Super Important Battery Guess – Generate Battery Inspiration Data In A CPU environment? Smart Surface Area?

A battery can be used in pretty much any energy product. Be it a car or a computer. Also I wondered if there could be 3 function layers of a battery.

So a strategy could be to do research in a controlled CPU environment with the CPU as load. Like the mobile phone where you got graphs of energy usage for any program. So it ?should be possible to run ?CPU simulated car loads on single batteries.

An interesting idea would be if its possible to identify or recognize the individual battery and battery type from energy usage data.

From this I thought. What is a smart surface area? A large surface area is comparable to a surface platter hard drive. Where as a large and fast information storage device is related to 3D solid state drives. The solid state drive wins in super performance.

Another thought was if its possible to track areas of the cells. If you make the part of the cell areas look individualized. Like sinus type waves. Then I wonder if its possible to track individual areas also. To generate more detailed data. For use in machine learning.

This gives you an idea perhaps on what is a smart surface area.