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Market Idea – Easy Repairable Smartphone (Pop Replace Screens)?

The other day I was at the local IT-shop. The other customer there wanted to repair his mobile. Actually the screen was cracked.

So come to mind that maybe customers should have the option to choose easily repairable phones.

So what I propose is an interchangeable screen. So when it cracks. You just pop it out like a battery and replace the screen. Here you could select different screens based on color appearance and resolution.

Idea – The Genetic Perceptron (Machine Learning)

My idea is simple.

Just calculate the weights of ?any multilayerd perceptron using a genetic algorithm. // Per Lindholm

Looking at the many different activation functions. I wonder. Calculating the weights with a genetic algorithm should also allow for optimized activation functions. So I will test a spline activation function which I will calculate the weights for.

Idea – Make Smartphones More Personal With Custom Linux Style Themes/Interfaces

I found an easy way to customize pretty much everything. The trick was to take a screenshot of the interface. Load it in GIMP and enhance or adjust the colors. Then just color pick the new different colors.

I think there is a possibilty to use real time effect filters on the home screen for that cool effect. Maybe we could have OpenGL shaders and filters like in shadertoy as an image overlay.

Here in the example I used the pretty slow GIMP filters. But they could also work.

Just some ideas for the smartphone and for Linux distros.

image filter home screen smartphone
Different image filters for the whole phone home screen

Idea – Could A Noise Filter Improve Genetic Algorithms?

The idea is simple.

I was going to test if you could ”paint” with genetic algorithms. I thought it would generate good enough approximation to the target image.

That is. I set the score of the genetic algorithm to reflect the image. Then as the score got higher. The solution would get more similar to the target.

What I found was that the solution converged extremely slowly and still looked noisy.

So I wonder. If I do image noise reduction for the intermediate steps. Would the calculation converge quicker and be of better quality?

Example. Several “enfuse – Linux terminal command” stacked images of a image solution.

Physics Guess – Heat Noise And Fusion

If you call heat noise. Then a lot of heat is like an incompressible signal. My guess is that noise acts like a lot of signals that the fusion process can sample from. At the exact right time. Meaning that the process have all the information or circumstances that ?causes fusion.

Then if fusion is the reaction to the noise maybe it is some kind of noise filter. Maybe a low pass filter. I don’t know.


Speculation – Recognition And Generation Of Freewill Realistic Actions And Timings

Even if I don’t know how freewill started I can speculate how we can understand it in its simplest form.

The simple answer is machine learning. I speculate that with machine learning you can predict,recognize and generate realistic looking actions. The difficult thing to understand is that this is also true for the timing of those actions.

So with machine learning you could generate ”Freewill Realistic Actionsat timings that are also realistic.

So when will you drink your coffee? Timing is important. People will recognize freewill actions because of how accurate and realistic the timings were.

Basically if a robot has human like timing. It will be perceived as having freewill. So is the guess anyway.

Idea – Split-Window Screenshots For Rich Code Documentation

The idea is simple.

To remember what your code do. I thought of a simple solution. Just split the desktop screen in two window parts.

On one half of it you have the relevant code and on the other half you could have explaining text, images, ?flowcharts, webpages, a pdf page and more.

With open source textbooks you could just place the pdf page one side and explaining text notes on the other. Here you could just take a photo of your notes and then a screenshot with them side by side with the page.

So my idea is to make simple but effective screenshot comments to code and notes to open source books and wiki pages.

Maybe a database could be used but I thought this was a simple solution.

Speculation – Predict Time Sequence Of Type Of Processes

The idea is simple.

Say you have different types of processes in a cycle. If you assign each process a number then the cycle will generate a curve or a pattern. What I wonder is if one could use time prediction or predict inbetween processes by the patterns from other physically real events.

With this you could have something that looks “process realistic”.

An example would be to assign a number to reversible and irreversible type of processes.

My speculation is that with this. You could reverse guess a needed object. From the process number that the machine learning algorithm has predicted.

Idea – Could Machine Learning Enhance The Solution To Differential Equations By Image Post Processing?

I was thinking. Our differential equations might not be able to generate the detail required for some situations. Or it might require to much memory and processing power to get that high detail. If at all possible?

Therefor I wonder if one could ”enhance” the solution of a differential equation by image post processing. Like we do in rendering ray traced photo realistic images.

Here it should be possible to post process an approximative solution to look like a ”photo” realistic solution.

I think this could be automated with machine learning.

Physics Guess – Action At A Distance By Super Triangulation?

My idea is simple.

Philosophically. If you have information from many different particles from an entagled object then I guess it should be possible to calculate distance, direction,state and more.

So I imagine that some ?information-particles gets lost from the oscillating electric and magnetic fields of a light wave. Here you then have ?two types of particles.

I don’t know but maybe they have a limited life-time. Like a time indicator.

Then I guess it could be possible with many of those particles to calculate the position, direction, speed and state.

Idea – Easy Modifying A Color Theme In Linux With GIMP Filters

My idea is simple.

I was wondering. Or really I figured out an easy way to change colors of themes by chance.

I wanted to present some text but with some cool GIMP filters.

Said an done. After I wanted to see what glow looked like for text. I tried some other filters.

Hmm. Here presents itself a very easy way to change the color of everything you want in an easy way. I mean. Why change a color at a time when a filter will change all the colors for you to your perfect liking.

So if you like to code and want to change colors to your preference why not try GMIC and the other standard filters in GIMP. Then just use a color picker to select the new improved color choices.

Some examples of filters could be tonemapping, detail filters and more. You can use other software than GIMP. Like darktable or rawtherapee.

This reminds me. A wanted feature of GIMP would be the blender spacebar search popup window. For finding the filter that is.

Maybe css for HTML5 web pages should have color filters also for added functionality and readability or coolness.

GIMP filter text readability
Readability Filter For Small Text Using GIMP with a simple Vignetting filter

Idea – Practice Technical Drawing Using A Toy Draw Projector?

My drawing skills are very bad. So to improve this I came up with a simple aid tech technique.

Simply use Blender to create the 3D model. Then you could use a toy drawing projector to draw on the image and paper.

Visualizing is an important part of problem solving. The idea is that you get better at mathematics or physics by this kind of technical drawing practice.

So to improve my idea of a Pressure Taking Object In A Piston Cylinder. I made the following drawing from Blender 3D object and a drawing tablet with MyPaint.


Invention – Pressure Taking Object In A Piston Cylinder // Per Lindholm

My idea is simple. Every position xyzt in space could be a parameter for a decision vector. The decision vector is just what objects to place in those positions. Then looking at a piston in an engine. I wonder. If adding an object in the cylinder doesnt immidiatly brake it. It could possibly enhance it. Then I wonder. Since the piston works with pressure then a material that is known to handle pressure is diamonds. Replacing an ideal diamond with something cheaper.

Then is there a use of pressure taking ?cone shape objects of in a piston + cylinder I wonder.


Math Guess – Should There Exist Snap To Value Functions?

My idea is inspired by window snap to side function in Linux.

What if you could calculate with snap to value functions in mathematics. I guess that it should exist because a snap function acts like a metal to a magnet. I mean it exists in the world.

So the idea is that when the object is sufficiently close to a criteria it snaps into place.

The window snap to side function is a valuable feature of a window manager maybe it can prove useful in other places. Maybe there are also snap to shape functions of objects. So to ?simplify a simulation you have snap to position and snap to shape functions.

Project Idea – Using Machine Learning For Differential Equations

Just a quick project idea.

Using machine learning for solving differential equations might sound hard. I think I got a simple idea. Just use machine learning ( learning from historic data ) to time predict the future points after sampling the previous calculated solution points by a known algorithm. For instance rk.

Here the equation and its function ?anyone that can be time predicted after a limited number of points


Startup Product Idea – Gaming Keyboard With Pressure Sensitive Keys

A simple idea.

A gaming keyboard which has pressure sensitive keys. I’m no gamer but I think pressure sensitve keys can come in handy.

The idea with pressure sensitive keys is to let the gamer have more controle than simply on/off keys. Here something else could happen if you press harder.

I can imagine the fun games which can be made and improved with pressure keys.

As an alternative I belive its possible to have keyboard keys which when pressed on the border of the key gives another output. I think one can call it XY-keys. Meaning where you hit on the key matters to the digital output.

Philosophy – Representation As A Function Of Machine Learning?

From asking the question. Why does red look like red. I made the simple guess that this could be the basis of a new field of machine learning.

So we have recognition of color and then representation. Its the neural network representation of the recognized color that is I guess a new function of machine learning.

So the idea is that we can set generate a machine learning function from color questions.