Math Innovation Guess – Set of Probably Inventions. The Faulty Calculator Number

A quick way to innovate is to imagine.

If a number is a rule element object. Then could certain numbers have other rules?

I’m thinking. What if this is a problem of certainty. Somewhere in the universe this could still happen. I mean. It could be an important problem that leads to new innovation.

So I imagine the calculator device was expensive item. Somewhere it broke down. Producing some faulty results for some number. This could happen. The people could not afford a repair.

This leads to a guess sentence. Problems that are very likely to happen should lead to useful things. Useful in that other similar problems can be solved.

So if the number 5 has some problem. How many workarounds does there exist?

Could the mechanical calculator provide other problems that the computer chip based calculator usually don’t show.

For instance. A mechanical calculator could perhaps experience fatigue. Then if this is beneficial in some way. Could this be simulated for a computer.

Are there virtual fatigue concept in mathematics. Where the system has not broken down but has ?other rules.