Idea – Smart College Education

Thinking about a way to make use of college time for dropouts. A lot of time and money and heartache gets wasted because of bad choices we make or bad things happens to us for no other reason than coincidences. Why should we only have an all or nothing approach.

My suggestion is that we think and optionally adapt college education in a smart way. The change is not major but could very well be a life saver. The idea goes as follows.

The first year the student studies some of the subjects belonging to the main profession but at the same time he or she studies and gets credentials for a backup job. Here I think web development or something similar could be considered. The following years he or she will then continue with the main profession of choice.

Because there will probably always be a lot of dropouts from college. I think we should adapt intelligently to that. For whatever reason they don’t always have the strength or money to start a new education. With this idea the dropouts could start to work even if they dropped out already after one year. Also for those completing the main courses. A backup job for the same price could prove useful.