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New Battery Strategy Guess – Low Lithium Battery – Replace Volume With Low Weight Materials Like Lithium Enhancing Plastic?

Every drop of lithium counts. Our cars are not optimized for a smaller size. Then a reasonable sized car can take a larger size but less weight density battery.

I believe there are low Lithium Battery inventions not yet discovered. Perhaps lithium can be taken more advantage of if some volume is replaced by lightweight lithium enhancing plastic materials.

We have a lot of different plastics. There should be a reason why. Maybe there are plastics that can enhance the small amounts of lithium present in a low Lithium Battery.

Idea – Water Preparedness Cape Town

The way I figure it. South Africa ?must evacuate people from Cape Town to places evenly scattered all over the country where there is water.

There is no point in waiting for dayzero. They will be temporarily internally displaced.

The reason is that the amount of people is to large to move at the same time.

Physics Philosophy – Reverse Theory Classification?

The idea is simple.

The reason for the text based theory I believe. Is that. Our written formulas could be used as classification. Classification is easier. The universe only needs machine learning to generate a theory from the states and check the result with a number of classification targets or formulas.

So my idea is that the next valid state is checked as a *new generated theory and compared with the target theories. For instance Einsteins theory of relativity. Then the movement or the state is just ?adapted to the closest valid target theory.

But exactly how this would work I don’t know.

// Per Lindholm 2018-mars-02

Homeless Innovation – Could A Tiny House On The Property Help Homeless Survive The Winter And Pensioners With Money For Food?

The idea is simple.

Pensioners need more money to survive. Homeless need a place to stay. Perhaps a tiny house on the property could help. It could be that the homeless person or family has just been out priced from the expensive rental apartments.

I think there is a possibility for a company to build those tiny houses on wheels. I mean they can be removed so I guess there is not much risk.

Desalination Idea – China Inspired Fast Construction Methods For Water Desalination Plants?

An interesting tweet by Elon Musk ”China’s progress in advanced infrastructure is more than 100 times faster than the US”. This gave me an idea.

Perhaps desalination plants could be constructed in a similar way within very short time limit. A week maybe. The cost need to go down also.

Even though some places don’t need desalination. I think it saves time to be prepared. They don’t need to be turned on until necessary to limit environmental effects.

Social Innovation – Could Investing In Mothers Help Prevent Alienation, Crime and Improve The Happiness Of Young People?

The idea is simple.

I wonder why I didn’t think of this before. I would argue that investing money in mothers could very well be the best, ?cheapest and most value for money way to improve the life for young people.

I think its more effective than getting more police officers as an example.

So what would an organization of mothers use the money for? What ideas would they have?

Could money to the mothers sponsor children athletics and sports activity? I mean. Physical activity is good for the body so it will be good for the children’s mood and motivation.

Innovation Philosophy – Two Iteration Speeds Thoughts On The Reason For The Magnetic Iron Core?

I was wondering. What is the purpose of the iron core in a magnetic coil of wire? Then I remembered. What ever it is. It should make sense to a network.

From a little process knowledge in machine learning I speculate that at least in this field you could have two iteration speeds. Maybe the iron core in a magnetic coil wire solves some similar problem. The whole system could perhaps take advantage of two iteration rates?

With this thought I guess you can think of objects in inventions as physical machine learning elements.

Offer A Change – Accredited Free Online High School Courses For Those Who Missed Out On School – Could Limit Criminality On A Massive Scale

Since we want to limit criminality. The simplest way I can think is to limit the inflow.

One way to get good results on a massive scale I guess would be to take inspiration from courses for higher education.

If you have free accredited online courses for high school. Young adults who missed out on school can see a way forward. This is a characteristic of the challenge. The young people live day to day and have no extra money for education.

Innovation Philosophy – Should Everything Have Multiple Layers?

Just about everything we can recognize have layers on the surfaces. For instance. Looking at the sun. Different layers. From this I guess that plasma layers could enable much smaller fusion devices.

So I guess that there exist an abstract reason for layers and why we should use them. Some clues might come from machine learning and its outer and inner layers.

One idea I had before was to use machine learning for batteries. Maybe there exist two outer and one hidden layer for the respective electrode? Maybe the rearrangement of the ions are complex and it could best be solved or iterated by a deep layer electrode.

Job Idea – Café With Smartphone And Tablet Support Person?

This is my job idea for today.

There are a lot of older people in need of support for the new computer, the smartphone. So I thought. Why not hire and share a person who can go to different cafés. There he and she could help those in need.

So the idea is for an extra service to the customers in the form of a computer support person.

I don’t know if sharing the cost of an employee from two different companies is possible. If not this could perhaps be another idea.

Green Machine Learning Idea – Image Recognition To Generate The Best Growing Environment? Greening The Desert And More

Where ever we use our senses. Eyes, smell or ?taste. An algorithm could perform ?better. So with the help of machine learned networks and python libraries or modules. I wonder if the you can feed the network start images of the target area and generate a time sequence of images. These then become the ”what to do” images.

The end image is then the finished greened environment.

So the idea is to build up and train weights for a Green Machine Learning Network. Like there exist other large networks.