Idea – Empower Refugees With Smart Markets


Feel free to modify or just take inspiration from this idea. To empower refugees why not give them the opportunity to create a market for their products. Here they could use todays modern tools to enhance the traditional market. For instance one could with little money create a wifi web server with software that would make this market more consumer friendly. The costumer could get various information this way. What products are the most popular at the moment and possibly get sms notifications for when the products they requested are available. Here maybe one could make delayed deals. A notification is sent later if the seller accepted the bargained price. I think you can do the same for time of the day dependent prices also. Here you could send a notification when the price of the products which the buyers are interested in have gone down. The idea is that the product sellers collaborate trough the software so that the consumers only have to connect to one of a few servers but still be able to access all the sellers. You would not need the Internet for this to work. The smartphone can connect to a wifi webserver without the Internet. Even if the market would not cost millions of dollars the virtual space created in the phone could be quite advance.


Philosophical – Thinking In Terms Of Believability

I wonder if we make it to hard for our brains thinking about theories. Either in biology or physics. What if we aim to show why the theory is believable. I think this would give room for further advancements and if there exists something like truth recognition in the brain. This would then give perspective and relax the brain in trying to understand it.

Idea – Spoken Questions In Schoolbooks

I’m thinking an easy solutions to teacher anxiety. The problem where you under perform because your not used to getting questions verbally. Would be to incorporate audio version of written exercises or questions in digital textbooks. The audio version is not meant to be exactly as the text. Here you can use your imagination to guide the student. Give them a sense of direction, encourage or otherwise engage them. I found a good set of information which could be used to enhance the spoken questions on ”Using Questioning to Stimulate Mathematical Thinking” – .


audio12. A finance company offers a …

Idea – Should There Exist Two Person Team Employments?

I was wondering if you can make the job market easier and more efficient. As of now you get a job as a single person. What if you could team up with a friend and apply for the job? I’m thinking this might work for online jobs. The employer would get the benefit of a pair that has already worked together before and enhance each others abilities. Since they get graded as a team it would mean that they would teach and improve each other. Why put a team together based only upon their skills. With two person employments you know they can already work together. If the had the same skills they could ask each other. I think this would greatly improve the quality of the work.

Update :

Thinking about this further. Could this idea be used to employ more people in wheelchairs?


Idea – Should There Exist Two Person Team Employments?

Great TIP – Try zRam In Ubuntu MATE For The Raspberry Pi2

Here is a really good tip. Since the Raspberry Pi2 only got 1GB memory I thought why not try compression. After installing zRam on my Ubuntu MATE setup I can only say WOW. That is some difference. The Iowait is gone. No waiting even with lots of tabs in the browser and multiple programs running at the same time. Everything feels snappy and the Pi2 gets to be even more awesum.

Info taken from

installing in the terminal :

sudo apt-get install zram-config

Turn the RPi2 to a proper desktop with Ubuntu MATE and zRam
Turn the RPi2 to a proper desktop with Ubuntu MATE and zRam

Idea – Bundle Useful Articles With Email Or Paper Ads

My idea is very simple. Since you have advertising in magazines covering pretty much everything. I thought why not provide bitsize articles of useful or enjoyable topics in paper or email ads. If the bundled article with the ad is targeted at the right audience then surely it will be very effective. For ads from online computer stores. Why not bundle those with a technical and useful article. Perhaps it could be a series of Linux/Raspberry Pi2 tutorials on programming a simple game. I believe this will make spam not ”spam”. Maybe this could lead to more internet jobs like an adblogger writing articles for enhanced ads.

Idea – Bundle Useful Articles With Email Or Paper Ads
Idea – Bundle Useful Articles With Email Or Paper Ads

TIP – Ubuntu MATE Turns The Raspberry Pi2 Into A Desktop Computer

I can say I got pretty impressed with Ubuntu MATE after trying it on the Raspberry Pi2. It’s a big difference going from Raspbian to MATE. It feels more like a desktop than with Raspbian found on the NOOBS image. I think they should add Ubuntu MATE to NOOBS. For usability testing I entered a weeks worth of Udacity JavaScript Course. It worked well. The Udacity videos were in sync in Firefox. I think this computer is now very able to deliver education at this point.

Caret (Code Editor) running in Chromium on the Raspberry Pi 2 with Ubuntu MATE

Idea – Free Internet Part Of A Dual Part Movie

Why not take advantage of the Internet by which you can distribute data all over the world at a very low cost. The idea is to make movies into two parts. One that you can distribute and let the public watch for free and one longer part they pay a ticket for later at the cinema. The movie is meant to be watched both from the Internet and at the cinema. What is a proper length for the Internet part I don’t know but it probably should not be longer than 40 min like that of a short film. I believe this will generate a lot of interest for the whole movie.


Idea – Machine Learning Based Cache?

I have written before how you can invent new things simply by giving yourself enough information for your imagination. You can do this by simply guessing the name of the possible invention. I do this by manipulating the existing name of the invention. Here for example I want to innovate the computer related cache.

Cache → Smart Cache → Machine Learning Based Cache

I don’t know how this would work but I feel the name could be an interesting start. I imagine a machine learning setup could decide what to store in the cache. At what time and for how long based on various inputs.

Perhaps one could also take advantage of machine learning when designing a process scheduler. In any case I believe it will be worth the research. This will move Linux on a path of becoming smarter.

Idea – Machine Learning Inspired Cache and Scheduler For Linux

Idea – Dual/Multi Keyword Search In Text Editors?

The idea is simple. Could we implement a dual or multi keyword search syntax for ordinary search tasks in our text editors. I don’t know the best definition for such a keyword search but I can try. As far as I know you can now search for two keywords if you know what keyword comes after the first and if the editor has a search direction. My idea goes as follows. For a user defined number of rows find that area of rows that contains all the keywords and highlight them. I think the number of rows is often just one line.

So searching for the padding in some .css file becomes (10 row area).

Here the search failed for the exact string “main menu padding 10” so it continued with multi search.


Idea – Rounded Corners For Paper Or Other Products

This idea is really simple. Even if you can maximize the area with sharp corners it might not be the most favorable surface for us to look at. I therefore suggest that whenever you see a sharp corner. You can ask yourself. What if a rounded corner would look better. Products that I think rounded corners would be suited for would be photo papers print outs, magazines, regular writing paper. For us computer nerds we could just add rounded corners for the image viewer or maybe for the whole desktop in Linux. Like an old black and white television.


For the desktop I provided my rounded Ubuntu MATE. View the image in full screen for the maximum effect. Click on the image and in Firefox press F11. If this could be done with something similar to HTML, CSS then it would be pretty cool. With such Desktop CSS you could start to adapt pretty much everything.

desktop { border-radius: 64px; }

Idea – A Wireless Replacement For The TV-Cable?

The idea is simple. A wireless replacement for the cable from the socket outlet to the TV should have come years ago. I think however you can make some prototype with two Raspberry Pi’s or maybe one raspberry pi and a Chromecast. The Raspberry Pi is placed at the socket outlet. You need a TV-card with cable input and a wireless dongle connected to it. The idea is then that you select the channel from the phone or tablet and let the Raspberry Pi stream the single channel to the TV. The video should be streamed with lossy compression for the sake of the bandwidth. The quality could suffer a little bit but I think the loss of trouble with cables is worth it. I mean you can place the TV where you want it to be.

Idea – A Wireless Replacement For The TV-Cable
Idea – A Wireless Replacement For The TV-Cable

Idea – Online Chat Support At The Tax Agency Website?

Often a series of simple questions are needed to resolve an issue for a customer. It can then be simply to much to fill in a form and communicate through email or inefficient to communicate through the phone. Thats why I propose an online chat that could have multiple functions like giving intelligent answers to questions that might require counter questions or simply give you some guidance.

Another idea would be to also have a function where you watch a real time screencast (video) in your browser where the web service person can visually show you how to navigate the site. I think these ideas are important for sites that are as complex as the tax agency web site and compliments each other.

Idea – An Example Of Guessing The Name Of An Invention

The idea is simple. As I described earlier. Every invention or innovation can be reduced to a name. Presented with a name of an invention could then be enough for your imagination to work on.


Bathing Sponge → Water Sponge → Fluid Sponge → Gas Sponge

Now that you have guessed the name of the invention. You will try to figure out what a gas sponge could be. What could it be used for? What does it do, what does it look like and so on. From my primitive Google search there exist cement that stores some amount of gas. Maybe this sponge could suck up a particular gas from the air.

Idea – Open Source Small Project Collaboration?

I was thinking. Maybe there should exist a site where you can present and collaborate on small computing projects. I have lots of ideas that could be tested in a R/Scilab/Matlab environment. I’m sure others also have ideas that they need help to test.

An example of a small computing project I want to test.

Thinking about noise reduction. A start would be to look at a smaller scale of the photo. Usually that scaled down photo contains very little visible noise which is what I want. The objects I can see from that smaller image are the objects I want to keep. When zooming in I want to filter out those pixels that introduce new objects similar to the ones that we would call noise.

Idea – Database Of Creative Commons Licensed Math/Physics/… School Exercises?

The idea is simple. If more school exercises were released under an appropriate creative commons license then you have a legal way to share or modify those. I believe this is necessary to expand and protect the right to education. This open up the possibility of an open and free database of such appropriate creative commons licensed school material. If translated to different languages it would help a lot of people.

Idea – Online Stores With Multi-Design

When your business depends on consumer satisfaction why not provide the customer with a choice. Similar to physical stores that change their interior a virtual store can have multiple designs. Simply by pressing a button. Would it then be possible to have a familiar long term design and one rapidly improving one at the same time?

TIP – Print Your Contacts/Phone Number List From A PDF

The idea is to keep a paper backup of your contact list. On a smartphone this is really simple. Download “Contacts to PDF” on android or some similar program. In the program I would recommend you select Csv and load that converted file into LibreOffice Calc. This is because you can easily filter or remove unwanted entries in Calc. If you convert it to a PDF directly this is not possible. After you sorted the Csv file in Calc and saved it you can export it to a PDF or print it.

Idea – Two Problem Search Strategy

The idea is simple. When searching for new ideas you might want to try this approach. First pick a problem you want to think about. When you get stuck the idea is to simply change the target, change the problem to a similar one or one that you think resembles the first. After thinking about some similar problems. The answers you get when thinking about the first problem might be suitable for the similar problem. With this you get to utilize the work you put down thinking about the first problem. Then going forward with the similar problem might reveal something about the first problem.


Idea – Private/Paid Chat Support For Linux?

I don’t know if this idea will work or not. But before you have a system good enough for people to pay for. You could have a system adapted for people to support their friends and relatives in an easy manner. In the example below moving the mouse to the right side border or some corner will show a pop up question area. Pressing this will initiate a chat window. In that you can write your question with text and images. Since we have a lot of free software on Linux. It might be a good idea if the most popular software are supported through this system besides the operating system. I’m thinking GIMP, LibreOffice, OpenShot, Audacity, VirtualBox and so on. If people were then able to improve their productivity in this way maybe they would reward this service.


Thinking about this further. I would think it would be smart if the company or the employer would pay. Even if the questions to the chat support seem to be non work related. A more IT savvy staff is a good thing.



Idea – Show Popularity Ranking And Price For Items Inside Physical Stores

My idea is simple. With connected e-ink displays for the price of items in physical stores. I thought why not implement an easy way for the customer to make a choice based on the popularity. Similar to the way you choose software based on the number of downloads or ranking here you could see what items are popular with some number representing the popularity. I think this could work for a lot of groups of items. The idea is to get information like the combined preference of a lot of customers to the individual customer in an easy way.

I think this additional information could convince you to buy a kind of product you might not have tried otherwise. Now that you see that it is popular.