Gravity Physics Speculation – Network Precision Is Key – Gravity Energy To Choose Between Two Positions

Since gravity is responsible for the position of earth. It would be irresponsible for the universe to leave it to a simple equation.

So it must be a stable Network Solution.

Maybe gravity is not a force. Gravity could be energy instead. Why? Since energy carries more functionality than a force. Much like a network function can assume *any function.

Then to get a force the mass network just calculates using the energy a new very little change in position. According to the random distance idea.

The random distance idea is used here to create a problem. Where does the ?atom exist relative to a boundary. A|A. So gravity energy is energy to a positioning network. The energy is used to settle this decision problem.

Choose between two positions requires lot of in data so here is where the precision comes in. It must be very accurate.