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Idea – Camping Site For Startups?

The idea is simple. To get as many startups going as possible. I thought. Why not make it very cheap. A fancy office in the city is not going to do it for everyone. So why not take advantage of the many camping sites out there in the country. Electricity is probably not going to be a problem. Public WiFi might. Perhaps some sites could attract these customers by getting Internet over cable. Otherwise you have mobile 4G.

I think the idea of people renting caravans in camping sites for startups actually is good. I mean if they can create a company later with many employees then they have generated jobs.

Idea – Camping Site For Startups

Speculation – Environmently Friendly Space Drive?

This is just my naive guessing. For an environmentally friendly space drive I wonder what would the rest product be. Since the stars produce a lot of radiation and at least our planet have a magnetic field. I guess this is what you use.

So my idea for a space drive is the following. You first create a “slow” moving ground field for which you then can push against. The ground field is the rest product the drive leaves behind.

I saw that the magnetic field component of light can generate a greatly amplified magnetic effect when traveling trough a non conductive material at the right intensity. I also happen to read that particles can self accelerate.

What if you can make light self decelerate instead or self slow down in vacuum. Would this not be similar to light slowing down in a material. If so I guess this could serve as a ground field.

Come to think of it. There should happen something when a particle self decelerate in space. So why could not we take advantage of electrons from a small particle accelerator. Make them self decelerate quickly and use the result for the forward motion.

Another thing is that if we master self deceleration I guess we could perhaps slowdown or stop asteroids.

Idea – Anticipating A Good Feeling Is Half The Movie Or 3D Game

The idea is simple. When you go on a trip or on a vacation you want to know what the scenery looks like. From images and by word of mouth. Anticipating this good feeling is half the trip. So I wonder. Could not film makers and 3D game creators take advantage of this. Engage our imagination in an easy way. In some games you have a map showing the scenery of different levels. This makes wonders on imagination. Something similar for a first person 3D game and movies should work. In my opinion a long movie quickly gets boring if it did not generate and withhold that anticipating feeling.


Test – Using A Drawing Tablet On The Raspberry Pi 2

Young people like to paint and the most important hardware for Linux is the next generation. With all the excellent software for Linux available for the raspberry pi 2/3. I thought. Why not connect a drawing tablet to my Pi 2. Said and done. Well not so fast. I had to change the operating three times. First Raspbian then Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS. Now 16.04 should have worked but it was to slow. There was a long delay when drawing in Mypaint. However MATE 15.10 worked like a charm. The drawing tablet was an old Aiptek.

As always I install zram-config to compress the memory and minimize system wait. It would be nice if there were at least a 32GB SSD built in on the Pi board. It would make the experience much faster than a faster CPU.

Test – Using A Drawing Tablet On The Raspberry Pi 2

Job Idea – Connect Restaurants With TV Food Shows

Here is a short idea. Would it not be kind of interesting if we could taste the food they have in the TV food shows? The idea is to connect restaurants with shows. Online or on regular TV. I believe maybe this could work for restaurant in larger cities. So with this idea you could taste selected recipes.

Come to think of it. Is it possible to combine a sitcom with a food show? If not. Maybe just a comedy food show could do.

Idea – Farming With Trees And Outdoor Insect Friendly LED Lights?

The idea is simple. I wondered what benefits trees would have to agriculture. Its called agroforestry and you can read about it at Wikipedia. It has all kinds of benefits. Now I’m interested in the shading aspect of it. Shading reduces the amount of direct solar rays and I guess it will then protect the bottom layer.

So the idea is to have shading trees around the crops. To compensate for the loss of light maybe we could have insect friendly LED lights during day time. The difference is that this light from the LED’s don’t carry that much infrared rays or heat as it does from the sun. Preserving moisture in the soil.


Idea – Should There Exist A Divide And Combine Air Conditioner?

If I may guess a little. For more effective air conditioning. I wonder if you can gain some advantage by dividing air into its gas components and cool the one gas that has the greatest efficiency for cooling. Then recombine it into the usual air mixture.

Another idea would be. Since thermoelectric cooling plates can be connected on top of each other to achieve higher efficiency. I wonder if its possible to have two coolers connected in series. With two refrigerants maybe.

Idea – Solar Potential For Job Creation In Rural Areas

With climate change coming down on us. Mitigating another refugee crises seems wise. Then getting job opportunities to people is more important than ever. If there are to few jobs. Then they have to be created. So the idea is to support the creation of local solar powered businesses. With solar panels this could be done in rural areas and I think we could have a pay as you go system for small business. So the initial investment cost for them is kept down.

With jobs. Households could afford more solar energy. One thing I found on the net was a 12V thermoelectric boiling thermos rated at 80W. Maybe such a device could be used to disinfect a small amount of water. Inspired by this other devices could emerge that could run on a limited amount of solar panels.

All in all. Resistance to climate change will be easier if people have access to energy.

Idea – A Good Raspberry Pi Idea That Failed Testing

So with the success of the Raspberry Pi. I thought. Why can’t we teach programming remotely. To do this I would only need to stream the desktop from the clients Raspberry Pi. VNC did work but I failed to get any reasonable speed. For instance with a game engine like App Game Kit which exists for the Pi it would be nice to see a high fps screen capture of the desktop. Come to think of it. If I get this to work then I need to consider the CPU load. However the Pi 2/3 has 4 cores so it might still work. Considering a simpler solution I would watch the screen using standard VNC and share the compiled files to my own Pi and run them from there.

Maybe there exist a simpler solution. A website where two people can sign up and share a code window in the browser. Hopefully there also exists a smooth way to compile and run the code on your Pi.

Idea – Solar Parking Installation From Cars With Built In Solar Panels?

The idea is simple. Since with the number of cars we have in the world. I wonder if its an idea to have solar panels on the them. I thought. With solar panels we can let the cars cooperate and form a solar charging station. In a parking lot or in the middle of nowhere supporting a small village. So then in a sharing fashion you seed or draw power to charge your battery from the built in solar panels from other connected cars.

So even if the solar panel on your car is not enough to charge your car. The built in solar panels of many cars will.

Idea – Solar Parking Installation From Cars With Built In Solar Panels?

Speculation – Does There Exist A Time Force?

The assumption is that “At any given time and point in space there is only one clock speed”. Since you have something like time dilation. Where two equal clocks tick at different speeds. I wonder if we could take advantage of this. If you have two or more systems with different clock speeds. Then if you could get the systems to overlap then there should be a force creating a single clock speed at all the points in the intersection. Maybe time dilation could be useful for something else other than to create a problem for clocks.

Speculation – Does There Exist A Time Force?

Further is there a balancing force that simplifies the time speed a particle should be at? So to keep the particle in the present. Not ticking to fast and not to slow.


Another question would be what happens if you construct an asymmetric magnetic mono pole. Do you get some net effect then?




Job Idea – Should There Exist The Concept Of A Generating Merger?

The idea is simple. Why should the merger of two companies result in a single company? In nature we don’t have this. Like the offspring we have in nature. Could two companies that are similar generate a third new smaller child company? I guess this could work because interesting things happen when we get out of the local minimum or trap of our own ideas.

So the idea is to do matchmaking between a single company and other companies. To see what new child businesses they can come up with. This idea is more of creating a generating relationship between two companies. Not joining two companies into one.

The reason to do this is because a “generating merger” will force companies out of their local idea space. At the same time it will be generate more jobs.

Idea – Purpose Built Monitors, Keyboards And More For Programmers?

The idea is simple. We have a lot of equipment for gamers. Like graphics cards, mice, keyboards and even chairs. For programmers there are not that many purpose built products specially for them. So I thought. Here is a market that has not been explored. Expert programming equipment. For example. Whats the difference between a keyboard for all purpose use or one for programmers. What do programmers want? I don’t know. But I want form to follow functionality. Enhance my capabilities and more.

If you could make the E-Ink screen display text much faster without flickering then we could use it as an additional monitor. In standard monitor size perhaps.

Todays laptops are not programmer friendly. For instance when running Linux. Being the programmers choice. I had to disable secure boot. Because otherwise it would not run the Wi-Fi drivers. I can understand the success of the Raspberry Pi mini computer. It does not restrict the freewill of its owner.


Job Idea – Improve The Mobile Kitchen With An Indoor Eating Cart Service?

The problem with todays mobile kitchens or mobile catering is that the weather need to be acceptable so you can eat outside. This problem should not be to hard to solve. Why not have a service for these small businesses? The idea is that you can call this service and they will roll out a mobile food cart or trailer next to your kitchen for people to sit and eat in. This way you have split the problem. You also may be the only driver. I think this idea is worth considering since it will be possbile to sell pizzas and other foods for which you need somewhere to sit.

Idea – Remote Support Over The Phone To The Client Machines AI Assistant

I think I got another solution for remote support. Not everyone can follow complex instructions. For instance. When a friend have problems with the TV. She could probably not connect it to the Internet for remote support. Maybe she does not even have Internet. What we could use is an AI assistant installed on the machines. The assistent should then be able to solve problems from instructions. Now. The smart thing is that the person in need of assistant can call his friend and let the friend talk to the device. That is. The friend talks to the AI assistant installed on the target TV, laptop or other machine. This is done over the phone. Just turn on the speaker function and place the phone near it.

To make things simpler. The support person could use text to speech from a terminal. This way the AI assistant don’t have that much problem recognizing whats beeing said. It could probably also distinguish commands from the other persons talking.

So the idea is to bypass the caller and for the administrator to talk directly to the machine by voice using text to speech instead of ones and zeros.

Its a kind of a different Internet Of Things.

Idea – Remote Support Over The Phone To The Client Machines AI Assistant Using Voice

Idea – Online Civil Engineering Education From Car Brands?

This idea is quite simple. We need electrical cars because our future depends on it. Therefore why not let the experts. The car manufacturers cooperate with MOOC providers like EDX. Delivering high quality advanced civil engineering courses online to the public and students. Maybe we have students with great innovative imagination who are pursuing career paths in business that really could be exceptional engineers. With online education they would quickly know.

This idea will keep the education current. Build an engineering based appreciation of the car and promote the industry.

Idea – Online Civil Engineering Education From Car Brands?

Idea – Should There Exist Additive Neural Networks?

The idea is simple. When is optimation too much optimation? If machine learning is suppose to be as efficient as the brain. It should not relearn all the weights if you want to increase the total number of weights. It will take to long to reoptimize. So the idea is for a system that can be multiplied with as little recalculation as possible. I don’t know how neural networks could cooperate. Maybe the answer from one network or part of it can be improved or rejected by another set of networks.

Faster Web Idea – Sending Web Page + Cache Weights

My idea is simple. I think we should use machine learning to create Smart Caches. The target of the Smart Cache is then to cooperate better with the web server. The cache is as you might have guessed neural network or machine learning based. Since the weights of a deep neural network takes a long time to learn. I suggest the server pre-calculates the weights and sends the information to the viewers browser. Maybe you could split the decision to server side data suggestions and client side profile preferences. So when these coincide you get information on what to best fill the cache with for data. So the idea is to create neural networks specialized on caching web content. I think the smart cache “brain” could be divided into one big file of weights and data common to all sites and smaller files with site specific weights and data. Which could be downloaded from a common site. The reason is that the large weight file could be rather big. Maybe hundreds of megabytes. // Per Lindholm


Idea – The One And Only Artificial Intelligence Book Idea

My idea is simple. Inspired by all these AI chat bots why not transform it into a new idea. I’m thinking of creating a book with an AI bot as the interactive storyteller. That is. The bot reads the book to you. In written or spoken form. The interesting thing is that you can interact as with a chat bot as the story progresses. Ask questions and more. So the idea is to create adapted stories that an AI chat bot could have fun telling. The possibilities are really endless.

Idea – The One And Only Artificial Intelligence Book Idea By Per Lindholm –

Idea – Physics Chatbot?

The idea is simple. We remember better if we are engaged. So I thought. Similar to the chat conversations the young students have with their friends. Maybe they remember a conversation with a chat bot equally good.

So the idea is to develop an educational bot. The student discusses the problem with the bot instead of just being shown some steps to follow. It could be math, physics or some other subject.

I think its a kind of an interesting idea. At least its worth a try.


With this you could also have a better mobile educational experience on the smartphone. For refugees and emergency education. Let the bot read the theory to you while at the same time you can interupt the software and ask questions. Even if they are standard questions to begin with. It will be quite powerful.


Idea – Physics Chatbot?

[Lost] – Stand Alone Smart Backup Memory

The idea is simple. What if a memory device like a USB-stick or a USB-harddrive would act on its own to verify its content. I think its possible to contruct a smart plan that would give the owner continous information on the integrity of the files and possibly to take some action. If the device finds some error that is. A first simple plan would be to calculate a long list of md5sums and instruct the device to perform the integrity checks. The summory of these results would be visible on a built in screen. The idea is that one would only need to connect the device to some USB power and it would begin to check files by its own. I imagine this would give you time to save your image files well before they all get errors.

I have prevoiusly written ”Different Quality Backup Idea” where I argued for using lossy compression to patch existing video files or images. If we are going to have a new image format. Which I think we need. Then it should be error safe. The size of the image file doesn’t matter that much anymore. These memories are more important then saving a couple of 100kB.

[Lost]- Dual Persona On The PC?

Back in mars 2011 I had a conversation on a ”Similar way to secure smart phonesand tablets?”. Today this idea best resembles what is known as the mobile device management solution ”Dual persona” on android.

Now. Maybe the time has come for a similar solution on the job PC. An additional virtual installation of the operating system where the employee can install programs not necessarily sanctioned by the company. On the work installation the restrictions are much harder for security purposes. Both would run at the same time. This solution would transform the job laptop into one for work and one for personal use.

Idea – Generating Operating Systems?

Even if an operating system like Linux holds many lines of code. I wonder as time goes on. If this process of creating a system could be made more efficient? What if this could be made into a supported tutorial? So you have a site were interested people could generate their own operating systems. What I’m saying is that I think every new generation need to figure out things themselves, make their own music or something like that. Maybe they can make a smart operating system using machine learning. On the Raspberry Pi being a platform dedicated to education I think we can have such projects.