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Idea – Climate Change Adapted Foods?

I think there should be more information on climate change adapted dishes. My guess is that they contain less amounts of meat than we are used to. What I figured out is that our plate model is not really good for this. If you divide the food into groups you are likely to get equal amounts of each. What I’m suggesting is that the meat should be distributed on the other groups so that if we need to eat less meat it will still look good.

Sautéed cabbage and mung bean sprouts with small amounts of meat.


Idea – Smarter Advertising Email

The idea is simple. The reason I don’t want paper advertising is that it generates a lot to be thrown away. From this I got the idea that for electronic advertising email maybe the delete part could be made into a feature. The idea is then that serious companies could make life easier for people by adding a code to their emails that tells the mail server when to delete or hide their message. For instance how long the mail should reside on the server if it has not been viewed. Here the reason could be that the mail is advertising some low prices that is only valid for a week or so.

Idea – Simple Statistics Of Python Code For Learners

I wonder if this could work. Perform some statistics on a lot of existing code divided into several types of categories. Be it games or utilities. Python or any other code for that matter. By scoring how frequent a module and it’s submodules are you get an overview of what is important for that type of program. Then if you as a learner want to make a program in such a category you can then start to read about the most used modules and submodules first.

Example statistics of submodules in pygame from 15 simple python games.


Even if my program is not very accurate I can see what parts of pygame to focus on for making a simple game.

An Easy Sound Project You Can Do With Your Old Raspberry Pi

The idea is simple. Using ssh you can login and run commands on your wifi connected Raspberry Pi. In the image below I use a simple USB soundcard that I have connected to my amplifier. From the terminal you then play music with mplayer and change some of the volume with alsamixer. Choosing Raspbian from NOOBS works just fine.

To get the usb soundcard selected at boot then edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf with

options snd-usb-audio index=0
options snd_bcm2835 index=1

Information taken from

I think this is an excellent opportunity to have some fun and learn a little Linux.




TIP – Get Very Good Audio Quality From The Raspberry Pi 2 With A USB Sound Card

I had the idea to replace my desktop computer with the hardware similar to that found in a mobile phone for a long time now. I think this is important because the Internet is a part of every day life and you should be able to buy cheap computers. What I can say is that I really like this little quad core computer. Youtube will work depending on the browser. In Epiphany I got a working html5 player. The best part is that it worked wonders with my little external USB Xonar U3 sound card. With mplayer * and ALSA the sound in the headphones sounded very good. I would not take a chance in buying an expensive sound card for the raspberry pi 2 at this time but if you have one extra it will be worth testing.

Idea – Taking Advantage Of Massive Harddrives For Rural Education

With cheap 8TB drives it should be possible to provide simple wifi web servers in rural schools with a good portion of the internet. Even if you send them per boat it will be way faster than some satellite solutions. If the shipment takes one month thats 267GB/day. With such massive storage also schools with unreliable internet connection could provide a better experience for their students.

Youtube is a place where a lot of content is stored. I’m thinking content owners who wish their videos to be shared easily can attach a creative commons license to their videos so that they can be copied.

Another excellent portion of the web are all the courses that exists. MOOC’s and such. What if some of these courses with their videos and grading software could be stored on these harddrives. Here we have an opportunity to give access to higher education for those with an unreliable internet connection or non at all.

Remake Libraries Into An Idea And Startup Generating Place For The Public

The idea is regardless of your financial situation there should exist a place similar to that of a tech hub. A physical meeting ground where people can cooperate, learn and generate ideas and startups. I think adding this functionality to libraries makes sense today because books and other written text are now Internet based or electronic. They do not take up important space. Making this place for the public is important because everyone have something to contribute.

Idea – There Should Exist Blueprints That Require Intelligence To Complete

I came up with this idea when thinking about ordinary painting. Here you make alterations and adapt so that the whole of the painting looks good. From this I can imagine there will be times when you don’t know exactly in advance how a blueprint for a product will look like at the time of manufacturing. Like the way you need training to paint maybe you could train a computer program to make smart alterations to the blueprints under the manufacturing process. I speculate that if a small error is made under a 3D printing process the software will decide on an adaptation. With this I believe waste will be less and perfection will be easier to achieve.

Free idea for the creators of low price tablets for education

Reading is as important in this century as in the previous one. Since reading will begin to take place on tablets I suggest the following idea.
The idea is to make tablets or smartphones easy and comfortable to read on. Since LEDs are small why not have two types. One ordinary backlight for perfect colors and one additional ”warm” backlight adapted for reading. With warm backlight I mean backlight similar to warm LED bulbs. Then using an optional switch in android for the tablet people wont strain their eyes trying to read a school textbook.


Idea – 3D Model Cliparts For LibreOffice

Here is an idea that would give the possibility of variations from the same clipart. With cliparts existing as a 3D models you can rotate. Change camera angle for the scene. Maybe change material, color or textures. This way you get a unique clipart image to be used in your text every time. The simple way to implement this is to use Blender (3D program) to render the cliparts you like from a site where people upload their free 3D versions of the typical clipart images. The 3D versions should be finished scenes in Blender so that they could easily be rendered.


Idea – Online Game Time Lock For Parents

The idea is simple. With many time consuming games on PC, Playstation or Xbox. Having control over the time your child is playing can be important. Since today many games require an Internet connection. One could therefor have two online accounts at the game site. One special account for parents who could then see how much time the child is playing a particular game. Here you could set at what time the game is allowed to be played simply by logging into your account from your own computer.

Idea – Photo Podcasts and Blogs For Internet Retailers

I thought I focus this blog post on the possibility of creating Internet jobs. The idea I had in mind was to add entertainment to sites selling electronics, clothes and other items. It’s pretty simple. If the idea is good companies will then hire people to do interesting blogs and podcasts. I think a photo podcasts will be more interesting since you can advertise with photos or short videos of products. A photo podcast can be done the easy way by adding the audio track to a video of still photos. I believe this idea could generate some new jobs and at same time help to sell products. It doesn’t have to be a retailer either maybe a podcast recorded at a restaurant could work as a way to promote that place.

Idea – Collaborative Writing For Blog Articles With A Credit List

The idea is to improve blogs for those writers who want to create more interesting articles by involving more people in the writing process. Other peoples opinion and input can take time to get so maybe this could be solved with a site on the Internet. Here you post a draft of your post and then collaborate. For those who help out there could be a credit list together with the writers name. I believe this a good way for those who participate to learn how an article could be put together and maybe get more people blogging.

Idea – Generating Startups?

Here I want to take advantage of knowledgeable people with experience of entrepreneurship for generating new startups. My hunch is that there exists people who are very good at finding business ideas. Why then can’t you have a company that generates startups? The main idea is then to train and as a company provide lots of different ideas that are likely to succeed. Then match those business ideas with the best and most motivated people. They in turn will do their best to make them into successful businesses.

Idea – Technology For Practicing Reading Books

In a previous blog post I wrote that you could probably filter out and practice the most commonly found difficult words before you read the book. Here I’m going to present an idea where you combine the latest technology to practice reading. The idea is to encourage and challenge yourself by reading together with others offline and online. Offline you can mix every other page with an audio book. It doesn’t have to be a commercial recording. A teacher might record her own voice reading the book. So here you have the student reading one page and the next page the teacher recording is playing. If you have a tablet then it makes it easier and can then be adapted to the students individual pace. For those who want more you could have a internet community where you connect with a group and take turns reading online. Maybe something like Google Hangout could work for this. I think this could be an awarding experience for the readers as well as the listeners.

Idea – Learn From A Crowd Sourced FAQ In A Digital Theory Book

Here I’m going to write about one of the many possibilities that exists in making textbooks digital. The idea is simple. In a digital textbook for tablets one could have for each theory section or for certain exercises a link to a hidden collection of frequently asked questions and answers. Those questions could very well be crowd sourced. The idea is then that you first read the theory and if you don’t understand you go to the corresponding FAQ for that section. Hopefully this would make the book easier to understand and let you study better.

Idea – Easy Stress Reduction During The Cold Winter Months

I think I found a cheap and easy way for stress reduction that requires no training. The idea is probably not new since it’s very simple. Just fill a soda bottle (1.5L) with hot water and cover it with something like a fleece fabric. Then use it together with a pillow touching your face. For me focusing on the heat outside but close to the body helped me reduce the stress. A rubber bottle would probably work even better. The soda bottle is still quite effective in my opinion. Even if you don’t feel stress it should give you comfort during the cold winter months. Note: Do not use very hot or boiling water.


Idea – Free International Curriculum For Tablets

Here I’m going to argue for what I believe is an unused potential from a free international curriculum. The content would include a mix of videos, audio and books and cover lessons from the whole primary and secondary school years. The potential then comes from the equal chance everyone can have at improving their education. From adult learners that have missed out on education to refugees who can not go to school. The content should have an appropriate creative commons license so that it can be improved upon and translated. You should be able to have the content running without an internet connection. Because the offline option increases greatly the number of places where the curriculum can be deployed or reduces the cost of internet traffic. Even if there is a national curricula an international curricula with the best teachers could benefit the student greatly. For instance one can have web sites where students can pose their questions any time of the day. Here many people have the exact knowledge of the international curricula.


3D assisted drawing

Have just tested an idea to make drawing easier. Basically I used the 3D software Blender to make a simple model of what I was going to draw. The model as in the screenshot below consists only of primitives and is very crude. First I thought of using an armature in the software but this was unnecessary. Just move and rotate the various body parts. Since I’m not trained at all in drawing I just put a piece of paper over screen and begin following contours. Then it was easy just to correct the drawing.


Blender 3D assisted sketch of the dino.