Innovative Idea – Script Language Support For Salary Systems And Other Software Systems

My idea is simple and innovative. To increase effectiveness in system management many manual tasks have to be avoided. Especially if it involves many people. The idea is then to implement a dynamic feature in the software. What I had in mind is a script language like Python or similar. Python is just a programming language of choice. It could be others. The employee could then after some training program scripts to solve repetitive tasks. The computer could then since its very fast do this in seconds even if you have hundreds of small similar tasks. Such manual labor could otherwise take a week to finish. This idea would also avoid a lot of software development because you would no longer need support in making new special features. Also popular scripts could be shared within the whole user base. This means not everyone needs to be an expert programmer for this idea to work.

Simple example


For person in database

if person is available Monday 10.30-12.00 AND person has not worked full hours
print person