Better Earth Restoration? – What Are The Rain Networks?

Assume nothing is for random. On a planet with a functional sun and a planet system. Everything is optimized for life.

Since water is essential. I would like to answer this question. What is the machine learned causal prediction model that takes *every data available and predicts where its going to rain.

I suspect that rain has much more detailed decision model. Like where is the air pollution, pavement, cities, ocean, the lakes, green areas, forests etc. Basically everything that shines back light. So light is then a light fi of earth information.

Then from this model. We can predict what the affect will be of all our earth restoration actions. I think making the earth less polutant is one of those ideas that are very important. For everything that has to do with life. Since the rain network does not want to harm with bad water.

Be it greening the deserts. The distribution of life and insects could be key.