Idea – Companies Establishing Businesses In Refugee Situations?

This is meant as food for thought. To aid the situation of refugee employment. Could we have global or local companies that are specialized in establishing businesses in refugee places? I mean should we be surprised that there exists supermarkets and barbers in some refugee camps. Maybe this is a hint of what to do. Maybe Business or Factory In A Box then becomes what it sounds like. You ship a whole or part of a business to a refugee place. The choice of business should of cause be taken so it also benefits the host country and its residents. The idea is to take advantage of the mobility of global companies to benefit the refugees. Then why not try assembly of some brand of smartphones or maybe tablets. With this in place you would have solved a bit of the unemployment issue and education by e-learning with the tablets.

Idea – Social Book Generation

The idea is to promote writing. I’m thinking there should exist a website where users can post small but big enough texts that captures the story. Not necessarily like the backside of a book. I mean enough text for you to build your imagination on. Inspired by open source it could also be a good thing to fail fast. Some ideas for books are better than others. Feedback on the small part could perhaps help you decide which of your ideas to proceed with. This will train you in creating starting ideas for books. Hopefully then with a very good idea your book will be easy to write.

Idea – Social Book Generation

Speculation – Some Abstract Thoughts About Problems

Inspired by programming. One kind of problem generation is the one you get from solving bugs. By solving one bug you could have created another. You generated another problem. I wonder if this is a general consequence that can also exist in other fields. What about evolution. My guess is that evolution has some kind of proofing ability. It would be wasteful if one evolved solution later on just created another problem. Even if that additional problem could be solved. It would be very wasteful if this process would go on indefinitely. Since optimization by trial and error is not the best solution. My guess is that evolution has evolved some kind of proof capability so that it would not have to rely to much on that feed back loop in generating solutions.

Startup Idea – Tea Inspired Box Of Many Dry Coffee Flavors

I thought why not try to invent a new idea simply by combining the ideas from different products. Here I took inspiration from tea and applied that to coffee. Since coffee is a very popular drink and choice is good. The idea is to sell many different dry coffee flavors in a box. Like tea you only need cup portions in some paper wrapping. Maybe this also solves the problem of constantly fixing coffee machines at work or at stores. Since with this idea you only need a hot water dispenser.

Startup Idea – Tea Inspired Box Of Many Dry Coffee Flavors

Idea – Stationary SIM Card Telephone For The Elderly

This idea is very very simple and cheap. Why not combine the best from stationary phones and mobile phones and create a product suited for the elderly? With a SIM card plugged in a stationary phone you can place it anywhere there is a power outlet. The phone can be made large with large buttons and there is no battery that needs to be charged. The connection is wireless and you pay a monthly fee. I believe this solves the telephone problem for a lot of older people. I mean they usually don’t carry the phone with them. They have other problems like less ability in the hands, less eye vision and hearing.

Idea – Stationary SIM Card Telephone For The Elderly

Idea – Refugee Startups?

The idea is simple. I read that it takes too long for refugees to get jobs. How can we aid the situation? Could refugees who wants to build companies and possibly generate jobs become a reality? Is there a need for a startup in smart aid to property development?


Speculation – Problems And Ideas In Simulations

As many others I imagined you could achieve greatness when I as a kid saw the Conway’s game of life. Now older looking back at the simulation. What do I think of it now.

Well the whole abstract idea maybe exemplifies some problems belonging to simulations in general.

For one thing I tried to give the simulation the starting conditions for it to “live” longer.  When I think about it. This just means that I wanted to make the simulation more interesting. I wanted to see more and more peculiar things. Speculating about things that  could make the simulation more interesting. Could the simulation take advantage of randomness to revitalize itself? Could the objects in the simulation be equipped with sensors and an idea of survival. So maybe from the problems arising in simulations you get a concept of “interesting”.

You can derive many things from this by a comparison of problems existing in other fields. For instance. Big bang together with determinism seems to me be a very naive idea. I mean how could you set the starting conditions for the unfolding to be interesting for such a long time.

Speculation – Big Ideas

What if you can add a weight to different ideas? With this you could separate the very big ideas from the very small. I’m thinking  why couldn’t you analyse different inventions from an idea perspective. The result should then be a number of ideas that captures the invention. I imagine several ideas will be the same for different inventions. This might add to their weight. Maybe this strategy could also be helpful for understanding biology and evolution. How many ideas comprises a little flower? An example would be the idea of “smooth edges”, photosynthesis and more. Then I imagine you can change an invention by mixing ideas, changing or adding ideas.

How many ideas comprises a little flower?

Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Math Problems

The idea is simple. In addition to classical learning. Why not let the students invent their own assignments and problems. The idea is that they learn to use their creative side. In math they could create relevant and interesting examples themselves and let their peers solve them. I think this might be a good way to engage the students. So don’t let the students be just math consumers.

Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Math Problems

Speculation – Does There Exist Feeling Based Optimization?

This idea is inspired by painting. My experience is that when you paint. You make alterations based on feelings. If the drawing doesn’t feel quite right you make an alteration until everything feels right. Thinking about feelings. Everything we do generates a feeling within us. I don’t think that it’s just for show. When a person designs a product he looks at it and feels. If he then makes a prediction on what the changes should be to amplify that good feeling. Is he not optimizing that product with a feeling as a base? My idea is then that we might be able to capture or computer recognize that feeling and others with machine learning. Then we could have the computer make optimizations based on feelings. That is. The computer makes alterations to the design to maximize the specific “feeling” we want.

Speculation – Does There Exist Feeling Based Optimization? /

Idea – Healthy Cookie Singles As Candy Replacements

The idea is very simple. Divide the large cookie containers into singles or dual cookies wrapped in some foil paper. Sell this beside the chocolate bars and you can get a much healthier alternative to ordinary candy. Healthier because of the real ingredients like real sugar and flower. I believe this will be a win win for the consumers and for the cookie manufacturers. Single cookies will yield more money per cookie and the consumers will feel more healthy eating a non chocolate health-cookie.


Idea – Make Your Own Language Training Program On The Smartphone

The need for education for refugees are large. With the Internet we now have vast amounts of learning opportunities in the English language. I have read that smartphones are rather common in refugee camps. Then why not make e-learning programs on the smartphones for English learning. The programs need not be very complicated. A simple web page with a little JavaScript will do. I made such a “program” that takes a local text file with Arabic and English words and lets the user train by translating these words. The “program” or web page is loaded in the chrome web browser. Just enter file:///sdcard/ and find the index.html file from there. With a text editor on the phone I don’t need a laptop. Just use that for making new collections of words. I took the Arabic translations from google translate.

Idea – Make Your Own Language Training Program On The Smartphone


Idea – Basic English Training From Running Linux

As a non native English speaker learning English is one of those things I really appreciate. The idea I had was if the operating system could help in the English training. Could we have a language setting that mix English with the persons native language? I’m thinking several advantages. One problem I’ve encountered is to support a person who has set his system language to something I don’t understand. It would be good if we both could see what’s going on in those situations. With this getting over that first hurdle learning your first words would be much quicker. Also searching for a problem solution is generally done in English so here there is a problem if the system is only in the native language. You don’t know exactly what English words were used.

Another related idea to get more translations for software in Linux would be to let the user input their own translated words. This would mean that for every English word you see in the program you can add a translated word.

Idea – Let the user input their own translated words in Linux

Idea – Webpage eSport?

I don’t know if this idea will work. But if it does it will give the youth something useful later in their life. What if they could compete with each other making webpages. The idea is to make a website from instructions and images. Upload that to some server and compare it with contributions from other people or groups. With free online MOOC’s and courses the required knowledge is obtainable. The Internet will be in the hands of the youth. Why not make it very good.

Idea – Solar Powered Thermo Electric Cooling For Drinking Water In Emergencies?

To battle heatwaves we need to drink plenty of water. In my experience cold water is much more effective. Then why not use our wits to create cool water. I’m suggesting a product that uses a simple peltier device powered by a solar panel that is then used to cool water for drinking. I’m not thinking of a portable refrigerator. I guess you can make it more effective by creating a contact area with the water and the peltier device.

Example image just to clearify the idea. Here maybe one should use two water containers. One that you cool and one water container you transfer heat to. Here the chilled water container is small compared to the heated container. Showing both ideas.


Idea – Solar Powered Thermo Electric Cooling For Drinking Water In Emergencies?
Idea – Solar Powered Thermo Electric Cooling For Drinking Water In Emergencies?

Idea – Product Exchange To Enable Stores With New Products Every Week

The idea is simple. Maybe there should exist cooperation among small businesses for certain products sold in our stores. The idea is that the stores could with some help have a section of new products every week or so. If so. People passing by would be inclined to go into the store just to see whats new. I don’t know how to implement this idea but maybe one could rotate popular products among several stores not located close to each other.

Idea – Bug Fixing Exercises For All School Subjects?

The idea is simple and obvious. I believe you need to isolate and train specifically the task of correcting errors in all subjects for the students. Not only in the combination with finding the solution from scratch. The idea is that they could gain ”bug fixing” knowledge which they could then use for their own advantage when finding a solution to a problem. Similarly to be able to collaborate better with others. The thought error with todays system is that the errors encountered by the students are there owns. Meaning they will loose training on many errors they don’t usually make themselves.

Idea- Bug Fixing Exercises For All School Subjects

Idea – Phone Feature

Taking inspiration from the Yota phone being a dualscreen phone maybe its enough to have two displays. One big and one little. The idea I had was if you could have scrolling display like the old mp3 players had as the little low energy information display and one ordinary big display. The reason is that people don’t need to turn on the phone to check the time, the latest sms or some other frequently checked information.

Idea – Big and little display /

Idea – Smart Tools For The Benefit Of Vulnerable EU-Migrants?

In a previous blog post I was wondering how vulnerable EU-migrants could be helped. I think I got the starting answer. Information. I believe those EU-migrants can benefit from information to them and from them. If they get access to devices like smartphones we could make Internet software that could benefit them. What if they could post suggestions themselves to the challenges. If you have a dedicated employment service in the phone maybe they could find employments, job and language training.

Idea – Memory Game

As a twist on the classic memory game I came up with this idea. The idea is to pair two images on the tablet or phone let the computer check if they are related. A simple relation could be the same face or an object that has been rotated. I think maybe this could help older people who have trouble remembering faces. They could just pair the same person from two different angles. Anyway I think it could be a fun game to create.

Idea – Memory Game

Philosophical – Freewill

A post for the possible existence of human freewill

Even if absolute freewill is impossible. Nature can simulate it. Meaning that we need not look at an absolute perfect version of freewill. Just one that can improve, change or evolve. This means we are looking for a practical freewill system that helps make choices that are somewhat efficient. A system that makes choices coincide or at least not go against your will. Since otherwise it will be very inefficient.

Where does freewill come from?

Humans can act upon information. That doesn’t mean I think we all would behave ideally. This because its a difficult problem to generate good information to act upon. But its probably better to rely on your own generated information then to always be dependable on what the outside world will give you.

A guess. Everything that can be recognized can also be generated

I therefore wonder if the choices we make growing up are evaluated. If they are then its possible to classify them into groups under some circumstances. I’m sure there there will be a group that we can say are examples of human freewill. Since the neural net can recognize these type of choices then it can generate them as well.

What about the illusion of free will?

Because you can recognize the feeling of freewill. Your brain can use this feeling as the target for your neural network (similar to a machine learning target). If  your actions then helps generate this feeling over a longer period of time. Then you can say that your actions follows your will and there is no illusion. Possibly you need to generate the “idle” state in the brain also with the freewill feeling as a target.

Free will despite all kinds of resistance

Idea – Smart Random Numbers

This is another food for thought item.

I think there is potential improvement in the random number system we use for searching solutions to various problems. We humans are not very good at outputting random numbers. I think we just output educated guesses. Then perhaps we could innovate the random number system to a smart system. That is we use educated numbers generated from a neural network. The strategy could then be to progressively work down from educated guesses to completely random numbers. Use only complete random numbers when a solution is not quickly found.

Idea – Engage Parents With Own Pace Free Online Courses

The idea is simple. To give every child equal chances in school why not have national online courses in the subjects for the parents. I believe you can gain a lot for the child by refreshing the memory of the parents. The courses should be free massive open online courses which they can take at their own pace. That is without any start dates or other deadlines. Here it would also be possible to adapt the short courses with useful information for parents.