My best ideas

My Best Ideas

A Singularity Theory Of Gravity

My idea is perhaps not that easy. The reason I think we should think in environmentally friendly ways is that this provides an additional way of thinking.

Inspired by infrared radiation. I guess that gravity is also a consequence from protecting matter. The key to gravity is that this energy I believe leaves the matter by teleportation.

I’m a little bit unsure how it all fits together but one reason you need to teleport the energy is from newtons law of gravitation. F = G m1*m2/r² . Then as r goes to zero this should be singular or very high. A solution to this error is to teleport the energy away because you can not destroy energy.

Further I believe energy teleportation is the reason why a weak force such as gravity can have such a long reach.

The key to gravity is teleportation // Per Lindholm



Different Quality Backup Idea

For media that depends on lossy compression it should be possible to ”patch” the media file with a smaller file of same resolution but a lower quality.


Idea – Two Problem Search Strategy

The idea is simple. When searching for new ideas you might want to try this approach. First pick a problem you want to think about. When you get stuck the idea is to simply change the target, change the problem to a similar one or one that you think resembles the first.


Idea on 3D generation and its possible implication for evolution

I guess however the genetic makeup would also include support data (the learned matrix). To help generate biological elements like the trained part. This thought experiment I think shows how evolution can produce so much variation. Without the energy cost due to error.


Phone Cylinder

As an imagination exercise why not try to design a new style phone. You can like me use the free Blender 3D software to do this. My idea is to model it using an elliptical cylinder over a flat screen.