Idea – Technology For Practicing Reading Books

In a previous blog post I wrote that you could probably filter out and practice the most commonly found difficult words before you read the book. Here I’m going to present an idea where you combine the latest technology to practice reading. The idea is to encourage and challenge yourself by reading together with others offline and online. Offline you can mix every other page with an audio book. It doesn’t have to be a commercial recording. A teacher might record her own voice reading the book. So here you have the student reading one page and the next page the teacher recording is playing. If you have a tablet then it makes it easier and can then be adapted to the students individual pace. For those who want more you could have a internet community where you connect with a group and take turns reading online. Maybe something like Google Hangout could work for this. I think this could be an awarding experience for the readers as well as the listeners.

Idea – Learn From A Crowd Sourced FAQ In A Digital Theory Book

Here I’m going to write about one of the many possibilities that exists in making textbooks digital. The idea is simple. In a digital textbook for tablets one could have for each theory section or for certain exercises a link to a hidden collection of frequently asked questions and answers. Those questions could very well be crowd sourced. The idea is then that you first read the theory and if you don’t understand you go to the corresponding FAQ for that section. Hopefully this would make the book easier to understand and let you study better.

Idea – Easy Stress Reduction During The Cold Winter Months

I think I found a cheap and easy way for stress reduction that requires no training. The idea is probably not new since it’s very simple. Just fill a soda bottle (1.5L) with hot water and cover it with something like a fleece fabric. Then use it together with a pillow touching your face. For me focusing on the heat outside but close to the body helped me reduce the stress. A rubber bottle would probably work even better. The soda bottle is still quite effective in my opinion. Even if you don’t feel stress it should give you comfort during the cold winter months. Note: Do not use very hot or boiling water.