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Speculation – The All Coinciding Freewill

Here is a speculation on a freewill system. Just some aspect of it.

Even if the there is a physics engine system in the brain. There is a faster way to generate actions than to simulate them in a would be 3D world.

That is to generate a brain action sentence. Like most actions I can think of. They can be described in a book. In single sentence of words or more. Then one way to generate the next action is to predict it by the input of the previous action sentences. This would be the brain action sentence system.

The procedure of predicting a plausible action sentences should be quite fast. Like generating a manuscript for a personal biography movie.

Another system would be the will prediction system. If you describe the will in a sequence of different wills. You could similarly predict the next will.

If the action sequence with the new predicted value is transformed to a feeling. Or some other common format. Then it could be compared with a similar transformation of the will sequence with the new predicted will.

The idea is then that if the feelings from all the transformed systems are equal. They coincide. Then the will is set to the new will and the action is performed.

If they are not equal. The brain sentence prediction is regenerated with the error as the latest input. Because the will prediction is probably less likely to be wrong.

So basically the idea is that all systems in the brain predicts what they are going to be next. Then the idea is that these predictions are transformed to the same format and compared. If the comparison is successful the action is performed.

Idea – Smart Determinism And Freewill

Here is my idea. Inspired by linear systems of equations and their different cases. Be it quadratic, under determined or over determined. I wonder what type of system the universe could be similar to.

If you have an over determined system. You get situations where 1=3 and so on. You only have solutions in rare cases.

It could be that the old deterministic idea is true. Like a quadratic system. One solution for every state. My problem with a quadratic system is that it pretty fixed. It does not permit much flexibility. Ones the universe is set in motion it can’t be changed.

On the other hand if you have a subsystem together with a quadratic system which is under determined. A system which has more unknowns than equations. You could a parameter solution or infinitively many solutions in this subsystem. For instance the parameter solution to the equation y – 2x = 1 is y = 2t +1 for x = t and t being the parameter.

If such an under determined system could be made predictable then my choice would be this system.

Then how do you get a predictable value from those types of solutions? One thing you can say is that you can select values that are not really good. They seem unlikely. For instance the numbers are too big or they are too small.

To fix this then you can say that the numbers the universe produced were typical of our universe. They seem to fit in. They were probable. Then the system would not be under determined anymore. But quadratic with some flexibility.

Here is where I speculate the existence of Smart Determinism.

The universe could be like an under determined system made quadratic with the help of third type of equations. It should behave and look naturalistic. In that there exists the possibility to change things a little so that things like freewill can exist. Still it would behave naturalistic.

Startup Idea – Accelerated 3D Graphics Version Of LibreOffice Impress (Alternative To Powerpoint)

I was going to do a blog post pitching the idea of using LibreOffice Impress or Powerpoint for podcasts with images.

Basically your podcast as background audio with a bunch of still photos.

But hey. It looked way out of touch with technology we have had since 1998 with 3Dfx cards.

So here is my idea. Make Impress more impressive with OpenGL and accelerated 3D graphics.

With the option to export the presentation to video (h.264) you could then use it for podcasts, blogs and more.

Startup Idea – Accelerated 3D Graphics Version Of LibreOffice Impress (Alternative To Powerpoint)

Speculation – Quantum Entanglement As High Frequency Teleportation Swapping?

I’m not at all knowledgeable in this field. So this is just an abstract guess of mine. In the Wikipedia description of Quantum Entanglement it said that

“It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair “knows” what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by arbitrarily large distances.”

I like to make guesses and speculation so here goes.

If particle teleportation exists. Then why not teleportation in both directions. Like a swap. With bidirectional teleportation of entangled particles I think they could solve the opposite value problem.

Here two entangled particles A and B change position with each other at a high frequency.

The swapping frequency should be high since this would make target positions easy to find. Just small changes from the previous position at each swap.

So one solution to the value problem could be that in the time A gets a measurement it actually acts on both particles being present. The other particle is teleported away to the other position with the opposite value.

Speculation – Quantum Entanglement As High Frequency Teleportation Swapping?

If this does not work. Maybe the high frequency swap can be replaced by a random high frequency teleportation bounce. Here particles bounce on each others position randomly. That is. A goes to B and back and B goes to A and back. This then happens at a high frequency since both particles need to know the others position with a good precision.

Idea – Digital Offline Education ( Student Created Videos )

I have written before that you can use a smartphone for recording your own educational videos. Be it theory presentations, exercises, assignments or tests.

If you are doing a course or are planning on educating yourself I really suggest you start recording. The process of recording video is a very good motivator.

You want it to look good enough or as perfect as you can. This means you will redo the presentation several times. This process then makes you learn from looking, writing and speech.

Maybe in the future you can communicate with teachers in this way. From exchanging videos. Say you want to get into this particular school. Maybe a portfolio of videos could help.

In refugee situations maybe the student can create a weeks amount of videos on the smartphone. Then when Internet access is available they could be uploaded to a university for grading and feedback.

Using youtube reduce the size of the video on the smartphone. I got it down to 30MB for 6 min HD video.

Using handbrake and the h.265 encoder (software) on Linux I reduced a similar youtube compressed video at 17.1MB to 3.5 MB for 3:22 minutes. So about 1MB per minute. However this h.265 video were not viewable in the browser. However VLC (stand alone video viewer) worked fine.

screenshot 3:22 min video at 3.5MB
HandBrake settings. Using h.265 just for testing purposes.

Speculation – Some Thoughts About Singularities

If you think of a singularity as a problem. Then because its a problem you have different possible methods for handling it. In general the most frequent way to solve a problem is to solve it by replacing it with a solution. But what if a solution does not exist. Then one way would be to mitigate the problem. To avoid it.

Then the mitigating method would be the solution.

Idea – Would It Be Possible To Stream Games From An Internet Server To The Mobile And Lastly To The TV?

The idea is simple in theory but I don’t know in reality. However the potential is good.

The idea is to stream games from Internet Servers to the TV with the mobile as a go between.

You buy the streaming ready game on the android phone and use it to stream it to any TV you like. Provided it has a chromecast or the like.

Even if a game requires 8GB of RAM. Streaming should not take anything like such requirements. The limiting factor should be if you have enough bandwidth and latency for the resolution.

Idea – Student Created Video Screencasts In MOOC’s

For online Linux courses or MOOC’s I wonder if you can take advantage of screencasting software to make the training more effective and fun.

For training purposes I suggest that there should be projects which include the student making their own screencasts of selected assignments.

With enough guidance like a manuscript which has some blank fields they could fill in. They could create this video screencast and explain some related topics in it.


It doesn’t need to be screencasts. With a simple smartphone and a flexible holder you could start to record selected topics from mathematics, physics and so on. I belive you learn a lot with this method. So why not take your math book and make a collection of videos.



Idea – Should There Not Exist Dumb Phones With Voice Calls Over Wifi?

The idea is simple and could be a huge success. Why are the dumb phones not fitted with WiFi. It does not have be that fast however you should be able to make voice calls over the Internet with it.

With WiFi also on the dumb phone. People who would benefit the most. People who don’t have that much money could use this below 20$ dumbphone for calls to their relatives in other countries.

I’ve seen feature phones with WiFi but they cost as much as smartphones. The biggest impact should be if you fit dumbphones with WiFi.

I think its a right to be able to stay in touch and up to date with your family.

Also Internet access needs a Internet ready device. Then Wi-Fi on the dumbphone makes a lot of sense.

Software Idea – Machine Learning App To Adapt And Render PDF’s On Mobiles?

The idea is simple. Or at least I think this idea could make a difference. If we want people to use their phone for perhaps reading and improving their skills in mathematics for instance. Then the release format for the Open Source Textbooks need to be more mobile friendly.

One way this could be done is if the Open Source Textbooks are released in an adaptable screen size HTML version. Besides residing on the web you can convert these HTML books to apps using some web to app software. Then they would become accessible offline.

Since a lot of books would still be in PDF version. I wonder if the PDF reader could adapt and render the text to fit the mobile screen. One way this could work is if the software recognizes the text area of interest after pressing on the text and reshapes it to be mobile friendly for zooming. The difference is that you would only need to scroll up and down. Not also sideways which makes the experience not very pleasant.

Software Idea – Machine Learning App To Adapt And Render PDF’s On Mobiles?

Idea – How Do You Compress Random Pixels In An Image?

How do you compress random data? My idea is that you don’t compress. You can recognize parts of the image that is looking random and replace it with similar random data but from a random number generator. This will however hopefully reduce the storage size.

It will be a lossy compression. But since its still looks like random you will not be able to tell the difference.

Maybe one can call it random image blindness. That is. If you percive an equal quality between a sampled part and the generated part you are blind to the difference.

Idea – Dual Screen Mode Youtube – Separated Static Images + Video

My idea is so very simple. Why should we simulate one screen TV’s? Let the content creator manage two windows on youtube or other video sites. One with static images and the old original video window.

With a dual window setup the viewer can watch the video without having to click away those irretating in window popups.

This will make it a lot more effective for ads. Here the viewer do not need to click away the ads.

For educational or other purposes a dual window setup can make it easier for the viewer to remember important information. Also a synced slide functionality for the static window might prove useful.

Idea – Dual Screen Mode Youtube – Separated Static Images + Video

Idea – Could WhatsApp Be Used For Education In Refugee Situations?

When in collage I sometimes communicated by phone with my dad for difficult assignments. First we used a fax machine for sending the problems. Then later we replaced it by email and a flatbed scanner. Today all this could be done using a simple smartphone and a software like WhatsApp.

So the idea is to use a smartphone to send images of exercises or theory to a teacher group. Who then respond by voice, textchat or maybe documents.

What if the teacher groups are international? Learning English could then be a major advantage. Exercises could be sent both ways. By request from the students or the teachers.

If there are not enough teachers availible for this or the cost will be to high. Maybe one can consider using older students. Who then after an exam get the qualifications. Here the student does not need to know everything. The questions from the learners are seperated to each teacher student based on their qualifications anyway.

So the teacher student might only need to know how to explain a number of exercises. I think this might be enough for some learners to get these over WhatsApp and then be able to ask questions.

If this works then maybe it could be an idea to sponsor an ”Education Basic” service for the telephone companies.

Education Basic would then be a free service sponsored internationally. Also maybe such a service could build upon my previous idea of an globally accesible international curriculum.

With a free service the students would not hesitate to use it for something so important as their education.


Why Linux – Innovative Installation

I don’t think it is all that well known. Although Linux distros install very quickly I like the liveCD flavors. One reason besides checking that the hardware is compatible is the possibility to browse during the install.

You simply don’t waste any time looking at an animated icon. Maybe its a tip for windows also. Let the user multitask during updates and installs.

Why Linux – Innovative Installation – Browse while installing A Linux Distro from a LiveCD

Speculation – Is There A Second Law Of Conservation Of Energy Due To Teleportation?

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

As an imagination exercise I will try to extend this law.

From this law I wonder what happens if you can teleport away energy very far distances. The further away you can teleport energy the closer you are to sort of breaking the conservation law. It gets lost rather than being destroyed. But maybe thats equally bad.

To prevent energy being lost I wonder if there is a function or limit that takes affect for the distance.

My Idea For Personal Cooling

When I googled personal cooling I got the strange looking cooling vests. I think I got a much easier idea.

I simply took a USB deskfan and connected it to a powerbank. With this I got a descent airflow and a very long battery time.

The fan was 10cm in diameter and rated at 2.5W.

I could easily run this fan for more than 4 hours. Together with a low noise profile and long battery time this idea has some interesting uses.

Be sure not use it near water or in the rain.

My Idea For Personal Cooling. Tired feet 🙂

Idea – Take Advantage Of The Smartphone In School

The idea is simple. With a flexible holder you can begin to take advantage of the smartphone by filming your own pen and paper exercises.

By doing so you will create a positive feedback loop. When you later redo the filmed presentation a second time after reviewing.

I believe this will also help your memory after some time when reviewing. Simply because your own created video has more connected information then a static paper.

Just store the videos locally on your computer/phone/tablet.

Idea – Black Hole As An Energy Filter?

If the black hole can be viewed as a filter for energy. Only emitting some kind of radiation? Then I wonder. Could there be another universe body that is “trimmed” to absorb this energy released by the black holes. Maybe this universe body (like a trimmed solar panel) can be view as a seed for a new universe.

Idea – Walking Your Dog With A Larger Water Bottle And A Bowl

With these elevated temperatures I try to always carry a water bottle. Now my dog who died of cancer. Had a thick curly black coat. Heat waves would have been tough on him. So I thought. If he had lived now I would have carried with me at least a 1.5 litre water bottle and a bowl. Of cause I didn’t walk the dog during the hot part of the day either. Always keeping water for the dog seems like a good idea anyway.


Idea – Is Fish Involved In Sea Floor Recovery?

A guess of mine is that life doesn’t try to destroy its living surroundings. If the contrary were true life would not survive very long any way. So from this I formulate a simple exaggerated guess.

All life trough evolution tries to improve its living surroundings. This then would mean that fish is important for the sea floor as the sea floor is important for the fish.

In this case there should be research into how different fish can take part in the recovery of the sea floor.

Idea – Is Fish Involved In Sea Floor Recovery?

Idea – T.rex A Beach Runner?

Im sitting here drinking coffee at a cafe. Was reading our local science magazine. It said that T.rex danced during mating. The problem though when you way so much is the pressure on the feet.

Thats why I believe such a predator hunted on soft grounds. Maybe it seeked those almost dried up lakes with soft sand. Because the ground is difficult to move in the T.rex got the upper hand on the pray. Who could not move that fast in the mud or soft sand.

Idea – Take Advantage Of Two (Wifi Cast Dongle?) Projectors For Your Presentation

The idea is simple. Why not use two projectors for your presentation instead of one. With two you can let the audience view an important image page on one projector while you progress the presentation on the other.

I have not tested but it should be easier to handle the two projectors with an app on the smartphone/tablet and a WiFi dongle like the Google chromecast connected to each projector.