Idea – Desert Greening Getting Some Kind Of Blueprint

A guess I often use is that for things there exists counter factors. Meaning that if something is very easy there is a another related thing that gets hard. Applied that to desert greening. I wonder if we are making it to hard trying to green flat fields. To me that is kind of similar to a farm field. Which is good for growing crops fast. But requires handling.

Also in farmland soil you don’t want a lot of rocks in various sizes. Again this makes it easier to farm. But what is the function if any of the rocks in the soil? Natural soil have rocks and stones so maybe they are needed to keep the soil intact and resilient or something.

Could the tech industry get involved in greening the desert? I mean there is a push for Internet Of Things. The desert is also a thing that really needs some attention.

How do we create a fail proof strategy for greening the desert? Could we monitor different solutions and the environment (wind and temperature and more) with new sensors. Could we use simple gaming AI for simulating living organisms. Could we then calculate different plausible blueprints?