Towards Understanding Fundamental Forces – Fastmem vs Slowmem or Different Decision Making Time

The idea is simple.

Since networks can handle difficult tasks. Networks are probably used everywhere in the universe. Field lines could with a little imagination look like a part of a network.

Therefor I wonder. Why do we have field lines? What sense do they make to a network. If they are used for information. Then a memory is needed. Then what type of memory?

From our own computer innovations we got different memory chips and speeds. Therefor I guess that an atom with its electric field needs fast information to keep itself in shape. Information is what was missing in physics equations.

Where as a gravitational field. There is more time for atom decision making. So a slower information update.

So maybe the force could be responsible for the acceleration of information ( the little mass ). With this I get a strong force where information might need to be updated quickly.