Machine Learning Fusion Guess – Einsteins Time Function Could Be The Way The Universe Controls Fusion Decisions Using An ?External A.I Observer

The way I see it. If you have something like high velocity noise particles. Then some machine learning model() over that. Could perhaps change decisions over time.

That is. Change the ?exact time for an event in the process. By changing time like described by time dilation examples.

Basically there exist a ‘why’ time dilation would exist.

So my guess is that there exist a model(fast_noise_particles) == A.I observer In fusion. The noise particles is here I think the plasma.

Machine Learning Physics Guess – Is Our Water Organic And Optimized For Life?

I wonder if water. Being essential to life. Also is optimized for life. Even if life has evolved in relation to water. The other way sounds probable also.

I read that there can exist para- and ortho-water. From a philosophical point of view. It could make sense to separate properties of water if there exist a smart solution found with complex combinations. Like a pattern of ones and zeros.

Then these combinations would have to be computed/learned through ?millions of years. If so then splitting water is always a bad idea. You ?risk loosing properties that is needed for life.