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Idea – Could Recognition Improve Image Stacking Processing To Reduce Noise From Non Aligned Images?

My idea is simple

Maybe the reason why we can see so good with two eyes is that the brain uses recognition.

So the idea is that if one eye image is blurred then it can still provide recognition data.

I wonder if recognition and machine learning then can improve image stacking. That is. Reduce noise and improve the image from several images that are not aligned.

Sounds simple enough.

Space Idea – Evolve An Artificial Universe Sensory Organ

I speculated before in a blog post that eyes evolved already in the deep sea. Detecting sufficiently bright spots in otherwise dark surrounding. I guess this little information was what a primitive recognition biology could handle.

Similarly I wonder if now that we can develop artificial neural networks. That maybe we can take advantage of this in making sense of the universe and its stars and galaxies.

So the idea is. Is it possible to evolve an artificially sensory organ that feels the universe? This from the telescope data that we can obtain.

Idea – Ordinary Words As Math Inspiration

Although much exists in Wikipedia. I find that you can learn a lot when you let yourself get inspired by simple word combinations.

The trick is not to let yourself down thinking. This can not exist. Someone else can get inspired and figure out something important.

So I guessed that maybe there exist something like a Pi room. From what I know Pi is a constant. A room is a container and a container is kind of a set. Thats good enough for making a Pi room a potential rewarding guess.

If there exist a set that is like a room. Then maybe it can be an on/off set. That is if the room has a door.

So from this I speculate that maybe there exist on and off sets.

Idea – Livelihood Improvement In Afghanistan

I assume everywhere where living conditions are hard you find men and women sewing.

To improve their standard of living. Why not make use of the engineering skills here and over there. What I mean is that. If you have a low power sewing machine. The people could increase their production. Given the shortage of electricity.

So the idea is to provide engineer help.

I cant figure out a cheap solar ready construction that would solve this. But maybe a 3D Printer Sewing Machine for patterns could generate some interest.

Further I wonder if there exists more sewing machine innovations. Maybe you can have two needles where one is tilted. So that you only need a mechanism above the fabric.

// Per Lindholm


Idea – Job Training Idea For The Long Term Unemployed

I wrote before about the possibility of code training jobs for refugees. The idea was that these could train them in finding a job later on.

I wonder if the same idea could be made to work for the long term unemployed as well.

With this you let the long term unemployed get experience that is more like real work. I think online training and work experience generating small jobs could be beneficial. This in contrast to “praktik”.


Battery Idea – Inspiration Data From ”Gravitational Slingshot”

I wonder if you can use inspiration data for battery improvement. One such inspiration data could be Gravity Assist or gravitational slingshot.

This gravitational assist is used to save propellant, time and expense. Which I assume translates to better energy efficiency.

Maybe this could be recognized as some type of acceleration battery chemistry.

Idea – Text As Input For Graphics Generation In GIMP

The idea is simple.

I looked at Script-Fu but I have no more space left in the brain for another language I think. I mean text input is a powerful thing. So the idea of text for image generation should not go to waste.

What I think could work is simple text programs like in the terminal with commands and options.

Then you put them together with a very simplified script.

To generate some interests in text based graphics. I’m wondering if a natural language programming by a chatbot like interface could work.

You type with your own choice of words and the software responds with a preview of the generated graphics or questions if there is too much confusion.

Quick and easy image programming by chatbot communication.

Startup Idea? – Making Caravans For Poverty Stricken Areas With Local Workers

I wonder if there could be a workable idea here or something.

The idea is that one could perhaps train locals in making caravans. Like a startup. I’m guessing here but I think making the homes mobile will not set the cost of the them rising beyond the income the target areas.

People need homes. Even if they are not the regular apartments. Caravans could serve a purpose.

If for any reason your safer living somewhere else. Because of the weather like flooding. A movable caravan would serve a purpose. Especially in the Philippines.

Idea – Could USB Fans 18cm Diameter Be Used In Emergency Situations?

I bought a simple D10cm USB fan some time ago. I was surprised at the air flow from this rather cheap high quality fan was so good. At times when the heat is to high. A fan is absolutely necessary.

Since there exist larger diameter fans. From 10,13 to 18 cm. I wonder if they could be used in emergency situations. For field hospital like situations. Where there is no access to reliable electricity. These fans can run on a limited amount of solar power. Rated at 2.5watts 0.5A 5V. I could have 3x18cm USB fans on separate powerbanks. Thats a 54cm fan on battery power.

Hmm could this work?

Livelihood Idea – Growing Flowers And Selling Offline Video Instructions

As a livelihood starter why not assemble a flower growing kit? Then to generate interest and keep customers coming to your store. A modern approach to this would be to make online instructional videos.

This means people can come to your store and ask questions in person.

If there is no internet access in your area. You can still make videos and sell them offline. This using a simple Wifi transfer application from the smartphone or PC to the customers smartphone.

I assume something like this will keep customers coming for the flowers, the offline videos and the possibility for in person questions.

Raspberry Pi Project – Evolution Of The Solar Powered Calculator

I wrote a long time ago about the possibility of running a computer or mobile on a limited amount of solar panel.

Because it works pretty well using the smartphone as a screen for the raspberry pi 2. I thought I give it a go with a small 7watts solar battery charger.

I will try this setup tomorrow. No sun here in Sweden at this time though. Actually I thought the solar panel battery charger was broken. I assumed it would work with LED or cfl lights in the kitchen. It did not. Ok I got 0.25 Volts after placing it near the cfl. Not enough for charging. Which means it wont show up on the smartphone or even light up a light emitting diode. However with natural sunlight it worked just fine.

An easy way to power the pi2 and the phone would be to have two 5000mAh powerbanks. One for solar charging and one for power.
The same idea really but with low power electronics your not so vulnerable of power cuts. So for those with a bad power grid. Why not have a computer like the raspberry pi2 in hand. Then you could continue coding or doing some office work (LibreOffice) on the pi with just two powerbanks and a solar charger.

Speculation – Database Search By Computer Enhanced Feelings

My guess is that everything you sense or think can generate feelings. Also since you base a lot of decisions on feelings generated in the brain. I wonder if this decision making enabler can be taken advantage of in computer applications.

So an important application is database search. Like when you google. Where you want to search through a lot of data fast. Then could not this search be enhanced by feelings. Computer feeling based guesses that makes the search much more accurate.

I assume this is possible since the feeling space is limited or rather small. That is. There are probably not a lot of very different feelings. If the computer knows the target feeling you want when you search then it can sort data faster. Much like sorting by color is faster than by object recognition. Also the selection will also be more accurate.

Another application could be the search for more life in the universe by adding a feeling component to the calculations. That is. Clustering the picture of the universe into different feelings.

So my idea is that you can enhance computing tasks by computerized feelings.

One easy way to do this would be to add something like a string of emoticons to your google search.

Idea – Could There Exist A Possibility To Separate A Summation Of Forces Or Momentums

We can pick out and identify different sounds in a melody. I will call this object separation.

So I wonder. Could the same thing be done with different things.

You often add forces together to get the resulting force. But I wonder. Could you reverse this or object separate the forces and identify the sources of the forces.

What would be needed to do this. Would the machine learning program have to listen to the noise in the object maybe?

Idea – Could Getting Thrust From The EMdrive Be A Balancing Act?

Philosophically. There should exist other instances where you need to use the concept of balance other than driving a segway. I wonder if the EM drive could be such a device.

So if getting thrust from the EM drive is a balancing act. Then you need to take advantage of machine learning to generate it.

Since you input a lot of instances of random reflections of microwaves in the chamber. Maybe noise cancellation should be a feature of the EM drive also.

From the principle of balance and that we use this to be able to walk. I wonder if you could propel a spaceship by climbing or walking in space. This by shifting balance on different space length contractions?

With this you could have two or more synchronized EMdrives working together.

This sounds like something out of science fiction but maybe something can be inspired from this idea.

Idea – Sound Buttons That Don’t Require Batteries For Raspberry Pi Projects?

I wonder if you could just skip the radio, battery and advanced electronics for simple buttons and toys.

The idea is simple. With python its possible to detect the frequency of a note. Maybe machine learning can detect the mechanically generated sound from physical buttons.

The idea is then that you can create controllers or other toys that don’t require electronics or batteries. The generated sound the button then makes (like a whistle or similar) controls what happens on the screen with help of a microphone, a Raspberry Pi and python.

Idea – Could There Exist A Linear Acceleration Air Conditioner ?

I was wondering what happens to molecules in the air when you accelerate them over a longer period of time.

Philosophically there should exist important inventions for the basic types of motions. So my idea is that we should see what could be done with linear acceleration.

From looking at a turbo air conditioner I was thinking that maybe one could just add acceleration chambers of smaller radius after each other. Like when you swing a weight attached to a thread around your finger.

Refugee Job Idea – Sponsor Small Online Coding Jobs For Refugees ?

I wonder if you could create a win win situation for refugees and the open source community. By sponsoring a refugee dedicated programmers coder bounty. I’m thinking this is beneficial for their future. Refugees get paid to learn to code like a pro from real problems.

*Even though the bounty could be solved someone else. I think there should exist more ways to provide aid. Sponsored work that provide a real benefit for the refugee could be one way I think.