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Startup Idea – Modern Billboard Advertising – A Touch Screen In The Store?

I wonder if you can’t just put up touch screen in the store and let local dealers and residents advertise on it.

Since we have touch screens you can make the ads interactive with different sections or sub categories. That is. If you want to look at apartments, the local tailor or second hand stuff. You just touch different categories.

With a common central web site for approved ads. I think this could work. That is the startup idea.

A modern billboard for the locals with central approved ads.

Speculation – Could Stacking With Noise Reduction From Many Inexact CPU Cores Manage Higher Frequencies?

My idea is simple.

Inspired from image stacking. Where you got 4 or more noisy images of the same object. Taken at different times or different equipment. Meaning. The noise looks a bit different in each image.

I wonder if the same could be done with multicore computer CPU’s. The idea is to crank up the frequency and at same time limit energy consumption.

The assumption I make is that this will induce random errors. But with many cores there would be a possibility to error correct these with noise reduction methods. Inspired by image stacking.

So the idea is that the price for very high frequencies is a lot of cooperating cores.

Noise Reduction With Inexact CPU core stacking

Super Intelligence – Thought Repair From ?3% Knowledge

I got a kinda wonderful idea. Inspired by Gmic -Solidify filter found in GIMP image software. With that one can repair an image from very few pixels scattered randomly over the image.

Apply that to machine learning or AI. What if you call the pixels knowledge. It could then be possible to fill in the gaps in the knowledge with only a few percent of knowledge that you know.

My lightbulb moment.

I speculate further that knowledge can inspire knowledge. Then you can use any historic information there is. That is. Even if you are looking for physics information. Other seemingly non related knowledge from other fields could generate good inspiration data for generation.

Just some little information that is known

Calculate what the rest might sound or look like. The Gmic Solidify filter.

Original image for comparison

Speculation – Physics_Currency Fitting?

If action at a distance is cheap in energy then the action should cost in some other ”physics currency”. That is the assumption I make.

From this I speculate that maybe its possibly to do some physics currency fitting. Maybe this guess could deliver some inspiration.

I’m sorry if this speculation was a little weak. I’m thinking it will lead to better ideas.

Project Idea – Philosophy Generating Machine Learning

If you can generate song lyrics with machine learning. Would it be possible to generate a collection of sentences that together sounds like philosophy?

The idea is to use this as inspiration for ideas.

I guess the training text need to have a lot of information. Maybe from thin books.

This was just an idea. That maybe we can use machine learning to augment our brain a little.
Here is an example of a misguided philosophy statement I found on the Internet. ”Before You Can Save Others, You Must Save Yourself

Its about the notion that you can’t expect others to save you, you have to save yourself. First.

My answer to this is that. Don’t wait to save others. Even if there is an infinitesimal chance that they would return the favor. With Internet and a global world. Saving millions will increase your chances dramatically.

World Saving Idea – Could You Cooperate With Machine Learning To Drive A Prototype Development Process?

My idea is simple.

I guess that one can take advantage of machine learning in early prototype construction. The idea is to make the prototype smart from the very beginning. So for instance. If a mechanism is controlling pressure then replace that with a machine learned algorithm.

Then you have to figure out how the software can help you in improving your prototype. I wrote before that maybe machine learning can be used to recognize cause and effect. I think something like that could be used.

So for a 4d smart prototype it would then indicate how to self-evolve. Then you alternate between improving the prototype physically and running the tests.

// Per Lindholm

Idea – Robot Music Presenter For Streaming Music Services?

I’ve been enjoying my bluetooth headset. Listening to my Discover Weekly list. I got the idea that maybe with some quality text to speech synthesis a radio type show could be created.

I mean the radio format is well tested. So it would be shame to let it go.

So the idea is to let a chatbot with a good radio voice present the songs like a radio show.

Thinking further. Why not let the listener interact with the radiovoice chatbot by voice or text to alter the type of music played.

Me: Play my favorite Vangelis master piece
RadioChatBot: Bladerunner coming up just for you

Idea – Could There Exist Lossy Error Correcting Code With A Quality Variable

I wrote “Idea – Take Advantage Of Machine Learning In Error Detection And Correction?

By machine learning I mean the recognition and the generation ability. Like in the below photo. The Machine learning algorithm I imagine could recognize that it is a house and generate a plausible non pixelized image.

Generally for data streams. Perhaps a two layered approach could work. Where the first layer is more probability dependent. If that fails another deterministic algorithm is used. This way you have something like Lossy Error Correcting Code with a quality variable.

Idea – Take Advantage Of Machine Learning In Error Detection And Correction?

Everywhere you can use an algorithm. Why not try to figure out how to use machine learning.

This gives me the following ideas.

In error detection and correction which is a very important part of the Internet. Why not try machine learning or neural nets. This for transmitting and storing of data.

Maybe in ”inexact computing” which I assume has a lot of errors. Why not use machine learning to get a better efficiency.

In SSD’s or in harddrive storage which uses RAID. Here one should definitely implement Smart Raid. Based on machine learning. For error detection and correction.

If this works and is efficient. Then there could possibly exist something like ”inexact storage”. But that is just a guess.

Idea – Could Recognition Improve Image Stacking Processing To Reduce Noise From Non Aligned Images?

My idea is simple

Maybe the reason why we can see so good with two eyes is that the brain uses recognition.

So the idea is that if one eye image is blurred then it can still provide recognition data.

I wonder if recognition and machine learning then can improve image stacking. That is. Reduce noise and improve the image from several images that are not aligned.

Sounds simple enough.

Space Idea – Evolve An Artificial Universe Sensory Organ

I speculated before in a blog post that eyes evolved already in the deep sea. Detecting sufficiently bright spots in otherwise dark surrounding. I guess this little information was what a primitive recognition biology could handle.

Similarly I wonder if now that we can develop artificial neural networks. That maybe we can take advantage of this in making sense of the universe and its stars and galaxies.

So the idea is. Is it possible to evolve an artificially sensory organ that feels the universe? This from the telescope data that we can obtain.

Idea – Ordinary Words As Math Inspiration

Although much exists in Wikipedia. I find that you can learn a lot when you let yourself get inspired by simple word combinations.

The trick is not to let yourself down thinking. This can not exist. Someone else can get inspired and figure out something important.

So I guessed that maybe there exist something like a Pi room. From what I know Pi is a constant. A room is a container and a container is kind of a set. Thats good enough for making a Pi room a potential rewarding guess.

If there exist a set that is like a room. Then maybe it can be an on/off set. That is if the room has a door.

So from this I speculate that maybe there exist on and off sets.

Idea – Livelihood Improvement In Afghanistan

I assume everywhere where living conditions are hard you find men and women sewing.

To improve their standard of living. Why not make use of the engineering skills here and over there. What I mean is that. If you have a low power sewing machine. The people could increase their production. Given the shortage of electricity.

So the idea is to provide engineer help.

I cant figure out a cheap solar ready construction that would solve this. But maybe a 3D Printer Sewing Machine for patterns could generate some interest.

Further I wonder if there exists more sewing machine innovations. Maybe you can have two needles where one is tilted. So that you only need a mechanism above the fabric.

// Per Lindholm


Idea – Job Training Idea For The Long Term Unemployed

I wrote before about the possibility of code training jobs for refugees. The idea was that these could train them in finding a job later on.

I wonder if the same idea could be made to work for the long term unemployed as well.

With this you let the long term unemployed get experience that is more like real work. I think online training and work experience generating small jobs could be beneficial. This in contrast to “praktik”.


Battery Idea – Inspiration Data From ”Gravitational Slingshot”

I wonder if you can use inspiration data for battery improvement. One such inspiration data could be Gravity Assist or gravitational slingshot.

This gravitational assist is used to save propellant, time and expense. Which I assume translates to better energy efficiency.

Maybe this could be recognized as some type of acceleration battery chemistry.

Idea – Text As Input For Graphics Generation In GIMP

The idea is simple.

I looked at Script-Fu but I have no more space left in the brain for another language I think. I mean text input is a powerful thing. So the idea of text for image generation should not go to waste.

What I think could work is simple text programs like in the terminal with commands and options.

Then you put them together with a very simplified script.

To generate some interests in text based graphics. I’m wondering if a natural language programming by a chatbot like interface could work.

You type with your own choice of words and the software responds with a preview of the generated graphics or questions if there is too much confusion.

Quick and easy image programming by chatbot communication.

Startup Idea? – Making Caravans For Poverty Stricken Areas With Local Workers

I wonder if there could be a workable idea here or something.

The idea is that one could perhaps train locals in making caravans. Like a startup. I’m guessing here but I think making the homes mobile will not set the cost of the them rising beyond the income the target areas.

People need homes. Even if they are not the regular apartments. Caravans could serve a purpose.

If for any reason your safer living somewhere else. Because of the weather like flooding. A movable caravan would serve a purpose. Especially in the Philippines.

Idea – Could USB Fans 18cm Diameter Be Used In Emergency Situations?

I bought a simple D10cm USB fan some time ago. I was surprised at the air flow from this rather cheap high quality fan was so good. At times when the heat is to high. A fan is absolutely necessary.

Since there exist larger diameter fans. From 10,13 to 18 cm. I wonder if they could be used in emergency situations. For field hospital like situations. Where there is no access to reliable electricity. These fans can run on a limited amount of solar power. Rated at 2.5watts 0.5A 5V. I could have 3x18cm USB fans on separate powerbanks. Thats a 54cm fan on battery power.

Hmm could this work?