone?

The idea is simple. Why not make smartphones with dual WiFi capabilities. The idea is that you should in case of emergency be able to share any type of Internet connection your phone has with others. So with this. Your phone can share an already established WiFi connection. Simply by using the second WiFi chip as a hotspot.

In other situations. For instance with guests you can easily share the home WiFi connection from your phone. The password would then be the temporary hotspot password instead of the home WiFi password.

With two WiFi cards on the phone. Such sharing should be much easier to achieve.

Idea – Solar Powered Food Market Container?

The idea is simple. Every bit of food counts. Refrigeration is well known method to keep food fresh. Therefore should not outdoor food markets be improved. I was thinking why does there not exist a solar powered food market container? Like those solar powered school containers.

I think it could be part of a climate resiliance package.

Idea – Assault Weapons Ban Foundation?

The idea is simple. One way to get the ban on assault weapons in place is to leverage the number of people and big companies behind it. So why not not create an Assault Weapons Ban Foundation.

The idea behind the foundation is to drive safety issues that protect the public. Here individuals and companies could become members and support this ban.

The main idea to get an assault weapons ban now is to get big and small corporate backing.

Hopefully this will convince the gun sense deniers that there is a better way.

Idea – 3D Printer Service In Retail Shops

The idea is simple. Why could not our retail stores like Clas O offer a 3d printing service. I think it makes sense. People who come there probably have problems a 3d printer could be perfect for.

Also with a printer the store could manufacter parts no longer availible. I believe this is a much easier solution than that everyone has a 3d printer.

Come to think of it. I don’t think 3D printing of repair parts will be the recomended way. Mainly because of safety issues.

For decorations for a wedding maybe a paper 3D printer could work wonders. Just imagine what can be done.

Key Education Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Khan Academy Style Videos

The idea is simple. If we put ourselves in the teachers position we try to make things very clear and easy to understand. Then why not take advantage of this in school.

Engage the students with an assignment to record their own educational video. Even if it is math and the student is not entirely correct its still hundred percent worth it.

This is idea is not necessarily for making the student a teacher. Instead it can be thought of as a video paper essay.

Come to think of it. Video exams or papers could perhaps be used in online education or MOOC’s.  Just record the test and upload it for review.

For this you can simply use the video recorder on the smartphone and a flexible holder.

Key Education Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Khan Academy Style Videos

Idea – Part Work Part Education For Those In Need?

The idea is simple. Since you need education to get a job and you need a job to get money. I thought. Why not combine both education and work. With education and jobs online it is not an impossible task.

So the idea is for someone like the goverment or business to create a range of online jobs for people to apply for. They don’t need to be all that complicated. The important thing is that there are plenty of such starter jobs.

Combining education with work will make the education part take a longer time. But considering the drop out rate of online courses I think you need the motivation. For instance people don’t have the same dropout rate from work. So with smart online education I think this could work.

The important thing here is that your not away from the work community. Simply education only will not give you this.

Speculation – Intelligence As Biological AI + Mind

We are about to develop AI assistents and possibly AI who teaches. This AI might only be able to teach in simple terms and be asked the usual questions.

Inspired by this. Why could not we humans with our advanced brain have built in biological mini intelligences. Maybe there exists intelligence as programs from other animals from our heritage in our brain.

The purpose of this special intelligence would be to train the rest of the brain. So why is there not only such intelligence. One guess would be that the trained brain can connect skills from different programs and make connections that the biological programs themselves can not do.

Idea – Dual TV Experience Laugh With Others

The idea is simple. You feel good when you can laugh with others. So my idea is to record a ”meta” show where you film people watching the show or movie. Then when you are about to watch the movie you select a group of people you find funny to watch the movie with. With this you could create a dual TV experience or at least TV plus tablet experience.

So the idea is to create extra shows for the movie or show you are about to watch. Here the extra show is just funny people watching the same show.

One Livingroom With A Dual TV Experience

Another advantage of this dual TV experience idea is that you don’t need to go to another room to watch some news or sports. With subtext this extra TV in the living room could work. Also now you don’t need to keep attention to commercials. Just display two channels at the same time.

Idea – How To Invoke Your Genius Potential

Taking advantage of your creative mind is not as hard as you might think. One way you can recognize people who think smart is their ability to summorize an idea into a couple words. That is. They have learned to name an idea.

Why is name generation so important? Well with a few words you can identify or build a new theory or category of ideas, products and more.

So to train your creative genious you start to come up with names for inventions. These names are just descriptive word combinations. By doing so I believe that when you get an idea subconsciously. Your brain will catch it and automatically generate a name for it. So the brain can further process the idea and remember it.

When you have learned this. You can easily generate hundreds of ideas.

A simple example. The info display at the mall feel a little intrusive. So we generate a descriptive name for the invention. Vertical display. So now you see. It does not need to be vertical. We then change that to tilted or horizontal display.

Idea – How To Invoke Your Genious Potential – Cat drawing