Physics Speculation, Time – Everything Is Just Classifier And A Generator Of Noise

Using a GAN network I think I have the answer to the many difficult questions. Noise. Noise put trough a generator and iterated with the help of a discriminator can create just about ?anything. From mass, energy, time and so on.

So if you want to travel in time you need to figure out a way to generate mass and time from noise and iterate it with a discriminator associated with that mass and target time.

So to understand this idea use the following guess sentences.

Because it makes sense to a network.

Since it makes sense to nothingness.

So we have one new idea to the why question.

So in my mind what came before nothingness. Maybe there is some math here. If time is a generator(noise) and noise is related to frequency then there should be the possibility the noise somehow restarts itself. So we got the start of a new time ?counter. To make use of a fully expanded universe looking like empty ?noise another generator is needed perhaps with new time to use.