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Peace Idea – Trust Seeking Declaration On Jerusalem From European Countries To Israel Is Needed

Since Israel and Palestine has shown restraint. I wonder if European countries can defuse this situation with a trust seeking declaration on Jerusalem.

One idea is to have two embassies each. One in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem. (??)

Either way.

Some sort of trust seeking declaration on Jerusalem from the European countries to Israel is needed.

Physics Guess – Is Ultra Determinism Required For Fusion?

The idea is simple.

I wonder. For fusion. Could ultra determinism help. By this I mean. There could exist a wise relationship for fusion technology. Since it might be dangerous. That is. You need 100% knowledge when and where fusion takes place.

By this relationship. A large hot volume for fusion like the tokamak is not the start of this technology. I guess a smaller device which is optimized for answering the two questions. Where and when exactly fusion takes place. Is the way to go.

Machine Learning Idea – Error Recognition In Classification?

I made a test of an error recognition with the irids dataset. The idea was to add an additional column to the target examples. The column was just a 1 for true examples and 0 for random generated examples.

So what I did first was to train the model network on the just the true examples.

Then I added double the amount of randomly generated data in the input data. With that random data I run it through the model. Predicting which class the random data would belong to. This falsie predicted data I could then use as false examples. That is. I added a 0 column to that target data.

This data together with the old data got me new data to train my second model. One which could tell if the input was ?wrong and still predict the correct output.

Although it took longer to converge.

So with this test I could tell if the sample looked like it came from a random generator giving close to 0.0 at the first column. Similar it could tell a value of .99 for data coming from true examples.

Otherwise the network would just use the method of elimination which is not so good.


Code is just for me to remember the idea. Not anything to copy. Maybe to correct though : )

just testing

Idea – School-Peace Fund And Innovation Against Bullying?

For students to feel secure in school. Should there not exist a school-peace fund who comes up with anti bullying projects and ideas.

Somehow you need a broader approach to reduce tragedies like school shootings. A peaceful school where everyone can feel safe and happy. I don’t think its that hard. From my point of view there needs to be different projects running all the time. This way school children know their well being matters.

Zero Stop Train – Independent Train Commuter Railway Lines

For important train commuters lines I believe something has to be done. A failure should not affect the peoples whole day. Trying to find a bus, taxi or getting stuck at the Central City Station.

Its not enough to build additional tracks for higher traffic volume. The tracks are dependent on the same failures. If built like usual.

The idea is to build an additional independent train commuter line. Such that if one line gets an error people can go to the other line.

So for example. A two independent line system should have independent power supplies and maybe a big and a little Central Station.

With this idea. People get a much needed backup and for a carbon emission free future public transport must have an excellent uptime with zero stops.

One idea is that to create extra stations along the extra way. Since stations are gold to the neighborhood. The number of housings will ?increase overall. If you don’t make the train system error resilient then the problem with going by train will persist.

dual lines train commuter

Peace Idea – Build An Identical Copy Of Jerusalem For Palestine As Their Capital

A quick idea

Inspired by the digital age. Why not build an identical copy of Jerusalem. Let the Palestinians decide if it will be their capital.

The reason for this is pretty simple. If you build so that you have two or three Jerusalem there should be less probability for arguing. There is a Jerusalem for Israel and for one Palestine and possibly one left as a symbol for peace.

Peace Idea – Peace Oriented Food?

Could we improve the chances of peace with food? Or rather. It could be that perhaps the wrong type of sugar or too much sugar for longer periods of time influences us in a bad way.

I would argue that certain spices in food could have a positive effect on the brain. I base this assumption on the feeling I get when eating curry chicken. Thats my guess anyway.

Peace Idea – Second Chances For Jerusalem

It would be better for Israel if they respectfully declined the American decision for Jerusalem. For the time being at least. Considering that it could potentially cause too much harm.

Its not necessary. Nothing says you cant get a second chance at this even after a retraction. I believe peace and trust can be built this way.

Maybe we could have three cities and Jerusalem being culture protected by two countries law.

TWo Country Culture Monument SignTWo Country Culture Monument Sign

Peace Idea – Global Peace Tax Or Fee?

A quick idea.

Peace is a complex problem. So it will require something from all us. To have a sustainable peace I have a feeling it will cost a lot of money.

Therefor I wonder if this peace capacity could be financed by a tax or a fee.

Since so many people will be involved I wonder if the money could stay in the persons bank account as seperate account. I feel this is the safest solution. So when money is required it can be reserved. Not played with by some hotshot investor.

Probability Theory – Use Machine Learning Network Objects Instead Of Initial Value Probabilities?

A quick math idea this morning.

I argue that our problem descriptions in probability are often wrong. They state the probability as a non complex value when it ?is a machine learning network. The reason is that a network can ?assume any function.

So what you need is data. Then feed that initial data to a network model to converge.

You can then test the network for probability calculations. However. Since different models can converge to the same data. There should exist a way to estimate this uncertainty.

So in everything you should ask yourself. Could networks assume these problems. If so. Then try it.

The Peace Idea – Lets Build The Best New Palestinian Capital There Ever Was

The idea is simple.

The world needs peace to survive the times to come. I would argue that you can turn this apparent difficulty to your own advantage. Its very smart to build a new capital. Somewhere else than in the disputed Jerusalem. I mean these things cost a lot money. Money that will be spent to ensure a prosperous future for the younger generation to enjoy.

I believe a ?global bank can be established to finance a project like this.

Come to think of it. Would the city need to be built with lots of tech and other innovations to make it resilient to climate change for instance. I like this idea. What if you have the best architects, engineers and planners to figure this out.

Language Learning Idea – Manage A Phone/Tablet/Computer In Another Language

A quick language learning idea.

I grew up with humorous adventure games like Monkey Island, Simon the sorcerer, Indiana Jones and more. They were all in English so in school the teacher had an easy time teaching this language.

So if you are in the process of learning another language like French, German, Arabic or English. Why not change the language of the game or the software your are using.

An easy way is to manage the phone/tablet/computer in another language. Maybe you can have your old phone in the language you want to learn and your current phone to Google the words.

Idea Generation – Network Creativity

Philosophically you have the option to think on your own or in a group.

I would argue that the best solution to a complex problem of any kind is a network. Since it can assume any options or option variant.

For example it might turn out that you get the best results if you generate ideas first on your own and then after some time you meet to discuss different ideas.

My Grand Physics Idea – The Atomic ”Neural” Network Of Connected Weights

In my previous idea that the complexity problem is solvable with a network. I connected the weights in a continuous fashion to get a clearer picture. The smoothed image of the weights matrices.

From this I realized that you can connect the weights in a machine learning neural network. This so they are not so independent. Not looking so random when combined. So this gives me the idea that the weights are complex objects. Which are solvable each with a network.

So what input does the weight network have. Here I take inspiration from the universe. Molecules provide a clue. Here you have connected weights through bonds. But molecules are not so big.

Then this idea explains why we have gravity. Its just input data from all other weights to the particular weight. For the weights to solve more problems they need more information.

That is. Molecular forces provide input from the immediate surrounding weights and gravity provides information from all the rest of the weights.

So to sum this idea. Everything that seems complex is just networks. // Per Lindholm

Come to think of it. If energy runs the network it could resemble the error in a machine learning network. From that I realize that minimizing the error could happen in more ways. ?Either you disperse the error so it get evenly distributed or you shift the error to another place in the network. So at least locally you get a low amount of error. This with a limited amount of weights.

candle light 2017 Per Lindholm

Machine Learning Math Idea – Outer And Inner Numbers To The Number Line?

A quick idea.

Like there is a human in front of the numbers you write on paper. Could there also exist by inspiration a machine learning network associated with the number system.

With this. A network could find ?all kinds of properties of a model number line object.

So what if there could exist a circular number system shape? Then there could also exist other constants, another infinity and another type of continuity.

network number system

Question – How Much Has The Shed Meant For Country Development?

Looking at pictures of old sheds. I wonder. How much has the shed meant for developing the country. Is there a way to innovate here. Is there a possibility for a new design. An affordable shed for rural Africa perhaps.

I’m guessing. Your are more inclined to buy carpentry products if they don’t get missing. So this will then enhance rural livelihood I think.


Music Idea – Adjusting The Music EQ According To Object Separation Recognition

My idea is simple.

Since the brain is some kind of network. Why not adjust the music equalizer to this theory.

Basically you just adjust eq frequencies so that you can spot that there is a difference between them. The derivative should not fade out.

So you got something like a triangle wave in the mid range of the spectrum. 103Hz – 4.1kHz.

Sounds magical.

eq triangle wave for recognition

Innovation Idea – Super Battery Through Machine Learning?

Machine learning allows for imagination to solve complex problems. Take a super battery for instance.

I imagine you can use image color data for this. Different metals have different colors.

So an idea is to use these image data for an inverse calculation. You got images of the battery on one side and maybe heat generation on the other.

So here I train with temperature as input and the images as output. Since we want to ?lower the heat generation after training. We just put in a lower temperature and see what the difference of the color in the image data that was predicted.

This will then be an indication of a better battery.

Maybe 3D software like Blender could help. Rendering a more generalized battery with the help of transparency. But still with the correct realistic colors.

I think machine learning ideas like this one could give us a peaceful future and a electric car future at the same time.

metal ml battery


Idea Jobs – Value Increasing Preparation Work In Before Selling Houses

A quick job idea.

We have cleaning firms but what if you have a firm that helps ordinary house owners prepare for selling their house. See what typical things the owner need help with to sell their house and at the same time increase value. I guess it could be work in the garden, sheds or indoor. All the things that is requires too much effort for old people.

So the idea is for a House To Market Preparation Firm.

Physics Speculation – Why Do Leaves Have A Little Transparency?

A quick speculation.

As leaves when shined upon show a little transparency. I wonder. Why is transparency a good choice. My general answer to the question why is that whatever it is it should make sense to network. So this could then effect the network. And if so how would this be beneficial.

In machine learning. You can add many columns of data. It does ?not matter if some columns are less important. So the leaf being a network in 3D. Light would get the network more data. More columns in the 3D physics network space. It would make the processes ?better.

So I speculate that there is some efficiency gain because a network with lots of good data can converge faster. Get to the right values faster.

So I wonder if a battery, electric cables could also benefit from some sort of transparency being physical process networks.