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Idea – Helping People Living In Slums To Create Their Own Startup

I got an idea how the international community could help people living in slums to create their own startup or improve their capability to earn a better living. The idea is simple. Why not evolve Internet Volunteering. I imagine you could have a site similar to Indiegogo where you can match volunteers and the people in need of their assistance. Here the volunteers could cooperate with the people to build websites. Perhaps you could also have business related software together with the website. Adapted for mobiles. Online data would be secured if the mobile gets broken. This idea will benefit both the people and the volunteers since nothing beats a CV that makes a difference.

Thinking about this further. Maybe its better to educate them to build website and web software themselves. Even if the Internet speed is not great. It should be possible to get higher speeds internally between the Service Providers of the country. At least this should work within the same service provider. The idea is that one could build up experience from doing Internet jobs well before the speeds to different countries gets acceptable. With this you would get a more experienced Internet workforce.

Idea – Helping People Living In Slums To Create Their Own Startup via Internet Volunteering

Speculation – Parallel Guesses A Method To Accelerate Serial Computing?

The idea is simple. To accelerate computation that is not necessarily in parallel. I thought why can’t you use a parallel guesses instead. These guesses are parallel models that can predict some value in the future. Also the models take advantage or inspiration from the already true computed values. One of the models takes over when it guesses enough right values in a row. It is accelerated because the model is a simplification and only accurate withing a range.

To make it more robust. I guess that you can backtrack and verify a randomly selected small number of samples with the slow model. If there is an unacceptable error in the computation the it will start over from that place and skip the fast model for that range.

Speculation – Should Not Bees Have A Balanced Diet?

Since there are a lot different flowers. Could it be that bees actively selects flowers based on a variate of reasons? From an evolutionary perspective I guess that they select flowers based on what helps them and their offspring survive. Like fighting off disease. So I wonder if farming would benefit from a distribution of nearby flowers. Or what flowers you need for the bees to get a balanced diet for a selected type of crop.

Idea – Extracting Instructions From Data?

I had an idea yesterday. A simple example of extracting instructions comes from music. I think you already can extract the notes as the instructions. I wonder therefor if other data can be separated into instructions and its applied functions. I guess if you could separate the instruction and the function then a computer could learn the function and operate on different instructions. Also if the instruction can be extracted. One could let the same instruction operate with different functions. With this you could possibly find a better function.

Idea – Create With A Two Product Approach

The idea is simple. Say you want to create a cartoon figure but you feel there is something missing. Why not map your cartoon sketch to a 3D object. From this you could imagine it as a toy. The idea here is that this transformation will reveal whats missing or need to be changed on the character and how to fix it. This way you can also fix the sketch. So in short. The multiple object transform approach can serve as an aid to imagination.

Idea – Create With A Two Product Approach

Idea – Why Not Aid Music Software With Programmable Scripts?

As an aid to music creators. I thought. Setting up your song could be made to into writing simple a script. A script is just a text file containing commands and parameters. The idea is that I think a lot of repetitive tasks can be automated this way. If you make some mistake along the way. You can run the script again with the fix you inserted.

Idea – Why Not Aid Music Software With Programmable Scripts?

Idea – Smart Wifi-Dongle (using USB-tethering)

I have an idea that would save you a lot of hazzle with the network connection. Inspired by Linux Voice. Why not innovate the Wifi-Dongle to also act as a USB-tethering device. With this you only need to configure the dongle ones and it will work on any computer you would like to connect to your network. This is done with zero configurations. For Linux this could be great since you would not need that many working drivers for wifi. To try USB-tethering you can use your already wifi connected tablet or smartphone. Search for ‘usb tethering’ for android apps

Idea – Emergency Battery For Linux PC’s

The idea is simple. In those places the power grid are frequently down. I thought why should the computer also suddenly shut off. I mean the CPU in today’s Linux mini PC’s are very low power. One solution could therefor be to have a emergency battery installed in the computer. So when the power goes off. The computer will go into zero power hibernate mode with the help of the battery. Which means it is saved the computer state to the hard drive. When the power then goes back on your work on the computer is back to where it was before.

Idea – Bring Your Car On The Train?

The idea is simple. For those long trips. Why can’t we adapt our transportation system to bring our cars with us on the train. This would increase the range for electric cars and reduce car emissions for those gasoline wasting combustion engines. Not only that but not everyone likes to drive 300 miles in one day. Thus increasing safety for all on board. So the idea is that you still want to have your car at the destination your going to even though you don’t want to drive all the way to it. You just bring it with you on a train transport.

Idea – Reducing Parameter Set For Music Software?

The idea is a bit of a guess. But with so many parameters in music software I thought why not write out my hunch. The idea is to calculate a reduced set of new ranges for the parameters you have currently available to you. The logic is. There should be values in those ranges that when combined with other parameters make no sense. They make the music sound bad. On the other side. There should be combinations of parameter values that are popular. If you collect this data it should then be possible to present this to the music creator in the form of reduced parameter settings. Here I guess you can group the whole range to from bad, possible and better. Further I assume the parameters are likely to be dependent so when enough parameters have been initially chosen. The rest should have a probable range within they could vary.

In the image below. The different range groups are shown. Green shows the range which is calculated to have the best sound and the red range should be avoided.

Idea – Reducing Parameter Set For Music Software?

Idea – New Retro Gaming

The idea is not so much for playing retro games but to invent new ones. I think you can describe it as interactive modular games. Games that you fix yourself with tutorials and choose among different assets (graphics, audio) and share with the others. Below I made a video explaining the idea. Here I made two very crude games in Gedot Engine. One shown in the video.

Idea – How To Accelerate Learning

Imagine if everybody would have the education necessary to teach. With technology the student or parent could then act as a teacher to her group of friends or family. This would increase the human lead teaching tremendously and since we are inherently social. This has the potential to be somewhat effective. I mean here you get a discussion where questions and answers are generated more freely than communicating only with software. To do this we need apps that teaches you how to become a better teacher. Now there is a push for using technology for literacy skills. Here I thought. If you make software for both teaching and learners. This could for example lead to language teaching jobs. Thus accelerating learning.

Idea – Active User Input During The Render Time In Blender 3D

The process of calculating 3D images or rendering as its called doesn’t always produce correct results. The sacrifice for faster rendering speed is more noise or a less accurate simulation. The idea is simple. During the process of rendering. When the computer is calculating the pixels. Why not incorporate user input. With my eye I can see where the problem areas are and suggest perhaps more samples in that area. For animations you would probably need some sort of machine learning but for still images I think the idea could be worth implementing.

Below I marked the problem areas to be rendered with 100 times more samples during the render time. It could also perhaps work as a render mask. So you can can store the problem areas for later use.

Idea – Active User Input During The Render Time In Blender 3D

Idea – Is There A Smart Way To Combine LTS And The Latest Linux Distribution?

The problem is that the software I wanted to run didn’t come for the latest release of my distribution. It came for the LTS version. I of course had the latest release installed. If you have to choose. Then there is a possibility for error. There should be a distribution that sacrifices a little hard drive space for convenience. This gave me the idea that there could be a smart way to combine the latest LTS with the latest release. The smart distribution release would incorporate a different form of backwards compatibility. Maybe it can be called dual compatibility.

Income Idea For Linux Software – Interactive Information

This is just food for thought. As an income generating idea for Linux software or projects. Like the Ubuntu MATE or the Linux Mint distribution I’m currently running. I thought why not turn some of the documentation to an interactive tutorial. Then to earn some money why not make an Android application of it. The application “Learn Python” from SoloLearn is a perfect example of how one could do this. So the idea is very simple. Since people behind these distributions and other Linux software make documentation. They could also make an Interactive Tutorial Application for Android and then maybe charge a little money for that. I’m pretty sure this is an easier way to get funding rather then by donations only.

One can also speculate if interactive information or courses will take over from reading a lot of documentation. I guess this could be because memory retention is better that way.

Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?

The idea is simple. To protect the expensive solar panels against the elements and possibly vandalism. Why not no add an outer transparent construction for them. With this you could have both a sloping outer surface and at the same time keep the solar panels horizontal inside. The slope will make it easier for snow and water to flow off and not to block the sunshine. The disadvantage which will vary is the performance loss because of an additional absorbing layer. The transparency is probably not a 100%. Overall I think this might be a good idea to keep the solar panels in a transparent container since it will give them a longer life expectancy.

Further if the outer cage or container is strong enough. You could walk on the solar panels which might be useful.

Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?
Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?


Idea – Using Energy To Enhance Patient Recovery?

The idea is simple and perhaps not expected. Taken from my own experience when I didn’t feel well. I used a Heat Fan (low effect) to enhance the impact of lying in bed. Directing the flow of warm air towards the chest area. My concentration went up at the same time my body could completely relax. I think the relax part of the recovery is very important. But its a waste of time to listen to relax tapes if you are using your own energy to keep warm. I think forced convection is really the best you can get. Therefore I wonder if one could have this option in hospitals. Just open a window once in a while to let the extra heat out. Even if this energy cost it will still cut costs if it works as expected. I believe this idea is worth the research.

Idea – Innovating The Simple Calculator, Undo Button

I thought I innovate the simple calculator today. My idea is simple. Why not add an Undo Button on calculators? The button is suppose to work like any other undo function in computer software. When pressed the calculator will reverse back the previous action. So if you accidentally pressed the equal button to early you can reverse that.

Idea – Innovating The Simple Calculator, Undo Button

Idea – Computer Chip Aided Tree Farming?

I was thinking. What alternatives are there to genetic modifications of crops. What if you could alter everything anyway. How would you do this? There have been articles about using little robotic medicine pills for a while now. Inspired by that. What if we could make cyborg plants. Since it will probably cost a lot in the beginning I thought why not focus on trees. Maybe we could make them grow faster and better with computer chips. What if the trees chemical food could also come from an outside container. The tree is then tricked by the chip to make use of that substance. Even if every tree is a little different a machine learning chip could adapt. We need trees for a sustainable future. Therefore I think this idea is worth the research.

Idea – An Online Math Academy Website A Solution To Computer Based Math

Actually Computer Based Math is a good idea. However if you want to enhance math education. Don’t replace handwritten math with computers. Simply add another subject. So you have both handwritten and computer based math. The reason is since the tools of the brain are the hands and because the brain takes input from everything. Think neural networks. Understanding may come from different forms. Basically I guess the brain takes advantage of different memory capacities. Also additional Computer Based Math courses online would impose less risk.

On a website I imagine we can have many assignments and projects and because Mathematica is somewhat like a programming language then software could verify the code. Like it does in online programming courses.



Idea – Icons To Remember The Basic Programming Functions

The idea is simple. Learning a language as a novice can be difficult. I therefore wonder if we can make it easier for them. Maybe its easy as associate an image or icon with the keywords. So for the control flow statement ‘for’ I made a quick example icon. Here ‘i’ is the variable that goes from start to end and ‘for’ is the keyword. Further I think you should involve your own creativity. Possibly you could make your own personal icon for the keywords and get a better memory retention as a result.

Idea – Icons To Remember The Basic Programming Functions?