Physics Guess – Energy And Information Black Hole Energy Bundle?

From machine learning there is the philosophical possibility to direct data from a later layer back to a previous layer. I call those networks internal loop networks.

Then if everything needs to be computed in some way. Could a magnet calculate its solution from recurrent information. The field lines look like loops so why not. So data and energy goes from one layer to the other along the magnet back to the input and output layer.

So I wonder. Is stored energy just a compressed mass information bundle. I mean. When you compress information you get a higher information density. So why could not energy storage be a compress and decompress process?

I mean. If energy is like the image you are trying to compress. Then decompressing it will restore the energy to its original state.

Its when you tap the decompression process its gets interesting. Since then I assume you get information loss in the image but you can create another image with that energy you withdraw.

So you can manipulate the choice for the decompression process. So energy can be iterated out to create another “image”.

So a black hole just compresses all the mass-information into one ?neat compressed energy bundle. To be decompressed I guess somewhere else for energy.