List Of All 700+ Ideas


  1. Product Idea – Dyslexia Reading Tablet?
  2. Idea – Polar Cardinal Directions?
  3. Test – MP3 vs OGG Machine Learning
  4. Startup Idea – Global Online Education Platform?
  5. High Risk High Reward – Machine Learning Models With Division?
  6. Math Idea – Space Time Vector Transformation
  7. Education Idea – Higher Education Inspired By
  8. Idea – Encode Images As ?Video For Machine Learning Datasets
  9. Biology Idea – Kinship Mimicry
  10. Phone Idea – Build Your Own Wifi Compute Stick
  11. Phone Coding Idea – Python Machine Learning via Android App Termux and pip (sklearn, keras)
  12. Peace Idea – Peace Generating Fishing Trips?
  13. Youth Employment Idea – Sell Online Courses For Games?
  14. Machine Learning Guess – Could Weight Matrices Equal Materials Science And Engineering?
  15. Startup Idea – FundMySchool ?
  16. Idea – Linux Distribution For Projectors?
  17. Physics Guess – Turbulence Is Not A Side Effect
  18. Machine Learning Idea – Should There Exist Super Recognition?
  19. TV Program Idea – Tools For Livelihoods?
  20. Mathematical Guess – Make Use Of Different Random Distributions At The Same Time?
  21. Software Idea – Turn Krita Or Gimp To A 3D Drawing Software
  22. Startup Idea – Promote Linux And Education With Second-hand Single Board Computers
  23. Fire Fighting Idea – Sprinklers On The Outer Surface Of the Building?
  24. Physics Guess – Could Much Heat Effect Gravity?
  25. Super Smart Startup Idea? – Pay As You Go Solar Kit With Ad Supported Music Service
  26. Mathematical Question – Could You Use Machine Learning To Find The Shape Of A Number?
  27. Plastic Water Bottle Reduction Idea – Sell Ice Cold Water In The Coffee automat
  28. Opinion – An African Spring Disaster Is In No Ones Interest
  29. Idea – Site For Global Fire And Accident Prevention?
  30. Example – AI Assisted Search For Innovation
  31. Startup Product Idea – Drawing Tablet Pen For The Smartphone
  32. Engineering Idea – Should There Exist An Acceleration Fuse Plug For Consumer Products?
  33. Job Idea – Africa Could Need Online Course Makers
  34. Physics Philosophy Guess – Smart Light Emission?
  35. Battery Idea – Should There Exist Solid Material Clouds?
  36. Startup Idea – Family Newspaper?
  37. Agriculture Guess – Could Adapted LED Street Lights For Farm Land Improve Growth On Cloudy Days Or In Cold Climates?
  38. Idea – The Importance Of Art And Science In Machine Learning
  39. Swedish Battery Factory – Could This Lead The Way To A Super Battery?
  40. Physics Guess – Could There Exist Two Energy Systems?
  41. Battery Guess – Machine Learned Chemistry?
  42. Resilience Idea – Refugee Camp Trainee And Internships?
  43. Engineering Idea – Gas Bearing With The Help From A Chemical Reaction
  44. Software Idea – OpenGL Inspired 2D Drawing
  45. Physics Guess – Could A Different Material Electric Resistance Indicate A New Function?
  46. Electric Car Battery – Top Five Tech Company Strategy?
  47. Quick Battery Guess – Should The Electron Receiving Electrode Also Emit Light?
  48. Peace Project – World Countries Appreciation Days?
  49. Physics Guess – Sonoluminesence As The Near Singular Point Where Nothing Should Exist?
  50. Peace And Happiness Idea – Universal Mini Vacation Trips?
  51. Employment Idea – Sharp Dressed Refugee
  52. Idea – Enhancing Ion Diffusion With Some Pressure?
  53. Infrastructure Idea – Two Independent Train Commuter Lines That Act As Backup To Each Other
  54. Engineering Idea – Nano Machine Elements? Like the stiffness of DNA
  55. Smog Reducing Idea – Private Car Owners Trade Carbon Limits?
  56. Two Person Product Category Idea – Stress Ball For Massage
  57. Mathematical Idea – Should There Exist Smart Statistics?
  58. Physics Guess – Argument For Set Generated Heat And Where To Find It
  59. Idea – IT Medical Advice Cubicles In Care Centers?
  60. Battery Guess – Could Electrons Place Of ”Birth” Be Important? (Smart Conservation Law)
  61. More Secure Traffic Idea – Voluntary Fellow Passenger Course?
  62. Battery Speculation – Noise Reduction?
  63. Small Business Idea – 3D Renderings For Restoration Projects For Customer Presentation?
  64. Wild Speculation – Better Efficiency Using Trained Electrons?
  65. Idea – Associated Peace Processes Love, Hope, Faith, Joy?
  66. Physics Guess – Why Are There Physical Effects Phenomenon At All
  67. Mathematical Guess – Understood Coordinate System?
  68. Physics Idea – The Universe Takes Advantage Of Everything?
  69. Mathematical Idea – Could There Exist Smart Geometry?
  70. Idea – What if heating can be optimized from following an optimal pattern?
  71. Idea – Bypassed Inventor Support (Fidget Spinner)
  72. Physics Speculation – A Moving Part To A Non Moving Part Device?
  73. HowTo – Groundbreaking Inventions Is Not A Natural Evolutionary Process
  74. Physics Guess – Could A Field Be A ?Light Network System?
  75. Idea – More Battery Machine Inspiration
  76. Physics Guess – Is A Singularity A Point Where Nothing Can Exist?
  77. Battery Ideas – Set Generating Names For Batteries
  78. Tape Battery Machine – Increasing Ion Transport Speed?
  79. Physics Philosophy – If You Know The Answer To The Question Why Can You Calculate The How?
  80. Product Idea – The Spinner Compressor
  81. Product Idea – Smart Rotating Axle?
  82. Physics Idea – Gravity As A Network Generation Of A Force And Its Direction
  83. Startup Idea – Physical Workout Startup
  84. Physics Idea – Could An Atom(Network) Also Take Input From Empty Space From Within?
  85. Physics Network Idea – Smart Gravity?
  86. Abundant Material Idea – Rock Galvanization?
  87. Philosophical idea – What Is A Smart Coordinate system?
  88. Idea – Steam Turbine Inspired By Fidget Spinners?
  89. Physics Guess – Controlled Fusion Simplification?
  90. Philiosophical Guess – Does There Exist ”Number of Free Functions” Similar To ”Degrees Of Freedom”?
  91. Battery Physics Guess – Mass And Velocity Of Ion Objects?
  92. Education – Personal Video Speaking Tests
  93. Physics Question – Could Light Traveling In Deep Space Make Sense To The Empty Space Network?
  94. Startup Idea – Feeling Optimized Products
  95. Physics Idea – The Universe Problem Is Solved By Physics Networks Not Only Simple Physics Rules
  96. Fusion – To Big To Function
  97. Idea – Simplified Text Comments With No Hateful Words
  98. Battery Guess – Association Battery And Ion Thruster
  99. Ideas? – How To Make America Great
  100. General Philosophical Idea – Physics Answer To The Question Why
  101. Philosophical Idea – Enclosed Determinism
  102. Philosophical Guess – Does The Atom Have Its Own Internal Entropy System?
  103. Peace Innovation Idea – Many Parallel Peace Discussions?
  104. Idea – Could Empty Space Be Smart?
  105. Idea – Weight Loss By Sensing Your Stomach?
  106. Idea – Should A Battery Require More Activation Energy?
  107. Could Some New Type Of Hardening Of Selected Battery Surfaces Help Performance?
  108. Idea – Why could not both sides in a civil war hold a general election for peace?
  109. Simply Peace Not War
  110. Invention Idea – Sand Wood Material
  111. Physics Guess – Decision Vector For A Smog Filter?
  112. Battery Physics Idea – Energy Insulation Battery?
  113. Risk Reduction Idea – Online Backup Of Employability Documents
  114. Physics Idea – Should There Exist A Sponge Compressor?
  115. Battery Idea – Should There Exist A Ion Centrifuge Battery?
  116. Environmental Idea – Smart Plastic Collection?
  117. Philosophical Idea – Are Guessing A Repairment Of Thoughts?
  118. Love Idea – Victim Of Terrorism Fund – Support in this hardest of times
  119. Idea – Transform The Slums With Livelihood Workspaces?
  120. Idea – Lab Grown Tree Mass For Construction And Paper?
  121. Startup Idea – Changeable Graphics Screen As The Stereo Amplifier
  122. Physics Guess – A Battery With A Ion ”Heat Pump”?
  123. Idea – Rental Apartment Construction Bank?
  124. Physics Guess – Theory Of Everything
  125. Physics Guess – Magnetic Algorithm Compression Battery?
  126. Idea – Parent To Child Teaching Mobile Site/App For Refugees?
  127. Idea – Substitute Agency For Farmers?
  128. Future Battery Speculation – Energy Units As Information Packages In A Future Battery
  129. Physics Guess – Could You Enhance Length Contraction?
  130. Cooperation Project Idea – An American and Mexican City?
  131. Physics Guess – Does There Exist An Empty Space Law?
  132. Startup Idea – Pop-Up Shop On The Train Platform?
  133. Idea – Business Investors For Refugee Livelihood?
  134. Physics Guess – Is Teleportation Energy Its Own Type Of Energy Like Kinetic or Potential?
  135. Refugee Startup Idea – Tech Delivery Guys?
  136. Smart Livelihood Idea – Apps For Livelihood?
  137. HowTo – Simplest Wallpaper Background Blue Stone
  138. Idea – The Fruit Sandwich
  139. Linux TIP – For those who miss the soundcard equalizer settings in windows
  140. Improving Livelihood idea – Sell Handmade Products With The Help Of Professional Packaging
  141. Idea – Could Audio/Image/Video Machine Learning Recognition Be Used For Contents Rights Management?
  142. Idea – The Scripted Educational Bot?
  143. Battery Inspiration – Lossy Compressed Energy?
  144. Machine Learning Guess – Object aware compression algorithms?
  145. Idea – Interactive Consumer
  146. Idea – Access To Your Fixed Telephone Line Via Your Smartphone From An App?
  147. Product Idea – Fish Aquarium With Cameras?
  148. Linux – Fixed A Linux Booting Problem With Fedora 25 2017-04-29 + simpleLinux As An AppImage?
  149. Idea – Mobile Payment Offline App Store?
  150. Startup Idea – Mobile SMS Password System For Charging For Content, M-KOPA?
  151. Idea – Whistling Android Music Game App?
  152. Super Idea? – Ad Supported Linux (Cloud) Internet Computer
  153. Tip – Octave Notebook On The Phone
  154. Idea – Learn A Subject By Creating HTML With Audio And Images (Phone + Keyboard)
  155. Idea – European Online Education?
  156. Idea – Simple Method To Train Mathematics Rewrite With The Math Words
  157. Idea – Machine Learning Classifiers With The Help Of Image Filters?
  158. Security – Could Smartgun Technology Stop Trucks Being Used As Weapons?
  159. Fun Idea – Running iPython On The Phone (offline)
  160. Idea – Add A Bluetooth Keyboard To Your Smartphone And Discover Programming And Linux
  161. Project Idea – Genetic Feature Generation For Machine Learning ?
  162. Smartphone Tip – Put The Phone Infront Of The Keyboard
  163. Speculation – The Battery As An Energy Information Device
  164. Idea – Enhance Linux Sites And Blogs With Crowd Sourced Course Tutorials?
  165. Super Idea – Human Supervised Generative Learning
  166. Guess – Could Modeling The Atom As A Continuously Updating Classifier Lead To Fusion?
  167. Physics Guess – What If Fusion Could Take Place Everywhere In The Sun?
  168. Machine Learning – Should Decision Based Systems Generate Readable Thought Strings?
  169. Part Of A Livelihood Kit – Computer With Offline/Online Courses
  170. Idea – The Universe Fractal
  171. Math Idea – Derivative similarity
  172. Machine Learning Idea – Could The Weight Matrices That Corresponds To The Mean Filtered Training Samples Be Good Starting Values?
  173. Project Idea Machine Learning – Differentiated Noise Level Learning
  174. Idea – Internal Fitness In A ?Deep Genetic Algorithm.
  175. Idea – Music Enhanced Knowledge Delivery With A Feeling Dimension
  176. Guess – Could The Future Internet Involve Teleportation Of Radio Waves?
  177. Project – Generate A 3D Object (Evolution And Machine Learning)
  178. Reminder – Why Not Use A Genetic Algorithm For Machine Learning Generation
  179. Super Idea – Increase Your Machine Learning Weight Matrices “Infinitely”
  180. Market Idea – Easy Repairable Smartphone (Pop Replace Screens)?
  181. Idea – The Genetic Perceptron (Machine Learning)
  182. Idea – Video Wallpaper For Linux Apps
  183. Idea – Make Smartphones More Personal With Custom Linux Style Themes/Interfaces
  184. Remaining Project – Solve A PDE Or A Stiff ODE With A Genetic Algorithm
  185. Idea – Could A Noise Filter Improve Genetic Algorithms?
  186. Finance Inventions – Could A Rented Share System Work?
  187. Physics Guess – Heat Noise And Fusion
  188. Speculation – Does There Exist A Heat Assisted Battery Type?
  189. Speculation – Recognition And Generation Of Freewill Realistic Actions And Timings
  190. Idea – How Image Filters Could Help With The Traveling Salesman Problem
  191. Idea – Split-Window Screenshots For Rich Code Documentation
  192. Speculation – Predict Time Sequence Of Type Of Processes
  193. Idea – Could Machine Learning Enhance The Solution To Differential Equations By Image Post Processing?
  194. Physics Guess – Action At A Distance By Super Triangulation?
  195. Idea – Easy Modifying A Color Theme In Linux With GIMP Filters
  196. Idea – Practice Technical Drawing Using A Toy Draw Projector?
  197. Physics Guess – Could A Force Have A Memory Associated With It?
  198. Invention – Pressure Taking Object In A Piston Cylinder // Per Lindholm
  199. Idea – Could A Black Hole Extend Itself In Time?
  200. Physics Guess – Does The Atom Have A Decision Mechanism For Fusion?
  201. Math Guess – Should There Exist Snap To Value Functions?
  202. Project Idea – Using Machine Learning For Differential Equations
  203. Startup Product Idea – Gaming Keyboard With Pressure Sensitive Keys
  204. Philosophy – Representation As A Function Of Machine Learning?
  205. Idea – Are Their Higher Number Systems?
  206. Business Idea – Ice Cream Machine For The Pizza Restaurants?
  207. Physics Guess – Should There Exist Different Types Of Electric Energy?
  208. Math Idea – Smart Functions
  209. Idea – Chair Heat Blanket To Help You Study And Concentrate
  210. Startup Game Idea – Education Games That The Users Can Make Mods From
  211. Idea – Could Home Fuel Cells Replace Gas Cooking Stoves?
  212. Idea – Audio Record Your Ideas And More
  213. Idea – Could Education With Digital Projectors Be Improved With Rear Projector Screens?
  214. Having a nice time
  215. Idea – USB Portable Led Lightbulb
  216. Question – What Possible Advantage Could The Universe Have From Its Expansion?
  217. Idea – Could A Blurry Version Of The Image Be Used As Additional Inspiration Data For Noise Reduction?
  218. Super Idea – Use A Fan On A Hot Window In Winter Time To Heat The Apartment
  219. Job Generating Idea – Inspiration Data For Your Brand Or Product
  220. Idea – Does The Brain Take Advantage Of Specialized Areas Being Distant From Each Other?
  221. A Little Celebration – The 500:th Idea!
  222. Speculation – Could An Aging Memory Be A Feature Of Machine Learning?
  223. Ads Idea – Two Sites Where One Has Limited Content But No Or Limited Amounts Of Ads?
  224. Anim – Little Book Steps
  225. Startup Idea – Modern Billboard Advertising – A Touch Screen In The Store?
  226. Statistics peroglyfer jan 2017
  227. Speculation – Could Stacking With Noise Reduction From Many Inexact CPU Cores Manage Higher Frequencies?
  228. Super Intelligence – Thought Repair From ?3% Knowledge
  229. Speculation – Physics_Currency Fitting?
  230. Idea – Solar Ready USB 18cm In Diameter Fan Setup For Emergency Situations
  231. Project Idea – Philosophy Generating Machine Learning
  232. World Saving Idea – Could You Cooperate With Machine Learning To Drive A Prototype Development Process?
  233. Idea – Robot Music Presenter For Streaming Music Services?
  234. Speculation – Does There Exist Physics Imagination ?
  235. Idea – Could There Exist Lossy Error Correcting Code With A Quality Variable
  236. Idea – Take Advantage Of Machine Learning In Error Detection And Correction?
  237. Idea – Could Recognition Improve Image Stacking Processing To Reduce Noise From Non Aligned Images?
  238. Space Idea – Evolve An Artificial Universe Sensory Organ
  239. Idea – Ordinary Words As Math Inspiration
  240. Idea – Livelihood Improvement In Afghanistan
  241. Idea – Does There Exist Brain Inspired Cooling?
  242. Idea – Job Training Idea For The Long Term Unemployed
  243. Battery Idea – Inspiration Data From ”Gravitational Slingshot”
  244. Idea – Text As Input For Graphics Generation In GIMP
  245. Idea – Could There Exist A Dual Alternating Semi-Conductor Peltier Element?
  246. Startup Idea? – Making Caravans For Poverty Stricken Areas With Local Workers
  247. Idea – Could USB Fans 18cm Diameter Be Used In Emergency Situations?
  248. Livelihood Idea – Growing Flowers And Selling Offline Video Instructions
  249. Politics – Gambia The First African Country I’ve Been To
  250. Raspberry Pi Project – Evolution Of The Solar Powered Calculator
  251. Business Idea – Cinnamon Bun + Coffee + Magazine
  252. Linux Promotion Idea – Why Not The Linux Logo As An Emoticon Serie?
  253. Speculation – Database Search By Computer Enhanced Feelings
  254. Idea – Could There Exist A Battery With Stationary And Moving Ions?
  255. Idea – Could There Exist A Possibility To Separate A Summation Of Forces Or Momentums
  256. Gravity Idea – Is A Planet Or Planet System Able To Adjust Its Gravity To Support Life?
  257. Idea – Could Getting Thrust From The EMdrive Be A Balancing Act?
  258. Idea – Sound Buttons That Don’t Require Batteries For Raspberry Pi Projects?
  259. Idea – Could There Exist A Linear Acceleration Air Conditioner ?
  260. Refugee Job Idea – Sponsor Small Online Coding Jobs For Refugees ?
  261. My Game Idea – ikPixel (Pixelized International Karate)
  262. Idea – Woho Got The M-audio Midi Keyboard To Work With My Raspberry Pi 2
  263. 20 Minus Idea – Warm Milk And Cereal
  264. Idea – Food Delivery Subscription For Pregnant Women?
  265. Important Language Learning Idea – Dual Language Subtitles For TextTV And Youtube
  266. Project Idea – Solar Ready Linux PC (Raspberry Pi + Smartphone + USB-Keyboard + Powerbank)
  267. Idea – Code Using A Chatbot
  268. Idea – Futuristic Spark Energy Generator
  269. Idea – A New Text Based Programming Language Adapted For Writing On The Phone ?
  270. Idea – Could You Improve Your Reading Skills By Learning How To Guess Words?
  271. Livelihood Idea – Basic Online Course For Using A Sewing Machine ?
  272. Idea – Fonts With Multiple Variations For Each Letter
  273. Idea – Visible Light Emitting CPU To Get That Higher Frequency Without The Heat
  274. Idea – Improve Back Blood Circulation After Long Flights
  275. Design Idea – The Linux Led Matrix Laptop
  276. Idea – Does Physical Bodies Emit Invisible Light Dependent On The Velocity?
  277. Idea – Dedicated Hand Held Device For Scratch Powered By The Raspberry Pi ?
  278. Idea – Smart Path Recognition
  279. Idea – Vertical Crops?
  280. Idea – Link To The Job Seekers CV From The Mobile Phone Stored QR Code ?
  281. Idea – Record Your Exercises For Your Motivation
  282. Idea – MovieGame Experience
  283. Political – Sharing Economical Cost By Switching To More Beneficial Government Loans ?
  284. Disability Help Idea – Simulate The Apartment In 3D ?
  285. Idea – Stone Age Inspired Energy Extraction ??
  286. Idea For Free And Open Source Software – Generating Realistic Objects/World From 3D Block Objects Using Machine Learning
  287. Idea – Does The Universe Use Distributed Error Information ?
  288. Climate Change – Rice
  289. Math Idea – Dependent Noise
  290. Math Idea – Does There A Exist Similar Fourier Series ?
  291. Energy Idea – Using Thermo Photo Voltaic To Simplify Any Energy Extraction Process ?
  292. Startup Idea – Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
  293. Shared Idea – The Reinforced Wolly
  294. Speculation – Should There Exist A Low Frequency To High Frequency Theory
  295. Math – Make Use Of False Positives In Optimation ? Fill-function
  296. Math Idea – Similarity Series ?
  297. Math Idea – Noise Detection As An Error Function In Machine Learning
  298. Math Idea – My Take On The Simple Perceptron In Machine Learning
  299. Idea – Physical Cause An Effect As Deciding What Is Input And Output To A Machine Learning Network
  300. Speculation – Creativity As Set Generation Within A New Group
  301. Idea – Verification Hash String In The .CSV Data Files?
  302. Idea – Momentum As A Slim Fit Force Field?
  303. Idea – Love Story With People Who Really Struggle
  304. Philosophical Speculation – Space Drive [N/m^3] ?
  305. Speculation – Decision Making
  306. Politics – In hindsight
  307. Math Idea – Root Problem Description By Similarity Of Problems
  308. Math Idea – Could You Use Vector Input For Integrals, Limits or System Of Equations?
  309. Idea – Should There Exist 3D Clustering ?
  310. Math Idea – What Is Inspiration?
  311. Facebook page
  312. Speculation – Machine Learning Ideas
  313. Game Console Idea – User Generated Games On Physical Storage Casettes (Nintendo)
  314. Idea – A Job Creating Strategy Will Benefit Everyone
  315. Speculation – Could A CPU Help The Cells Heal The Body More Accurate?
  316. Idea – The Smart Cost Function ?
  317. Idea – Sample Generator
  318. Idea – Could Machine Learning Benefit Stroke Victims
  319. Idea – Speed Up For Blender 3D?
  320. Math Idea – Histogram Of Functions
  321. Math Idea – Inverse As The Single Value Find
  322. Livelihood Idea – Wiki Tutorials
  323. Startup Idea – Subscription Based Clothes And Shoe Purchase Model For Families
  324. Idea – Write Protect Parts Of A Document
  325. Idea – How To Get Smarter
  326. Great Tip – Run Linux On Your Smartphone (VNC + USB – Tethering + Raspberry Pi)
  327. Audacious Battery Idea – Energy Chip With Nano Fusion
  328. Idea – Concentrated Solar Cells With Space Rockets
  329. Idea – Unit Test For The Insurance?
  330. Speculation – Could Big Solar Be Physically Recognized As A Black Hole?
  331. Speculation – Does A Permanent Magnet Also Emit Some Kind Of Light?
  332. Idea – Forum With Video Screencasts Of Programming Bugs, Ideas and Problems?
  333. Employment Idea – Could Machine Learning Predict The Next Business?
  334. Climate Resilience Idea – Cheap Air Conditioner With A Turbo Air Compressor – Expander?
  335. Swedish – Sommarjobbspeng ?
  336. Super Idea – Music Production MOOC With Online DAW Software!?
  337. Guess – Does The Emdrive Form A Network With Empty Space And Its Metal Boundary?
  338. Idea – Screencast Your Website or PDF Magazine
  339. Refugee Resilience Idea – Solar Micro Grids With Containers (Energy+Jobs)
  340. Imagination Exercise – Spinning Engine Piston
  341. Linux Laptop For Everyone – A Cheap Tablet Without An OS?
  342. Idea – Dual Language Book
  343. Climate Resilience Idea – Bread With A Long Expiration Date?
  344. Idea – Should The 5 Volt USB Standard Be Adapted To Battery Voltages?
  345. Speculation – Does There Exist Point To Point Radio Transmission?
  346. Idea – Coding Your Own Chatbot Like Remember List For Education
  347. Speculation – Light And Gravity > Deep Forces?
  348. Super Idea – Program A Script To Improve Video With Darktable?
  349. Idea – In Space Satellite Assembly?
  350. Idea – Cheapest Digital Education I Could Think Of
  351. Idea – Python Script Enhanced Text Editor?
  352. Idea – Advertising Intermediary Site For Bloggers?
  353. Idea – Feeling based mathematics
  354. Tip – Quick And Dirty Capturing Of Ideas (Just Take A Screenshot Or Screencast)
  355. Idea – Smart Manual Or Coding Information Window
  356. Linux Idea – Use The Phone As A Wifi Middle Server For File Transfers Between Two Computers
  357. Linux Idea – Software Boutique With List Of Importable/Exportable Bookmarks
  358. Tip – Found An Interesting Programming Site – Shadertoy
  359. Idea – External Dedicated Site For Helping People To Compile Various Open Source Software?
  360. Speculation – Memory And Movement
  361. Idea – Classify An Idea To Get New Inspiration
  362. Speculation – Should There Exist Color Clustering?
  363. Idea – Chatbots That Can Answer Questions About Programming Packages?
  364. Idea – More On Word Objects
  365. Idea – Sort The Matrix Before Doing Calculations?
  366. Idea – What Is A Word Object?
  367. Speculation – Using Resynthesize For Differential Equations?
  368. Speculation – If Cancer Evolves Then Fool The Machine Learning Algorithm?
  369. My Super Idea – Use A Game Engine For Powerpoint Presentations
  370. Tip – Use A Read Text Plugin In Libreoffice To Get More Readable Text
  371. Idea – Machine Learning And Smart Biomimicry?
  372. Idea – Lossy Calculations?
  373. Show – The Traveling Salesman Problem A Blender 3D Animation
  374. Idea – Keeping Multiple Values For Signals
  375. Question – Should There Exist A Machine Learning Method For Material Fatigue Prevention In Constructions?
  376. Idea – Evaporating Mirror
  377. Idea – Double Resolutions For The Smartphone Camera App
  378. Speculation – How One Kind Of Set Generation Could Work
  379. Idea – Storing Images In A Video ( high compression ratio )
  380. Idea – Determinism And An Evolutionary Path Of Information
  381. Idea – Digital Cameras And Powerbanks?
  382. Speculation – The All Coinciding Freewill
  383. Idea – Smart Determinism And Freewill
  384. Startup Idea – Accelerated 3D Graphics Version Of LibreOffice Impress (Alternative To Powerpoint)
  385. Speculation – Quantum Entanglement As High Frequency Teleportation Swapping?
  386. Idea – Digital Offline Education ( Student Created Videos )
  387. Speculation – Some Thoughts About Singularities
  388. Idea – Would It Be Possible To Stream Games From An Internet Server To The Mobile And Lastly To The TV?
  389. Idea – Student Created Video Screencasts In MOOC’s
  390. Idea – Should There Not Exist Dumb Phones With Voice Calls Over Wifi?
  391. Software Idea – Machine Learning App To Adapt And Render PDF’s On Mobiles?
  392. Idea – How Do You Compress Random Pixels In An Image?
  393. What is Belief?
  394. Idea – Dual Screen Mode Youtube – Separated Static Images + Video
  395. Idea – Could WhatsApp Be Used For Education In Refugee Situations?
  396. Why Linux – Innovative Installation
  397. Speculation – Is There A Second Law Of Conservation Of Energy Due To Teleportation?
  398. My Idea For Personal Cooling
  399. Idea – Take Advantage Of The Smartphone In School
  400. Idea – Black Hole As An Energy Filter?
  401. Idea – Walking Your Dog With A Larger Water Bottle And A Bowl
  402. Idea – Is Fish Involved In Sea Floor Recovery?
  403. Poem For Germany
  404. Idea – T.rex A Beach Runner?
  405. Idea – Take Advantage Of Two (Wifi Cast Dongle?) Projectors For Your Presentation
  406. Idea – Could Friction Be Classified Into Groups?
  407. Idea – Climate Resilience Measures And Possible Income For Municipalities?
  408. Idea – The Smart Educational Flower Pot
  409. What Can Be Done To Prevent People From Cooking While Drunk??
  410. Guess – Enhance Athmospheric Water Harvesting In A Volume Of Higher Air Pressure?
  411. Idea – Engine Stove?
  412. Idea – #hashtag With Price Information For Product Images Found In Search Engines?
  413. Idea – Basic Supermarket Brand Of Bed And Sofa
  414. Important Idea – Water Preserving Showering Using A Drilled PET Bottle
  415. Smart Refrigerator Idea – the Static Refrigerator Photo
  416. Idea – Food Strategy For Refugee Situations?
  417. Idea – Heat Reduction Blanket For Sleeping
  418. Desertification Idea – Cold Water Plant Storage For Atmospheric Watering
  419. Idea – Differentiated Cooling Per Product A Smart Refrigerator
  420. Idea – Should There Exist A Climate Change Experience Simulator Using VR?
  421. Idea – Deductable Innovation Services?
  422. Idea – Combining Forces To Get That First Generation Product?
  423. Idea – Fan Refrigeration
  424. Idea – Dual WiFi On The Smartphone?
  425. Idea – Solar Powered Food Market Container?
  426. Idea – Assault Weapons Ban Foundation?
  427. Idea – 3D Printer Service In Retail Shops
  428. Key Education Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Khan Academy Style Videos
  429. Idea – Part Work Part Education For Those In Need?
  430. Speculation – Intelligence As Biological AI + Mind
  431. Idea – Dual TV Experience Laugh With Others
  432. Blender Product Idea – Cloc2k
  433. Idea – How To Invoke Your Genius Potential
  434. Speculation – Is Gravity An Environmentally Friendly Force?
  435. Idea – Why Show A Single Product When Pixels Are Free
  436. Idea – Live Math Show On Youtube?
  437. Question – Could Flint Give An Insight Into Electricity Generation?
  438. Idea – How Does Wood Make Itself Useful In Saltwater?
  439. Idea – Employment Service For The Long-Term Unemployed
  440. Speculating – Space Methods For Breaking Rocks Or Asteroids
  441. Idea – Glass Marble Phone
  442. Idea – Space Drive By Holding On To The Magnetic Component Of Light?
  443. Idea – Are Natural Size Fruits, Vegetables And Other Crops Important For Climate Sustainability?
  444. Idea – Replace Our Libraries With E-Labs
  445. Idea – Enhance Coal As Fuel By 3D Printing
  446. Physics Guess – Clustering Magnetic Fields Into Groups?
  447. Idea – Refrigerator + Air Conditioner In One Product?
  448. Idea – Internet of jobs
  449. Idea – Price Site For Electric Cars?
  450. Job Idea – Home Paper Organizing Business?
  451. Idea – Allotropes Of Carbon As A Higher Energy Storage Battery?
  452. Idea – Adapt Public Transport To Current Battery Technology
  453. Idea – Site For Technical Explaining Of Public Domain Patents?
  454. Idea – Does There Exist Sub Atomic Molecules?
  455. Idea – Camping Site For Startups?
  456. Speculation – Environmently Friendly Space Drive?
  457. Idea – Anticipating A Good Feeling Is Half The Movie Or 3D Game
  458. Test – Using A Drawing Tablet On The Raspberry Pi 2
  459. Job Idea – Connect Restaurants With TV Food Shows
  460. Idea – Farming With Trees And Outdoor Insect Friendly LED Lights?
  461. Idea – Should There Exist A Divide And Combine Air Conditioner?
  462. Idea – Solar Potential For Job Creation In Rural Areas
  463. Idea – A Good Raspberry Pi Idea That Failed Testing
  464. Idea – Solar Parking Installation From Cars With Built In Solar Panels?
  465. Speculation – Does There Exist A Time Force?
  466. Job Idea – Should There Exist The Concept Of A Generating Merger?
  467. Idea – Purpose Built Monitors, Keyboards And More For Programmers?
  468. Job Idea – Improve The Mobile Kitchen With An Indoor Eating Cart Service?
  469. Peroglyfer2016-april-28.pdf
  470. Idea – Remote Support Over The Phone To The Client Machines AI Assistant
  471. Idea – Online Civil Engineering Education From Car Brands?
  472. Idea – Should There Exist Additive Neural Networks?
  473. Faster Web Idea – Sending Web Page + Cache Weights
  474. Idea – The One And Only Artificial Intelligence Book Idea
  475. Idea – Physics Chatbot?
  476. Idea – Generating Operating Systems?
  477. Idea – How Machine Intelligence Could Pass The Turing Test
  478. Idea – Optimized Accents For Computer Teaching Voices In Electronic Books
  479. Idea – Hardware Hopping And Why Its A Good Thing
  480. My Manual Solution To A 1000 points Traveling Salesman Problem
  481. Idea – Split Components For Electric Engines
  482. Idea – Computer System Or A Single CPU Fitted On A Spinning Fan?
  483. Idea – Traveling Salesman Problem Game Computer Vs Human
  484. Crazy Idea – Is It Possible To Grab Time To Change Velocity?
  485. Idea – An IT-Strategy Should Not Be About Technology But About People
  486. Video – Manual Good Enough Solution To The Traveling Salesman Problem
  487. Idea – Does There Exist A Multiple Value Method For Differential Equations?
  488. Idea – Hind-sighted Monte Carlo Simulation
  489. Idea – Video Compression Using Machine Learning
  490. Speculation – Should There Exist A Method Similar To A Heat Pump But For Desalination?
  491. Idea – My Simple Pythagoras Exercise
  492. Idea – Router To Router Communication Replaced By Neural Nets?
  493. Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation
  494. Idea – Blog Text To Video Message
  495. Refugee Job Idea – Solar Panel Installations?
  496. Idea – LED Inspired Power Cables?
  497. Guessing – Cooperative Description And Weird Physics?
  498. Idea – Learn Math/Physics/Programming By Learning To Code Games
  499. Speculation – Could We Get New Physics By Asking The Wrong Questions?
  500. Idea – Flexible Multi Size Shoes
  501. Idea – Could Animal Free Will Save Us From Collapse?
  502. Idea – Job Site For The Long Time Unemployed And People With A Diagnose
  503. Idea – Should There Exist Thermoelectric Paint?
  504. Idea – Office + School ?
  505. Idea – On demand Physical Exercise In School?
  506. Idea – Is There A TV Gaming Potential For The Raspberry Pi 3 Under Kodi?
  507. Idea – Smart College Education
  508. Random Guess – Is The Central Limit Theorem A Factor In The Explanation Of The EmDrive?
  509. Idea – Phone Cylinder v1.0
  510. Poverty Fighting Idea – Job Café
  511. Innovative Idea – Script Language Support For Salary Systems And Other Software Systems
  512. Idea – Flowers On A Winter Balcony?
  513. Idea – A Past, Present And Future Method For Learning?
  514. Idea – Desert Greening Getting Some Kind Of Blueprint
  515. Idea – Moisture Pump?
  516. Idea – Man Made Molten Rock (Lava) As An Energy Storage?
  517. Idea – Self Paced School Courses For Out Of School Children In The Slum?
  518. Idea – Desert Reversal?
  519. Idea – Natural Aid For Cooling Of Buildings?
  520. Idea – An Additional Parallel School Online?
  521. Guessing – Virtual Cell Towers?
  522. Idea – Using A Intermediate Vector Representation For E-learning
  523. Idea – A Natural Strategy To Cope With Oppression
  524. Idea – Animated Visual Tracer For LibreOffice Calc?
  525. Tip – Use A Cooling Bag On Wheels
  526. Idea – Render To A Vector Image In Blender 3D
  527. Idea – Better Than Reality Or Photo Realistic
  528. Idea – Easy Upgradable Speakers With Snap-in Speaker Elements?
  529. Idea – Evolve The Battery By Developing For Extreme Environments?
  530. Idea – Helping People Living In Slums To Create Their Own Startup
  531. Idea – Evolution Is Just Another Type Of Set Generation
  532. Speculation – Parallel Guesses A Method To Accelerate Serial Computing?
  533. Speculation – Should Not Bees Have A Balanced Diet?
  534. Idea – Extracting Instructions From Data?
  535. Idea – Create With A Two Product Approach
  536. Idea – Why Not Aid Music Software With Programmable Scripts?
  537. Idea – Smart Wifi-Dongle (using USB-tethering)
  538. Idea – Refugee Restaurant Flipped Cooking Classes
  539. Idea – Emergency Battery For Linux PC’s
  540. Added A Splash Screen For My Modular Game
  541. Idea – Code Completion For Linux Configuration Files And The Terminal?
  542. Idea – Bring Your Car On The Train?
  543. Idea – Reducing Parameter Set For Music Software?
  544. Idea – New Retro Gaming
  545. Idea – How To Accelerate Learning
  546. Idea – Active User Input During The Render Time In Blender 3D
  547. Idea – Is There A Smart Way To Combine LTS And The Latest Linux Distribution?
  548. Income Idea For Linux Software – Interactive Information
  549. Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?
  550. Idea – Using Energy To Enhance Patient Recovery?
  551. Idea – Innovating The Simple Calculator, Undo Button
  552. Idea – Computer Chip Aided Tree Farming?
  553. Idea – An Online Math Academy Website A Solution To Computer Based Math
  554. Idea – Icons To Remember The Basic Programming Functions
  555. Idea – A Competition For Useful UI’s For Search Engines?
  556. Idea – Web Academy Career Path Inventor
  557. Idea – The Many Cell Mobile Phone Battery System
  558. Idea – Simple Way To Make Books Easier To Read
  559. Idea – User Translations For Educational Websites
  560. Idea – Instead Of Wires, Wireless Power And Communication For Electronic Components?
  561. Idea – Photo Frames For Computer Monitors?
  562. Idea – Solar Carpentry Shop And Service Station In A Box?
  563. Job Idea – Internet Jobs In A Knowledge Economy
  564. Idea – Phone Calls Even If There Is No Network Or You Lost Your Phone
  565. Idea – Emergency Employment For Refugees
  566. Idea – Everything Is A Battery
  567. Idea – Program An Almost Finished Game As An Educational Entertainment Project
  568. Idea – CPU Web Cores For An Hardware Accelerated Web
  569. Idea – Monthly Fee Based Music Software Repository
  570. Idea – Should There Exist Multi Junction Peltier Elements?
  571. Idea – Controlled Alloy Distribution In Metal 3D Printing?
  572. Idea – A Different Way To Find The Answer To A Question
  573. Idea – Match Value
  574. Idea – How To Prove An Axiom
  575. Imagination – Concept Of Not Common Sense Ideas
  576. Idea – Drawing For Beginners
  577. Idea – Modify Our Formats To Save The Undo History (GIMP, LibreOffice,Audacity,…)
  578. Idea – Variable Super Slow Frame Rate Video
  579. Idea To Fight Poverty – Prefabricated Home With A Built In Shop Or Small Restaurant
  580. Idea – Should There Exist A Memory Compression Option In The Compiler?
  581. Idea – Prefabricated Houses For EU-migrant Business
  582. Idea – The Online Linux Terminal Environment
  583. Idea – Prefabricated Houses For Startup Businesses?
  584. Idea – A Smart Linux Home Screen?
  585. Idea – Companies Establishing Businesses In Refugee Situations?
  586. Idea – Social Book Generation
  587. Speculation – Some Abstract Thoughts About Problems
  588. Startup Idea – Tea Inspired Box Of Many Dry Coffee Flavors
  589. Idea – Stationary SIM Card Telephone For The Elderly
  590. Idea – Refugee Startups?
  591. Speculation – Problems And Ideas In Simulations
  592. Speculation – Big Ideas
  593. Idea – Let The Students Create Their Own Math Problems
  594. Speculation – Does There Exist Feeling Based Optimization?
  595. Idea – Healthy Cookie Singles As Candy Replacements
  596. Idea – Make Your Own Language Training Program On The Smartphone
  597. Idea – Basic English Training From Running Linux
  598. Idea – Rotated Piano Roll For Linux Music Software?
  599. Idea – Webpage eSport?
  600. Idea – Solar Powered Thermo Electric Cooling For Drinking Water In Emergencies?
  601. Idea – Product Exchange To Enable Stores With New Products Every Week
  602. Opinion – Should Robots In The Future Be Allowed To Work For No Pay?
  603. Idea – Bug Fixing Exercises For All School Subjects?
  604. Idea – Phone Feature
  605. Idea – Smart Tools For The Benefit Of Vulnerable EU-Migrants?
  606. Idea – Memory Game
  607. Philosophical – Freewill
  608. Idea – Smart Random Numbers
  609. Idea – Engage Parents With Own Pace Free Online Courses
  610. Found A Good Idea – Borrow Home Internet From The Library
  611. Idea – Handmade 3D Effect Paintings?
  612. Idea – How Can We Empower The People Sitting In The Street?
  613. Guessing – A Cool Idea?
  614. Idea – Empower Refugees With Smart Markets
  615. Philosophical – Thinking In Terms Of Believability
  616. Idea – Spoken Questions In Schoolbooks
  617. Idea – Should There Exist Two Person Team Employments?
  618. Great TIP – Try zRam In Ubuntu MATE For The Raspberry Pi2
  619. Idea – Bundle Useful Articles With Email Or Paper Ads
  620. TIP – Ubuntu MATE Turns The Raspberry Pi2 Into A Desktop Computer
  621. Idea – Free Internet Part Of A Dual Part Movie
  622. Idea – Machine Learning Based Cache?
  623. Idea – Dual/Multi Keyword Search In Text Editors?
  624. Idea – Rounded Corners For Paper Or Other Products
  625. Idea – A Wireless Replacement For The TV-Cable?
  626. Letar efter ett jobb
  627. Idea – Screencast Yourself To Improve Your Programming skills
  628. Idea – Show Popularity Ranking For Available Jobs On The Job Seeking Site?
  629. Idea – Online Chat Support At The Tax Agency Website?
  630. Swedish – Det borde finnas familjekort för en månad hos SL
  631. Idea – An Example Of Guessing The Name Of An Invention
  632. Idea – Open Source Small Project Collaboration?
  633. Idea – Database Of Creative Commons Licensed Math/Physics/… School Exercises?
  634. Idea – Online Stores With Multi-Design
  635. TIP – Print Your Contacts/Phone Number List From A PDF
  636. Idea – Two Problem Search Strategy
  637. Idea – Private/Paid Chat Support For Linux?
  638. Idea – Show Popularity Ranking And Price For Items Inside Physical Stores
  639. Idea – Solar Powered Sewing Machine And Other Tools
  640. Idea – Software Failure Prevention From Output Recognition?
  641. Idea – Timed Sound Effects In Children Stories
  642. Idea – The Smart Answering Machine A Personal Secretary In The Phone
  643. Idea – Prepare The Brain By Guessing In Advance
  644. Idea – The Educational Magazine
  645. Idea – Card Terminal That Also Speaks The Amount
  646. Idea – Maybe There Should Exist Something Like An Engine Cell
  647. Idea – Build Yourself a Linux Laptop?
  648. Idea – Online Backup Jobs And Education In Emergency Settings
  649. Idea – Fire Prevention For Poor Areas?
  650. Job Idea – Online Web Sales or Info Person
  651. Idea – Reinforced And Water Resistant Cardboard Box For Shipping
  652. Idea – Tablet Preloaded With An Adapted Curriculum As A Teaching Aid In Emergency Education
  653. Idea – The Digital Alternating Battery
  654. Idea – A Cooking MOOC Teaching You How To Make Delicious Climate Sustainable Foods?
  655. Idea – Climate Change Adapted Foods?
  656. Idea – Smarter Advertising Email
  657. Idea – Simple Statistics Of Python Code For Learners
  658. An Easy Sound Project You Can Do With Your Old Raspberry Pi
  659. TIP – Get Very Good Audio Quality From The Raspberry Pi 2 With A USB Sound Card
  660. Idea – Linux Employment Service
  661. Idea – Taking Advantage Of Massive Harddrives For Rural Education
  662. Remake Libraries Into An Idea And Startup Generating Place For The Public
  663. Idea – There Should Exist Blueprints That Require Intelligence To Complete
  664. Free idea for the creators of low price tablets for education
  665. TIP – Using Inkscape For Making Small Changes To a PDF
  666. Idea – 3D Model Cliparts For LibreOffice
  667. Idea – Online Game Time Lock For Parents
  668. Idea – International Employment Service For Refugees?
  669. Idea – Photo Podcasts and Blogs For Internet Retailers
  670. Idea – Material Access For The Ingenuity Of The Refugees?
  671. Idea – Innovating From Breaking Assumptions
  672. Idea – Collaborative Writing For Blog Articles With A Credit List
  673. Idea – Generating Startups?
  674. Idea – Technology For Practicing Reading Books
  675. Idea – Sell Your Products By Renting A Space In A Shop
  676. Idea – Learn From A Crowd Sourced FAQ In A Digital Theory Book
  677. Idea – Easy Stress Reduction During The Cold Winter Months
  678. Idea – Free International Curriculum For Tablets
  679. 3D assisted drawing
  680. Idea – Turn On Marked Words Or Sentences In Texts
  681. Idea – Solar And Internet Powered Distance Work Facilities
  682. Idea – Simple Feedback For Articles
  683. Guessing Innovation
  684. Idea – Cheap Solar Powered Plastic Fridge?
  685. Innovation From A Google Search String
  686. Idea – Future Evolution of the Solar Lantern
  687. Idea – Supported Distance Work Facilities
  688. Idea – Added Special Back Light For Reading On Tablet, Computer Or Phone
  689. Idea To Simplify Access To Education
  690. Idea – Inspiring Text Editor
  691. Distance Grading
  692. Tool For Read Comprehension Idea
  693. Document Your Linux Terminal Knowledge
  694. Simple Version Of The Command Manual Pages
  695. Installation and UserGuide Podcasts
  696. Open Source Textbook Podcast
  697. Different Quality Backup Idea
  698. Wi-Fi not working on your LiveUSB?
  699. Photo Podcast
  700. Tech Against Stress
  701. Enhancement possibilities in a digital curriculum
  702. MOOC Station
  703. A Non Changing Experience In A Changing Environment
  704. Idea on 3D generation and its possible implication for evolution
  705. Language Learning
  706. Preloaded microSD with Small Business Videos
  707. Voice Overs for Blogs and Articles
  708. Video Book Reading
  709. Refugee Education
  710. Improving Email
  711. Solar Energy Potential For Water Depollution
  712. Communities around Open Source Textbooks