Climate Idea – Is It Possible To Create A Rain And Tree Corridors If All That Is Needed Is To Following A Green Growth Function Perhaps Entering Saudi Arabia From The Arabian Sea?

From machine learning. Where you update the model from an error function. The update is done so that the next time there is a check the error function is closer to zero.

Then I wonder. If everything that can be decisions also are machine learned decisions. Then there exist a rain network. Since it is an easier way to create the smart conditions needed life.

If so. Then there is a error or update function that needs to be followed. Since every network needs to optimized for life then the goal of the update ?could be to check if there is some green ?growth.

Like watering the plant. You don’t want to water too much or too little.

So maybe all that is needed is a tree corridor with ground vegetation. From the Arabian Sea To Mediterranean Sea.

The idea is that the rain network will adapt since there is some purpose to it. That is. Sustaining vegetation.

This looks like reinforcement learning. Only lacking a bit ?vegetation up north to connect the rain?