Sustainable Electric Motor Concept – Start Motor And Sustainable Drive Propulsion? Starter Coil, Built In Flywheel For Trucks

I started thinking that you could get the speed up using a traditional electric motor. Then to sustain that rotation. I wonder. As a concept. Could you use something else to sustain that rotational speed. Something much more efficient perhaps.

Similarly. Applying this concept to magnetism. There could exist a starter coil and a more efficient system applied later on.

Also for batteries. Could a small efficient flywheel generate high enough amps. Even from a failing battery or small irregular voltage battery. For a mobile this is not possible but for a truck or car a flywheel could maybe be built in.

Win Win Homeless And Dog Idea – Could Homeless Be Empowered With A Tiny Home So They Could Perhaps Take Care Of A Homeless Dog?

The idea is simple.

One or rather the best solutions I’ve seen so far is tiny homes for homeless. Its not much but its a life saver. Therefor why not put together the challenge of dogs with homelessness.

So the idea is for a win win for homeless and dog. This could be an idea for Russia also I think.

Come to think of. Why not fill a barn with wood planks and let people build their way out of this challenge.

Machine Learning Guess – Using x, y Coordinates For Classification Points On A Common Canvas

I used images as labels for classifications instead of binary or integer classifications. I worked. But not so good as I had hoped.

Still I don’t give up. So what about x,y coordinates as labels. I was aiming at the textbook ?typical accuracy maps for construction.

I thought maybe every point could be drawn on a common image.

This way. A brain or my primitive model could adapt a little its predictions. Make some comparisons with earlier predictions.

The color for each prediction should be different. The labels are the black points. The numbers should not be visible on the image. Just the classification point in the corresponding color.

So with this my model will have continous update of the previous predictions via the classification image.

The result gave me an idea. Using KMeans for separation of the numbers there was an obvious class functionality missing in KMeans. The Surrounding class. Which is some kind of uncertainty. So we should have 11 classes 10 for the numbers and 1 for the surrounding class.


Machine Learning Math – N-Dimensional Data ?Complex Numbers? Separate Harder And Harder To Understand Data Into Columns. Could Make Sense to Machine Learning

I wonder. Is there an n-dimensional complex like number? That is. Could you have some power rule for data with many columns. The power rule would shift the element data into the ?previous lower dimension if squared. Similarly taking the square root ?could (-1) put the element data into the next higher column.

It could be that the new number is hard to understand. So the idea is to separate the data into harder and harder columns. I mean. Machine learning does not care. I think it could make more sense if it computed data with similar data.

The blog post is meant as inspiration. Reinvent the math wheel.

Happiness Idea For Russia – How Do We Empower People So They Can Buy/Afford An Electric Car? Work For Extra Car Money Incentives?

Learning how to empower the local people. From the homeless to the top.

I wonder. How can this be improved? How can we get people to afford electric cars?

?Instead of just giving money on rebates. What if people could work for that extra electric car money.

This way work is put in the system and efficiency is higher.

Battery Innovation Speculation – Could Sand Be Used As A Playing Field Volume For Classification Of The Best Material For A Battery?

My previous idea was about separating water into evaporation classes. From the easy evaporative to the desert sustainable.

From this I speculate that a battery could be improved by using sand. What if you can be picky and select the best material from within the same material. By this I mean that the sand can act as a natural separator or cleaner not only for water. Perhaps the electrolyte could also do a natural ?good and bad separation using dispersion in sand.

Why Molecular Folding – Continous Update Of Structual Fittness? Engineering Strength? Ability To Stay Non broken

There was so little that was written about folding at wikipedia that I speculated a little on my own.

To calculate the folding process. I speculate that its ?similar to checking the engineering strength at every step of the process.

Why. Since a broken molecule is not good for life.

That is. The molecule could be subjected to forces that breaks it apart. It is then smarter to fold in a way that it is ?always structually strong.

So using engineering tools and machine learning it should be possible to in predict the folding changes.

Water For The Desert? – Can You Filter Water That Adapts To The Desert?

Since not all water evaporates at the same time. There could be some differences? So I wonder. Would it be possible to select or ?train water that survives longer in the desert.

That is. What if you filter water through desert ?sand and reuse the water that goes to the top layer for something else.

So the idea is to take advantage of the machine learning like water ?network. The network responsible for the water decision making.

So there exists decision boundaries for water.

This could perhaps answer why drip irrigation works. The drop has to withstand evaporation since otherwise creating a drop would not make sense. If it would just disappear immediately.

So perhaps there are a few ways to sustain water.


Wild Math Guess – 2x Derivative – Imaginative Derivative Does Not Need To Be Zero For Constant Middle Values?

Using machine learning. I guess that you can optimize a model to learn derivatives.

Using some imaginative thinking.

Then why not take the 2x derivative. That is. Train on the two steps forward derivative.

This way there should be possible to get derivative like values for when the function is even a constant. If the function had some previous non constant value.

The reason for this I suspect is that the universe could make use of imaginative values. Maybe our operations are not enough.

Driving Inventions Idea – Youtube Live Show Where You Vote By Phone On Inventions

Inspired by tv shows where inventors gets to try their luck. I wonder. Could this be made into something bigger. Something more important.

So the idea is simple.

Could we have a live show sent as a youtube live event where you vote by phone (small charge) on the contending inventions.

Then maybe some gets to sell their products on big markets.

Machine Learning Physics Guess – Does Random Spin Help Classification By Sequence Sampling Probability Classifications

I was thinking. What if you rotate an object randomly during training in machine learning. Then the recognition of a rotated object would pose less of a problem.

Then if you rotate some other similar object randomly you will have many predictions to go by. Improving the accuracy then becomes discarding the probable miss classifications. Since they are not in the majority of the cases. Some median of the predictions. Or maybe its better to check the sequence of probability. That is. If you get the same result for the first ?10 predictions.

So from this I guess that the random spin properties of atom objects. Could perhaps in the machine learning sense be sequence sampling probability classifications. That is. If the atom objects are classified to be part of the same atom.

Homeless Idea – Some Words For Social Innovation

Tossing around some words for an idea to improve homelessness. I didnt get a closure on it.

* Small Houses – Friggebodar, Attefallshus

* Food subscription

* Clothing subscription

The way I see it. Getting houses for the homeless is a sustainable peace idea. Its about respecting human life.

Another idea

What About Battery Backup For Power Outages In Construction? More affordable housing? With extra electricity maybe more machines can do work at the same time bringing down the cost.


Tutorials Needed – Tutorial On Creating An Invention From Scratch?

We have lots of programming tutorials. But what if we treated innovation and the creative process of making inventions in a programming way.

I wonder. If there were tutorials on ?old inventions from scratch then perhaps it would be possible to learn how to come with new inventions much easier. See common things among inventions.

So the idea is to write an invention from scratch in a jupyter notebook.

Genius Idea Electricity From Heat – Use Movement To Slide Along A Heated Surface For Concentrated Heat

The idea is simple.

What if you used a hardened surface of a Peltier Element and slided that along some solar heated surface? Then I think you get a much more warmer hot side. At the same time you cool the upper side with a fan. This should generate more electricity than just placing the peltier still on surface.

So the idea is to sum up small patches of heat. With movement and low friction contact the added energy for motion is ?small. Like for a sliding bearing. At least solar energy could move the heat collector also.


Climate Idea – Is It Possible To Create A Rain And Tree Corridors If All That Is Needed Is To Following A Green Growth Function Perhaps Entering Saudi Arabia From The Arabian Sea?

From machine learning. Where you update the model from an error function. The update is done so that the next time there is a check the error function is closer to zero.

Then I wonder. If everything that can be decisions also are machine learned decisions. Then there exist a rain network. Since it is an easier way to create the smart conditions needed life.

If so. Then there is a error or update function that needs to be followed. Since every network needs to optimized for life then the goal of the update ?could be to check if there is some green ?growth.

Like watering the plant. You don’t want to water too much or too little.

So maybe all that is needed is a tree corridor with ground vegetation. From the Arabian Sea To Mediterranean Sea.

The idea is that the rain network will adapt since there is some purpose to it. That is. Sustaining vegetation.

This looks like reinforcement learning. Only lacking a bit ?vegetation up north to connect the rain?

Super Climate And Energy Idea – Heat And Cold Storage Driven Process From Free Heat From Roads. Cool The City. Improve Rain Conditions?

The idea is simple.

Cities need to cool down. One way is to take advantage of the problem we have with overheated pavement and roads.

If you draw the heat (air suction?) from these surfaces and combine that with a chilled mass. In a ?underground heat storage. Then chill another storage to minus degrees. Using solar energy? By the way. Does the cold storage need to be as big as the heat storage?

I wonder if you then can create electricity from a temperature difference driven process.

Perhaps something like this can take reduce the need for air conditioners. Improve conditions for rain (no overheated surfaces) and more.