3D idea – Generate Inspiration For 3D Object Details – Blender And GIMP Heal Section

I think I invented a interesting method to aid detail generation. Its based on GIMP Heal section improvement filter and Blender.

My method is simple. Just take a screenshot of the object you want to improve. Then load that in GIMP. Select boring areas with the selection tool and filter the area with heal section.

The output is just a hint or a suggestion towards some detail improvement for the continuation of the 3D object modification.

Be sure to watch the video. I think the heal section algorithm could be improved. Maybe with a GAN machine learning network. As a this is just inspiration to the human 3D artist. It should work just fine.

This idea can perhaps be ground for a similar tool built in Blender. A 3D content aware resynthesizing algorithm.

Blender 3D model Motor

Name: MarioVk1987
License CC-BY