Guessing Innovation

In this blog post I’m going to present some example guesses of innovation using the technique described in ‘Innovation from a Google Search String’.

I will start with the clock. Rewriting the invention to mean a point clock. A point clock is what I mean by a ordinary clock. It measures time at a point in space. I can then change the first word to get 3D clock. Then I will guess if a 3D clock makes some sense. If you have a number of very good clocks maybe there is the possibility that they will diverge from each other. If there is some disturbance that makes the clock show different time. So a 3D clock could be a number of very accurate clocks placed in a lattice waiting to detect a disturbance and its shape.

Similarly I’m going to try to innovate boiling. Looking at a water boiler and stove I can see that ordinary boiling means heating from a surface. Rewriting boiling to mean 2D boiling. I just change that to 3D boiling. 3D could mean that there are a lot of heating points scattered throughout the water. Could I then heat the water more rapidly by using many hot air bubbles or hot water vapor bubbles?