Idea – Taking Advantage Of Massive Harddrives For Rural Education

With cheap 8TB drives it should be possible to provide simple wifi web servers in rural schools with a good portion of the internet. Even if you send them per boat it will be way faster than some satellite solutions. If the shipment takes one month thats 267GB/day. With such massive storage also schools with unreliable internet connection could provide a better experience for their students.

Youtube is a place where a lot of content is stored. I’m thinking content owners who wish their videos to be shared easily can attach a creative commons license to their videos so that they can be copied.

Another excellent portion of the web are all the courses that exists. MOOC’s and such. What if some of these courses with their videos and grading software could be stored on these harddrives. Here we have an opportunity to give access to higher education for those with an unreliable internet connection or non at all.