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Idea – Generating Operating Systems?

Even if an operating system like Linux holds many lines of code. I wonder as time goes on. If this process of creating a system could be made more efficient? What if this could be made into a supported tutorial? So you have a site were interested people could generate their own operating systems. What I’m saying is that I think every new generation need to figure out things themselves, make their own music or something like that. Maybe they can make a smart operating system using machine learning. On the Raspberry Pi being a platform dedicated to education I think we can have such projects.

Idea – How Machine Intelligence Could Pass The Turing Test

The idea is simple. As a twist on the Turing Test. Why not instead of having human to AI bot conversation. You have human to human conversation where one of them use the AI bot as inspiration. That is. The response from one of the persons are fed to the AI bot and its answer is fed to another person for rewriting. The resulting response is then presented to the other person.

If this is successful. If a judge thinks both parties are humans then one can split the problem of machine intelligence into two parts. One is the crude answer and one is the refinement. It could very well be that all you need is a primitive artificial intelligence as enough information for generating of real intelligence. Hmm, makes me wonder if its true that we are all small deep inside.

Idea – How Machine Intelligence Could Pass The Turing Test

Idea – Optimized Accents For Computer Teaching Voices In Electronic Books

The idea is simple. Although we have many high quality computer “text to speech” voices. Could we also find voices that are not just sounding perfectly robotic. Voices with accents could be a little better than others for teaching a specific thing. The idea is to let the student listen and rate different voices and accents. The most highly rated should then be the ones the students find they could learn the best from. This could possibly be like music. Different people will have different preferences. But that is a good thing. It just means that the students can choose with a click what voice and accent the enhanced electronic book should have.

But the question is. Does there exist voices with accents that are better suited for math and physics?

Idea – Hardware Hopping And Why Its A Good Thing

What should we do if some company decides to take over the little fun we still have? I mean this would be very sad for the Raspberry Pi community. I don’t want this in our future. Like the different Linux distributions I think its a good thing if we could get a large group of those mini computers competing. Then with hardware hopping there is a chance of long term survival.

But is there a chance for cooperation. I think maybe one could start with a site for news, ideas and feedback from the users. Like there is a . Here all the mini computer devices get represented.

One such popular idea is to include a open source game engine like Godot Engine with the operating system. So in a Raspberry Pi kit. Instead of just adding a keyboard. You also add a game controller.

Another idea for the hardware would be for less monitor cables. With a lot of devices it will be annoying to keep switching cables. Therefore why not develop a fast wireless monitor connection. With lossy video encoding this should be possible. So the only thing you need to plugin should be the power.

Hardware Hopping For Raspberry Pi Clones And Why Its A Good Thing

Idea – Split Components For Electric Engines

The idea is simple. Since you can connect a magnet to some metal to create a chain. I thought. Why couldn’t you split an electric engine. If you could connect the magnetism from a device outside the engine. Then this device could be optimized specially for creating magnetism and not be subjected to construction restraints from inside the engine. Maybe the device could serve several electric engines making the system more effective. If this works I think it would be cheaper than to use a lot of copper wire that would otherwise be involved in creating the magnetism.

Idea – Split Components For Electric Engines. Transfering magnetism from outside the electric engine.

Idea – Computer System Or A Single CPU Fitted On A Spinning Fan?

Since cooling of todays computers requires many large fans and bulky heat sinks. I wonder if there is another solution for this. With the small CPU’s on the Raspberry Pi computer. I wonder if you just can somehow spin the CPU instead. This would save a lot of space then having to use a large heat sink and a fan. With a CPU chip on the end of a fan blade I guess you don’t get any slow moving air blocking the airflow. Therefore like the heading says. Could a computer system or a single CPU be fitted on a spinning fan?

Idea – Computer System Or A Single CPU Fitted On A Spinning Fan?

Idea – Traveling Salesman Problem Game Computer Vs Human

I thought I promote my idea of making the traveling Salesman Problem into a game. Its simple. You connect all the dots so that you end up where you started. The least amount of traveled distance wins. I tested this game using my tablet and an app for TSP solving. I timed and calculated the distance of my solution and the apps computer algorithm. The result were close. I made the 50 point journey in 3205.7 pixel distance and the computer algorithm after 10 000 generation managed to do it in 3426.2 pixels distance. The pixel distance were calculated using the image software GIMP. My time was a bit longer 3 min and 50 sec vs 1 min and 50 seconds for the computer.

Idea – Traveling Salesman Problem Game Computer Vs Human

The problem is solved by dividing the points into rough groups. The groups don’t have to be 100% accurate at the start. Your allowed to cross boundaries so that you can solve the problem. Making the lines surrounding the groups just helps you visually.


Crazy Idea – Is It Possible To Grab Time To Change Velocity?

I had a somewhat philosophical and for me out of the box idea. If we are going to get out in space we need to figure out how we can propel ourselves without using a lot of reaction mass. So I thought. The force we need then has to be similar to the F=ma equation. So then I made a guess from drawing a curve and then squeezing some time period. The acceleration had to be more than zero to get the effect. Otherwise the curve would just remain constant. With a small force from a space drive or some other device then I guess that the acceleration you get from that could then be multiplied by grabbing time. This means the drive need not produce such a large force itself but be safe.

So the idea is that you could amplify a small force or acceleration by grabbing time. How this is done I don’t know.

Idea – An IT-Strategy Should Not Be About Technology But About People

I wonder if its not more important to engage the students than to hand them a computer. A computer or a tablet device is important don’t get me wrong. All I ask is that you find creative ways to make use of them. For example. With one device per student maybe they could be engaged in online extra classes that teaches the student with interesting and engaging projects. For example. I’m sure you can find math problems from being a football coach.

So my thoughts are an IT-strategy should not be about technology but about people.

Video – Manual Good Enough Solution To The Traveling Salesman Problem

I thought I share my method for getting a good enough solution to the traveling salesman problem. The problem is that you need to connect all the lines so that you can make the trip with the least amount of traveled distance. I created a graph in octave using a 100 random points. Then as a fun exercise I tried to connect all the lines.


Its a kind of a fun exercise. You don’t need a 100 points. Start with something smaller. With a computer program you could possible see how good a solution you can make.

Don’t try to solve it all at ones. As in many problems you need to divide it into smaller parts or groups.

Idea – Does There Exist A Multiple Value Method For Differential Equations?

When I looked at the heat equation I wondered if the solutions were always suppose to be like vector objects. What I rejected was that they are so smooth.

Then I remembered that you can maybe use recognition as a way to solve problems. So if we look at a poorly compressed image using JPEG compression we see that it is built up from non smooth connected blocks. The inside of those blocks are still smooth though.

Taking inspiration from this I can guess that you can probably get a better solution to certain problems solved by differential equations if you have multiple values for the same line around each smooth object.

That is. We surround each smooth object with an almost independent value line. This would create a problem with lots more of unknowns. To calculate or choose these we need some dependency information and that I guess would come from recognition some how. Maybe the smooth solution could be used as enough information.

Here you see two smooth objects that each have a different value line surrounding them. Surrounding the matrix of objects are the ordinary boundary conditions.

I don’t know how to solve this. The idea is presented as a problem.

Idea – Hind-sighted Monte Carlo Simulation

I calculated Pi from instructions using the Monte Carlo Method from the Wikipedia example. Looking at the result using recognition as a mental problem solver. I can see that there is a lot of unnecessary calculations going on. Let me explain.

Monte Carlo Method With Recognition?

From the calculations we can all can figure out what the resulting image would be. Maybe computer recognition could then be used to speed things up. So maybe in hind-sight a more advanced method could make a conclusion much earlier. I wonder if this could be applied to other Monte Carlo based problems.

Idea – Video Compression Using Machine Learning

Here is my open standard video compression idea. Since with machine learning you can generate from recognition. I thought why not take advantage of this for media compression. It should work for all media and be useful for video or audio transmission. The idea is that you can generate each frame from “enough information”. That enough information is the small amount of information that is then transferred. Mathematically I think this could work if you split the enough information into two groups. One part is a traditional compressed video of much smaller size and resolution. The other part is the enough information needed to scale these low resolution frames to the higher resolution. The scaling is then done by generation or computer imagination as one can call it. It is the computer imagination that is trained. As with imagination in general you will get some information loss but errors will not be detectable.


Idea – My Simple Pythagoras Exercise

In my youth I solved a simple Pythagoras problem. From the famous equation a^2 + b^2 = c^2 . How can you find formulas to quickly calculate a,b and c if you want integer solutions?

My approach was to use a geometric description of the problem. Like this.

Idea – My Simple Pythagoras Exercise

See if you can find some formulas.

Idea – Router To Router Communication Replaced By Neural Nets?

This is just me guessing. Could we get smart communication by researching how neural networks communicate? I mean our brain are full of networks that need to send information. Maybe the smartest protocol could then be derived by letting the network learn.

My imagination tells me that if this is something like the traveling salesman problem then there could be a recognition and feeling based solution that might be good enough very large problems. Like the brain maybe this could be applied to the Internet also. I don’t know exactly how this might work but If the problem could be divided into smaller parts the recognition approach might help with this.

Recognition and feeling based solution that might be good enough

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Refugee Job Idea – Solar Panel Installations?

Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation

Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation

Ideas are essential and has great potential for generating value. In this post I will describe what I call retrospective power sentences. These are sentences I formulate after I’ve come up with an idea. That is. This sentence is some general statement that has some guessing power. As an example. From your own ability to recognize letters you can learn to draw them. That is.

“What you can recognize you can also generate”. From this created sentence you can make many guesses. One surprising guess is that you can probably prove a axiom is close to being an actual axiom by recognition.

Another idea would be to attempt to understand the difficult problem of turbulence. A second sentence of mine is “enough information for generation”. With these two sentences perhaps there is a chance to handle turbulence. First you train a neural network on turbulence images. Then after it can recognize turbulence. The idea is then that you can use the generation capability with the Naiver-Stokes equations as enough information.

If this turns out to be true. You can formulate another sentence. “Every problem can be solved by assuming the problem has a recognition part and a math equation part.”

Idea – Retrospective Power Sentences For Idea Generation. From math equations to generation from training by recognition.


Refugee Job Idea – Solar Panel Installations?

The suggestion is simple. In countries with many refugees like in Jordan or Turkey. Why not look at the solar potential?

Not just for the sake of the environment but to increase the job opportunities for both refugees and local residents.

Turkey revives as much solar energy as Spain and Jordan even more. I was thinking that perhaps medium and small size companies could benefit from solar power besides the the very large and home owners.

So the idea is that training for solar panel installations and investments is set in place in particularly for those areas.

Here we have a chance to invest in a good future both for the refugees and the planet.

Refugee Job Idea – Solar Panel Installations? Image taken from

Idea – LED Inspired Power Cables?

The problem is that when you transmit a lot of energy in electric wires they could get very hot. So the solution is to increase the cross section area. I wonder however if energy lost in the form of infrared radiation could be lesser even in thin wires. If you could control the light emitted by the wire. Could you then control the energy loss to some degree? What I imagine is that if the wire emit mostly visible light like a LED. The energy loss could be lesser than if the wire would radiate infrared light.

So the idea is to see if a wire with something like light emitting diode capabilities could prove useful.

Guessing – Cooperative Description And Weird Physics?

From a philosophical point of view there exists more connection types between two objects than the pure mechanical. I mean other types than interlocking gears. I wonder therefore if you could get a more predictive method for quantum weird behaviour viewing it as form of cooperation between objects? Looking at nature you have competition and cooperation. This gives rise to complex behaviour between objects so why can’t at least cooperation serve as a model for weird quantum physics. I don’t know how you can get cooperation from the concerned objects so this idea is just a starter.


Idea – Learn Math/Physics/Programming By Learning To Code Games

There is this idea out there that you can learn subjects like math by playing games. For older students I don’t think more gaming is a good thing. The idea is then that should choose to challenge the students rather than to provide an “amazing” experience. What I had in mind is that they learn to code games. Here you could use knowledge of math and physics to create something. I believe this is 100% more effective than giving them a finished game to play.

For those who want to try coding I recommend Python. To learn to use the Godot Engine.  There is also the easier visual Scratch.

You don’t need to code a complete game for this to work. Just part of a game that you code with the physics and math in mind. An example would be letting a sprite simulate kicking a ball and letting the computer calculate the path from your programming.

Speculation – Could We Get New Physics By Asking The Wrong Questions?

The idea is simple. Asking the right questions is pretty limiting. Therefore I wonder if you can get a more extensive search by including the wrong questions. At least they could be interesting or they could inspire even more questions.

Example of a “wrong” question.

Lossy compression seen in .jpg images is pretty important for storing images, videos and audio. Could it be so important and fundamental that the universe takes advantage of lossy compression for storing and transmitting information. Since you have many photons in motion at any given time in the universe and we discovered the particle wave duality. Maybe the wave part for photons and the wave part in Fourier based lossy compression is connected. This makes me wonder if there exist lossy compression that is energy conserving but a bit lossy or a bit random like for position. It would have a position quality parameter so it doesn’t brake any physical laws but still has some lossy compression ability.

Speculation – Could We Get New Physics By Asking The Wrong Questions?

Idea – Flexible Multi Size Shoes

One design idea I had in mind is the flexible multi shoe size idea. Basically the idea is to have a shoe that can fit two or maybe three close sizes. If I’m size 42 then it would fit size 41-43 like socks. But not the tight fit as you get with a sock. I have no idea what is a good solution for this idea. Maybe one could use an adjustable screw solution.

Now that I was thinking about shoes I wondered because we have many very talented African runners. If its possible. Would it not be a good idea if we have shoe design also coming from let say Ethiopia and Kenya or other countries in Africa?

Idea – Flexible Multi Size Shoes