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Linux Idea – Futuristic or Retro Harddrive Sounds For The SSD

A quick Linux idea.

Now that everything is quite. The solid state drive. The fanless single board computers. I thought. Why not add sounds to them. They dont need to sound like the old harddrive but can have different sound profiles. Futuristic or retro. Whatever you want.

I thought you just read some stats like bytes/s from the SSD or flash memory and output sound accordingly. Perhaps the CPU usage could also output some audio.

I used to listen to the hardrive for faults. With properly choosen audio. An SSD or flashmemory could show signs of failure from audio information also. Could be a start of an audio user interface where you have a microphone and speaker ?instead of a screen. Could improve for the blind.

I mean a screen costs money and is more complicated to attach than a mic and speaker. I think its possible to login and do some basic tasks from audio. Just because its possible. On single board computers this could be interesting. Control multiple little computers with your voice rather than having tens of keyboards.