Machine Learning – Could a model() simulate many more layers than it can calculate due to technical problems or numerical difficulties? Also would it be possible to simulate a different kind of network with an ordinary fast network? A Simulating Kind Of Neural Network?

This would mean that there is a use for a kind of brute force method where you do a online training with a ?smaller X_train_smaller and checks the best results for the target sample. Since this takes a long time. The brute model can be simulated.

That is. I guess you input data from an equation into different models(). model_red(), model_green(), model_blue(),… It will be more accurate this way? This is why red is red. Problems where red is red is easier to solve that way.

Machine Learning Math – Integer Equations Can Have Peacock Feather Like Patters. This Makes Me Wonder If Numbers Can Have Colors. So My Theory Is That If A Problem Could Be More Efficiently Solved By Letting Numbers Have Colors. Then Its Proved. Solutions Have Color Attributes.