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Invention – Pressure Taking Object In A Piston Cylinder // Per Lindholm

My idea is simple. Every position xyzt in space could be a parameter for a decision vector. The decision vector is just what objects to place in those positions. Then looking at a piston in an engine. I wonder. If adding an object in the cylinder doesnt immidiatly brake it. It could possibly enhance it. Then I wonder. Since the piston works with pressure then a material that is known to handle pressure is diamonds. Replacing an ideal diamond with something cheaper.

Then is there a use of pressure taking ?cone shape objects of in a piston + cylinder I wonder.


Math Guess – Should There Exist Snap To Value Functions?

My idea is inspired by window snap to side function in Linux.

What if you could calculate with snap to value functions in mathematics. I guess that it should exist because a snap function acts like a metal to a magnet. I mean it exists in the world.

So the idea is that when the object is sufficiently close to a criteria it snaps into place.

The window snap to side function is a valuable feature of a window manager maybe it can prove useful in other places. Maybe there are also snap to shape functions of objects. So to ?simplify a simulation you have snap to position and snap to shape functions.

Project Idea – Using Machine Learning For Differential Equations

Just a quick project idea.

Using machine learning for solving differential equations might sound hard. I think I got a simple idea. Just use machine learning ( learning from historic data ) to time predict the future points after sampling the previous calculated solution points by a known algorithm. For instance rk.

Here the equation and its function ?anyone that can be time predicted after a limited number of points


Startup Product Idea – Gaming Keyboard With Pressure Sensitive Keys

A simple idea.

A gaming keyboard which has pressure sensitive keys. I’m no gamer but I think pressure sensitve keys can come in handy.

The idea with pressure sensitive keys is to let the gamer have more controle than simply on/off keys. Here something else could happen if you press harder.

I can imagine the fun games which can be made and improved with pressure keys.

As an alternative I belive its possible to have keyboard keys which when pressed on the border of the key gives another output. I think one can call it XY-keys. Meaning where you hit on the key matters to the digital output.

Philosophy – Representation As A Function Of Machine Learning?

From asking the question. Why does red look like red. I made the simple guess that this could be the basis of a new field of machine learning.

So we have recognition of color and then representation. Its the neural network representation of the recognized color that is I guess a new function of machine learning.

So the idea is that we can set generate a machine learning function from color questions.

Idea – Are Their Higher Number Systems?

My idea is simple.

If you call the sequence of ones and zeros in a binary number choices than why could you not use objects instead of numbers.

Are there higher order number systems?

From what I guess a higher set is recognized as a set that can act like the smaller set.

Objects that could represent numbers like neural networks could perhaps work.

So like decimal numbers to binary numbers you have specializations in the brain. Like the numbers 0 .. 9 and right and left side of the brain. Which would represent zeros and ones. The choice between zero and one or left or right.

One interesting aspect of this I guess is that you can actually evaluate 0/0. It could be stored like an image but more importantly it could be evaluated as a feeling.

With this you could evaluate each number in the a sequence as a feeling. Maybe that feeling represents a uncertainty value. So here it does not have to be linear uncertainty. Maybe you are more sure of the tenth digit than the seventh.

Physics Guess – Should There Exist Different Types Of Electric Energy?

Was thinking about smart mathematics. Touched upon in the earlier post. From this I guess that most of our products are based on “dumb rule” mathematics with contraints accordingly.

I wonder. To get a better battery. I was playing with a guess variation of types of molecules. Does there exist “digital molecules”. Also. If there exist different types of electricity you could have a smart battery which draws different amounts of needed energy from the different electric energy types.

Math Idea – Smart Functions

My idea is simple.

Take any number of functions then as a rule let a machine learning algorithm select which numbers from which input functions to use at what time or x value.

Simple as that. The machine learning algorithm selects among the input functions. Which function values makes the best choice.

So now I wonder if you need to classify mathematics into dumb rules and smart rules. Maybe.

Idea – Chair Heat Blanket To Help You Study And Concentrate

Originally I was aiming for an idea to minimize the extra heating in the apartment. But I noticed a much more important feature of the heat blanket.

To me a heat blanket squeezed behind my back has a soothing affect. Feeling comfortable lets me concentrate much easier. Thats why I think people who have a hard time to concentrate might be helped by such a simple device.

So the idea is simple. Make yourself a StudyChair. Just squeeze an electric heat blanket behind your back and the backrest.

The image is my manual solution to a 1000 points traveling salesman problem. The conclusion I made is that. Its ridiculus to try to concentrate yourself trough such a hard problem. You really have to divide the big problem into smaller parts. Find similar strategies to this and you solve anything.

tsp 1000 points manual solution
Concentration Is Not Always To Concentrate It Could Be Finding A Strategy // Per Lindholm

Idea – Could Education With Digital Projectors Be Improved With Rear Projector Screens?

Not all projectors have good capabilities in a non darkened classroom. For instance if the students need to take notes.

I remember that our backprojector TV offered a better image quality.

The screen doesn’t need to be so advanced. I googled a DIY frosted vinyl shower curtain. So it could work with a limited budget.

So the question is. Could Education With Digital Projectors Be Improved With Rear Projector Screens?


Idea – USB Portable Led Lightbulb

The idea is simple.

I wonder. To make it very cheap for those without electricity. Why not separate the battery and the light source.

Making the light run on usb power would mean that they could run it with any powerbank they can afford.

Maybe this can work as emergency lights also. Here you only need a powerbank for the lights and your phone.

So the idea is that there should probably exist usb powered lightbulbs, lanterns and flashlights.

USB LED light Arc

Idea – Could A Blurry Version Of The Image Be Used As Additional Inspiration Data For Noise Reduction?

A little quick idea. I wonder if you could use a blurred version of a photo as additional data to a noise reduction algorithm.

Since all kinds of data can act as inspiration. I thought a blurred version would make it easier for a machine learning algorithm to smooth out an image.

I got the idea after wondering if the brain takes advantage of one eye that doesnt see as perfect as the other.

Super Idea – Use A Fan On A Hot Window In Winter Time To Heat The Apartment

My idea is simple.

Since one side of the apartment is much hotter when the sun is shining. Especially in winter time. I thought I could even out the temperature distribution a bit by blowing air on the hot window from the inside of the apartment.

With a USB fan this is done with very little electric energy. Just 2.5 watts. It could be run on solar battery charger panel.

Be sure to turn it of when the temperature of the window is cooler than room temperature.

My hot window was at the glass balcony. For larger buildings I think something could be built inspired by this idea. Fan aided natural heating.

Hot side. This is where you can use a USB fan on the window.

Cold side. The idea is to distribute some heat from the warm side to the cold side using fans.